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V5 Illustration 30.png
Illustration of Peperon from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!
Role Guest character
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Peperon[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes its guest appearance in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!. Peperon is Kizario's pet and dear friend. When Kizario uses magic to make Peperon grow dramatically, it escapes to Dream Land, and Kizario sets up a race course there in order to find it.


Peperon is mouse-sized bear that can fit in the palm of a hand and does not grow larger with age, a trait that makes its species popular on Kizario's home planet. Peperon has smooth fur, small round ears and a tail, beady eyes and cheek blushes. It resembles a plushie, and Waddle Dee mistakes it for one.

When enlarged by a spell Kizario cast, Peperon became colossal, its footprint alone described as large enough to trample a house, and its steps causing the ground to shake. It is significantly stronger, as it is able to easily navigate a dense forest and block any attacks; however, its nose is its weak spot. In this state, Peperon's forelimbs, chest, and head have significantly more fur, and it gains fangs and claws, as well as a loud growl.

Peperon is a docile, peace-loving creature. It sees Kizario has its best friend and likes being in its owner's arms. Additionally, it is very fond of sweets, chocolate in particular. It tends to get drowsy after eating a lot of its favorite food.

Role in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land![edit]

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An enlarged Peperon unintentionally scares Mr. Frosty and Walky.

Many years before the events of Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!, Kizario, who was a small child at the time, got Peperon for his birthday. Peperon was Kizario's beloved pet, and the two played together and cared for each other. However, at some point Kizario's friends began to make fun of him for having a miniature bear, which they considered to be too girly. Kizario tried to get his caretaker Kurron to make Peperon bigger and stronger with magic, but since doing such a thing on a loving being was illegal, Kizario decided to do it behind Kurron's back. After the spell worked better than Kizario expected, Peperon escaped to a forest to the south of Dream Land, drawn by its peacefulness. The residents, however, are terrified by the footprints it left and the eerie growl they heard.

Figuring out Peperon's whereabouts, Kizario hopes to find it with the help of the locals before Kurron finds out, and sets up a racecourse which would prepare the unsuspecting residents of Dream Land for a confrontation with Peperon, such as a "Spell of Awakening" and a chocolate pool, planning for the clash to be the final obstacle. Hearing the "Spell of Awakening" makes Peperon go on a rampage, which spells trouble for Walky and Mr. Frosty, who stumble upon it in the forest.

Peperon chases the two until they reach a steep cliff above a river. However, the contestants make it in the nick of time after hearing them from far away. Seeing the group covered in chocolate, Peperon grabs Chef Kawasaki and begins to lick the chocolate off him. Before it can lick anyone else, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Kurron arrive. When fending off against the creature, they try to make it stay still and shrink it back to normal, and discover that its nose is its weak point. Kizario asks the race participants to aim for it but is advised against hurting Peperon by Kurron. Kizario claims that Peperon is no longer his pet. This deeply upsets Peperon, who tries to get closer to his owner.

As Kizario steps back, he accidentally steps off the edge of the cliff and falls. Amdist the panic, Peperon jumps after Kizario and catches him in the river, shielding him in its arms. Kirby comes to their aid with the Jet ability and manages to pull them out. While they're unconscious, Kurron shrinks Peperon back to how it was. When Kizario comes round, he looks for Peperon, only for everyone to realize it is gone. Kizario regretfully explains their backstory to the rest and vows to cherish Peperon dearly from that moment.

Meanwhile, Waddle Dee spots Peperon near a riverside, at first mistaking it for a plushie. He carefully picks the miniature bear up and places it on the front of his scooter, intending on returning it to the forest after he finished the race. Near the finish line, the rest of the contestants catch up, but Waddle Dee just barely makes it in first place. Just when the rest insist that Waddle Dee hadn't fulfilled the requirement of meeting Peperon, Kizario sees the bear and hugs it. Peperon happily licks its owner's cheek. Kizario immediately apologizes to his friend. As Kirby explains Kizario and Peperon's story to Waddle Dee, the tiny bear yawns blissfully in its owners arms.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペペロン