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Haunted mansion

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Haunted mansion
Haunted mansion.png
Screenshot of the exterior of the haunted mansion from the episode Scare Tactics - Part II.
First episode Scare Tactics - Part I
Last episode Scare Tactics - Part II
Inhabitant(s) Particle ghost, Shaabon
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This article is about the location in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For other places resembling mansions, haunted or otherwise, see Mansion.
This whole place was designed to be a Kirby trap!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy explaining the purpose of the haunted mansion

The haunted mansion[conjectural title] is an ominous building with macabre decoration, ghostly creatures, and traps set up by Night Mare Enterprises in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Scare Tactics - Part I and Part II. In these episodes, the mansion appears without warning in Dream Land next to the Cappy Town graveyard and is used by Kirby and the other principal characters of the show to take shelter from a heavy thunderstorm. After dealing with several tricks and traps, Kirby is then lured into the basement dungeon where he is nearly tricked into being teleported to N.M.E. headquarters, but this plan fails, and Kirby ends up inadvertently burning the mansion to the ground when he defeats the monster Gabon using the Fire Copy Ability.


The haunted mansion resembles an old dilapidated wooden structure with architecture similar to a Western 19th century country villa. The layout of the house is uncertain, but its architecture appears to defy the laws of physics by being larger on the inside than would appear on the outside, suggesting interdimensionality to the building. The main entrance to the mansion is reinforced by a magical spell which prevents any unwanted guest from breaking down the door or opening it - being able to withstand a strike from the Galaxia - but the spell will not work if the door remains even slightly open. Inside the mansion are two distinct ghostly apparitions; one a series of conglomerate lights called the Particle ghost and another that resides within a painting called Shaabon. The former creature attempts to kill Kirby several times with dangerous traps, while the latter merely pops out of its painting to scare King Dedede.

Also contained within the mansion is an endless staircase, an altar that drips fake blood, a room full of mechanical clocks, a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower built in, and a basement which contains a dungeon. Inside the dungeon is a decorated shackle which King Dedede is strapped into to lure Kirby down to the basement, a Monster Delivery System disguised as an altar, and a television screen which can be used by the N.M.E. Sales Guy to communicate with those in the room.