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The Soldiers are 4 different types of enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn that wield several weapons. They all appear in Treat Land and are possibly related to Mariners.


Sword Soldier

The Sword variation of the Soldiers yields a sword that, when provoked by Kirby or Prince Fluff, twirls his sword and charges forward, waving his sword around. Kirby can use his Yarn Whip to grab the sword and throw it back at the Sword Soldier, and any enemy or block behind it.

Spear Soldier

The Spear variation of the Soldiers has a long spear that he uses to run into Kirby and stab him, making him lose beads. Like the Sword Soldier, Kirby can grab the Spear Soldier's spear and throw it back.

Cannon Soldier

The Cannon variation of the Soldiers has a large cannon on his head that he can use to shoot the heroes. Unlike the previous two variations, the Cannon Soldier's projectiles can't be grabbed by the Yarn Whip.

Whistle Soldier

When a Whistle type of Soldier sees Kirby, he blows on his whistle and calls other types of Soldiers to come and help him. If there is a Whistle Soldier, the player has to dispose of it quickly or else there will be more trouble with other Soldiers.