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KEEY Me-Devil artwork.png
Artwork of the Me-Devil for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
First game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Similar entities Ye-Devil, We-Devil
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A powerful devil with big wings. Watch out for the balls he drops from above.
— Patch Plaza description

The Me-Devil is one of the three types of Devils who appear in the Devilish Mode of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The Me-Devil has a purple round body, with small feet, a single horn atop his head, a button eye with an eyebrow and a cross sign (×), and big red wings. He attacks by dropping spiked balls at Kirby.


In Devilish Mode, Me-Devil appears in the following levels and stages:

Me-Devil locations in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Patch Castle Yes Sweets Park No Frigid Fjords Yes
Fountain Gardens Yes Melody Town No Evergreen Lift No
Flower Fields Yes Squashini Yes Future City No
Rainbow Falls No Cocoa Station Yes Tube Town No
Big-Bean Vine No Dark Manor No Mysterious UFO No
Fangora Yes Splash Beach No Stellar Way Yes
Mole Hole Yes Blub-Blub Ocean No Meta Knight No
Weird Woods No Secret Island Yes Moon Base Yes
Pyramid Sands No Deep-Dive Deep No Outer Rings No
Lava Landing No Capamari No Whispy's Forest Yes
Cool Cave Yes Boom Boatyard No Tempest Towers No
Dino Jungle No Fossil Reef No Cloud Palace No
Hot Wings No Snowy Fields No Castle Dedede No
Temper Temple No Cozy Cabin No Yin-Yarn Yes*
Dusk Dunes Yes Mt. Slide No Meta Melon Isle Yes**
Toy Tracks No Frosty Wheel Yes Battleship Halberd No
Mushroom Run No King Dedede Yes *During Fangora rematch.
**During Off-Roader and Train sections.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Buffet, Me-Devil appears on a Character Treat, using his artwork from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オレ・デビール
Ore Debīru
おれ (ore) is an informal first person pronoun in Japanese, mainly used by males.
Traditional Chinese 本大爷·惡魔
Běn dàyé·èmó
I'm a Devil
Simplified Chinese 本大爷·恶魔
Běn dàyé·èmó
Dutch Me-Devil -
French Moilveillant From "malveillant" (malevolent) and "moi" (me)
German Ich-Teufelchen I-Devil
Italian Demon-io Combination of "demone" (devil) and "io" (I)
Korean 내가 데빌
Naega Debil
"I Am A" Devil
Portuguese Eumônio Combination of "eu" (I) and "demônio" (demon)
Spanish Diablote Combination of "diablo" (devil) and "te" (you)