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First appearance Kirby's Dream Land 3 (1997)
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Oba-chan[Japanese title] is a character in Kirby's Dream Land 3. She is a round yellow creature a bit similar to Kirby, but with round eyes, hands and feet, and wears a janitor costume. She appears in the second stage of Sand Canyon and will give Kirby a Heart Star if he successfully uses Clean to clean the dust of two rooms of the stage.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

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In the Kirby novel series, Oba-chan appears in Kirby: The Dream Onsen is a Good Hot Spring♪, and is a central character of its plot. Before the events of the novel, she used to run a general store in Sunset Village that sold almost everything the villagers needed. However, she ran it completely alone, and no one else wanted to help her. Realizing that all villagers were relying too much on her, and growing lazy in the process, she decided to leave the village to both let them learn to live on their own, as well as try her luck in other locations with her store. With her departure, Sunset Village's residents started to suffer due to lack of all sorts of things, and eventually two of them, Leafan and Chip, find a pamphlet with an illustration of King Dedede that says he is willing to help anyone in trouble, and go after him to ask for help solving the situation. Over the course of the novel, the two, as well as the other villagers, constantly mention Oba-chan's store and what she used to sell in it, missing her, as they try to rebuild her store and revitalize the village in her absence, with the help of various residents from Dream Land.

At the end of the novel, Oba-chan finally comes back to the village, bringing Li'l Kracko, who had gone missing, with her. She explains that, on her absence, she realized that she wasn't the one who was supporting the village, she was the one getting supported by everyone in the village. After having no success with opening stores in other places, she one day passed out hungry and was saved by Li'l Kracko, and he spent days taking care of her. Li'l Kracko then told Oba-chan of the plans of the village revitalization, including the construction of a hot spring, which made her curious about it, prompting her return. After reuniting with everyone, and consequentially solving the matter of Kracko being angry about Li'l Kracko's disappearance, everyone in the village celebrates the opening of the Dream Onsen proper in various ways. Oba-chan, proud of the villagers, is approached by Chip, who offers her the position of manager of the Dream Onsen, which she ends up accepting despite hesitating at first. She also mentions she will bring back every item she used to sell in her store.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバチャン[1]
A term of endearment for an aunt or any middle-aged woman regardless of familial relation.


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