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Novel Pirika Artwork V14.png
Artwork of Pirika from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands!
Role Guest character
Similar to Elline, Fairy, People of the Sky
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Pirika[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes her appearance in Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands! as the main antagonist. Prior to the events of this volume, she casts a spell on the lake that pours rain onto the Rainbow Islands in order to make everyone who drinks its water become her puppet. She manipulates Kirby and his friends to help her, thus setting the events of the story in motion. By the end of the story, she learns the errors of her ways and becomes friends with Kirby and his friends.


Pirika is a fairy traveler who wears white clothes. She has a plump yet healthy body and transparent wings on her back. She has short disembodied arms and bug-like antenna coming from her head. She has curly hair, and on it, a ribbon tied in a bow. When she is frightened, her skin becomes very pale, and when she is excited or angry, it turns red.

Pirika appears to have a sweet and kind personality, but in the story, it is revealed that there is a shadow inside her heart. She lies and manipulates Kirby and his friends to pursue her plan of mind controlling all the residents of the Rainbow Islands. Deep inside, she is lonely and doesn't have any friends. She has a spell that makes people do her bidding, which she uses to make people admire her, but only for a short time. She is an admirer of Queen Sectonia and seeks to become strong, beautiful, and admirable like her. She is deeply envious of the friendship that Kirby and his friends have and wants to have real friends, even if she claims she doesn't.

Role in Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands![edit]

Pirika being rescued by Rick.
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Before the events of the story, Pirika lived in her home village, but she didn't have any friends, making her feel lonely. With her spell that forced others to be her puppets, she made others love and admire her, but the spell couldn't last forever, and every time it broke, people would become more afraid of her and her power, leading them to develop an aversion towards her, so she would cast the spell again, creating a vicious circle. Eventually, she was exiled from the village, becoming a traveler with no home. Out of loneliness, she wanted to create a spell that would never be broken and became a fan of Queen Sectonia, who could make others follow her commands, and wanted to become like her.

At the beginning of the story, Pirika meets Taranza near Queen Sectonia's castle and tells him that she journeyed to Floralia because of her respect towards the queen, mentioning her ambitions to be like her. After hearing this, Taranza tries to persuade Pirika against it, but she doesn't give up. She travels the universe and finds a Dreamstalk sapling, which she plants near the lake in the cloud over the Rainbow Islands. The Dreamstalk strengthens her puppet spell, making it last forever, but because of the the loneliness and pain in her heart, the Dreamstalk changes from green to a dull purple. Gooey, who saw her fly up to the cloud, sees this and tries to prevent the disaster by damming up the lake. This keeps the water from pouring down over the residents of the Rainbow Islands and turning them into Pirika's puppets.

Kirby, Rick, Kine and Coo meet Pirika after she falls from the clouds, and see that she is injured. She tells them that while visiting the Rainbow Islands, she found a strange creature that disappeared into the clouds and made the rain stop, and presents Gooey's act as a hostile attempt to deprive the residents of the Rainbow Islands of water. They head back to the clouds to investigate.

When Gooey sees that Pirika tries to push Kirby into the cursed lake when pretending to be afraid of him, he attacks Kirby to prevent him from falling, which makes Gooey seem like the culprit. Gooey starts to attack Pirika, which makes the group run away. When the group attempts to fight Gooey, Pirika tries to convince the others to jump into the lake to take control over them, but Coo becomes suspicious of this. Realizing that Pirika's want to make them jump into the lake was a part of her plan, Coo tells the group that she was the culprit behind the incident. Pirika flees, understanding that her plan failed. After successfully pushing King Dedede and Meta Knight, both of them come out of the lake as her puppets, whom she commands to attack Kirby. After Kirby and Gooey defeat King Dedede and Meta Knight, Pirika tries to run away again, but Gooey captures her, and the group stuffs Pirika and their two mind-controlled friends in a sack, which makes Pirika very mad.

While the group was trying to understand how to undo the curse, King Dedede and Meta Knight free themself from the sack, freeing Pirika too, and the battle ensues. In the middle of the battle, Pirika flies away and starts removing the stones that blocked her puppet potion. As a last resort, Kirby sucks up all the water from the lake, ruining Pirika's plan. Gooey restrains Pirika with his tongue, preventing another escape attempt. After the group sees that King Dedede and Meta knight remain under the spell, they ask Pirika again how to undo it, but she doesn't know how. Kirby says to Pirika that he felt her pain when drinking the water, which was mixed into the potion. Pirika tells them the reason for her actions. After hearing her story, Kirby offers Pirika to be her friend, which makes the others join too, yet Pirika still refused to accept their offer, until she begins to cry out of loneliness, breaks down and accepts their friendship. After Pirika's heart has been cleared, the Dreamstalk changes back to green, the water begins flowing back, and the spell is broken. After the groupd turns King Dedede's protests into a friendly game of tag, Kirby offers Pirika to go back to the Rainbow Islands with them, but she refuses, saying that she needs to visit her home village that exiled her to apologize for controlling everyone. They say goodbye to each other, promising to meet another day.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピリカ
An Ainu word meaning "good/beautiful".