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Sweet and Sour Puss

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Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 Scene 21.png
King Dedede and Escargoon observe the monster that up to that point was charging itself up on Dedede's anger.
First aired Japan November 2, 2002
NA November 15, 2003
Episode # 55
Episode # (US) 55
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Needle
Monster(s) featured Togeira
Character(s) featured Kirby, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
One Crazy Knight Dedede's Pet Threat
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Sweet and Sour Puss is the 55th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, a monster invades King Dedede and siphons his anger, causing Dedede to become totally passive, even when others cause him direct harm. The people of Dream Land (and particularly Escargoon) take advantage of this by repeatedly attacking King Dedede, which he appears to take in stride. However, after enough abuse is given, the monster reaches its limits and bursts out of Dedede charged up and ready to attack. Kirby battles this powerful monster using the Needle Copy Ability and defeats it after a struggle, and King Dedede - now freed from its influence - gets revenge on Escargoon by clobbering him repeatedly.

This episode marks the final appearance of the Needle Copy Ability in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Sweet and Sour Puss"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Ai?" This is the Japanese word for "Love". Kirby says this word even in the 4Kids version.
"I got love inside me!"
"He's acting like he traded personalities with a teddy bear. Must be a ruse to get my guard down."
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Here's your main course, Sire, courtesy of Kawasaki's! It's a new recipe I hope you like it, Your Highness!"
"Hey, what's wrong with the King?"
"You should be happy he doesn't get angry."
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Then why don't we just do some testin'? Let's see what it takes to set off his temper! Here!"
"Yep. He's wrecked alright."
(no dialogue)
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Warp Star!"
"Did he just say sweetheart?"
(no dialogue)
"Instead of doubting him, let's give the King credit for changing his awful personality!"
(no dialogue)
"Stand back! He's about to blow!"
"Hey, Escargoon! What can I do for you, slugger?"
"How can we be sure this isn't another one of his tricks?"
"I haven't always agreed with your policies, Sire."
"Welcome, one and all! It's a mystery to me how this miracle happened, but I know I speak for everyone in Dream Land when I say how thrilled we are to be hosting this party in celebration of King Dedede's sudden change of heart towards his subjects!"
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Seems like King Dedede really has had a change of heart!"
"Love?" This dialogue appears only in the Japanese version, so it is translated from that version.
"Won't he get mad at anybody?"
"Your Highness! You sure deserve this!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Escargoon reveals King Dedede's strange passivity to the people of Cappy Town.

The episode begins in the Castle Dedede throne room, where King Dedede is summoning a new monster through the Monster Delivery System. Before the monster can be clearly made out, it lunges toward King Dedede and implants itself inside of him. Later on, Escargoon delivers a bunch of roses to Dedede's bedroom while loudly complaining about the King. Dedede hears this and comes in, causing Escargoon to recoil in horror at what he might do and accidentally dumps the roses on Dedede's head. Escargoon prepares to get clobbered, but King Dedede instead gently puts the vase down and forgives Escargoon instead. The perplexed snail has to launch himself into the wall to make sure he is not dreaming as King Dedede walks away without issue. Escargoon wonders if this is a prank, but then King Dedede returns with a mop and cleans up the mess left behind. Still in disbelief, Escargoon grabs the mop from Dedede, causing him to accidentally step on a rose thorn and then cause the vase to crash onto his head. Even at this, King Dedede forgives Escargoon, causing the snail to lose his mind over this abnormally kind behavior from his king. He decides to take King Dedede to Doctor Yabui's clinic to see if anything has happened to him. Yabui insists there is nothing physically wrong with Dedede, but Escargoon refuses to believe it.

As Escargoon drives back through Cappy Town with King Dedede, he spots Kirby and his close friends in the central plaza. He decides to tell them about the situation in the hopes that they might be able to help. They find the situation incredible at first, but Escargoon invites them to try and make the King mad to prove his point. They proceed to attack the Royal Racecar, but Dedede does not care in the slightest. As this happens, the town notices King Dedede's condition and joins in doing things that would normally anger him. They all proceed to whack him with mallets and other blunt objects, with Kirby delivering the last and hardest blow. They then recoil in horror when Dedede responds simply by claiming it was nice. Gus then decides to try and get Dedede's goat by severing the brakes on the Royal Racecar, and Dedede drives away at Gus's recommendation. He then crashes into a nearby pond, but still refuses to get angry. Seeing this, the Cappies accept that King Dedede really has changed, and decide to return the favor by applauding him.

Escargoon learns incompletely of King Dedede's condition and plans to take advantage of it.

Later on, Escargoon hosts a Channel DDD news section where he tells everyone about King Dedede's change of heart. He demonstrates this by whacking King Dedede with his hammer, and from there, the King proceeds to give a long impassioned speech about forgiving those who do him wrong, which shocks the entire kingdom. Once he is finished with his speech, Escargoon gives him another couple whacks for good measure, which Dedede still shrugs off. It is shown however that the monster inside King Dedede's head is keeping a meter which seems to indicate how much tolerance King Dedede is willing to put up with. That night, a party is hosted at Castle Dedede in celebration of King Dedede's new passivity which all of Cappy Town is invited to. Escargoon invites everyone to whack King Dedede with hammers to see for themselves how much Dedede does not care. Escargoon starts to get nervous as the townsfolk deliver ever more harmful swings, including Chef Kawasaki serving Dedede a terrible lamb leg dish. King Dedede eats the meal heartily, though the monster inside him raises the meter another notch as he does so.

The monster is defeated by its own needle missiles.

While Dedede is attempting to eat another of Kawasaki's questionable dishes, Kirby runs in and bashes Dedede repeatedly with a hammer, which Dedede brushes off, though the meter increases much more. Seeing this, Escargoon then finally comes to the conclusion that King Dedede must have been affected by a monster and rushes to the throne room to get confirmation from Night Mare Enterprises. The N.M.E. Sales Guy confirms to Escargoon that King Dedede cannot get mad no matter what happens, which leads Escargoon to finally let go of his restraint and deliver as much pain to King Dedede as he possibly can in return for the years of abuse he has received from the King. On his way, Escargoon accidentally bumps into Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby, and drops the monster manual he was looking at earlier, which Tiff notices and picks up. Meanwhile, Escargoon rushes in toward King Dedede and promises to deliver ten lumps with his massive mallet for every one he ever received. As he whacks away, Tiff runs in to try and stop Escargoon, warning him that King Dedede can only take so much punishment before the monster inside him releases its fury. Meta Knight warns everyone to stay back as this is about to happen. After repeating "That's okay" several times, the anger limit is reached and King Dedede lets out a horrendous cry of rage and starts to chase Kirby in a berserk state. However, King Dedede slips on a banana peel before getting too far, causing the limit to be exceeded and forcing the monster out of him.

The monster emerges from King Dedede's forehead and grows spikes, then proceeds to attack Kirby and the other assembled guests. After narrowly avoiding its launched spike attacks, Kirby inhales some of the missiles to gain the Needle Copy Ability. Needle Kirby proceeds to try and fight back against the monster, but its explosive needles prove to be too much and Kirby flees. Tiff calls the Warp Star to give Kirby a hand. Meanwhile, King Dedede returns to his senses and realizes that Escargoon had been whacking him senseless with a hammer. As the fight continues, the monster launches a flurry of of homing needles at Kirby, but with the help of the Warp Star, Kirby manages to avoid them, and then lure them right back toward the monster, impaling it and causing it to explode. While this is happening, King Dedede proceeds to clobber Escargoon repeatedly as payback, but Escargoon is strangely glad that Dedede is back to normal, even as he gets pummeled. The episode ends as the assembled crowd shares a hearty laugh at the whole situation.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Doctor Yabui and Professor Curio get a few extra lines when the town is commenting on King Dedede's condition.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of "A New Wind for Tomorrow" plays during King Dedede's speech about passivity on Channel DDD.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Escargoon's song about his distaste for King Dedede mirrors the "Kirby ★ March" song used in the opening.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede does not thank people for attacking him, but merely repeats the phrase "It's okay, I forgive you-zoi".
  • In the Japanese version, Doctor Yabui does not necessarily give a diagnosis for King Dedede, but merely slaps a bandage on his head and calls it good.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ある愛のデデデ
Aru Ai no Dedede
Dedede of a Certain Love
German King Dedede ist nett? King Dedede is nice?