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Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!

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Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!

Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion Cover.jpg

Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion French Cover.jpg

Japanese and French cover art for Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!
Volume # 1
Published August 12th, 2013
Original story? Yes
Chapters 9
Pages 207[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
Mrs. Parfaitski
ISBN 978-4046313362[1]
Volume order
First volume Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!
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Kirby is at last novelized! With the goal of having a feast, Kirby gets into a gourmet mansion for a party, but something unexpected is waiting for him there...?! An original story that can only be read here!!
— Unofficial translation of one of the descriptions of Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!

Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?![2] is the first volume of the Kirby novel series. It was published in Japanese by Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko on August 12th, 2013.[3] Years later, it was published in French by Mana Books on April 7th, 2022, making it the first volume in the entire series to be made available outside of Japan.[4]

In this volume, a gourmet named Mrs. Parfaitski moves into Dream Land and plans to hold a feast for her birthday at her newly built mansion. Meta Knight is invited, and manages to sneak in his desperate non-invited friends Kirby and King Dedede as his partner by cross-dressing them as a lady named "Dedeby". During the celebration, Mrs. Parfaitski is kidnapped, and the three set off on a quest to find her. After doing so, they learn the kidnappers only wished to free Chef Kawasaki, who Parfaitski had locked away within her mansion, alongside several others who she had hired to cook for her, due to her unreasonable demands with how her feast was prepared. Mrs. Parfaitski is then returned to her mansion, and the now freed chefs prepare another feast to celebrate everything turning out well, touching Parfaitski's heart and changing her for the better. As the first volume, the book works as a foundation for Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee as the protagonists of the series—despite Waddle Dee being left out during most of the plot. Other signature elements and characters from the overall Kirby series are established as well, alongside those which are novel-exclusives.


Characters of "Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!"  
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: Kirby and King Dedede[edit]

Kirby's talk of parfaits distracts Waddle Dee.

The story opens in Dream Land as Waddle Dee tells Kirby of the new arrival Mrs. Parfaitski; a gourmet who recently moved into Dream Land and built a mansion. After hearing Waddle Dee mention a great feast will be held for her upcoming birthday celebration, Kirby is immediately prepared to attend it, but is quickly stopped by Waddle Dee when he tells Kirby neither of them were given invitations. However, he suggests the idea of them both creating a dish to Mrs. Parfaitski's liking to possibly become two of her chefs, which would allow them both to take part in the feast. They agree to this and part ways.

Waddle Dee then arrives at Castle Dedede, only to find King Dedede upset since his presumed arriving invitation had not arrived yet. After calming down, King Dedede starts prematurely preparing to attend the celebration, while Waddle Dee becomes terribly anxious thinking about how furious King Dedede will be when he figures out he will likely not be receiving an invitation at all.

Chapter 2: For the Party[edit]

Waddle Dee in search of Chef Kawasaki.

The next morning, King Dedede spots Kirby outside the castle. Suspicious, he sends Waddle Dee out to see what exactly the pink puffball is up to. Waddle Dee finds Kirby attempting to make batter for a cake for their plan to become chefs, but realizes soon after that Kirby's batter is a horrible mix of random ingredients, making Waddle Dee realize that their plan will likely fail this way.

Slightly upset, Waddle Dee returns to the castle and informs King Dedede of Kirby's plan to get into the celebration - without mentioning to Dedede that he is a part of it - and suggests he does the same instead of waiting around for an invitation, but King Dedede turns down the idea, ordering Waddle Dee to instead fetch Chef Kawasaki to do the cooking for him. However, while out searching for him, Bronto Burt flies by and tells Waddle Dee that Mrs. Parfaitski has already hired Chef Kawasaki to cook for her.

Chapter 3: Copy Ability![edit]

Fire Kirby uses his ability to bake his cake.

Returning from his unsuccessful search, Waddle Dee reports the news of Chef Kawasaki back to King Dedede at the castle. However, King Dedede soon after yet again is focused primarily on Kirby, who is outside setting up a stove. Angry at this, King Dedede sends out Burning Leo to destroy it and Waddle Dee tags along. After he manages to burn Kirby's stove to a crisp, Burning Leo begins to celebrate his premature victory. In this opening, Kirby inhales him while he is distracted and, upon gaining the Fire Copy Ability, uses it to bake his cake batter.

Kirby finishes the cake and takes a bite of it, soon after causing him to spew out a large fireball and run around in havoc because of his bad choice of ingredients. He then trips over a large stone and loses his Fire ability, allowing Burning Leo to make his escape. Afterwards, Kirby is upset with this, and decides he would rather eat food than cook it and gives up on his and Waddle Dee's plan to get into the celebration as chefs entirely. Just as they begin to feel down, an airship approaches from above and lands near them.

Chapter 4: Meta Knight Appears![edit]

Meta Knight shows King Dedede his invitation.

The airship lands and reveals Meta Knight as its pilot after he steps out from it. After greeting the two, he tells them that he has come to attend Mrs. Parfaitski's celebration after receiving an invitation for it. Jumping at this opportunity, Kirby tells Meta Knight that he would like to attend and Waddle Dee mentions that King Dedede wants to do the same. Meta Knight then explains to them that he must attend with a partner. Because of the options at hand, however, Meta Knight heads to Castle Dedede with Kirby and Waddle Dee to fairly choose between Kirby and King Dedede as his partner.

The three arrive at the castle, where Meta Knight explains the situation to King Dedede, and after trial and error trying to choose one over the other, Waddle Dee suggests that Kirby and King Dedede cross-dress as one in order to be mistaken as one person, so they both can attend as Meta Knight's partner. They additionally take on the role of a lady to avoid any awkward situations, since a dance will likely be involved at the celebration.

Chapter 5: What a Feast!![edit]

Meta Knight grows angry overhearing the gossip.

Cross-dressed as one, Kirby and King Dedede are picked up by Meta Knight in his airship and the three head off, leaving Waddle Dee to enjoy his alone time. They arrive at the mansion and are greeted by Mrs. Parfaitski, who soon notices Meta Knight's partner. Meta Knight quickly explains that his partner, "Dedeby", has accompanied him to the celebration. After, he mentions Chef Kawasaki to her, who Mrs. Parfaitski had hired to cook for the celebration. This causes her attitude to oddly shift, and she soon after leaves them to greet the other guests.

Humiliated by passing gossip from the other guests of his, and Dedeby's presumed romantic love for each-other, Meta Knight in secret allows Kirby and King Dedede to eat their share of the feast, but while out gathering more food for them, he overhears a conversation regarding Mrs. Parfaitski, who has been gathering up several chefs with the talk of money and oddly not allowing them to prepare their master dishes when they cook. Putting his suspicion to the side, Meta Knight returns to Kirby and King Dedede.

Chapter 6: An Unexpected Case!![edit]

The group catches Wheelie--one of the thieves.

The sun sets and everyone is called into the mansion where they begin to dance. However, Meta Knight does not dance with Dedeby, in fear of revealing his partner's true identity. Instead, Mrs. Parfaitski calls to him to dance with her, and after accepting the offer only to question her, Meta Knight brings up Chef Kawasaki once again to her. She soon after stumbles in her steps and breaks off her dance with him. Growing increasingly skeptical, Meta Knight realizes Dedeby is nowhere to be found.

While searching for more food, Dedeby comes across a few of Mrs. Parfaitski's hired chefs, who are cowering in fear. Meta Knight then finds Dedeby and notices the odd situation when they all suddenly hear an explosion. Running to the source of it, Meta Knight and Dedeby learn that a group of thieves broke in and kidnapped Mrs. Parfaitski. Meta Knight, Kirby and King Dedede - the latter two no longer cross-dressed - take off to find her. Outside of the mansion, they catch Wheelie, one of the thieves, and find Meta Knight's airship sabotaged and unable to be flown properly. King Dedede forces Wheelie to tell them where Mrs. Parfaitski was taken, and afterwards, Kirby inhales Wheelie and uses the Wheel ability, along with a rope, to pull along the sabotaged airship with King Dedede and Meta Knight in it.

Chapter 7: The Real Mrs. Parfaitski[edit]

The group heads into the cave.

Upon reaching a small ravine, Kirby quickly stops and allows Meta Knight's airship to land. Noticing a bridge, the three attempt to cross it when a boomerang-like blade flies over them to their surprise and cuts the ropes holding up the bridge, resulting in it tumbling down the ravine. Sir Kibble reveals himself after and once again throws his boomerang-like blade at them. Meta Knight strikes it out of the air with his sword and Kirby quickly jumps in and inhales Sir Kibble after discarding the Wheel ability, which doing so releases Wheelie in the process. Kirby, using the Cutter ability, then cuts down a tree and uses it as a bridge across to the other side of the ravine. Wheelie is forced to lead the way afterwards.

After Wheelie leads the group to a cave, Walky steps out and begins using his painfully loud voice as a weapon against them until he tries to explain the situation to them. Wheelie quickly silences Walky's ear-piercing voice and asks Kirby to release Sir Kibble. Wheelie and Sir Kibble then explain that Mrs. Parfaitski was kidnapped to put a stop to her cruel behavior towards her hired chefs, which was because of her picky, unnecessary dissatisfaction with food in general. Because of her displeasure with the chefs' cooking results, she had the chefs locked away within her mansion. With everything now explained, the group heads into the cave to hear what Mrs. Parfaitski's side of the story is, whose angry voice they hear upon entering the cave.

Chapter 8: A Great Panic in the Cave!?[edit]

Kirby begins singing an ear-splitting song.

Deep in the cave, the group finds Mrs. Parfaitski angry and tied to a post. After Meta Knight questions her about the chefs, she attempts to defend herself and refuses to release the chefs even after she fails to give a good defense. The group then decides to just search the mansion for the chefs and release them themselves. Kirby, however, suspects Mrs. Parfaitski will likely repeat her actions somewhere else after this, and comes up with a plan to change her heart.

Kirby, after inhaling Walky and gaining the Mike ability, begins to sing an ear-splitting song made up of food-oriented lyrics. Thinking everyone is being moved emotionally by it, Kirby continues to sing until he realizes the cave is beginning to collapse on them. Everyone then quickly rushes out of the cave. A tearful Mrs. Parfaitski soon after escaping finally gives in and decides to free the chefs from her mansion after experiencing Kirby's painfully bad singing.

Chapter 9: Let's All Party[edit]

The chefs reveal Mrs. Parfaitski's cake.

Back at Mrs. Parfaitski's mansion, the group frees the locked away chefs, who soon after start recalling the nonsensical reasons they were locked away by Mrs. Parfaitski and begin growing increasingly angry until Meta Knight settles them down by telling them to attempt to start over and prepare their master dishes properly without Mrs. Parfaitski's supervision, which they then agree to do. While doing so, Kirby heads back to Castle Dedede and tells Waddle Dee all that happened during the celebration, who he also brings to the mansion afterwards for the feast since invitations are no longer required.

After the feast is prepared, everyone begins to eat except Mrs. Parfaitski, who begins stating nonsensical complaints once again. The chefs then reveal a large cake that they had prepared specifically for Mrs. Parfaitski. The unexpected event surprises her and she asks the chefs why they did this. They explain that they decided to clear things up between them instead of taking revenge and making matter worse. Mrs. Parfaitski, seemingly now with a change of heart, gives Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight a basket of rare fruit in gratitude as a gift, but Kirby makes quick work of these by inhaling them. The story draws to a close as a furious King Dedede begins to chase him through and eventually outside of the mansion itself.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Yumeruba 星のカービィがついに小説化! カービィは、グルメ屋敷のパーティにごちそう目当てで乗り込むけど、そこでは思いもかけないことが待っていて…! ?ここでしか読めないオリジナルストーリー! !

Kirby is at last novelized! With the goal of having a feast, Kirby gets into a gourmet mansion for a party, but something unexpected is waiting for him there...?! An original story that can only be read here!!

Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, back of the book カービィたちが住むプププランドに、お金持ちのパフェスキー夫人が引っ越してきた。大きなお屋敷に住む彼女は、たくさんのごちそうを用意して、自分のお誕生日会を開くという。それを聞いたカービィ、デデデ大王は、ごちそうを食べるため、なんとかそのパーティに出席しようと考えて……!? だけどそれは、プププランドの住民たちも巻き込む大事件のはじまりだった!ここでしか読めないオリジナルストーリー!!

Mrs. Parfaitski, a rich woman, moves to Dream Land, where Kirby and his friends live. She lives in a big mansion and is going to throw a birthday party for herself with lots of treats. Hearing this, Kirby and King Dedede decide to attend the party in order to eat the feast...!? But that was just the beginning of a major incident involving the residents of Dream Land! An original story that can only be read here!!

Dust jacket of the book カービィたちが住むプププランドは今日も平和。最近、引っ越してきたパフェスキー夫人が、たくさんのごちそうを用意したパーティを大々的に開くという。絶対行かなくちゃ!! ……でも、そのパーティ大事件が!?

Dream Land, where Kirby and his friends live, is peaceful today. Recently moved in, Mrs. Parfaitski is preparing to throw a big party with lots of treats. It's a must go!! ...But, a big incident happens at the party!?


  • It is not clear how the chefs prepared the feast in the final chapter, as they stated beforehand that they had bought up all of the nearby stores' ingredients.



Official announcement video made for the French version of the book.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ あぶないグルメしき!?のまき
hoshi no kābyi abunai gurume yashiki!? no maki
Kirby of the Stars: The Dangerous Gourmet Mansion!? Volume
French Kirby et le manoir aux gourmandises Kirby and the mansion of sweet delicacies