King D-Mind

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King D-Mind.jpg
Screenshot from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Debut Game Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Last Game Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
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King D-Mind is an enemy that is encountered after the main game of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. He is encountered twice at the very end of the Decisive Battlefield's line of bosses. Defeating him is required to truly complete the game.


The EX form of King D-Mind.

King D-Mind is fought as part of Tougher: The Final Battle and again in his EX form in Toughest: The True Final Battle in the Decisive Battlefield. He is first encountered after Dark Taranza summons him from the Black Mirror, who the king quickly dispatches for his incompetence.

King D-Mind appears to be a fusion of an alternate universe King Dedede and a corresponding version of Dark Mind. He fights with aspects of both bosses, using his hammer (and later, an axe) to deal blunt trauma, as well as being able to fire numerous different types of projectiles from his weapons and from his belly, which can open up to reveal a burning eyeball similar to Dark Mind's true form in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. King D-Mind's EX form is substantially more powerful, with some of his attacks being capable of taking out even a high-level Kirby hero in one hit if he is not wearing the best equipment.

Team Kirby attempts to avoid King D-Mind's belly eyeball attack.

Once King D-Mind is defeated the first time, he vanishes, only to reappear in the next fight. Defeating him there opens up an opportunity for Team Kirby to seal him back in the mirror from whence he came, and then shatter it, finally breaking the mirror's influence on Taranza and saving the Dream Kingdom.


Team Kirby seals King D-Mind back into the mirror after defeating him.
  • King D-Mind may be the result of the parallel universe's Dark Mind having successfully possessed and merged with parallel King Dedede.
  • King D-Mind EX has more Stamina than any other boss in Kirby series history, with 62,000 hit points. (compared to 999 HP for Magolor Soul and 800 HP for Star Dream Soul OS's final phase) Of course, none of this is shown to the player.