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Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!

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Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale
Kirby's Decisive Battle Battle Royale Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!
Volume # 10
Published March 15th, 2018
Original story? No
Adaptation of Kirby Battle Royale
Chapters 10
Pages 224[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Waddle Dee
Meta Knight
King Dedede
ISBN 978-4046317810[1]
Volume order
Kirby Clash Team Unite! Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure!
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Dedede's big battle tournament, the Cake Royale, is being held! The opponents are copies of Kirby?! Kirby teams up with Waddle Dee to challenge the copies with various abilities! Who will get the Deluxe Tiered Cake as the winning prize?
— Unofficial translation of the opening description

Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!![derived from Japanese] is the tenth volume of the Kirby novel series, published in Japan on March 15th, 2018.[2] It is an adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS game, Kirby Battle Royale, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game.

Kirby and Waddle Dee catch wind of a competition taking place called Dedede's Cake Royale. With the promise of cake awarded to the winner, Kirby immediately signs up, eager to chow down after winning. He and Waddle Dee team up to battle various Kirby copies in a variety of different types of battles in an effort to beat King Dedede, the tournament organizer, at his own game.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: Here Comes the Master Inventor[edit]

Tron wipes away his tears after meeting the Great King face-to-face.

The story begins at Castle Dedede on a sunny day in Dream Land. As King Dedede was beginning to enjoy peace, Waddle Dee announces that a guest in a fancy outfit had arrived at the castle from a far-away planet to see the king of Dream Land in-person.

Said individual was escorted down the castle halls by Waddle Dee before fainting at the sight of King Dedede, for at least a moment. He introduces himself as Tron, a wandering master inventor looking for advice, and wanting to see the king for himself. The inventor then explains that not many people outside of Planet Popstar knew of King Dedede and his greatness, which made the great king upset. In response, Tron suggests that he be the one to spread the greatness of His Majesty all across the galaxy by hosting an event named after him. The inventor suggests a tournament where King Dedede would eventually win in his own favor. The great king sounded eager to bash others with his hammer, but starts to worry about Kirby without directly stating his name, leaving Tron concerned that the king could actually have been bested by someone. As the king explained who Kirby was and tried to picture the basic idea with his hands, Tron didn't seem fazed in the slightest and laughed at the thought of a pink puffball besting the great king, until the latter said aloud that Kirby's mere presence at the tournament could make Dedede the loser. Luckily for Dedede, Tron started to tell him a secret plan, ushering Waddle Dee out of the room beforehand.

After Waddle Dee left the room, Tron suggests that King Dedede use one of his inventions - a printer. King Dedede automatically assumes just an ordinary printer, but Tron's invention was different - as long as one had data for something, it can make an exact copy of such, using Kirby as an example. King Dedede initially didn't like the sound of that, assuming that all those Kirbys would fight the king near the tournament's conclusion, but Tron planned to have all the Kirbys fight each other with the intent to let the real Kirby get super exhausted to the point he wouldn't have any strength left to win. King Dedede liked the idea and as Tron left to begin finding a way to start printing Kirbys, Waddle Dee is told by the king to print flyers out and advertise the tournament to as many people as possible. But before that happens, Waddle Dee recommends that the winner of the tournament get a prize. The great king recommends a cake from Chef Kawasaki as the prize, complete with the name of the tournament - "Dedede's Cake Royale." Waddle Dee rushed out to begin printing posters and get a cake ready from Kawasaki. During that time, Tron pulled out a camera he invented that works in conjunction with the printer. While Waddle Dee and King Dedede were talking, Tron already took a picture of Waddle Dee with the intent to give the printer a test run and see how it does.

Chapter 2: Dedede's Cake Royale Commences![edit]

Kirby fixated on the Deluxe-Tiered Cake shown on the poster.

A week after Tron had arrived at Castle Dedede, Kirby's peaceful nap was interrupted by Waddle Dee advertising the Cake Royale. Kirby was already eager to sign up, misinterpreting the promise of many battles with many food. Waddle Dee tries to steer the conversation away from food, but Kirby continues on by assuming that it's a food-"drinking" competition. Eventually, to get back on topic, Waddle Dee shoves the poster in front of Kirby's face and tells him that the Cake Royale involves battling others. Kirby's interest was immediately lost until Waddle Dee reveals that whoever wins the tournament gets cake courtesy of Chef Kawasaki as a prize. In preparation for the tournament, Kirby encounters Sword Knight, who had arrived at Dream Land to gather tournament intel for Sir Meta Knight. As Kirby needed a Copy Ability for the tournament, Kirby inhales Sword Knight to get the Sword ability. With a Copy Ability in hand, Kirby and Waddle Dee both set off for the tournament. Before the two set off for the castle, however, Tron hid behind the grass with the camera in his possession. It seemed as though he had something else up his sleeve besides helping spread the greatness of King Dedede across the galaxy.

The duo eventually made it to the Battle Castle, which was the venue being used for the tournament. Kirby was surprised to hear that the castle was built in just a few days, solely for the competition. Before they could enter, though, they spot a Soldier Waddle Dee guarding the doors. Waddle Dee explains to Kirby that a whole bunch of nearly-identical Waddle Dees popped up at the same time tournament planning started, though he didn't know where they came from. Kirby suggests that, since all the Waddle Dees look the same, then they all must be friendly, though he thought wrong with this one in particular. The Soldier Waddle Dee announces that only those for battle can enter and reveals that he must be defeated in a contest before letting Kirby and Waddle Dee inside. Right before Kirby draws his blade, Soldier Waddle Dee announces the game in question, Apple Scramble. Kirby finds Whispy Woods close by in the arena, who reveals that he was intending to compete in the Cake Royale but got rooted into really dry soil because a bunch of Waddle Dees wanted apples. The match started soon after but unfortunately for Kirby, he realizes that the Soldier Waddle Dee's apple tree was just an ordinary faceless apple tree. Whispy certainly did not want to work with Kirby to willingly drop apples for the sake of a contest. But even despite that, Kirby realizes that the apples he was getting hit on the head for were the object of the game. Kirby scoops them up, drops them off in a pile, then repeats this process while getting the occasional attack in on Whispy. Once time is up, both Kirby and Soldier Waddle Dee tally up their apples. After counting them all, Kirby had won against Soldier Waddle Dee with a score of "24-20", meaning Kirby and Waddle Dee would be allowed entry into the Battle Castle lobby to partake in the actual tournament.

Chapter 3: All Kirbys?![edit]

Kirby mortified to see a sea of nearly-identical Kirbys standing in the Battle Castle's lobby.

Kirby and Waddle Dee enter the lobby for the battle venue as King Dedede introduces how the tournament works. As he does, Kirby and Waddle Dee are surprised to see so many differently-colored lifeless Kirbys, in stark contrast to the differently colored Kirbys that were in the Dream Kingdom. Waddle Dee questions the king about where the Kirbys showed up, getting another Waddle Dee in the area to spin the crank on the king's Kirby Printer, which spits another Kirby copy out of the machine. Waddle Dee's concerns eventually gave way to master inventor Tron revealing that he was the one who created the printer and explains how he got Kirby's data to produce near endless amounts of Kirbys, which will lead to countless bouts with them. Initially, it was too much for Kirby to take in, but he witnesses second-hand from Burning Leo and Knuckle Joe how tough the copies are in the field of battle, and even briefly gets confused for a Kirby copy before Waddle Dee butts in to clear things up.

After the two reveal how heartless the copied Kirbys really were, Tron assures everyone that the opposing Kirbys would easily triumph in battle because they don't have a "heart". King Dedede and Tron both leave for the throne room, whereas Kirby was eager to hop straight into battle but was redirected to the sign-up desk. Waddle Doo was the receptionist, but he initially wanted to join the tournament before getting bruised by the opposing Kirbys. He warns Kirby and Waddle Dee about the copies' strength and how it seems to increase the more times they win. After learning that he would have to pick someone to be a partner for Team Battles, Kirby verbally chooses Waddle Dee to be his, catching everyone by surprise. Waddle Dee initially feels let-down, but Kirby's encouragement in regards to winning the Deluxe-Tiered Cake at the end lifted his spirit.

Unfortunately, Waddle Doo tells the two that they need some sort of defining feature if they don't want to be confused with someone else and possibly get disqualified if they happen to get severely injured. Kirby has no problem with that since he's the only one colored pink. Luckily, the Waddle Dee suggests he wear something with the specific intent to stand out from the others. His blue bandana was enough for Waddle Doo to allow it, while also giving Kirby memories during his time at the Dream Kingdom, all because he had help from a similar Waddle Dee when he needed it most and that gave him encouragement at the battle venue lobby.

Chapter 4: Fierce Battle! Team Match[edit]

Sword Kirby finishes off Bomb Kirby.

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee enter the Battle Arena to a sea of spectators in the stands, and a Walky acting as an announcer. For their first match-up, Kirby and Waddle Dee would have to fight against opposing Bomb and Beetle Kirbys. The rules were simple - being that they have to knock out both members of the opposing team to win. As the match started, Waddle Dee agrees to serve as a distraction, leaving Kirby free to wallop the opponents. But that didn't pan out when both opposing Kirbys solely had their sights on the real deal. Despite dishing out some damage to the opponents, both Kirby copies had blank, vacant expressions the entire time. Freaked out, Kirby tries to go for another attack, but was swiftly dodged by Bomb Kirby who prepared to counterattack. Waddle Dee takes the hit for Kirby, getting knocked out in the process.

With Waddle Dee down, Kirby is in danger, fighting solo against a team of two. After getting continuously attacked by the opposing copies, Kirby tries to stay conscious for as long as he can get away with, knowing full-well that he'll lose if he's out cold. Eventually, the opposing Beetle Kirby tosses the unconscious Waddle Dee off to the side as if he was nothing but an obstacle. This simple act rightfully peeved Kirby to the point that he got his strength back and knocked out both opposing Kirbys in one fell swoop. As the crowd went wild, Waddle Dee regained consciousness for a moment, just long enough to hear about how he and Kirby won the first round.

Inside the Battle Castle, King Dedede was not happy that Kirby and Waddle Dee actually managed to win their first match-up. Tron was not concerned in the slightest and tells the great king his plan to make Kirby so tired that he'll eventually lose. He drops a hint concerning how the next round also requires intelligence instead of pure strength and begins prepping opposing Kirbys that, in his mind, would excel at such a battle. Later as the second round was approaching, Bandana Waddle Dee had fully recovered, but he started to doubt himself noting how he didn't really do much to help Kirby in the first round. Kirby tries to convince Waddle Dee otherwise, but Waddle Doo interrupted the moment to let the two of them know that the second round was just about to begin, which is a round of Crazy Theater. Waddle Doo explains the second round as one that requires intelligence over strength, catching Kirby by surprise, as he thought it was just beatdowns testing his strength.

Regardless, both Kirby and Waddle Dee enter the Dream Theater for the second round. Their opponents this time were opposing Doctor and Mirror Kirbys. As for the rules: it's a best two-out-of-three with questions and answers instead of brute force. The first question was a simple mathematical equation being "8 - 1 = ?". Kirby and Waddle Dee read the equation but misinterpret it as "1 - 8 = ?" and step on the "-7" panel, while the other team steps on the "7" panel. The opposing Kirbys win the first point. It didn't occur to Kirby nor Waddle Dee that Mirror Kirby flipped the screen horizontally to mess with them until after the fact. After unveiling the ruse, booing and other shouts could be heard but such a point decision could not be overturned.

The second question asks how many apples are present, complete with apples falling from above. Waddle Dee tries to count the apples that fall before they multiply like magic. He immediately notices Mirror Kirby up to his usual shenanigans again, causing him to worry. Kirby, on the other hand, eats the apples that fell but before he could digest them, he spat them out, not liking the taste of the toy apples used in the tournament since they couldn't afford enough real apples. As Kirby spat the apples out, they managed to hit Doctor and Mirror Kirby, knocking them out in the process, leaving Waddle Dee and Kirby free to correctly answer 5 instead of 25.

Inside King Dedede's throne room, the king was furious that Kirby and Waddle Dee managed to tie the score in the Crazy Theater round. Tron reassures the great king by revealing that Doctor Kirby will be put to use for the final equation, having Walky ask a lengthy mathematical equation featuring numerous sequences of adding and subtracting single-digit numbers, all said in rapid succession. Because of this, Kirby gets thrown off easily, but Waddle Dee just stands there tallying up the answer in his head while the question was being asked in real-time. Doctor Kirby followed suit as he calculated the answer, while Mirror Kirby tries to sabotage Waddle Dee but Kirby takes the hit while trying to be as quiet as possible. Kirby slashes at Mirror Kirby, sending him straight towards Doctor Kirby, throwing him off.

As soon as Walky finished saying the lengthy equation, the two answers to choose from were 22 and 23. As part of his plan of intelligence-over-strength, Waddle Dee says that "the answer is 23", causing all parties involved to step on the answer. Both opponents knock Kirby and Waddle Dee away from the 23 spot, leaving the both of them to stagger to the 22 spot. With the actual answer being revealed to be 22, Kirby and Waddle Dee won the second round, all because of the latter's ingenious strategy to throw the opposing Kirbys off.

Chapter 5: Ore Strategy[edit]

A fierce battle breaks out along the Wayward Plains.

King Dedede was not amused in the slightest, especially at the results. Although Tron might have been caught off-guard with the little tidbits like Waddle Dee's number crunching, he assures the king that the next battle will do Kirby and Waddle Dee in. The contestants make it to their third round: Ore Express. Walky explains the rules, with the contestants having to toss ore chunks into the open cars of the Dedede Express, but brushes it off with the revelation that "a game that seems simple actually has a bit of depth to it".

This time, the opponents to be faced are the Whip and Hammer Kirbys. The match starts with Kirby going for a piece of ore, but it was snatched up by Whip Kirby in the blink of an eye. Kirby and Waddle Dee try to collect the other chunks, but Whip Kirby was too fast for them. As the Dedede Express approaches for the first time, the amount of ore Whip Kirby accumulated put him and Hammer Kirby way out in the lead. As Kirby tries to attack, Hammer Kirby would lay the beatdown. The train was just about to leave, which sends Kirby in a panic, but Walky reassures him that more trains will keep coming before the round comes to an end.

In preparation for the next train's arrival, Waddle Dee tells Kirby to fend off Whip Kirby as best as he can so Waddle Dee can use the opportunity to grab the ore for himself without anyone trying to steal them. Hammer Kirby tries to collect the ore Waddle Dee is focused on, but Waddle Dee was just too fast for him. The train car arrives once more and Hammer Kirby actually managed to land a blow on Waddle Dee. Luckily, Waddle Dee put up with the pain and manages to dispense every single piece of ore he held in his hands into the train cars, putting him and Kirby closer to victory. The final round had started, with Kirby still trying to prevent Whip Kirby from snagging ore while Bandana Waddle Dee tosses the ore he finds out of Hammer Kirby's reach. It wasn't much longer before the final train had arrived and Kirby and Waddle Dee managed to make a comeback and win for the third time in a row. After that, though, both opposing Kirbys manage to hop into the open train cars which carried them far beyond Dream Land. Kirby and Waddle Dee speculate that their opponents did that either because they lost or because they would fear King Dedede and Tron's reaction to their loss.

Chapter 6: Fierce Battle! Flagball!![edit]

When all seemed lost, Waddle Dee manages to score the winning point in a round of Flagball.

As usual, King Dedede did not take Kirby and Waddle Dee's third straight win well at all. Especially the fact that the opposing Kirbys hopped into the train cars and ran off after they lost. The king calls for the tournament's sudden, instant and immediate cancellation but Tron stops him from doing so, claiming that it would only damage his reputation. One of the Waddle Dee copies approach the king and lets him know that the next opponents Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee were about to face were unlike the Kirby copies from prior rounds.

In the castle lobby, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee were busy chatting. Kirby was excited and had high hopes of winning the tournament, while Waddle Dee expressed concerns about the stronger enemies that awaited. However, their next opponent was unexpected, being Meta Knight, who has signed up for the tournament not for the cake but to test his strength. He mentions how Sword Knight was sent to gather intel about the tournament and finds it odd that he disappeared without a trace. Kirby forgot that he inhaled Sword Knight earlier before entering the tournament, leaving Waddle Dee to try to explain to Meta Knight why Sword Knight disappeared earlier. Despite that, Meta Knight reveals that he eventually decided to enter the tournament because he got tired waiting for Sword Knight to come back. He expresses disappointment that the Kirby copies were not as strong as the real deal, so he wishes for Kirby to show him what he's truly capable of.

The fourth round is revealed to be Flagball, with a 2-on-2 battle between Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and Axe Knight. The entire audience was in a stir, solely because of the competitors taking part. Once again, Walky explains the rules, being that the team has to throw the ball at their own color-coordinated flag to score. However, Meta Knight was not interested in following the rules, intending on dueling against Kirby solo instead. As the match started, Kirby picks up the ball with the intent to toss it at his team's flag. But Meta Knight, still not following the rules, slashes at Kirby, which causes him to drop the ball. Axe Knight was free to pick it up and throw it at his team's flag, but Waddle Dee hops on top of the flag, sending the ball straight into his grip.

The knight's attack on Kirby manages to unintentionally send the ball flying into his team's flag, earning him and Axe Knight the first point. While Meta Knight continues to have his sights solely on Kirby, Waddle Dee scores another point, tying the score 1-1. Kirby tries to continue following the rules of the game, but Meta Knight's attacking does not seem to be helping much. At this point, Kirby decided to duel against Meta Knight, leaving Waddle Dee and Axe Knight to duel in the actual game of Flagball. As one team scored, the other would follow suit thereafter, causing intense competition.

With one more point to declare the winner, Kirby was about to finally finish Meta Knight off when the ball suddenly rolls into view. He immediately remembers the rules and tries to picks up the ball and toss it to score the winning goal, but Meta Knight disrupts him in the process, knocking Kirby out. Waddle Dee, using the last of his strength, manages to slide his own team's flag at the exact spot Kirby would hit the ground. With Kirby still holding the ball in hand upon making impact, his team scored the winning point. Meta Knight thanks Kirby for the impromptu battle, although both the latter and Waddle Dee were exhausted from the intense competition.

Chapter 7: A Real One-on-One Battle[edit]

King Dedede announces his intentions to be the final opponent, much to Kirby and Waddle Dee's shock.

King Dedede was not happy that Meta Knight lost to Kirby and Waddle Dee. Tron orders one of the Waddle Dees to produce more Kirby copies but King Dedede makes it clear that he'll have to settle the score by himself, exiting the throne room with hammer in tow.

Meanwhile, Kirby and Waddle Dee finally regained consciousness. As Waddle Doo tells them, the tournament was temporarily on hold while the two of them were unconscious and given treatment but they did manage to win against Meta Knight in the previous round. After Waddle Doo notifies them of the next round coming up being the last, Kirby couldn't be any more excited than he already is as that means if he and Waddle Dee win the last round, they get the cake. In the lobby, Kirby was excited that he would win the last round, while Waddle Dee once again expressed worry as to who they're going to fight in the last round. The two of them were not expecting King Dedede to storm out of the throne room and announce that he would be the last opponent in the tournament. Despite Waddle Doo's insistence that the king have a partner, Dedede insists on fighting solo, with Kirby agreeing to a one-on-one match.

The final round was just about to start: a battle between Kirby and King Dedede. Walky tries to explain the rules of the Crazy Theater round but King Dedede shushes him and begins attacking Kirby immediately, before Walky could try in vain to get the actual planned match underway. Kirby and King Dedede keep trading blows in a frenzy. Unfortunately for Kirby, the prior battles left him exhausted, much like what Tron was hoping would happen earlier on. For Kirby, having his mind focused on the Deluxe-Tiered Cake would be enough to try to use what's left of his strength.

Unfortunately, Dedede's Hammer Throw hit Kirby just hard enough for him to lose the Sword ability, with Sword Knight tumbling out. Kirby was about to suck Sword Knight up again, but the panicked knight fled to the stands. Meta Knight tries to ask King Dedede to put the match on hold as to allow Kirby to get a different ability, but the stubborn king disagreed. Even Waddle Dee's concerned shouts didn't reach the king's ears. As all hope seemed lost, Knuckle Joe volunteers to let Kirby inhale him. Upon gaining the Fighter ability, Kirby was back in fighting spirit and continued to battle King Dedede as usual, but not before a Giant Dedede Swing knocks the Fighter ability, and Knuckle Joe, out of Kirby. Before Kirby could try and inhale Knuckle Joe again, King Dedede lands a direct hit on the latter, launching him back to the stands.

Luckily, Moonja makes his presence known and lets Kirby inhale him for the Ninja ability. King Dedede's attack sent Kirby's katana flying, but luckily Kirby's kunai were able to knock the king's hammer out of the way, giving Kirby the chance to use a blast of Pyrotechnics to finish Dedede off. The audience was excited to see Kirby win the final round, but before he and Waddle Dee can chow down on the cake, Tron had entered the arena and whispered something into King Dedede's ears. At that moment, the latter gets back on his feet and stubbornly refuses to call it quits. The king tells Kirby to meet him at the top floor of the Battle Castle before heading there himself. Tron boasts that a special something up Dedede's sleeves was created by the master inventor himself. Kirby, insistent that Dedede not get away with his foul play, pulls the katana out of the ground and takes the elevator up higher in the castle alone.

After Kirby left, the audience didn't appreciate how they wouldn't be able to see what was going on up top. Luckily, four Waddle Dees from the Channel PPP Crew had arrived at the castle specifically to monitor the action going on up top. After announcing how they got permission to report on the final battle live, Waddle Dee tries asking if he can come up, but this was quickly denied, solely because he was one of Kirby's friends.

Chapter 8: Who Comes Out on Top?![edit]

King Dedede reveals his Dededestroyer Z.

Kirby had made it to the top floor of the Battle Castle. It was here that King Dedede revealed his final weapon to try to prevent Kirby from winning the grand prize. Kirby was surprised to see the Kirby Printer, expecting an easy fight, but then the rest of the machine parts connect to each other to reveal the Dededestroyer Z. Kirby was not all too thrilled to fight the robot but that didn't stop him from bringing the fight to Dedede. As the battle waged on, the live feed showed the audience reactions courtesy of the Channel PPP Crew. It starts with the Kirby Printer spitting out one Kirby after another while King Dedede kept on attacking using the mech's arms. Kirby was also starting to get tired, while Bandana Waddle Dee also got concerned watching it unfold. Unable to take it, Waddle Dee quietly went to the reception desk and found a Soldier Waddle Dee guarding the top floor. But even if he did get past, he feared he wouldn't have enough firepower to help Kirby. Luckily for him, someone else showed up in the area to help.

King Dedede thought he had already had Kirby done for good, but Bandana Waddle Dee arrived with a large cannon in his hands and threw it into the battlefield. Kirby wasn't sure why Waddle Dee would hand him such a device, but was told to use the Kirby copies as ammo for the cannon, launching them at the Dededestroyer Z to damage it. Having restored strength, Kirby did as told and loaded the Kirby copies into the Great Cannon to fire at the mech. King Dedede was starting to panic, and in the midst of his freak-out, he accidentally struck one of the Kirby copies with one of the robot's attacks. Eventually, the mech collapsed into many pieces from a blast of Ninja Kirby's Pyrotechnics, with the Kirby Printer falling down a gaping hole with the debris.

The audience was in awe at Kirby's performance during the fated showdown. After hearing a rattling sound coming from outside the castle, everyone heads there to see the Kirby Printer falling straight into the ground, as did King Dedede's control capsule, breaking in two. The king was unconscious at this moment, while the printer barely had a dent after it fell from that high up. Waddle Doo noticed that all of the Kirby copies had disappeared without a trace after the Dededestroyer Z fight came to a close. As everyone else wondered where the copies went, Tron reveals that the copies boarded the Dedede Express.

At that moment, Kirby and Waddle Dee entered the lobby and were confused as to what was happening. Meta Knight tells the two of them that Tron was planning something since he arrived, with him elaborating that the tournament was a set-up to spread the Kirby copies all across Dream Land. At that moment, another master inventor that looked exactly like Tron entered the lobby. This was Cron, Tron's younger brother and the real master inventor. Waddle Dee reveals that Cron gave him the Great Cannon and gave the Soldier Waddle Dee sleeping medication to allow Bandana Waddle Dee to sneak past and help Kirby out. Cron then explains that Tron wasn't really an inventor but rather a farmer on their home planet Trocro. Tron's crops didn't get a good reputation due to lack of proper care, a statement that Chef Kawasaki quickly points out.

Cron then explains that Tron's evil plan was to mass-produce copies of Kirby, have them spread all across Dream Land, intentionally cause a food shortage and force everyone on Popstar to buy Tron's bad-tasting crops for a profit. Bandana Waddle Dee immediately figures out that was the reason the two copies he and Kirby fought in the Ore Express battle hopped inside the train at the tail end of it. But with all the copies sent far away, it was only a matter of time until everyone would be forced to buy Tron's overpriced terrible crops in around two or three days worth of time.

Chapter 9: Working Together[edit]

Kirby and King Dedede destroy the Kirby Printer once and for all.

Finally, a furious Kirby steps up and asks Cron if there was any way to stop the food shortage. The inventor suggests trying to destroy the Kirby Printer but also reveals that the printer is seemingly indestructible, as he built it without realizing that someone could use it for ulterior motives. It didn't matter much to Kirby as he went on the attack, but he only manages to deal no damage at all. Bonkers offers to assist Kirby by allowing him to get the Hammer ability for this purpose, but not even a hammer swing could land a dent on the printer either. Meta Knight volunteers to help out but King Dedede quickly stops him. After boasting that he could destroy basically everything, the king went for a swing at the printer.

Kirby quickly turns this whole affair into a contest to see who can break the printer first. Both of them took turns trading blows at the printer itself. Captain Vul was concerned that the two of them would need help, but Meta Knight is convinced that the two of them would be able to pull it off, as long as food is at stake. Kirby and King Dedede kept on attacking until they were finally able to crack the printer, even if only slightly. Bandana Waddle Dee quickly notices this and lets the two of them know about it. Eventually, the printer is smashed into several pieces thanks to the combined efforts of Kirby and King Dedede.

Finally, Tron's plot had been foiled and everyone else cheered in excitement. Unfortunately, King Dedede didn't quite get the memo due to his unconsciousness earlier, and assumes that the winner of the Cake Royale was whoever broke the printer first. Bandana Waddle Dee and the other Dream Landers try to explain the whole thing in vain, while Cron tells an upset Tron that he can lend aid in the farming industry back home. Bandana Waddle Dee also learns from Cron that the Waddle Dee copies didn't disappear along with the printer because the data wasn't properly processed by the time Kirby's was inserted by Tron. King Dedede didn't mind this in the slightest, much to the Waddle Dees' excitement - even if they weren't entirely sure what Dedede meant by having to work for him to get "all-you-can-eat" food.

Chapter 10: Kirby and Waddle Dee[edit]

The Dream Landers cheer for the winners of the Cake Royale.

Reporter Waddle Dee announced the winners of the first ever Cake Royale to an eager and adoring crowd. He even reads a testimonial that King Dedede was supposed to read. As the Deluxe-Tiered Cake was being hauled out, Chef Kawasaki explains that he used the most top-of-the-line ingredients to make a cake that's as big as a mountain, pulling all-nighters for three days straight. Bandana Waddle Dee gives most of the cake to Kirby, saying that he wouldn't eat more than two bites. And just like that, the rest of the cake was already consumed by him.

Kirby begs for seconds and wants a Cake Royale tournament held every day, much to both Chef Kawasaki and King Dedede's disproval. Dedede in particular officially considers the Cake Royale over and orders the Waddle Dees to tear down the Battle Castle completely. As this happens, Tron still thinks that he would've been swimming in money if his plan wasn't stopped, but Cron tells him that the food shortage wouldn't be confined strictly to Planet Popstar and would spread all across the galaxy. Even though Tron is still convinced on setting up get-rich-quick schemes, Cron drags him out of the castle to return to their home planet.

In the time after the tournament came to a close, King Dedede seemed to appreciate having a lot of hard-working Waddle Dees to aid him. But Kirby's bandana-wearing friend was different - the two of them playing around as usual without Dedede knowing exactly what's what.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, back of the book プププランド最強はだれかを決める武道大会・デデデグランプリが開幕!!

カービィはワドルディとタッグを組んで、試合会場のバトルキャッスルへ向かう。 そこで、二人を待ち受けていた対戦相手は、いろいろなコピー能力を持ったコピーカービィたちだった! さらにはメタナイト、デデデ大王も参戦してきて!? 強敵だらけの大激戦を勝ち抜いて、優勝賞品のデラックス山もりケーキを食べるのは、いったいだれだ!?

Dedede's big battle tournament, the Cake Royale, is being held! The opponents are copies of Kirby?! Kirby teams up with Waddle Dee to challenge the copies with various abilities! Who will get the Deluxe Tiered Cake as the winning prize?


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ 決戦けっせん! バトルデラックス!!
hoshi no kābyi kessen! batoru derakkusu!!
Kirby of the Stars Decisive Battle! Battle Deluxe!!