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Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!

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Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!
Kirby Star Allies The Universe is in Trouble Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!
Volume # 12
Published August 15th, 2018
Original story? No
Adaptation of Kirby Star Allies
Chapters 9 + Epilogue
Pages 216[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Waddle Dee
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Zan Partizanne
ISBN 978-4046318220[1]
Volume order
Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure! Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land!
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Something has suddenly happened in peaceful Dream Land! An important ally, Jammerjab, has been kidnapped by Francisca, one of the three generals of magic! As Kirby and Waddle Dee travel through space on the Warp Star to rescue them, they are attacked by the three mages one after another! Together with King Dedede and Meta Knight, they seek the mastermind behind it all to stop the evil that threatens to engulf the universe!! This is the second part of a novelization of the Kirby Star Allies game!
— Unofficial translation of the opening description

Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?![derived from Japanese] is the twelfth volume of the Kirby novel series, published in Japan on August 15th, 2018.[2] Both this volume and the previous one were also published in Korean on August 10th, 2022. Continuing from the previous novel, Kirby and friends set off toward the stars to initially rescue Jammerjab from Francisca's grasp before venturing to a strange altar where Kirby and friends find the source of all their problems and learn of a plot to resurrect a deity of destruction in a bid to destroy everything.

This novel is the second of two books that adapt the Nintendo Switch game, Kirby Star Allies, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game. Events from World of Peace Dream Land up until the Fortress of Shadows Jambastion are covered in the previous volume, while elements from Far-Flung Starlight Heroes and Kirby Star Allies are covered in this volume.


Characters of "Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!"  
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: The Sudden Incident![edit]

Captain Vul contacts the Great King at his castle.

Shortly after taking care of the Jambastion, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee are bored, as per usual. For the second time, just as Dedede starts expecting something big to happen, he gets an incoming call from the Battleship Halberd. Despite his claims that he doesn't want to be present, the Waddle Dees insist that he take the call. Shortly after the call starts, Captain Vul asks King Dedede to tell Kirby some big news, but all this did was get the king to ask the Meta-Knights to contact Kirby instead and abruptly stop the call altogether. Bandana Waddle Dee thought differently and makes a point to note how Meta Knight's requests tend to be based on important matters. Despite requesting to contact Kirby himself, Bandana Waddle Dee is sternly told not to do so by King Dedede. He still wanted to do something, though, so he pretends to grab a snack for the king while secretly switching places with another Waddle Dee, à la The Prince and the Pauper.

As per usual, Kirby was sleeping, possibly dreaming about food. Waddle Dee eventually finds Kirby at his usual sleeping spot and tries to tell him about Meta Knight's urgent call. Kirby assumes that Meta Knight accidentally ordered too many pizzas and wanted him to eat the rest. Despite Waddle Dee pleading that it wasn't because of food, he ran after Kirby until they encountered Burning Leo. The fiery creature explains to the two of them that Jammerjab was suddenly held hostage by Francisca. Burning Leo elaborated by explaining how Jammerjab eventually got accustomed to the peace and quiet of Dream Land, but that instantly changed when both Burning Leo and Jammerjab encountered Francisca. Leo did try to fight her off, but she was able to overpower him and kidnap Jammerjab in the process.

Kirby initially thinks that Francisca came to capture Jammerjab so she and her sisters could make him their subordinate again, but Waddle Dee instead thinks that the sisters see their henchmen as little more than tools to be disposed of. After some thought, Kirby, Waddle Dee and Burning Leo all agree to help rescue Jammerjab from Francisca's clutches before...something happens to him. Waddle Dee attempts to let the great king know the news but Burning Leo insists that Waddle Dee not tell the king under the assumption that he'll flip when he finds out that Waddle Dee is hanging out with Kirby once more. One call for the Warp Star later and the three heroes were able to hop on and soar into the galaxy, but not before Waddle Dee reluctantly decides to head out without telling Dedede anything.

Chapter 2: Searching the Universe![edit]

Kirby and friends stopped by Yggy Woods.

Somewhere in the far reaches of space, Francisca tells Jammerjab exactly why she captured him: after Kirby and friends escaped the collapsing Jambastion, Francisca had won a round of rock-paper-scissors, thus placing her in charge of capturing the former subordinate (despite her saying otherwise). Francisca's comments didn't leave Jammerjab with many positive thoughts as he continues to tremble, as if he knows what was going to happen eventually.

Kirby and friends were still on the Warp Star soaring through the atmosphere. It didn't sound all too promising, as not even Kirby or Waddle Dee knew where they were going. Without a reliable lead, Kirby decides to stop on a random planet in the area in the hopes that they can get a few clues. Burning Leo objected, but Kirby was already flying the Warp Star towards Falluna Moon.

After taking a few steps while thinking on who to ask for Jammerjab's whereabouts, the three amigos get stopped by the old-growth elder, Yggy Woods. Kirby immediately recognized the similarities to Whispy Woods and he and Waddle Dee began to ask the tree about Francisca's whereabouts. Unfortunately, the mere mention of her name causes Yggy Woods to assume that Kirby and his friends work for the enemy. No amount of convincing could get Yggy Woods to cease attacking, but that's exactly what happened. Blados kept falling from his canopy, dealing massive damage to Kirby and Waddle Dee, both of which had no way to fight back. The only one who could, Burning Leo, started attacking the tree, but it didn't exactly do much. As Yggy Woods kept shaking his canopy, bunches upon bunches of cherries fell from above. Burning Leo couldn't withstand the huge amounts of cherries and eventually lay unconscious. Instead of running away, Kirby wanted to eat some of the cherries that fell and a golden-colored one caught his eye. Despite Waddle Dee's objections, Kirby ate the cherry anyway and gained the Festival ability in the process. No one was entirely sure what was going on, but the Festival Dance picked up steam, eventually causing everyone involved, even Yggy Woods, to start dancing. Once the dance came to a close, the ability disappeared just like that. Waddle Dee finally took the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding after Yggy Woods ran out of breath from the dancing. Yggy continues to explain that the three mages were continuing to collect traces of the Jamba Heart from other planets. After Waddle Dee mentions that a friend of Kirby's was captured, the tree remembered Francisca mentioning how she wanted to relax on a cold planet after her job was finished. Yggy Woods deduces that the coldest celestial body nearby was the Blizzno Moon. A clue was a clue, and that was all Kirby and his two buddies needed to know. Too bad Kirby didn't have a useful Copy Ability for the rest of the adventure, but Yggy Woods solved that problem by calling out for Como to lend Kirby his Spider powers for the trip. After inhaling him, Kirby gives the ability a test-run on Burning Leo to see what he could do. After a bit, the threesome hopped back on the Warp Star and gave chase towards the Blizzno Moon, where Francisca was suspected to have headed next.

Chapter 3: The Icy Blizzno Moon![edit]

Burning Leo uses the Friend Bounce to his advantage.

Back at Castle Dedede, the "Bandana" Waddle Dee who would normally solve any kind of problem was taking a bit longer than usual to do exactly that, causing the other Waddle Dees and even the Great King himself to get concerned. Dedede's suspicions proved correct after "Bandana" Waddle Dee immediately rushed to prep 30 servings of ice cream, tarts and other food, as normally the real Bandana Waddle Dee would berate the king for eating too much. After some interrogation and threats to throw him out of the castle, the Waddle Dee confessed to the king that he wasn't actually Bandana Waddle Dee and explains how the real bandana-clad Waddle Dee left the castle earlier to do something. As expected, King Dedede wasn't thrilled to find this out and hopes to toss the Waddle Dee inside a storage room without any food for weeks. Meta Knight eventually arrives in the castle and repeats the fact that he and his crew wanted to tell Kirby about something, but had no choice but to go to Dream Land itself since Dedede wasn't responding and it didn't help that Kirby wasn't where he usually was. The knight eventually points out how Bandana Waddle Dee would know where Kirby went off to and the king eventually figures out that Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee had disappeared to somewhere...but Dedede assumes that the two of them went to a hot spring and didn't invite him at all. Meta Knight just up-and-left the area after finding out that King Dedede wasn't willing to help him out that much.

Francisca had arrived at Blizzno Moon for a quick little break: an ice-cold celestial body was perfect for someone like her. As she was about to head elsewhere on the moon, she tells Jammerjab to stick by her side while she relaxes on the moon, as she would rather not do so alone.

It wasn't much longer until Kirby and friends had arrived on the moon in no time. Unfortunately, him and Waddle Dee didn't take into consideration that Burning Leo wouldn't really be able to head out on the moon much because of the sub-optimal temperatures. Kirby asks Leo to wait near the Warp Star while he and Waddle Dee find Francisca, but the hot-tempered Burning Leo eventually runs after the two of them, even despite the cold air.

As Francisca reminisces about how she would want Flamberge to also relax with her, Kirby and friends had approached behind her. Another battle had begun with Spider Kirby attempting to wrap the sister up in a cocoon but her francisca axe sliced through the silk thread, leaving Burning Leo with the realization that the Spider ability wouldn't be helpful against her. Kirby desperately tries to remove the ability off of him, but Francisca wouldn't let up, not even slightly. Burning Leo was also in trouble and Kirby tries to help him out but instead of a cocoon, Kirby put together a spider web out of silk. Leo accidentally hopped on the web unknowingly using the Friend Bounce friend ability to leap high in the air and then land right on top of Francisca when she least expected it. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Burning Leo kept on hopping on Spider Kirby's web to continue using Friend Bounce in combination with other fiery attacks. Francisca eventually recovered and was able to capture Burning Leo in the grasp of her Frozen Gelato attack.

While Kirby and Burning Leo were busy fighting the bringer of icy doom, Waddle Dee had secretly ran off to find Jammerjab and untie the rope he was held captive in. Too bad Francisca noticed what Waddle Dee was trying to do and attempts to stop him from untying Jammerjab. Kirby eventually distracts Francisca with his Spider attacks, leaving Waddle Dee free to untie Jammerjab and get Kirby to inhale him to use the Staff ability. Upon doing so, Como had spontaneously appeared from Kirby losing the Spider ability in the process of swapping to Staff. Como was upset that Francisca and her sisters ruined Falluna Moon and was about to enact vengeance with a whole bunch of silk threads catching Francisca off-guard. Kirby got the Staff ability during this time, while Burning Leo turned the stick into a Sizzle Staff, allowing Kirby to Pole Vault his way over to Francisca and burn her axe into a crisp. Sensing no way she could win at this rate, the frozen general simply flew back into the far-flung galaxy. After the battle had come to an end, everyone else checked up to see if Como was doing alright. After seeing each other off, Kirby willingly got rid of the Staff ability, leaving Jammerjab surprised that Kirby and his friends set off to rescue him from Francisca's clutches. Since they got Jammerjab back, Kirby automatically assumes that their adventure has finished, but the former subordinate doesn't feel confident with Kirby's words, sensing how the three mages will keep going for him until their orders are fulfilled. Waddle Dee spoke up after finding this out and Burning Leo vowed to follow along for the ride. Kirby, though? He was bored and wanted to go back home to Dream Land, but upon being told that he won't be able to take a peaceful nap until the three sisters are taken care of, Kirby and the star allies hop on the Warp Star to venture deeper into the galaxy, while Como stays behind as he finds a way back to his home of Falluna Moon.

Chapter 4: The Great Hot Battle of Sizzlai Moon![edit]

Flamberge, hotter and more furious than ever.

As Kirby and his friends leave Blizzno Moon's atmosphere, Jammerjab speculates that Flamberge would most likely head for a hot planet to grow stronger, a statement that Burning Leo agrees with. The Warp Star eventually heads over to Sizzlai Moon and had trouble looking for a safe landing spot for the star allies. It eventually found one at the foot of a mountain, letting the others disembark. Out of everyone, only Burning Leo was enjoying the rising heat and hot air on the moon in question.

Things only got worse the further out they ventured on the moon looking for Flamberge. As they were climbing up a mountain on the hunt for the bringer of flame, sudden ground-shaking caused parts of the mountain to move from one place to another. One such shake sent Waddle Dee all the way down to the bottom of the cliff-face. Kirby tried to brush off Burning Leo's concerns about getting caught in the landslide and was stuck between fleeing for safety or hopping down to rescue Waddle Dee. Too bad Flamberge showed up not long after, confident that the fiery flames of fate would let her see Kirby and his friends again. Unfortunately, Burning Leo's prideful boasts of triumph got Flamberge all riled up, even with Jammerjab trying to shut Burning Leo up. Amidst plenty of long and furious "Jamblasted" exclamations, Jammerjab tries to get Kirby going by willingly allowing him to inhale him. Flamberge immediately struck with a swing of her sword to send Jammerjab out of the way, leaving Kirby and Burning Leo to be at the sister's mercy.

Waddle Dee had regained consciousness after falling down the cliff's face earlier. After thinking about how he needed to regroup with the others as soon as possible, he tries climbing up the pile of rubble but the constant heat soon put that plan up in smoke. That was, until Waddle Dee saw a building in the distance. Even if it was a mirage, Waddle Dee decided to head over for shelter from the intense heat and hot air.

Stepping inside the palace was all it took for Waddle Dee to start feeling better. After sitting down to rest, a palace guard showed up with a spear in tow and attacked, cornering the Waddle Dee inside. Feeling like he was done for, the only thing he could do was call for his Great King Dedede. And just like that, the confused king had appeared from out of nowhere, much to Waddle Dee's delight. As the palace guard tried to attack once more, King Dedede's hammer flung the guard all the way into one of the walls, knocking them out. Both king and servant begun to come to grips about the situation, but Waddle Dee mentioning Kirby's name out loud got Dedede to assume that Waddle Dee left the king behind to go with Kirby to a hot spring. Luckily, Waddle Dee was able to clear up the misconceptions and explained everything else that had happened prior in full. After Waddle Dee confirmed that the three mages were the ones responsible for the Jamba Heart pieces raining down on Popstar, the king was ready to head out and smack 'em silly. But before Waddle Dee could head out, the king handed him a spear with the intent to use it as a weapon and his bandana so he can stand out from the other Waddle Dees again. After exiting the Dream Palace, King Dedede thought of a way to get both him and Bandana Waddle Dee up to the mountaintop to reunite with Kirby and his friends.

Chapter 5: The Strongest Allies[edit]

King Dedede catches Flamberge by surprise as the battle continues.

While Bandana Waddle Dee was at the Dream Palace, the battle with Flamberge continued. Burning Leo was trying desperately to finish her off, but it wasn't much use. Now Kirby was the only one left standing, without any Copy Ability to fight Flamberge, and he had to deal with her onslaught, including her new Fireball Circus attack. This might've been Kirby's breaking point had King Dedede not shown up at just the right time to start clobbering the flame general. Although she fled the moon's atmosphere shortly after that, what mattered now was that Kirby was reunited with Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede. The king and Waddle Dee told Kirby about the Dream Palace and how it worked, leaving Kirby at a loss for words. Kirby's first thought was to summon Chef Kawasaki at the palace so he could eat some food, but King Dedede sets him back on track to finish off the mages before they complete their evil plan. Jammerjab and Burning Leo both recovered and were informed about King Dedede's sudden appearance. The two of them were injured in such a state that they wouldn't be able to go on for the time being. Waddle Dee was concerned that they wouldn't be able to figure out where to go next without Jammerjab, but that problem got solved with Kirby inhaling a willing Jammerjab to get the Staff ability again. Just before Kirby could get the ability, Waddle Dee suggests finding one more person to lend their aid. Kirby thinks that summoning Meta Knight at the Dream Palace might be their best bet, even if King Dedede wasn't sure about it...

Upon arriving at the palace, Kirby called out for the knight. Even though Burning Leo was skeptical that Kirby's calling out would work, it did. Meta Knight had teleported from the Halberd to the palace with a teacup in hand, confused. Even more so when Kirby tries explaining how the palace worked to the knight. After figuring out why he was brought over, Waddle Dee explained their current plight in a desperate attempt to not change the topic to that of ice cream, suggested by Kirby, as per usual. Jammerjab entered the palace and told Meta Knight that the three generals of magic serve a higher authority, told to gather the pieces of the Jamba Heart that rained across the galaxy and bring them back for a ritual. The last thing he told the knight was that the place where the ritual was to be performed was named The Divine Terminus, located at the edge of the galaxy. Kirby was eager to head over and stop the enemy, but Jammerjab had concerns about what would happen if the ritual were to be complete before then. He had served under the order of the sisters for so long that he started to have doubts about whether the ritual could really bring happiness for their cult. After affirmation that the ritual would be stopped if it was truly for evil, Kirby inhaled Jammerjab to get the Staff ability. As the Warp Star flew over to the palace, Meta Knight alerted his men to ferry the Halberd over to Sizzlai Moon to pick up Burning Leo and drop him back off at Dream Land. Before Burning Leo started to wait for the Halberd to arrive, he powered up Kirby's staff, Meta Knight's sword and King Dedede's hammer with fire to give them a bit of a power boost. Waddle Dee declined the offer, feeling that he'll get burnt to a crisp with a fiery spear in hand. Finally, the four adventurers boarded the Warp Star headed for The Divine Terminus.

Chapter 6: The Divine Terminus at the End of the Galaxy[edit]

Hyness continuing the ritual to revive the deity of destruction.

At the Jambandra Base, Francisca and Flamberge were waiting for Zan Partizanne to head back from The Divine Terminus. Francisca assumes that Zan Par is being punished, while Flamberge remembers getting jammed by King Dedede. Upon returning to the Jambranda Base, Zan Partizanne tells the other two sisters that it's their fault that they couldn't defeat Kirby and his friends earlier. Flamberge tells Zan Par that Hyness was starting to act a bit weirder than usual and expresses concern that he might do something violent, causing the lightning general to snap and sternly remind the other two sisters to never speak badly of Hyness. She mentioned that Hyness took them in a long time ago and swore an oath of loyalty ever since. Zan Partizanne also tells them to strengthen their defenses in preparation for Kirby and friends' arrival. All three sisters vow to defeat them, even if it ends up costing their own lives in the process.

Kirby and friends had arrived at The Divine Terminus, with King Dedede and Meta Knight assuming the enemy's front line defenses are thin until they noticed the bane of any star ally's existence: the moving crusher blocks. Kirby and his friends all maneuvered around the blocks trying to not end up flatter than a pancake, while dealing with swarms of attacking Jambelievers at the same time. Kirby tries to toss a Friend Heart at one of the soldiers but a sudden group attack caused that plan to fail. As Kirby and friends kept attacking the soldiers, they couldn't easily see the moving blocks, so Waddle Dee helped them out.

Finally, they had arrived at the terminus' altar. Seemingly unaware of Kirby's presence, Hyness was busy continuing the ritual and gathering many Jamba Heart pieces to restore the fragmented heart for...something. As Kirby tried to approach the stairs leading to the Jamba Heart, Zan Partizanne appeared and started to go on the attack. Her Lightning Lemonade attack was swiftly dodged by everyone...except for King Dedede. Kirby thought back to the last battle with Zan Par and remembered using water to shock her. But since he was stuck with fire, he couldn't use the exact same strategy twice. The battle raged on, with Zan Partizanne's attacks eventually knocking King Dedede and Meta Knight out cold. Kirby was in trouble, but Bandana Waddle Dee didn't want to see him fall in battle too. Instead of fighting back, he revives the king by poking him with his spear. As Dedede ran off to fight Zan Par, Waddle Dee also poked Meta Knight with the spear to get him back into the fight.

Kirby was slowly but surely getting cornered by the mage. It seems as though her loyalty to Hyness was making her stronger by the second. Kirby dodged Zan Par's attack and attempted to counterattack, but that counterattack was counterattacked itself by Zan Partizanne, knocking Kirby's staff out of his hand. King Dedede tried to take advantage of the situation but also got brutally shocked. Luckily, Meta Knight was there to save the day and deal the finishing blow. Just before Zan Partizanne lost consciousness, she calls out to Hyness, finally getting him to turn around.

Chapter 7: The Mastermind Appears!![edit]

The officiant of doom slowly approaches Kirby and co.

That's when he notices Kirby and his Dream Friends in the altar. He slowly makes his way over to them and pushes the unconscious Zan Par out of the way, shocking Kirby at how abusive he was towards his subordinates. Eventually, Hyness started going on a crazed rant about how his kind were banished to the edge of the galaxy, even despite single-handedly stopping a nightmare of a galactic crisis and something about a dark lord's birthday, but it went by way too fast for Kirby and his friends to be able to piece anything together. After a threat to make the star allies disappear forever, he attacks with black energy orbs. Kirby fought back with an Unrelenting Staff attack after seeing how cruel Hyness had treated Zan Partizanne, giving King Dedede the chance to hit him with a Giant Dedede Swing. And just like that, Hyness' hood was knocked off. Waddle Dee presumes that the battle was over as quickly as it started, but Meta Knight correctly guesses that he may be feigning weakness. As it so happens, Hyness reveals his true face, much to everyone else's surprise. He then summons the three unconscious mages and drains their life-force to replenish his before tossing the sisters like they were rag-dolls towards Kirby's team. This "strategy" of using generals as nothing more than mere tools really got under everyone's skin. Kirby tries his best to fight with the Sizzle Staff he has, but Hyness would keep using the unconscious sisters either as literal meat-shields or in preparation for another attack. One of Dedede's attacks was able to connect with Hyness, but all this did was let Hyness and the three mages form a Rag-Doll Circle before rolling all over the walls and floors of the altar, sending Kirby's Dream Friends away. Kirby did his best to hold Hyness off with a Super Long Jab, which was able to knock Hyness out of that "friend" circle formation. The officiant of doom tries to grab the sisters to throw again, but he wasn't able to do so before King Dedede and Meta Knight did him in. As everyone checks up on a fainted Waddle Dee, Hyness slowly heads up the stairs leading to the vessel of this so-called "Dark Lord" and, in a last-ditch effort to see his evil plan through to completion, willingly sacrifices the three generals and himself to the Jamba Heart. Now that the vessel was whole and the ritual was complete, the Jamba Heart took off into the never-ending sea of stars as the altar started to collapse.

Waddle Dee finally recovered after Meta Knight explained to Kirby and Dedede what Hyness did earlier. A Friend Action platform, much like the one at the Jambastion, soon fell from above. Remembering the last time, Kirby got everyone else on the platform, despite King Dedede and Meta Knight's initial protests. This formed a Friend first glance. Then the four spears of the heart that were initially used to seal the Jamba Heart now bestowed the Friend Star with more power and transforms it into the legendary Star Allies Sparkler, before it flies off to confront the chaotic darkness.

Chapter 8: Starlight Heroes[edit]

One of Void Termina's weak spots appears on his body.

As they were soaring through the galaxy, Meta Knight explains to everyone that Jamba Hearts had the power to fill people's hearts with darkness and how a long time ago, four ancient heroes of yore stopped a tremendous evil thanks to a secret treasure and was able to seal that evil inside the Jamba Heart. The knight concludes that the four spears of the heart giving power to Kirby and friends were most likely the same four heroes that sealed the Jamba Heart all those aeons ago. Kirby brings up how he could use Friend Hearts and noted the spears' similarities to them. Meta Knight says that Hyness screwing up the ritual must've caused pieces of the heart spears to fall across the galaxy at the same time as the Jamba Heart pieces.

They were closing in on a cloud of darkness on a nearby celestial body. When the metaphorical dust finally settled, the deity of destruction, Void Termina, had formed in front of the Star Allies Sparkler. After dodging his initial attack, what seemed to be a red eyeball popped up on his body. Kirby started firing at it, as Meta Knight assumes it to be the source of Void Termina's strength. More attacks kept coming from the destroyer of worlds and more eyeballs appeared across his body, giving Kirby an opportunity to continue attacking while the Dream Friends focus on evading the onslaught of attacks. Void Termina using flame swords as weapons didn't really do much, even if he was able to hit the Star Allies Sparkler.

After the last eyeball was destroyed, Void Termina collapsed and his heart-shaped head fell off of his body. Then a strong wind forcibly sucked Kirby and his friends inside the belly of the beast.

Chapter 9: The Real Last Battle!![edit]

Void Termina's Final Core

Inside Void Termina's body, they noticed his First Core -- what seemed to be the deity's own heart. Everyone also noticed Hyness and the mages stuck inside the body, unconsciously hanging from blood vessels. The core launched black letter-like shapes out, while red drops of liquid also fell from the ceiling. It seems as though the black shapes were related to hatred, obsession, jealousy and greed, whereas the liquid drops seem to be tears of blood relating to sadness and despair. Kirby, the king and the knight continuously attacked the heart while dodging the attacks thrown their way. After enough damage, the heart had disappeared which revealed the Final Core, freaking Kirby and Waddle Dee severely due to the core's striking resemblance to Kirby's own face. The Final Core started attacking while laughing like mad all the while. Eventually, one of his attacks managed to knock Francisca loose from a blood vessel. Kirby wants to help the rest of the sacrificees, even though Dedede was not fond of doing so to enemies who revived a dark lord of destruction. Luckily, Void Termina's next attack managed to knock Flamberge, Zan Partizanne and Hyness out of the blood vessels as well. Afterwards, the Final Core revealed a form similar to that of Dark Matter and fired laser beam after laser beam. Kirby and friends unleashed attack after attack and the Dedede Hammer Flip would be the one to finish him off.

Kirby, his Dream Friends, the mages and Hyness were all spat out of Void Termina. The Star Allies Sparkler flew in to catch Kirby and his allies just before Void Termina exited its Demon God Form and prepared yet another laser beam. The same time that happened, a laser beam fired out of the Star Allies Sparkler. It initially seemed like a losing battle, but everyone's thoughts gave enough power for the sparkler's laser fire to pierce straight through Void Termina's Final Core. The dark lord started to flee, which wasn't good for Kirby and his friends who had exhausted their power using the Star Allies Sparkler. However, several of Kirby's friends from Popstar had shown up to lend their power. As soon as Kirby hopped off the Star Allies Sparkler, his friends followed suit and all of them attacked Void Termina's Final Core one after another in a never-ending attack.


All's well that ends well.

Turns out the entire story was being told to the Dream Landers by Kirby after the fight came to a close. Burning Leo and Poppy Bros. Jr. were confused at the ending, but both had a dream that they jumped into space to finish off Void Termina. Jammerjab thought that maybe everyone's hearts flew into space during the final battle, as a result of wanting to help everyone else out. Bandana Waddle Dee shows up and invites Kirby and his friends to Castle Dedede for a celebration after defeating the destroyer of worlds. Right before Kirby could head out, though, the three mages had arrived on Popstar, much to everyone's surprise. Unexpectedly, the three sisters thank Kirby for saving them and Hyness from the madness that ensued since a long time ago. They even reveal that Hyness is starting to recover and be back to the way he used to be and how the three of them will continue serving him while going on a different path that's not focused on death and destruction. After the threesome return to not keep Hyness waiting, Kirby and his friends all begin the trek to Dedede's castle for a well-earned victory meal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ スターアライズ フレンズ 宇宙うちゅうだいピンチ!?へん
hoshi no kābyi sutā araizu uchū no dai pinchi!? hen
Kirby of the Stars Star Allies: The Universe in a Big Pinch!? Part
Korean 별의 커비 스타 얼라이즈 2: 우주의 대위기!
byeol-ui koebi seuta eollaijeu 2 ujuui daewigi!
Kirby of the Stars Star Allies 2: The Universe in a Great Crisis!