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Parallel Nightmare

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Parallel Nightmare
SKC Parallel Nightmare artwork.png
Artwork of Parallel Nightmare from Super Kirby Clash.
First game Super Kirby Clash (2019)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Similar to Nightmare
Voice actor(s) Banjō Ginga
Theme music

Parallel Nightmare's initial battle theme from Super Kirby Clash

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Team Kirby's investigations turned up rumors of a strange, caped man. Sensing mischief, the team followed his footprints and arrived at the Ruins on a dark night...
— Cutscene text from Super Kirby Clash

Parallel Nightmare is the principal villain of Super Kirby Clash, and the Another Dimension counterpart to Nightmare from Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Like his normal counterpart, Parallel Nightmare takes on the appearance of a giant robed wizard with spindly hands and a frightening face. On his head, he wears a pair of goggles and horns, and he wears an astral cloak with armored pauldrons and crescent moon-shaped medallion over his torso, which consists only of a gray tornado-like appendage.

Parallel Nightmare is voiced by Banjō Ginga, who also provided the Japanese voice of eNeMeE in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Parallel Nightmare is fought in six separate Quests. In three of these, he is faced in his alternate form known as Parallel Nightmare's Revenge. In the penultimate Story Quest, Parallel Nightmare's Revenge is fought prior to fighting the Aeon Hero.

Role in Super Kirby Clash[edit]

Team Kirby had cornered Parallel Nightmare, but the villain used a dimensional rift to call the ancient hero called "the most powerful in the galaxy."
— Cutscene text from Super Kirby Clash

Parallel Nightmare is primarily responsible for causing all manner of beasts to grow enraged and wreak havoc across the Dream Kingdom. He is encountered by Team Kirby relatively early, where it becomes clear that he is the guilty party. Team Kirby gives Parallel Nightmare a thrashing, but the wizard escapes beyond the Empyrean. Team Kirby pursues him, eventually finding him in the Decisive Battlefield. Parallel Nightmare summons King D-Mind to get in Team Kirby's way, but the miffed king bats Parallel Nightmare away with his hammer in the process.

After King D-Mind is defeated, peace is supposedly restored, but soon, Parallel Nightmare (now Parallel Nightmare's Revenge) begins stirring up trouble again solely to enact vengeance upon the Kirbies. Team Kirby chases him down and corners him at the Dreamscape, defeating him decisively. In a last resort, Parallel Nightmare's Revenge calls upon the strongest warrior in the galaxy, the Aeon Hero, to trounce Super Team Kirby. However, the Aeon Hero first decides to slay Parallel Nightmare's Revenge before engaging the Kirbys in combat, thus ending the wizard's role in the story.


Parallel Nightmare's in-game appearance.
A master of magic, a nightmare in flesh! If you can't defeat him now, his revenge will be beyond imagination!
— Super Quest flavor text from Super Kirby Clash

Parallel Nightmare takes many of his attacks from his main-series counterpart, though he also holds many unique attacks. Notably, unlike the original, Parallel Nightmare does not need to be hit only in his exposed torso in order to deal him damage, so fighting him is more straightforward. Parallel Nightmare is able to teleport at will, and also fly into the background whenever he pleases.

The following are all of Parallel Nightmare's (and Parallel Nightmare's Revenge) attacks in Super Kirby Clash. Note that attack names are conjectural:

Parallel Nightmare's attacks in Super Kirby Clash  
Attack Description Variants Notes
Sweep Parallel Nightmare moves close to the ground, and sweeps across the area. He may perform this move from the background.
Spreading Star Shot Parallel Nightmare opens his cape and shoots five star projectiles in an arc beneath him.
Pointed Star Shot Parallel Nightmare points his finger at an angle toward the ground, and fires a volley of several star projectiles. The number of shots can vary, along with how they spread out. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may teleport after using this move, and follow up with an Open Star Shot.
Open Star Shot Parallel Nightmare opens his hand, and fires a volley of several star projectiles which scatter slightly. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may teleport after using this move, and follow up with a Pointed Star Shot.
Twister Dash Parallel Nightmare opens his cloak and begins twisting across the stage like a tornado. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may immediately transition into a Twister Dive afterward.
Electric Orbs Parallel Nightmare conjures and throws out a series of large but slow orbs of energy which fly slowly toward the ground. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may conjure five of these to make a spinning ring, then throw them all at once.
Lightning Blast Parallel Nightmare charges energy in his hand, then unleashes it as a cone of lightning to strike the ground beneath him. This attack can be used multiple times in succession, and Parallel Nightmare can use either his left or right hand, or both at once.
Star Shot Barrage Parallel Nightmare charges energy, then flies into the background, peppering the main arena with many star projectiles as he flies. References the cutscene that plays before fighting Nightmare in Kirby's Adventure and Nightmare in Dream Land.
Twister Dive Parallel Nightmare opens his cloak and flies upward off-screen, then comes back down upside-down, quickly diving toward the ground as he spins his cloak before returning upward. Parallel Nightmare may do this several times. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may feint this attack by only coming down partway.
Dark Hurricane Parallel Nightmare conjures energy close to the ground, then unleashes a massive storm, drawing Kirbys toward the middle. Any Kirby caught in the storm is tossed around violently and can take a lot of damage. Parallel Nightmare's Revenge may travel across the stage while using this attack.
Distant Star Shot Parallel Nightmare's Revenge teleports into the background, then proceeds to fire clumps of stars into the arena, teleporting between each shot.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Buffet, Parallel Nightmare appears on a Character Treat, using his artwork from Super Kirby Clash.


  • The medallion which Parallel Nightmare wears appears to be a reference to the moon in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land which is blasted into a crescent shape after Nightmare's defeat.
  • The scene that plays when Parallel Nightmare is slain by Aeon Hero references Nightmare's defeat animation from Kirby's Adventure and Nightmare in Dream Land; it more closely resembles the latter, as it includes the same light emerging from his eyes and mouth.


Names in other languages[edit]

Parallel Nightmare[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザーナイトメア
Anazā Naitomea
Another Nightmare
Traditional Chinese 異次元夢魘
yì cì yuän mèngyǎn
Another Dimension Nightmare
Simplified Chinese 异次元梦魇
yì cì yuän mèngyǎn
Dutch Parallelle Nightmare Parallel Nightmare
French Cauchemar parallèle Parallel Nightmare
German Ein anderer Albtraum Another Nightmare
Italian Un altro Mago incubo Another Nightmare Wizard
Korean 어나더 나이트메어
eonadeo naiteumeeo
Another Nightmare
Portuguese Pesadelo paralelo Parallel Nightmare
Spanish Mago Pesadilla paralelo Parallel Nightmare Wizard

Parallel Nightmare's Revenge[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザーナイトメア リベンジ
Anazā Naitomea Ribenji
Another Nightmare Revenge
Traditional Chinese 異次元夢魘 復仇
yì cì yuän mèngyǎn fù chóu
Another Dimension Nightmare Revenge
Simplified Chinese 异次元梦魇 复仇
yì cì yuän mèngyǎn fù chóu
French Cauchemar parallèle Ultra Parallel Nightmare Ultra
German Rache des anderen Albtraum Revenge of Another Nightmare
Italian La vendetta di Un altro Mago incubo The revenge of Another Nightmare Wizard
Korean 어나더 나이트메어 리벤지
eonadeo naiteumeeo libeji
Another Nightmare Revenge
Spanish Mago Pesadilla paralelo vengador Avenger Parallel Nightmare Wizard