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Free Run

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Free Run is a selectable sub-mode in Kirby Air Ride that can be accessed in the menu of City Trial. In this mode, there is no time limit, no items to collect, and no given objective. As such, the timer at the top of the screen counts up rather than down. Using this mode, the player can explore the city with no obstacles, and can also test all of the Air Ride Machines that have been unlocked.


When Free Run is selected as a game-mode, the player is given the option of playing with up to four players total. Unlike the main mode or the Stadium, computer players cannot participate in Free Run, and any unlocked vehicle or character can be selected to begin on.

The game begins much like a normal game would, with all players flying in at with the vehicle/character they selected. Players all spawn in the center of the city, above the underground where the Air Ride Machines lie. From there, players are free to explore the city and interact with each-other as they would in the main game. Machines are given their default stats (from the Air Ride mode as opposed to -2 on most stats in City Trial's main game).

Air Ride Machines and Characters[edit]

The Air Ride Machine selection screen for Free Run.

Kirby can find every standard Air Ride Machine parked in the underground chamber beneath the city center. Included is the Flight Warp Star, which is a special machine which cannot be ridden anywhere else in the game. Each of these machines can be damaged or destroyed, which removes them permanently until the game is reset.

Unlike the rest of City Trial, the player can also choose to play as King Dedede or Meta Knight in the selection screen prior to starting the game (once they have been unlocked). These characters can then explore the city, though they are unable to mount or dismount any of the other machines. If said characters are to be defeated in any way, they will stay knocked out permanently and may only limp around slowly afterwards.

Finally, once the appropriate Checklist objectives have been met, the Dragoon and Hydra can also be selected for use in Free Run and will also show up with the other machines in the underground parking area.

Checklist objectives[edit]

While there are no specific goals in Free Run, the following Checklist objectives are associated with it:

  • "Change Air Ride machines 10 times or more!"
  • "Drive for a total of 10 minutes or more!"
  • "Drive for a total of 30 minutes or more!"
  • "Drive for a total of 2 hours or more!"