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Mr. Floaty

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Mr. Floaty
SKC Mr Floaty artwork.png
In-game artwork of Mr. Floaty from Super Kirby Clash.
First game Super Kirby Clash (2019)
Similar to Mr. Frosty
Theme music

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This article is about enemy from Super Kirby Clash. For other Floaties, see Floaty.
He...looks like he wants to go for a swim? It's some kind of terrifying water beast! Better bring your towel for this one!
— Tough: Mr. Floaty Quest description in Super Kirby Clash

Mr. Floaty is a sky blue summer-themed alternative to Mr. Frosty first encountered in Super Kirby Clash. Mr. Floaty has the same proportions and battle style as his icy counterpart, but instead of overalls and shoes, Mr. Floaty opts for a pair of swimming trunks and cap, and a scuba mask and snorkel on his head. Mr. Floaty is faced in three different Quests, and is first encountered in the Seaside as part of a Party Quest. Later on, he can be found alongside Mr. Frosty in the Super Party Quest Team Shimmy.


Wait, we're at the edge of the clouds, and this guy is looking for the pool? Looks like he won't take "dry" for an answer!
— Toughest: Mr. Floaty Quest description in Super Kirby Clash

Mr. Floaty is effectively a water-based counterpart to Mr. Frosty, and as such, both of them share essentially the same move-set. The only major difference between the two is that Mr. Floaty's attacks are based around liquid water, rather than frozen ice. Unlike some other enemy variants, it cannot be explicitly said which of them is more dangerous.

The following are all of Mr. Floaty's attacks in Super Kirby Clash. Note that attack names are conjectural:

Mr. Floaty's attacks in Super Kirby Clash  
Attack Description Variants
Charge Mr. Floaty starts running, and falls on his face after a while. He may stop and gobble up a Kirby he runs into. He may also perform a much quicker run which travels further, but this leaves him dazed afterward.
Triple Charge Mr. Floaty conjures a field of water around himself and starts running. He turns around twice in fixed intervals to charge again each time before running into a wall at the end and becoming dazed.
Water Toss Mr. Floaty pulls out globs of water, tosses them upward, then hits them forward as they fall back down. These globs can be broken using an attack. In later quests, he may attempt to throw several at once.
Acrobatics Mr. Floaty pulls back, and then performs a series of quick and long jumps. He finishes with a heavy body slam which can flatten Kirbys underneath. In later quests, these jumps become quicker and more numerous.
Spray Tackle Mr. Floaty starts hovering as he spins and spits water. This move can either be done as Mr. Floaty weaves in and out of the background, or straight forward across the arena.
Water Blast Mr. Floaty eats a glob of water and, after a while, opens his mouth to unleash a huge gout of water which covers the whole stage.
Water Toss Tackle Mr. Floaty starts hovering toward the middle of the arena as he spins and sprays water. While spinning, he throws out globs of water in semi-random trajectories.


  • Shinya Kumazaki, the Kirby series General Director, said Mr. Floaty is his favorite new boss variant in the game.[1]
  • During development, possible names for Mr. Floaty included "Mr. Moisty" and "Mr. Wetty", but Mr. Floaty was chosen in the end.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスター・スイミィ
Misutā Suimī
Mister Swimmy
Chinese 泳將先生
yǒng jiāng xiān shēng
Mr. Swim
Dutch Mr. Floaty -
French Frigor Eflak From Frigor Efik, Mr. Frosty's French name; a pun on frigorifique, refrigerated, and flaque, puddle
German Dr. Platschbert Dr. Splashbert; from Mr. Frosty's German name, Dr. Eisbert, and platschen, splash
Italian Dadosplash From Mr. Frosty's Italian name, "Dadopagos" and the English word "splash."
Korean 미스터 스위미
miseuteo seuwimi
Mister Swimmy
Spanish Sr. Mórsez playero Beachy Mr. Frosty


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