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Prince Fluff
Artwork from Kirby's Epic Yarn
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Cameo appearances Kirby: Planet Robobot
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Theme music

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Prince Fluff is one of the two main characters of Kirby's Epic Yarn (and its Nintendo 3DS port). He is the prince of Patch Land, and travels with Kirby to collect the pieces of the Magic Yarn and return Patch Land to its former glory, after it was destroyed by Yin-Yarn.

Game Appearances[edit]

Kirby's Epic Yarn[edit]

Kirby and Prince Fluff become friends

In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Prince Fluff is first seen being terrorized by a monster at the beginning of the game. Kirby, who was recently sucked into Patch Land by Yin-Yarn's magical sock, turns into a car to save him. After Kirby saves Fluff, the latter reveals his name and position as the ruler of Patch Land. From this point onwards, he can be controlled by the second player of the game. Prince Fluff takes Kirby to his castle to teach him the controls of the game.

After getting through Prince Fluff's Castle, Prince Fluff is swallowed by a monster, and Kirby defeats it, finding the first piece of Magic Yarn. The Magic Yarn stitches Quilty Square and Grass Land back together. Prince Fluff announces that Yin-Yarn had stolen the seven pieces, and that he has to collect the six remaining parts of the Magic Yarn to save Patch Land and its inhabitants. Kirby decides to join him, and they begin their journey. After beating Grass Land, when Kirby is trying to reach a tree, Prince Fluff shakes it, making Kirby fall off, and he chases him around. After clearing Treat Land, the two engage in a no-holds-barred cake-eating contest, but the monstrous cake collapses on them. Of course, Kirby won.

Towards the end of the game, Prince Fluff follows Kirby into Dream Land, only to find that it too had been turned into yarn by Yin-Yarn's magic. Kirby and Prince Fluff fight back, and defeat the evil sorcerer. Fluff has to return to his own kingdom, but gives Kirby the magic sock, so that they can see each other whenever they wish.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

Fluff still retains his presence in the cut-scenes and the Kirby Dance in this title. However, he is no longer available as a playable character. Instead, he will occasionally appear in stages to help Kirby find a star bead or a Ravel Ability.

Cameo Appearances[edit]


  • Prince Fluff's name is a pun on "fluff", or a soft cushy substance. Yarn could be described as "fluffy", hence his name.
  • Prince Fluff was originally intended to be the main character, but he was relegated to second fiddle when it was decided to make Kirby's Epic Yarn a Kirby game.
  • Prince Fluff temporarily became the news presenter on Kirby's official Twitter to promote Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.



Quotes from Prince Fluff in Kirby's Epic Yarn/Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn  
  • "Somebody help me!"
  • "Thanks for saving me! What's that? You say you're from another world?!"
  • "Wow! Welcome to Patch Land! You just stick with me, and I'll show you the ropes!"
  • "This is my castle, so feel free to look around here as much as you want."
  • "Thanks for your help,"
  • "...Not that I needed it."
  • "I'm Prince Fluff."
  • "Ever since Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer ripped Patch Land into seven pieces, you just can't go anywhere without running into these horrible--"
  • "Ew! Gross! Stop it!"
  • "That's it! That's the magic yarn!"
  • "What about the other pieces...?"
  • "I've got to find the rest of them!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "THIS is how we get food in Patch Land!"
  • "Look at all that!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "I declare a cake-eating duel!"
  • "WHHOAAA!"
  • "Eughh... I can't eat another bite!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
  • "Thanks, Kirby!"
  • "I couldn't have done it without your help!"
  • "I've got it!"
  • "He'll be fine!"
  • "After all, I'm going with him!"
  • "Well, I guess this is goodbye,"
  • "Buck up, Kirby!"
  • "As long as you have this magic sock, you can visit me anytime!"
  • "Until then!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラッフ
French Prince PonPon Prince Ponpon
German Prinz Plüsch Prince Plush
Italian Principe Batuffolo Prince Flock
Spanish Príncipe Hilván Prince Basting