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Merengue XIII

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Merengue XIII
Novel Merengue XIII Artwork.png
Artwork of Merengue XIII from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess
Role Guest character
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Merengue XIII[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes his appearance in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess. Merengue XIII is the king of Chiffon Star and the father of Princess Marona. Not long before his birthday, his daughter escaped the palace, which upset him immensely, and he accepts Meta Knight's aid in finding her.

Merengue XIII's name is a pun on meringue, a name King Dedede mistakenly uses when adressing him.


Merengue XIII has white fur and resembles an anthropomorphic dog. He has a big moustache and two pointed strands of hair. He wears a presumably red cape, as well as a crown, and he uses a colorful cane.

Merengue is considerate and softhearted. He understood his daughter's discomfort with her role but did not want to discourage her as she worked hard.

Merengue XIII cares about the wellbeing of the subjects of his sweets-filled kingdom and committed himself to the 'Anticavity' legislation, improving dental technology and encouraging residents to brush their teeth properly.

Role in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess[edit]

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Merengue XIII informs the protagonists about the missing recipe book.

At some point in the past, Baron Gallic arrived at Chiffon Star. Although the king did not suspect this, Gallic manipulated Princess Marona, making her believe her father was resposible for the people of the land getting cavities and instigating fights between the girl and her father. Not long before Merengue XIII's birthday, his daughter Princess Marona escapes the royal castle with Baron Gallic, having taken the prized recipe book and left a brash note. Such events troubled Merengue XIII, who fell ill. When Meta Knight and co. come to investigate, the king explains what occurred, and the protagonists set out to find Princess Marona.

Nearing the end of the novel, the princess returns home. The two apologize to each other and reconcile. At Merengue XIII's birthday party, Meta Knight and Chef Kawasaki gift him a special cake made by the latter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メレンゲール十三せい
Merengēru jū san-sei
Merengue XIII
Derived from "meringue" in Japanese, メレンゲ.