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Heavy Anaconda

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Heavy Anaconda
Heavy Anaconda.png
Screenshot of the Heavy Anaconda from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode Frog Wild
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This article is about the large brown snake from Frog Wild, and should not be confused with Red Viper.
This is your chance to finally get rid of Kirby. You see, the Demon Frog has a natural enemy that can crush it in its coils.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy to King Dedede about the Heavy Anaconda in Frog Wild.

The Heavy Anaconda is a large snake monster who appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Frog Wild. It is ordered by King Dedede in order to deal with Devil Kirby and the monster possessing him, the Demon Frog. Once the Heavy Anaconda arrives, it swallows King Dedede and afterwards spirals around one of Castle Dedede's towers in pursuit of Fire Kirby on the Warp Star. Once the Heavy Anaconda becomes coiled around it, Fire Kirby sets it ablaze and defeats it.


That thing'll go after the Demon Frog and put the squeeze on Kirby, too!
— King Dedede about the Heavy Anaconda, in Frog Wild

The Heavy Anaconda is a large, dark brown skinned snake with rings and circles patterned down its back along with a pale belly. It has glaring pale yellow eyes, a forked red tongue, and four large fangs in its mouth. It is able to swallow large beings; specifically King Dedede. Its long body also allows it to quickly chase after Fire Kirby on the Warp Star. However, this is also its weakness, as it can easily coil itself stuck and become vulnerable to attacks.

Role in Frog Wild[edit]

Heavy Anaconda pursues Fire Kirby up and around the tower.
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Oh it will, Big D. Heavy Anaconda can be hard to control, so there will be a slight delay in delivery. But once that snake monster arrives, it'll be ready for some squeeze play!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, in Frog Wild

The Heavy Anaconda is ordered by King Dedede after N.M.E. Sales Guy reveals that it can easily defeat the Demon Frog. Once it arrives at the scene of Devil King Dedede, it gives the Demon Frog a fright, which causes King Dedede to shrink to his normal size from his possessed form. The Heavy Anaconda then swallows King Dedede, along with the Demon Frog, and begins to pursue the group, who promptly make their getaway out of Castle Dedede.

After Kirby jumps onto the Warp Star. He inhales a torch thrown by Tiff and gains the Fire Copy Ability. He then spirals up and around one of Castle Dedede's towers with the Heavy Anaconda close behind. After Fire Kirby reaches the top, the Heavy Anaconda finds itself tied around the tower and therefore vulnerable. Fire Kirby launches himself inside of it and sets it ablaze, and with one last attack, he defeats the Heavy Anaconda and releases King Dedede from its gullet in the process.


  • The scene when the Heavy Anaconda pursues Fire Kirby around one of Castle Dedede's towers may be a reference to the scene where Octacon attempts to grab Fire Kirby with its tentacle around one of the towers in the first episode of the series; Kirby Comes to Cappy Town.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビーアナコンダ
Hebī Anakonda
Heavy Anaconda
The Heavy Anaconda's name is a play on words. The Japanese pronunciation of heavy is hebī, which sounds similar to hebi, which means snake.
Italian Heavy Anaconda -