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Star Compass

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Star Compass
V16 Illustration 8.png
An illustration of the Star Compass from Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!.
Type Plot device
Found Kirby's possession
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The Star Compass[Japanese title] is a magical golden star-shaped compass which appears in the Kirby's Dreamy Gear merchandise line. Its only major appearance is in the Kirby novel series, where it appears in the sixteenth volume, Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!, as a plot device. It has the ability to track the magical gears needed for the ancient machine. After Magolor sprinkles on it sand-like grains and chants a spell, the Star Compass emits a pale glow. Being given a map, the Star Compass shows the location of the gears. When sensing one of the gears, the Star Compass reacts and begins to ring like a small bell and glow softly. The brightness of the compass and the volume of the sound become stronger when approaching the gears.

Role in Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears![edit]

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Before the events of the story, the Star Compass is given to Kirby by the Great Elder of the Magic Guild as a gift for defeating a monster in the City of Magic. The elder warns him to not let it fall into the wrong hands, since it will bring terrifying results. When Magolor visits Kirby, he tells Kirby about the compass' magical properties. This surprises Kirby, since he thought it was just a regular compass. Magolor shows Kirby how to use it and creates a map that shows the location of the gears. When Kirby and Waddle Dee go to the field to search for one of the gears, Waddle Dee notices the glow and sound that the compass makes, suggesting that it reacts to the location of the gear. Kirby and Waddle Dee follow the direction that the sound and light that the compass makes grow. They arrive at the point where the compass glows brightest, but cannot find the gear, since it is in the sky. Kirby uses the Star Compass to find the gear when the power of the magical eye drops fades.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのコンパス
Hoshi no Konpasu
Star Compass