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Novel Hugo Artwork.png
Artwork of Hugo from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!
Role Guest character
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Hugo[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes his appearance in Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears! as the main antagonist. He is a greedy millionaire who owns a diamond mine and most of Diamond Town. He finds the ancient machine and wants to use its power to make profit. He offers a prize money to the founders of those parts, thus setting the plot in motion. Meta Knight and Daroach learn about his motivation for repairing the ancient machine and try to stop him. In the end of the story, Hugo's plan fails, he is exposed and leaves the town.


Hugo is a gentleman of unknown species with a plump shape and a mustache. He wears a fancy suit with a star shaped badge, a collar and a jabot. He wears a top hat with a gear on it.

Hugo is known to be a kindhearted millionaire who donates for the residences of the Town of Wind. In reality, Hugo is an evil and greedy man who gained his money by tricking people and making sly deals. He doesn't care for the people of Diamond Town and is willing to make their life miserable to make more profit. He likes to stand out and show off his richness.

Role in Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears![edit]

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Hugo shows Magolor the ancient machine.

Before the events of the story, Hugo receives a report from the mine manager that an ancient machine was discovered in the diamond mines of Diamond Town. He goes to see it and finds on it a silver plate with ancient writing written on it. He searches for a scholar who can decipher it, until he receive a visit from Magolor. After Hugo brushes him off, Magolor tells him that he can decipher the writing for him, and Hugo agrees for his offer. Magolor deciphers the ancient warning on the machine, the machine can turn stones into priceless materials to make tremendous amounts of money, but at the cost of the town residences, since it also omits a terrible stench that will make the town miserable. When Hugo hears that the machine could make him profit, he is overjoyed and wants to activate the machine at all costs. He tells Magolor that if they activate the machine, he will give him half the profits, but in reality, he doesn't trust him and plans to backstab him and throw him out of the town. He and Magolor plan to get the missing gears of the machine by putting prize money for anyone who can find them. Hugo publishes in the newspaper about finding the machine and that it has the power to make everybody happy.

After Meta Knight and Daroach steal the photo of the plate with the warning on it, Hugo calls Magolor and tells him about it. He worries that since the thieves stole only things related to the ancient machine, they are trying to foil his plan and reveal to the public the truth about the ancient machine. He sends Magolor to get the gears quickly before their plan would be foiled.

When Magolor steals the gears and tries to run away with them, Hugo and his subordinates stop him from leaving the town. They trap Magolor in a net and Hugo tells Magolor that he never trusted him. When Hugo tries to remove the net from Magolor to get the gears, Meta Knight and Daroach drive into the scene and take the trapped Magolor with them. A battle ensues between Hugo's subordinates and Daroach and Meta Knight, which Kirby and President Dedede later join. The battle ends when Hugo takes Waddle Dee hostage, telling everyone to drop their weapons and give him the gears if they want Waddle Dee back. Although they listened to his demands, he refuses to release Waddle Dee, telling them that he'll do it only after activating the machine.

While going through the mines, Waddle Dee warns Hugo about the ancient machine, but Hugo doesn't care. He inserts all the gears into the machine and activates it. When the machine turns all the rough diamonds into chocolate, Hugo at first doesn't notice and continues to dream about the money that he will make. After learning the truth about the ancient machine, Hugo is distraught. Meta Knight tells him that he will be exposed by them to the public, and Hugo tells him that nobody will believe them. The Great Elder of the Magic Guild tells Hugo that he saw everything that happened and will serve as a witness. In a fit of rage, Hugo tries to remove the gear from the machine, only for it to spew chocolate all over him. The group exposes Hugo's plan to the residences of Diamond Town, but the happiness of the residences from the chocolate makes them not care about him. Hugo leaves the town forgotten by everyone.


Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese フーゴー
From ごう (millionaire).

Grand Millionaire Hugo[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese だいごうフーゴー
Daifūgō fūgō
Grand Millionaire Hugo