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E38 Rowlin.png
Screenshot of Rowlin from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Novel Approach
Main role Guest star
Voice actor(s) Veronica Taylor (English)
Yumi Touma (Japanese)
Fake Rowlin: Kazue Ikura (Japanese)
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Yes. When I imagined Pappy's world, it felt like I was really there! That's the power of imagination! No matter how sad we feel or how bad our circumstances, we can use our imaginations to dream something better! We should never give up on our dreams because they are what build our tomorrows!
— Rowlin, in A Novel Approach

Rowlin[Japanese title] is a guest character making her only appearance in the episode A Novel Approach in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Her name is a reference to J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels. She is the famous author of the book "Pappy Pottey and the Fool's Stone" who appears to be the same species as Tiff and her family. Kirby and his friends first meet her when she arrives at Castle Dedede, though this turns out to be a disguise that a monster known as the Broom King is using so he can kill Kirby. The real Rowlin later shows up under Meta Knight's protection and exposes the faker.

Rowlin is named as such only in the Japanese version of the show, and goes nameless in the 4Kids version.


Rowlin is roughly twice as tall as Tiff and a head shorter than King Dedede. Her outfit consists of a mint-green coat and a black dress. She has maroon-rimmed glasses on top of her head along with long wavy hair and brown eyes and her skin is tan. Her shoes are deep indigo, though not usually visible.

Rowlin is portrayed as a passionate and learned writer, who wrote her book in order to imagine a better world. She reveals that not only does she read all of her fan mail, but that she was so touched by Tiff's letter that she chose to come to Dream Land to visit her. This is in stark contrast to her imposter who claimed that she hates fan mail and only wrote Pappy Pottey to make loads of money.

Role in A Novel Approach[edit]

Rowlin is met by Kirby and an enthusiastic crowd after the Broom King is disposed of.
Main article: A Novel Approach

Rowlin is introduced in A Novel Approach as the author of Pappy Pottey, which everyone in Cappy Town is reading. After King Dedede confiscates all copies of the book, he invites her to Castle Dedede to start a school of magic. However, the Rowlin who arrives is an impostor who schemes to destroy Kirby by bringing broomsticks that possess anyone who rides them into attacking him. This scheme is interrupted when Meta Knight escorts the real Rowlin into the castle, and she gives an impassioned speech to the gathered Cappies about why she wrote her book, which snaps them out of the spell. The impostor Rowlin then throws off the disguise and is revealed to be the monster Broom King, which Kirby defeats using the Cleaning Copy Ability.

After the Broom King is destroyed, Rowlin promises to return everyone's lost copies of Pappy Pottey and reveals to Tiff that her letter was the reason she had come to Dream Land in the first place. Before leaving, she signs King Dedede's copy of the book, which Dedede finds himself unable to read.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ローリン