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Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!

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Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!
Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!
Volume # 16
Published March 14th, 2020
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby's Dreamy Gear merchandise series
Chapters 9 + Prologue + Epilogue
Pages 216[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
President Dedede
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
ISBN 978-4046319821[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle! Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi
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This is the mining town known as Diamond Town. Local airplane pilot Kirby lives a fun, happy life. One day, the town is sent into a fuss when an ancient machine is discovered in the mines. In order to get the machine to work, it seems that they must find three special gears. Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach, and Magolor embark on a great adventure to find them, however, in this 'gear quest,' a tremendous evil is hiding …!? Differing from the usual setting of Dream Land, this is the story of a different world!
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!

Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears[derived from Japanese] is the sixteenth volume of the Kirby novel series, published exclusively in Japan on March 14th, 2020.[2] In this volume, a millionaire named Hugo finds a ancient machine in the mines with missing parts and puts up prize money for the person that finds them. Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach and Magolor all chase after the machine's missing gears. Meta Knight and Daroach become suspicious of Hugo's intentions and find out that the machine was sealed away long ago since it only made the rich people richer and the other people of the town miserable, and that Hugo didn't care about the town and only wanted to become richer. They try to prevent the machine from being activated again to prevent this fate. In the end, it is revealed that the machine turns diamonds into chocolate and grants the people of the town their wishes.

This story takes inspiration from the Kirby's Dreamy Gear merchandise series. It's set in a world separate from the novels' main canon.


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Plot synopsis[edit]


Kirby and President Dedede racing.

Kirby and President Dedede have their one hundredth plane race, with Kirby piloting the "Warp Star" while President Dedede pilots the "Great King DDD XVIII". Kirby has had won every race before this one and is in the lead of this race too. He hopes that winning a hundred consecutive races would make him popular. When President Dedede starts to catch up with him, the engine of his plane starts to blow smoke. When President Dedede's plane surpasses Kirby's, the controller of his plane break and he falls, and Kirby wins the race. President Dedede blames Waddle Dee, which came to save him, for the destruction of the plane.

Chapter 1: Find the Gears![edit]

Waddle Dee shows Kirby the news.

Waddle Dee comes to Kirby's house in the Town of Wind to tell him news that he found in a newspaper, an ancient machine has been discovered in the diamond mines by the millionaire Hugo, but parts of it were missing. Hugo has offered a prize to the founders of those parts, one million Point Stars. Kirby, who was at first not interested in the news, changes his mind after Waddle Dee tells him that with this money Kirby could buy one hundred thousand servings of Chef Kawasaki's deluxe lunch. Waddle Dee and Kirby continue to read the article and learn from it that the ancient machine had had the power to make everybody happy, but an evil wizard stole its gears, and it stopped working. Hugo said wants to activate the machine to make everybody happy again. Waddle Dee gets excited from the idea of fulfilling everyone's wishes, and tells Kirby his wish is to taste chocolate, since it is too expensive for the residents of the Town of Wind to buy. Kirby and Waddle Dee both agree to find the gears together.

Meanwhile, President Dedede visits Daroach's café and reads too in the newspaper about the ancient machine, and tells Daroach about the news, who doesn't seem believe the truth of the news. Daroach tells him that if the gears are real, that he is the one who will find the gears. After President Dedede leaves the café, Daroach gets out his persona for a moment, but when another customer arrives, he returns to his persona of being a café manager.

In the Town of Light, the aristocrat Meta Knight, leaves a party back to his mansion. When arriving, Meta Knight tells his butler, Captain Vul, about his boredom from the life of aristocracy. When entering the living room, Meta Knight finds Daroach in there. Daroach shows Meta Knight the newspaper and tells him about the gears. Daroach tells him about the prize, but Meta Knight is not interested. Daroach then tells him about the mystery ancient machine, Meta Knight becomes interested, as he likes mysteries and adventures. Daroach and Meta Knight know that Hugo, who is usually known as kindhearted, is not what he seems. Daroach tells Meta Knight that he wants to expose the evils of Hugo and reveals his identity as the great thief. Meta Knight agrees to help Daroach and gather knowledge about Hugo, and Daroach leaves.

Chapter 2: A Suspicious Guest[edit]

Magolor arrives at Kirby's house.

Everyone in Diamond Town begins to search for the gears for a few days but cannot find them anywhere. While Waddle Dee visited Kirby's house, the traveling medicine merchant Magolor arrives at the house. Magolor tells Kirby that he is searching for the gears to get the prize money and build with it a laboratory. He asks Kirby to cooperate with him in his search, which Kirby agrees to do, but Waddle Dee remains suspicious of Magolor. Magolor tells them that he knows the method for finding the gears and needs Kirby's help to use it. He reveals that the gears have been sealed by the wizard with ancient magic that only a special item reacts to, Kirby's Star Compass. Kirby had gotten the Star Compass as a gift from the Great Elder of the Magic Guild, but he didn't know that it contained magical properties. Magolor takes the Star Compass and sprinkles sand-like grains on it, which activates the compass, making it draw a map of Diamond Town on the floor. Magolor then chants a spell that reveals the location of the gears on the map, a gear in field, a gear in the clock tower and the third in the Town of Light. Since as residents of the Town of Wind they cannot enter the Town of Light and the clock tower is guarded, Kirby and Waddle Dee choose to start with the gear at the field the next day. Magolor gives them magical eye drops that let them see the gear, since its magical seal prevents them from seeing it with the naked eye. Magolor tells them that when touching the seal, it melts. After that, he leaves.

Meta Knight thinks about the ancient machine when Magolor suddenly arrives at his mansion. At first, Butler Vul refuses to let him in, but when he tells Meta Knight that he wanted to talk with about the gears, Meta Knight lets him enter. Magolor tells Meta Knight that he knows how to find the gears and tells him about the gear in the Town of Light. Magolor ask for his cooperation since Meta Knight is an aristocrat and won't be kicked out of the Town of Light. Meta Knight find Magolor suspicious, but his curiosity makes him agree to help him. When Magolor shows the location of the gear, Meta Knight notices that the gear is in Hugo's mansion. Magolor gives him the magical eye drops too and leaves. Meta goes to share with Daroach this information.

Chapter 3: Great Operation at the Clock Tower![edit]

Magolor tries to grab the gear at the clock tower.

President Dedede is preparing to search for the gears when Magolor arrives to visit him too. Magolor tells President Dedede that he wants to partner with him and search for the gears together. President Dedede is confused by the offer but nevertheless agrees. Magolor tells him about the location of the gear at the clock tower and how the magical guild built the tower to seal it away. President Dedede questions him how to enter the clock tower, since it is guarded, and Magolor answers that they should break in from above using President Dedede's airplane. President Dedede question Magolor about why he chose to partner with him and not with Kirby, but Magolor denies that he knows who Kirby is and praises President Dedede's flight ability.

President Dedede and Magolor get on the King Dedede XIX, Presidents Dedede's new airplane. They plan that when President Dedede would be above the clock tower, Magolor would jump with a parachute and grab the gear. Magolor gives President Dedede the magical eye drops that he could see the gear too. President Dedede spots the gear on the clock of the clock tower, next to the number three. Magolor jumps from the plane and lands next to the number six. He reaches the gear by jumping and tries to grab it, but the gear slips from his hand and falls. The gear falls on a train of the Hugo Railway system. Presidents Dedede jumps of the plane without a parachute to try and save the gear and lands the train, his land getting softened by landing on his round belly. He grabs the gear when suddenly, his pilotless plane begins diving from the sky, making the train stop. The force of the stop the sudden stop blows away President Dedede to a muddy river. Magolor comes to Dedede worried, but President Dedede shows him that the gear is still in his hand. President Dedede wants to deliver the gear to Hugo, but Magolor stops him and tells him that they need to find two more gears. President Dedede's vision becomes black, and he falls into the river again.

Chapter 4: The Star Compass[edit]

Kirby finds the gear in the sky.

Kirby and Waddle Dee arrive at the open field and begin searching for the gear. While searching, they hear a faint ring sound coming from Kirby's pouch. They found out that the Star Compass of Kirby made the sound and has lit up because it reacts to the magical gear. They walk around and discover that the brightness and volume of the compass changes as they move, and Waddle Dee suggests that they should walk in the direction that the light and sound grow to find the gear. After they arrive at the point where the compass is at its brightest, they start digging into the ground, but they cannot find anything. After he becomes to tired to dig any longer, Kirby lays on the ground to rest and discover a bright light coming from the sky. He finds the gear in the sky and rushes back to Diamond town to get his plane, to fly high enough to grab the gear. Kirby flies with his plane over the field and Waddle Dee directs where to go. When looking at the sky, Kirby cannot see the gear since the power of the magical eye drops has run out. Kirby realizes that he can still find the gear by looking at the Star Compass. Kirby maneuvers the plane in a very dangerous manner until the compass is at its brightest, then, he inhales until he felt the gear in his mouth. The seal of the gear melt and Kirby tells to Waddle Dee that he grabbed the gear.

Chapter 5: Mr. Hugo's Secret[edit]

Meta Knight and Daroach examine the hidden room.

In the middle of the night, Meta Knight and Daroach go to Hugo's mansion. Daroach questions Meta Knight about the gear in the mansion, and Meta Knight tells him that in the place of the mansion there used to be a temple where the gear was hidden. They both suspect Magolor's intentions but choose to believe his story since they have no other leads. Daroach latches a grappling hook high on the wall that surrounds the mansion and they both use it to climb past the wall and sneak into the mansion's garden. To find the gear in the huge mansion, Daroach calls upon the Squeakers and hands them the magical eye drops, so they could search the gear anywhere in the mansion and won't leave any trace. After a while, some Squeakers return and tell Daroach that they found the gear in the kitchen on the north side of the mansion, floating near the ceiling, and another interesting thing, which Daroach tells Meta Knight that he will tell him later. They enter through the window into the kitchen and find the gear. Daroach grabs the gear and tells Meta Knight that after they will expose Hugo, he wants to keep the gear as a treasure for himself. Daroach tells Meta Knight that the Squeakers found a hidden room in the mansion, and that they should search in it clues about the ancient machine.

Daroach and Meta Knight search for the hidden room in the mansion. When looking at the paintings on the wall, Daroach complains about their expensive frames, that their glamour distracts from the painting. They both enter a small room with a bookshelf in it, and Daroach tells Meta Knight that the hidden room is behind the bookshelf. When Daroach pull out a worn book from the bookshelf, the bookshelf rotates to reveal a hidden room. In the hidden room, they discover documents about the ancient machine and a safe. While Meta Knight looks through the documents, Daroach breaks into the safe, which makes an alarm start. Daroach grabs the photo that was in the safe and they both run away. They escape through the window just before the guards enter the room. The guards continue to chase them through the garden. To let Meta Knight escape without being recognized, Daroach gives Meta Knight the photo and blocks the guards path to draw their attention. He proclaims to them that he is the thief and makes them attack him all at once. Daroach dodges all their attacks until all the guards fall to the ground from exhaustion and runs away too.

Chapter 6: Identity of an Ancient Machine[edit]

Meta Knight and Daroach learn about the true nature of the machine.

Hugo wakes up from the alarm and hears a report from the guards about what happened. He swears revenge against the thieves and recalls the events that happened the month before:

One day, Hugo received a report from the mine manager that a huge cave had been discovered that contains an ancient machine. He did not know the purpose of the machine, but when he saw the ancient writing on the plate attached to the machine, he began searching for a scholar that could decipher it. He kept the machine a secret because he thought that the machine would be useful for profit. One day, Magolor met Hugo and told him that he wanted to see the ancient machine, to the surprise of Hugo, since he didn't tell anyone about it. Magolor told him that he is a scholar that can read ancient writing and can decipher it for him. Although he didn't trust Magolor, Hugo agreed for his help. Magolor told him that on the machine there is a message for the people of the future, that this machine is the worst invention in history, instead of turning stones into priceless materials to make tremendous amount of money, it only scatters misery. When Hugo heard about making money, he became excited. Magolor reads to him that once upon a time, the machine made a lot of money, but only the aristocrats profited from it. The machine omitted a terrible stench that made the writer so miserable that he sealed its gears and stopped it from working, which saved the town. The message said to never start the machine again. Learning all that made Hugo thank Magolor and promise him half of the fortune that the machine would make, which Hugo didn't intend to fulfill. Magolor told Hugo that he would find the gears for him and gave him the idea of putting prize money on finding them. Hugo didn't intend to pay those people either and thought about throwing them and Magolor out of the town after they were done being useful.

Magolor is woken up from his sleep by a messenger of Hugo and is brought to his mansion. Hugo shows him the opened safe in the hidden room and tells him about the thieves. He tells him that they stole the photo of the ancient writing from the safe and he is afraid that when they decipher it, they will tell the civilians which will stop their plan. Magolor tells him not to worry about it because they don't know ancient writing, but Hugo disagree with him and tells him that if the thieves weren't interested in the ancient writing, they would of stolen something else, so they need to find the gears as soon as possible. Magolor tells him that he already found them and that he leaves to bring them to him. But it's revealed that Magolor has different plans to Hugo, to get the gears for himself thinks to himself. He goes out thinking that he successfully deceived Hugo.

Meta Knight returns to his mansion and examines the photo that was in the safe, noticing the ancient writing. Daroach comes to his mansion when Meta Knight tries to decipher the ancient characters. Meta Knight tells him that he should rest, which Daroach does. After a while, Meta Knight wakes him up to tell him what he deciphered. Meta Knight explains to him the ancient warning and they both understand that they should stop Hugo's plan. Magolor comes to Meta Knight mansion and asks them for the gear. Meta Knight tells Magolor about the truth of the gears and the ancient machine, unaware of Magolor's knowledge about them. Magolor pretends to not know anything about that and pretends to be worried about the fate of Diamond Town. Meta Knight is suspicious of Magolor, questioning how he found the place of the gear in the first place, and Magolor tells him that he found the gears with Kirby's Star Compass and about the partnership with Kirby and President Dedede. Meta Knight tells Daroach and Magolor that they should go and warn them about Hugo's plan to stop them from giving him the gears. They all go into one of Meta Knight's cars. Daroach warns Magolor that Meta Knight drives dangerously, but Magolor brushes it off. When Meta Knight starts to drive, the car moves extremely fast, and they both scream in fear.

Chapter 7: Three Gears[edit]

Waddle Dee discovers the smaller writing on the plate.

Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach and Magolor all meet at Daroach's Café. Kirby and President Dedede bring their gears. Magolor tells everyone to put the gears in his box to contain their destructive power, which they all do after some convincing. Meta Knight tells them about the warning on the plate of the machine. Kirby suggests telling Hugo about the warning, but Meta Knight tells them about Hugo's true personality, that he is willing to risk the town for profit. President Dedede questions Meta Knight's intentions, since he helps them even though he is an aristocrat and would profit from activating the machine. Meta Knight answers him that he is an inhabitant of Diamond Town before he is an aristocrat, which makes President Dedede respect him. Waddle Dee finds in the photo something written in smaller characters on the plate underneath the warning. Meta Knight dismisses the discovery because of the small number of characters and their scrabbled look but tells Waddle Dee that he will decipher it anyway to be sure. After Kirby asks him, Meta Knight explains how he deciphers the writing. President Dedede complains about how long it takes and Kirby pokes fun at him, starting a banter between the two. After a while, Kirby and President Dedede fall asleep from boredom while the others continue to translate.

When Meta Knight and Waddle Dee finish translating, they hear Daroach scream at Magolor. They find Magolor slinking away from the café with the box containing the gear. He mockingly thanks them for helping him get all the gears and runs away outside, leaving the others too stunned to do anything. The group starts chasing after him, but Magolor was too quick for them to stop him. Meta Knight gets into his car with Daroach, and they start driving after Magolor, but he throws a smoke bomb which makes them stop, and Magolor vanishes. Kirby and President Dedede get in their planes to chase Magolor too. Waddle Dee goes with Kirby and brings with him the book and the photo to continue deciphering the message. They fly on the plane to continue the chase.

Chapter 8: The Chase![edit]

Everyone battling together.

After avoiding his pursuers, Magolor looks up and see the Lor Starcutter, a broken ancient ship suspended in the sky. The truth about Magolor's goals is revealed, the reason that he wanted the gears is to repair the broken Lor, since the Lor was missing some of its parts and couldn't be repaired with regular parts. After hearing a rumor about the ancient machine, Magolor thought that he could find the parts in Diamond Town. After learning where the gears were with the help of Kirby's Star Compass, he divided the information between several people to make sure that that they wouldn't deliver the gears to Hugo immediately. After he got all the gears, Magolor needs to escape Diamond Town before anybody catches him.

Magolor runs to the gate of Diamond Town when Hugo's subordinates block his path. Magolor tries to deceive them to leave him alone when Hugo emerges from behind them. Hugo asks Magolor why he is hurrying with a gentle smile, making Magolor confused about his intentions. Just when Magolor tries to talk to him, a big net drop on Magolor, trapping him inside. Hugo tells Magolor that he never trusted him and knows that he has the gears on him. When Hugo starts removing the net, Meta Knight's car rushes into the scene, making Hugo and his subordinates jump of the way. Daroach jumps from the car the catches the trapped Magolor and throws him into the back of the car. Hugo's subordinates surround the car and flatten its wheels. Daroach changes his clothes and reveal his identity as the thief that stole from Hugo's mansion and uses his cane to expel ice. To stop the subordinates from chasing them, Meta Knight throws the rose from his chest pocket and feathers from his hat and makes them throw their weapon. However, the subordinates kept coming, cornering the pair.

It is then that Kirby's and Dedede's airplanes flew into the scene, joining the fight. But when it seemed like the group gained the advantage, Waddle Dee has been kidnapped by the enemy. Hugo tells them to surrender if they want him to release Waddle Dee. Kirby tells everyone to do what Hugo wants and to give him the gears. The subordinates take the gears from Magolor and Hugo with the imprisoned Waddle Dee leaves to activate the machine. He tells them that he will release him only after the machine is activated. President Dedede and Daroach both get into Dedede's plane, and Meta Knight, Kirby and Magolor get into Kirby's plane to chase him. Kirby thanks Meta Knight for putting down his weapon when he asked, and Meta Knight questions him if there was a reason for this. Kirby tells him that they have a plan. Meta Knight tells Kirby that he feels like they met before, and Kirby and Magolor agree with him. Magolor tries to pretend that stealing the gears was an act, but nobody believes him.

Chapter 9: The Machine that Makes Everyone Happy[edit]

Hugo activates the ancient machine.

Hugo, the subordinates and Waddle Dee enter the mines. Waddle Dee warns Hugo that the ancient machine will cause a crisis in the Town of Wind, but he doesn't listen. They go to a deep den in the mines and see the ancient machine. Hugo inserts the gears into the machine and wishes for more money than anyone could spend. The machine glows and meows like a cat, awakening from its slumber. Meanwhile, Kirby and the others enter the diamond mine too to chase Hugo. When they arrived, they see Hugo inserting the gears. Kirby prevents President Dedede for interfering, telling him to wait and watch to not destroy their plan.

After Hugo makes his wish, the diamonds in the mines begin to change hue. Hugo celebrates his victory. A sweet smell begins to fill the mine, a chocolate smell. The rough diamonds in the mine transforms into chocolate. Kirby tells Waddle Dee that his plan worked, and they both celebrate. Hugo still doesn't notice that the diamonds transformed into chocolate. Kirby begins to explain the plan. Earlier, Waddle Dee noticed the small writing on the ancient plate. When they deciphered it, they discovered that its meaning is: "I hate chocolate". This sentence was the cry of the wizard. When on the plate has been written that the machine can turn stones into priceless material, the 'stones' were rough diamonds, and the 'priceless material' was chocolate. The stench that filled the town was the smell of chocolate since the wizard couldn't stand the smell because he hated chocolate. Hugo notices that the diamonds turned into chocolate and stand speechless. Waddle Dee tells Meta Knight that being taken hostage was also part of the plan, because without the gears the machine wouldn't be activated, and they didn't want to look suspicious. Kirby says that he didn't want to do this plan because it would worry everyone. President Dedede is glad that Waddle Dee is safe. Hugo moans about his ruined plan. Meta Knight tells him that his plan is going to be exposed to everyone in Diamond Town. Hugo pretends that his plan was to enrich the people of the town and make them happy, but Meta Knight denies it. Waddle Dee joins to and tells that he heard him warning him about the consequences of activating the machine. Hugo tells them that nobody will believe them. Suddenly, one of the subordinates transforms into someone else, the Great Elder of the Magic Guild. He tells them that he will be a witness for what happened and help them expose the truth. He tells them that he came to the mines because wanted to see the ancient machine for himself. He tells them that the machine was made to fulfill everybody's wishes. Waddle Dee is excited because his wish came true, he can now eat chocolate. He tastes it and starts to cry tears from how tasty it is. Daroach says that they should change the name of the town to Chocolate town.

While everyone celebrates, Hugo remains bitter. He jumps onto the ancient machine to remove its gears. The machine omits intense light and makes everyone close their eyes. When they open their eyes, they see that Hugo disappeared, replaced by a clump of chocolate. The Great Elder tells them that he was hit by the curse of the ancient civilization and turned into chocolate. The group is shocked by this event, only to see that the clump began moving. Hugo didn't turn into chocolate, it just covered him. Magolor questions the Great Elder about the curse, and the Great Elder regrets his words and tells that the curse was only to be covered in chocolate. Hugo cries that he hates chocolate.


Everyone having cake together.

Diamond Town is renamed to Chocolate Town. Although the wealth the diamonds produced was gone, the chocolate attracted many tourists to the town. Hugo was never punished for his misdeeds because the residences were calm from the chocolate scent. Hugo left the town forgotten by everyone.

An airplane race between the Kirby's plane, President Dedede's plane and Meta Knight's new plane, the "Halberd" begins. The three planes are very close to each other, swapping ranking rapidly. Waddle Dee and Daroach watch from the ground. Waddle Dee tells Daroach that President Dedede and Kirby began to work harder since Meta Knight had joined the races. He also says that Meta Knight flies his plane dangerously, and Daroach says that he also drives this way. President Dedede has the advantage when the race is almost over, if he will win this, it would be his first victory. However, Meta Knight rushes too fast into Dedede's plane, colliding with Kirby's and Dedede's plane, crushing them all. President Dedede complains about his stolen victory and Kirby joins him too. Daroach tells them to calm down and shows them a new chocolate cake he created. They all go to eat the chocolate cake happily. They agree that eating together makes the food more delicious and laugh together.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, Yumeruba, back of the book ここはこうざんまちダイヤモンド・タウンこうりのカービィが、たのしくらしている。あるこうざんだいかいつかって、まちおおさわぎ!かいうごかすためには、まちのどこかにふういんされた「ぐるま」をつけなければならないらしい。カービィワドルディデデデしゃちょうメタナイトドロッチェ、 そしてマホロアは、ぐるま さがしてだいぼうけん!でも、どうやら、 この 「ぐるまさがし」には、とてつもないわるだくみがかくされていて・・・・・・!?いつものプププランドとはちがう、べつかいものがたり!!

This is the mining town known as Diamond Town. Local airplane pilot Kirby lives a fun, happy life. One day, the town is sent into a fuss when an ancient machine is discovered in the mines. In order to get the machine to work, it seems that they must find three special gears. Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach, and Magolor embark on a great adventure to find them, however, in this 'gear quest,' a tremendous evil is hiding …!? Differing from the usual setting of Dream Land, this is the story of a different world!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ げんぐるまさがせ!
Hoshi no kābyi mugen no haguruma o sagase!
Kirby of the Stars: Search for the Dreamy Gears!