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Kirby Clash Team Unite!

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Kirby Clash Team Unite!
Kirby Clash Team Unite Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby Clash Team Unite!
Volume # 9
Published August 15th, 2017
Original story? No
Adaptation of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Chapters 10
Pages 224[1]
Main character(s) Kirby (Sword)
Yellow Kirby (Hammer)
Blue Kirby (Doctor)
Green Kirby (Beam)
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
Chef Kawasaki
ISBN 978-4046317315[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Greatest Warrior Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!
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When Kirby gets lost in a mysterious parallel universe known as the Dream Kingdom, he is helped by a trio who look just like him?! The group of 4 Kirbys, known as "Team Kirby," must battle against roughnecks for the peace of the Dream Kingdom!
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby Clash Team Unite!

Kirby Clash Team Unite![2] is the ninth volume of the Kirby novel series, released exclusively in Japan on August 15th, 2017.[3] It is an adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS game, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game. The entire book was also made temporarily available to read free-of-charge on the Yomeruba site from March 13th, 2020 until April 5th, 2020.

When Kirby falls asleep while reading a book at Dream Land Central Library, he awakes to find himself in a parallel universe known as the Dream Kingdom. While there, he joins forces with three other Kirbys to fight against rampaging monsters to bring about peace to the kingdom. As the Kirbys fight, they soon learn that Taranza was responsible for plunging the kingdom into chaos, but even his defeat did not stop the rampages. Eventually, after destroying the Black Mirror responsible for Taranza's corruption, peace returns to the kingdom and Kirby returns back to his home world.

This is the first novel in the series where King Dedede does not appear at all, although he is mentioned.


Characters of "Kirby Clash Team Unite!"  
Main characters
V9 Illustration 24.png
Kirby (Sword)
Yellow Kirby (Hammer)
Blue Kirby (Doctor)
Green Kirby (Beam)
Supporting & minor characters
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Book[edit]

The words fly off the pages in the book Kirby was trying to read.

King Dedede is off on vacation, so Waddle Dee invites Kirby to go to Dream Land Central Library to read some books. The two of them go to different parts of the library, with Waddle Dee trying to find a recipe book and Kirby trying to find an adventure story. Kirby ends up having trouble trying to find the type of story he wants and is about to head for another room until a musty and bulky old book falls off the shelf on its own in front of him. Kirby tries to put it away but cannot find any space on the shelf. He eventually decides to read it despite the book not having a title. After Kirby gets through the first few sentences, the words written in the book quite literally begin to fly off the pages. Kirby panics and tries to grab the letters to put them back in the book, but he soon grows dizzy and loses consciousness.

Chapter 2: Four Kirbys?![edit]

Pink Kirby is saved by three differently-colored Kirbys from a Colossal Waddle Dee.

Upon waking up, Kirby finds himself in a grassy field, unable to reconcile how he got there from the library. After spotting a group of buildings in the distance, Kirby decides to make his way over, hoping to find some people to talk to. Before long, though, he gets stopped by a Colossal Waddle Dee, who Kirby initially confuses for his Waddle Dee friend from before, and in his confusion, he is left helpless as the Waddle Dee attacks him. Before Kirby is done in by the monster, however, time itself seems to freeze around him. This time stop had been caused by a green Kirby lookalike wielding a magic staff, and he and two others come to Kirby's aid. A yellow Kirby with a big hammer beats the Waddle Dee back while a blue Kirby with a flask cures Kirby's wounds. After time resumes, the Colossal Waddle Dee runs away from the group, and the three heroes take Kirby in to the Castle Village.

Inside the Castle Village, Kirby is quickly drawn to some green apples growing on a tree in the center of town. Just as he is about to inhale them, he is stopped by a bandana-clad Waddle Dee. The other Kirbys then explain that the apples are not yet ripe. The four Kirbys then head to Chef Kawasaki's tavern, where Kirby realizes that even though the village features inhabitants that he recognizes from Dream Land, none of them seem to recognize him. While the Kirbys are waiting for their food to arrive, all of them introduce themselves to Kirby and then explain the situation to him: The Dream Kingdom used to be a peaceful place until monsters started attacking travelers for what seemed to be no reason. To keep things under control, the three Kirbys of the kingdom decided to become monster hunters and they need one more member to join their team. In particular, they note that while their hammer-wielder possesses a lot of power, he moves really slowly. Kirby accepts the offer, wanting to help bring peace to the kingdom. All four Kirbys attempt to make an oath of friendship but Kawasaki then suggests coming up with creative names to distinguish each Kirby in battle. The chef suggests naming all four after their colors, but the foursome disagree. Kirby suggests naming each of them after the weapons they use, which the group agrees to. From there, all four make a toast to their newly-formed party of four.

Chapter 3: Sally Forth, Team Kirby![edit]

Pink Kirby, surprised to see Magolor run the Dream Kingdom's Shoppe.

Team Kirby returns to the Gem Apple Tree in the center of town, seeing that the apples are now ripe and red, and receive some courtesy of Bandana Waddle Dee. As the team of four prepare to make their way to the Shoppe, Kirby is confused about having to purchase gear before fighting as he can make use of Copy Abilities...or so he thinks. He attempts to demonstrate his inhale-and-swallow technique to the other Kirbys, but his intended target, Burning Leo, doesn't seem to get sucked up no matter how hard he tries. At the Shoppe, Kirby is surprised to see Magolor running the Shoppe, and worries for a moment about whether this Magolor can be trusted, but sets those aside as he approaches. Magolor lets Kirby try the Swordsman's Set on before purchasing and it fits him like a glove. The four Kirbys get caught off-guard with the 20 Gem Apple price, though, so Magolor decides to sell it at a "discount" of 7 Gem Apples. Kirby, in a hurry and in his naïveté, hands the seven apples to him as payment without a second thought before venturing out with his new friends to the Grasslands.

As they walk in a single-file line into the grassy field, all the Kirbys go over their basic battle plan: freeze the enemy with Team Beams, dish out heavy damage while the enemy is frozen, and get medical treatment if anyone gets hurt. Before Doctor Healmore can explain to Kirby how to use the Hero Shield, however, a monster quickly approaches. Since Kirby did not receive this instruction, he is told to stay behind as the other three Kirbys rush into the grass to fight Gigant Edge. At first, the battle seems to go well: as Beam Mage hits the armored foe with Time Beam after Time Beam, Hammer Lord steps up and dishes out some heavy damage. Gigant Edge then retaliates against Hammer Lord, who is able to guard against the attack, though taking a hit to his hands in the process. The group then falls back so that Doctor Healmore can treat Hammer Lord's injuries while Beam Mage provides cover. Despite Beam Mage's efforts, however, Gigant Edge seems dead-set on targeting the healer of the group. Kirby watches as the battle unfolds and, not wanting to watch his monster-hunting allies suffer, quickly jumps into the fray in an attempt to serve as a distraction, but even this fails. After a while, Kirby remembers his intended role, and jumps in front of his new friends in order to protect them. Suddenly, at that moment, the Hero Shield activates, protecting the whole team just in the nick of time. As this happens, Hammer Lord's wounds are healed and Beam Mage is finally able to land a time-stopping beam blow on Gigant Edge, leaving Hammer Lord free to finish off the beast with the Hammer Flip. Once the swordsman falls, Team Kirby acknowledges that, even though Hammer Lord dealt the finishing blow, the true hero of the battle was their new Sword Hero, solely because the Hero Shield saved them at the critical moment.

Chapter 4: Who's Behind All of This?[edit]

Kirby fitted with the Unicorn Blade and Helm.

Many weeks passed since Kirby arrived in the Dream Kingdom. In no time at all, he had gotten used to living in the kingdom and had become very close friends with Bandana Waddle Dee. One morning, he goes out to get some more Gem Apples and Bandana Waddle Dee suggests that Kirby purchase some new gear. As Kirby thought back to Magolor's kindness the last time he shopped, Bandana Waddle Dee is caught completely by surprise by this, since he knows Magolor's underhanded business tactics. Despite his concerns, Kirby pressures Waddle Dee to go to Magolor's Shoppe with him.

As Magolor begins to offer his wares to Kirby, Waddle Dee tries to pull the pink puffball aside and talk some sense into him, but it doesn't work. Instead, Kirby reassures Magolor his trust, much to Waddle Dee's frustration. Worrying that Kirby may lose the will to fight if he finds out he's been ripped off, Bandana Waddle Dee monitors the transaction to try and make sure that Magolor gives a fair deal. After a set of tense offers, Magolor shows off the Unicorn Blade and Helm. Kirby, after a quick fit-test, decides to go through with the purchase. As Magolor tries to "discount" the gear from 100 Gem Apples to 60, Bandana Waddle Dee's glaring gets him to reduce the price even further to 50, then to 48 and then finally the regular asking price of 46.

Kirby is excited with his new set of gear, as the villagers in town complement his new look, Kirby, without thinking, suggests that the Waddle Dee back in his world would like the gear he just bought, accidentally spilling the secret he'd been keeping that he was not native to this kingdom. As such, Kirby decides to come clean and tell Bandana Waddle Dee that he instead came from another world. As the two keep talking, Kirby realizes that the kingdom had equivalents of most of the people he was familiar with in Dream Land...except for King Dedede. He starts to feel a little bit homesick and wishes to see Dedede in some fashion. Bandana Waddle Dee comforts him with the possibility that King Dedede might be somewhere else in the Dream Kingdom. As he starts to feel better, the other three Kirbys bring him in for a strategy meeting at the usual spot: Chef Kawasaki's tavern.

As more and more quests keep coming in from other villagers in town, Kawasaki and the Kirbys find the whole situation unusual. Doctor Healmore suggests that somebody must be pulling the strings and causing the monster attacks and rampages. Listening in, Meta Knight surmises from Doctor Healmore's words that the person responsible for the attacks would have to be Taranza, the Master of Puppetry. After being asked by the other three Kirbys where Taranza could be, Kirby tries to get the idea across that Taranza would be high in the sky without telling them about Floralia as they would have no idea of the six floating islands in Dream Land. As Kirby phrased it out in such a manner, Meta Knight puts together that the puppeteer mage might be hiding at the Empyrean high above the clouds. Before they set out, Chef Kawasaki suggests using an old tourist attraction, a balloon, to get to the Empyrean.

Chapter 5: Riding in a Balloon[edit]

Meta Knight warns Team Kirby about the Empyrean's dangers while Bandana Waddle Dee patches up the balloon.

All the villagers pull the old tattered balloon out of a warehouse and into the plaza. As Bandana Waddle Dee starts to patch up the balloon so it can fly safely to the Empyrean, Meta Knight warns Team Kirby of the dangers that lurk high above the clouds. He specifically tells them about the unstable footing up top and the tougher monsters they may have to fight, specifically the Guardian Angel: Landia. The four Kirbys become excited upon finding out that Landia is a four-headed dragon with one body (even comparing their eventual battle with eating a whole bunch of food) and then suddenly fall silent when they find out that Landia can split into four bodies. Three of the Kirbys try to sound confident but only Sword Hero Kirby insists to try to get past Landia without having to beat him up. At that moment, the balloon is completely patched up and ready to fly to the clouds. The four Kirbys board the balloon as it soars up to the Empyrean.

Chapter 6: C'mon, to the Empyrean We Go![edit]

Landia attacks the four Kirbys.

Team Kirby arrives at the Empyrean, with the other three Kirbys spellbound by the grand beauty of the vista before them. Among the Kirbys, only Sword Hero has plans to go straight to Taranza and try to avoid too much fighting with the local beasts, but before any plans can commence, the four-headed guardian angel descends from above. Kirby tries to talk things through with Landia, but the dragon swoops down towards the four puffballs and attacks. Eventually, Kirby is forced to fight back, and the team begin their assault, initially beating Landia back with relative ease. However, once Landia splits himself into four smaller dragons, the Kirbys get overwhelmed and start to lose the fight until Power Tablets start falling out of the split-apart dragons. One by one, the Kirbys each pick up a tablet (despite Doctor Healmore's reservations on handling such an unknown relic) and without knowing what they are getting themselves into, summon the Team Meteor and finish off Landia.

As Team Kirby tries to figure out what the tablets were and how they worked, Taranza eventually reveals himself. As before, Kirby tries to talk things out with Taranza, but this strategy once again fails. Taranza begins to go on the attack, with Team Kirby's goal being to defeat him before he works his hypnosis magic. Taranza is about to achieve this magic trick after capturing Hammer Lord, but some well-placed Time Beams from Beam Mage leave the window open for the other two to strike back. After knocking him unconscious, the four Kirbys attempt to bring him back to the Castle Village with the intent to interrogate him. But before they can get a grip on Taranza, Landia, having recovered from his battle wounds, forms back into one body and then flies away with the unconscious Taranza in his mouth.

Chapter 7: All Resolved! ...or Not?![edit]

Bandana Waddle Dee, sad that pink Kirby is planning to part ways.

After returning back to the Castle Village, Team Kirby recount their experience at the Empyrean to Chef Kawasaki, giving the impression that they had finally brought peace back to the kingdom. Sword Hero was the only one to still worry about whether or not they had truly put a stop to Taranza's evil plan. After a brief talk concerning the Power Tablets, Magolor enters the tavern to congratulate the Kirbys on their team effort and then feels down as, without monsters attacking, Team Kirby would have no reason to continue doing business with him. In particular, Magolor asks Sword Hero if it was his intent to return to his own world. At that moment, Kirby didn't know how to get back home and was quickly overwhelmed with emotion before leaving the tavern.

Outside near the Gem Apple Tree, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee try to part ways, until suddenly they hear some concerned voices coming from the village gate. Upon closer inspection, a Broom Hatter is seen in pain after narrowly escaping an attack by Miasmoros, as detailed in a flashback as Doctor Healmore treats her wounds. Some of the other villagers are surprised to hear the news and are about to mob the Kirbys and beg for help, but the team reassures everyone that things will get better in the coming days.

They did not. As more and more monster attacks continue, the Kirbys, once again at the tavern, talk about the possibility of Taranza faking his defeat and how they'd have to go back up to the Empyrean and stop him once and for all. Doctor Healmore also brings up the Power Tablets and mentions how they were only able to activate once all four of them were together, insinuating that if Sword Hero were to return home, the team would be unable to make use of them to save the kingdom. From there, Magolor enters the tavern to tell the Kirbys about a dimensional rift suddenly appearing in the plains up north, revealing an otherworldly invader. Kirby, upon hearing the news, tries to rush over to the rift right away, before the others get him back on track to the Dream Kingdom matters. As the Kirbys decide to upgrade their gear to the strongest set possible before heading to the Empyrean, Magolor offers to sell the Platinum Gear to the four Kirbys for an exorbitant price (198 Gem Apples each). Just when things seem grim, Bandana Waddle Dee and the other castle villagers barge in to the tavern, having heard the conversation. They all give some of the Gem Apples they possessed to the Kirbys, putting their faith in the four hunters to bring about true peace to the kingdom. Before long, Team Kirby had the 792 apples needed to purchase the Platinum Set for all four of them.

Chapter 8: Decisive Battle at the Empyrean![edit]

Dark Taranza brought forth from the Black Mirror, ready to fight the four Kirbys.

After having some doubts about whether or not the Platinum Set could really help out or not, the Kirbys arrive at the now-ruined Empyrean. It is here that the Black Mirror spontaneously appears in the sky from out of nowhere. From within the mirror comes a manifestation of all the evil found within Taranza's own heart, in the form of a shadowy doppelgänger of him. Upon emerging from the mirror, Dark Taranza very quickly goes on the attack, but is quickly bested by Team Kirby after they freeze him via Time Beam blasts.

After his defeat, Dark Taranza summons King D-Mind from the mirror. Sword Hero immediately notices the evil king's resemblance to Dedede, much to the other Kirbys' confusion. Upon emerging from the mirror, King D-Mind immediately bats Dark Taranza away into the distance, despite the latter's protests, and the decisive battle quickly commences. Initially, Team Kirby struggles mightily against this powerful foe, but since Sword Hero knows that King D-Mind's similarities to Dedede meant that he would fight in much the same way, he proceeds to challenge the king one-on-one, giving the other Kirbys enough time to freeze King D-Mind in place with a Time Beam, leaving Hammer Kirby free to finish him off with the Hammer Flip.

It looks as though Team Kirby has won a decisive victory, but this soon turns out not to be the case. King D-Mind recovers and transforms the hammer in his hands into a silver-bladed axe. The Kirbys initially think little of this change and keep attacking, but soon King D-Mind's stomach starts swelling before opening up to reveal his core. Against this new form, Team Kirby is once again pushed to the brink of defeat, but they regain hope when a Power Tablet falls out of the king from one of Beam Mage's attacks. At this point, they switch focus to gathering all four tablets and calling forth the Team Meteor. With this crucial attack landed, the Black Mirror spontaneously appears again, sucking the now-defeated king of darkness back into it.

Chapter 9: The Ultimate Mark[edit]

Kirby begins the long trek back to his homeworld.

King D-Mind's defeat causes the Empyrean to change appearance, back to the way it initially was. As the Kirbys celebrate their accomplishment and begin to head back to town, they notice Dark Taranza, slowly reaching out for the Black Mirror. The other three Kirbys are initially set on finishing off this villain, but Sword Kirby recognizes that Taranza might have wanted to see Queen Sectonia again and got his hands on an evil mirror that reflected their evil other selves. With this explained, the team decides instead to target the mirror. Once the mirror is destroyed, Dark Taranza eventually disappears altogether before a burst of light reveals the real Taranza, lying on the clouds. After recovering and reconciling with Team Kirby, Taranza heads back with them to the Castle Village.

The excitement amongst the villagers at the team's return couldn't have been any greater. The tavern is packed with people who want to learn how the final showdown happened. After a brief talk over whether Taranza will join the celebration, Magolor then reveals that Taranza, upon coming back to the village, sat on top of the Shoppe wagon, looking up in the sky. As Kirby thinks about how Taranza wants to return to a royal road, Kirby suddenly remembers that he himself had somewhere he needed to return to as well. After some encouraging remarks from the other Kirbys, Doctor Healmore then explains how the four of them will always stay friends forever, even if they're apart, changing their team name from "Team Kirby" to "Team Kirby Z" in the process.

After bidding farewell to Bandana Waddle Dee, Kirby immediately sets forth on the trail and tries to find a dimensional rift that might be able to take him back home. The journey there was shortened drastically thanks to Landia allowing Kirby to catch a ride on his back for most of the way. It wasn't much longer until Kirby finally found the extra-dimensional rift Magolor referred to some time prior. Before he could jump in, however, Parallel Susie - having emerged from the rift - stops him dead in his tracks, and attempts to destroy him. Since Kirby is without his teammates and his gear, all he can do is try to stand his ground and survive the ambush. Just when things are looking bleak, the portal between dimensions starts to close. As it does, Parallel Susie and her Business Suit are sucked up into the rift, but unfortunately for Kirby, the rift closes before he can get through himself.

Chapter 10: The End of the Adventure[edit]

Kirby and Waddle Dee joyfully running back to Castle Dedede.

As Kirby sulks about his fate back in the Dream Kingdom, next thing he knew, he found himself back in Dream Land's central library, with Waddle Dee trying to quiet him down. As Waddle Dee explains how Kirby had fallen asleep for around 20 minutes while Waddle Dee found his recipe book, Kirby becomes more and more convinced that his time in the Dream Kingdom was all just a dream.

As the two of them exit the library and head back to Castle Dedede, Kirby eventually realizes that maybe his adventure wasn't really a dream, and he did go to the Dream Kingdom after all. Maybe some strong power within that world had brought Kirby over there, and Kirby returned back to his home once the threat in the kingdom was vanquished. Maybe it only felt like a dream, just to make sure Kirby wouldn't miss a thing back home. Kirby starts to become unhappy about Waddle Dee's constant remarks until he hears that Waddle Dee is planning to make some dessert when they get to the castle. Kirby, just as overjoyed as he would be anytime food is involved, grabs onto Waddle Dee as the two of them rush back to Dedede's castle.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, back of the book カービィが目をさますと、そこは異世界・プププ王国(キングダム)。

とまどうカービィを助けてくれたのは、なんとカービィそっくりのすがたをした、黄色・青色・緑色の三人組!? カービィたち四人は「カービィハンターズ」を結成して、力を合わせ、プププ王国のみんなを困らせる暴れん坊たちに立ち向かう! はたしてカービィハンターズはプププ王国を守れるのか? そして、カービィは元の世界にもどれるの? 大冒険の始まりだよ!!

When Kirby gets lost in a mysterious parallel universe known as the Dream Kingdom, he is helped by a trio who look just like him?! The group of 4 Kirbys, known as "Team Kirby," must battle against roughnecks for the peace of the Dream Kingdom!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ 結成けっせい! カービィハンターズゼットまき
hoshi no kābyi kessei! kābyi hantāzu zetto no maki
Kirby of the Stars: Formation! Kirby Hunters Z Volume