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Spark Bonkers

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Spark Bonkers
SKC Spark Bonkers Art.png
In-game artwork of Spark Bonkers from Super Kirby Clash.
First game Super Kirby Clash (2019)
Relative(s) Bonkers
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This article is about the enemy from Super Kirby Clash, and should not be confused with Bonkers with the Zap Power Effect from Kirby Star Allies.
This shocking brute makes his dastardly debut as he searches for someone to fight! His massive mallet brings the lightning!
— Party Quest flavor text from Super Kirby Clash

Spark Bonkers is an opponent in Super Kirby Clash. He is an electric-blue analogue to Bonkers who wears a spiky yellow hairstyle and wields an electric mallet with similar properties to the one wielded by Kirby or Bonkers with the Zap Hammer in Kirby Star Allies.

Spark Bonkers is faced in five different Quests, though he appears in Party Quests well before appearing in the main story. He is fought solo in four Quests, and is paired with Frost Kibble Blade and Ignite Edge to form the Super-rank Team Elementrio in one Quest.


The belligerent brute is even more savage now, his electric shocks even stronger! He's almost untouchable!
— Tougher Quest flavor text from Super Kirby Clash

Spark Bonkers is effectively a fancy electric counterpart to Bonkers, and as such, both of them share essentially the same moveset. The only major difference between the two is that Spark Bonkers' attacks can leave large static discharges, which would appear to automatically make him more dangerous than his humdrum counterpart.

The following are all of Spark Bonkers' attacks in Super Kirby Clash. Note that attack names are conjectural:

Spark Bonkers' attacks in Super Kirby Clash  
Attack Description Variants
Leap Spark Bonkers performs a large jump across the stage and lands somewhere else.
Hammer Spark Bonkers raises his hammer, then swings it down in front of him, leaving an electric surge on the ground if it is not guarded against. Spark Bonkers may use this attacks several times in succession, and may turn around to face a Kirby behind him.
Coconuts Spark Bonkers tosses Coconuts ahead of him, which land on the ground and then detonate with lightning shortly afterward. These Coconuts can be destroyed with an attack. Spark Bonkers may throw several, and some of the Coconuts might be extra large.
Hammer Spin Spark Bonkers begins spinning rapidly with his hammer out, and travels across the stage. Spark Bonkers may swing for only a brief moment, may swing across the stage, or may bob in and out of the background.
Coconut Hammer Spin Spark Bonkers begins spinning rapidly in the air, throwing out Coconuts as he does. Spark Bonkers may throw out larger Coconuts during this move.
Hammer Flip Spark Bonkers charges up and unleashes a huge upward swing which does substantial damage to anyone hit by it, which also creates a static discharge on the ground. Even Guarding still causes a fair amount of damage to be taken.
Hammer Twirl Spark Bonkers jumps and lands while twirling his hammer downward, leaving static conflagrations on impact. He may do this several times.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパークボンカース
Supāku Bonkāsu
Spark Bonkers
Traditional Chinese 電火花錘星猩
diàn huǒ huā chuí xīng xīng
Electric Spark Bonkers
Simplified Chinese 电火花锤星猩
diàn huǒ huā chuí xīng xīng
Dutch Elektro-Bonkers Electro Bonkers
French Bonkers survolté Boosted Bonkers
German Funken-Bonkers Spark Bonkers
Italian Bonkers fulminante Lightning Bonkers
Korean 스파크 본키스
seupakeu bonkiseu
Spark Bonkers
Spanish Bonkers chispazo Spark Bonkers