Heavy Anaconda

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Heavy Anaconda

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Debut episode Frog Wild
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The Heavy Anaconda is a monster appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It appears in the episode Frog Wild.


The Heavy Anaconda is a huge, brown snake. He has glaring yellow eyes, and yellow markings running along his long tail. His tongue is red and forked.


The Heavy Anaconda was ordered by King Dedede when the Night Mare Enterprises Salesman revealed that it can destroy the Devil Frog. After he arrived, the Heavy Anaconda appeared on the scene when King Dedede transformed into Buff Dedede by letting the Devil Frog take control of his body. The Heavy Anaconda, as if on cue, swallowed them both, killing the Devil Frog. King Dedede was unable to move out of the way and wound up in the Heavy Anaconda's gullet. The monster then locks his sights on the rest of the gang, who promptly makes their getaway.

Kirby then devours a torch Tiff throws, resulting in his transformation into Fire Kirby. Kirby then destroys the Heavy Anaconda with a Burning charge and Fireball spin, freeing King Dedede just as Escargoon starts crying about him ("Your majesty..."). The two reunite with happy tears.


  • The Heavy Anaconda has his name unchanged in Japan.