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Novel Woodkeeper Artwork.png
Artwork of the Woodkeeper from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!
Role Guest character
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The Woodkeeper[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes his guest appearance in Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!. He is a fraud who came to the mysterious woods in Dream Land called the Gloomy Woods, and posed as its guardian, when really only after the sacred "Stardust Crystal" within. He manages to manipulate King Dedede into leading him to the crystal and proceeds to attempt to escape with it. Kirby and co. swiftly catch him however, and return things back to normal.


The Woodkeeper is an old man with a bushy beard and eyebrows, large feline-like ears, a small feline-like nose, and a hooded robe who claims himself to live in the Gloomy Woods as its wise guardian—as implied by his name—with the sacred crystal within the woods being his main priority. In reality however, he is a greedy and cowardly thief who never lived in the woods in the first place. Additionally, he is willing to timidly manipulate and over-praise those around him to better succeed in his determined primary goal of becoming wealthy. He also owns a small aircraft disguised as a cabin.

Role in Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods![edit]

The Woodkeeper lies about the Stardust Fruit to keep Dedede from eating it.
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I can cultivate as many Stardust Fruits as I like with just this. All the rich gourmets in the universe will yearn for it. I'll be the richest man in the universe!
— The Woodkeeper about the Stardust Crystal, in Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!

In Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!, the Woodkeeper becomes involved with King Dedede after Dedede randomly comes knocking at his cabin door in the Gloomy Woods—an area surrounded by rumors and dangerous creatures. The Woodkeeper mistakenly believes Dedede to be a hero after he loosely chases off Grizzo, and decides to manipulate him in order to retrieve the mystical "Stardust Crystal" deep within the woods, rumored to be guarded by someone titled "the master".

Eventually after using Dedede as a protective shield and leading him along with a set of lies, the Woodkeeper makes his way to the supposed area where the crystal lies, and encounters Dedede's friends there. Greedy for the opportunity to become rich, the Woodkeeper, now realizing the crystal has been left vulnerable for years, snatches the crystal while Dedede and co. are occupied. Proceeding to take it to his cabin, which is an aircraft in actuality, he takes off and almost succeeds at his sly scheme until Kirby quickly inhales a Miracle Fruit also growing in the woods, and uses a mighty Hypernova inhale to suck him and the aircraft up. Once spit out, he cowardly retreats after the nasty experience and is not seen again.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 森番もりばん