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Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!

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Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!
Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!
Volume # 3
Published August 15th, 2014
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby: Squeak Squad
Kirby Super Star (Dyna Blade / The Great Cave Offensive)
Chapters 11
Pages 217[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
ISBN 978-4046314376[1]
Volume order
Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods! Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess
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Kirby discovers a large egg in an old temple. Kirby and his friends guard the egg and substitute for the parent bird, who is wounded and is having trouble looking after the egg. Meanwhile, the great bandits, the Squeak Squad, are coming around to steal the egg...?!
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!

Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad![2] is the third volume of the Kirby novel series, published exclusively in Japan on August 15th, 2014.[3] In this volume, Kirby and Waddle Dee come across a temple, and meet a bird named Acti Blade who trusts them to take care of her egg. They stay at King Dedede's castle to keep it safe, but the Squeaks, led by Daroach, repeatedly come to steal the egg. When Kirby and co. finally get to go to the temple, they fall into a trap with the Squeaks. They traverse an underground dungeon, and meet Acti Blade again at the end. She flies them out of the temple, and Daroach reveals that he only wanted the cushion that the egg was strapped to.

This novel is primarily inspired by Kirby: Squeak Squad, but it also takes some inspiration from Dyna Blade and The Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Super Star.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: An Old Temple[edit]

Kirby and Waddle Dee observe the newfound Copy Essences.

The story begins with Kirby and Waddle Dee playing in an unexplored field in Dream Land, where many flowers are in bloom. They lose track of time, and Waddle Dee insists they wrap up their fun so he can head back to Castle Dedede before King Dedede throws a fit over him being late. Kirby, however, is preoccupied after stumbling upon a large ancient temple, looking to have been very elegant at some point in the past. The puffball prematurely dashes in, despite his friend's wariness, and quickly sets off a trap which plummets him down into a pit. He manages to safely hover out before hitting the bottom. Despite the close call, the puffball eagerly insists to go deeper within the ruined temple.

Soon the two come upon two paths splitting off from each-other, and head to the right, where they eventually make their way into a large chamber containing several Copy Essences. Kirby touches one with a small flame inside and gains the Fire Copy Ability to showcase the Copy Essences to Waddle Dee. Determined to continue exploring, Kirby excitedly pressures his friend deeper into the mysterious temple.

Chapter 2: A Large Egg[edit]

Fire Kirby faces off against the Squeaks.

The two continue deeper until they reach a chamber even larger than the last, where a large egg rested on some type of soft cushion atop an altar is located. Without a second thought, Kirby attempts to lift the egg up to cook it using his fire breath. Suddenly, a large metal cage drops down onto him, trapping him and causing Waddle Dee to panic. The two attempt to lift the cage up, but to no avail, and just as they begin to give up hope, the sound of large flapping wings is heard as the vibrant mother bird rushes in from above.

The bird lands and releases Kirby in preparation to attack. She falters however, having a wound on her leg. Kirby and Waddle Dee ignore her aggression and try to help, but only pressure her to flap her large wings to stir up wind and blow them away. This ends up blowing the egg off the altar. Acting quickly—and having changed his mind about eating the egg—Kirby and his friend catch it. The bird then calms down, realizing they aren't a threat. She reveals herself to be Acti Blade, and explains that a group of thieves had previously tried to steal her egg, causing her to fall victim to a trap and injure herself. Before she says more, they are abruptly interrupted by the SqueaksDoc, Spinni, and Storo, who were the thieves from before. Kirby quickly fends them off after a short battle using his Fire ability. He and Waddle Dee then ride back to Castle Dedede on Acti Blade after agreeing to protect the egg for ten days while she heals her wound at her distant hometown. Doc, Spinni, and Storo are revealed to have been eavesdropping on them out of sight, and set out to report to their boss.

Chapter 3: King Dedede is an Ally?[edit]

The Squeaks plan their heist.

When the pair arrive at Castle Dedede, King Dedede is angry at Waddle Dee for coming late for making his dinner. The king notices that Kirby came, and gets even more mad. The two show Dedede the egg, and he immediately assumes that they're going to cook it. Kirby and Waddle Dee then tell Dedede all about what happened (while leaving out the part that they were hanging out together). When Dedede asks what the bird's name is, Kirby only remembers that it had "Blade" at the end of its name. King Dedede agrees to help them protect the egg. Waddle Dee and Kirby celebrate, which makes the king suspicious of their friendship. He rebukes Waddle Dee for the possibility of him hanging out with Kirby, but Waddle Dee quickly makes an excuse that he randomly encountered the pink puff after he got the egg. Afterward, King Dedede demands for Waddle Dee to make him dinner.

Meanwhile, Daroach and the rest of the Squeaks are eavesdropping on the group outside of Castle Dedede. Daroach plans to swiftly snag the treasure while Kirby and friends are asleep. Just as he says his plan, Squeakers run out from the castle. They report that the treasure will be kept in Waddle Dee's room. Doc worries about the possibility of Kirby and Dedede waking up. Daroach is not worried, and commands the group to make sure the egg does not crack, no matter how bad of a fight they get into.

Chapter 4: The Squeak Squad Appears![edit]

Daroach grabs the egg, accidentally setting off the "security system".

Kirby decides to sleep in Waddle Dee's room. The two are excited about having a sleepover together. The egg is kept under the bed, tied to its cushion with a rope. Waddle Dee worries that the Squeaks might sneak in while they're asleep. Kirby assures him that they will be fine, because he set a "warning device" by tying cans and rocks to the egg with strings. With Waddle Dee still worried, the two of them fall asleep.

At midnight, Daroach, Spinni, and Storo reach the room's balcony, with Doc outside on the lookout. The window is locked, so Daroach picks the lock with a wire to open it. Daroach and Spinni stealthily sneak into the room and prepare to snatch the egg. When they lift it up, the warning device makes a bunch of noise. Waddle Dee wakes up immediately, while Kirby is still dreaming about food. Daroach removes the warning device and escapes out the window with Spinni. Kirby and Waddle Dee run towards the balcony, but Storo stands in their way. As Storo tries to pound Kirby with his hammer, King Dedede storms in, having woke up immediately after hearing the warning device. The king's hammer collides with Storo's and he commands Kirby to go after Daroach. Kirby slips past them and jumps down from the balcony.

Kirby catches up to the thieves and spits an Air Bullet at Doc's machine. Daroach and Spinni narrowly dodge it, but the egg is hurled into the air from Kirby's attack. Daroach catches it just in time. He sends Doc and Spinni to fight Kirby while he escapes with the egg. Suddenly, Sparky enters, and is angry at Kirby for making so much noise near his house at such a late hour. Kirby gets an idea, and inhales Sparky to get the Spark ability. Kirby electrocutes Spinni and Doc, stunning them. With those two out of the way, Kirby sprints towards Daroach.

Kirby catches up to Daroach and shoots a bolt of lightning at him. Kirby takes the egg back and drops his Spark ability, releasing an annoyed Sparky. He then heads back to Castle Dedede.

Chapter 5: Meta Knight's Betrayal!?[edit]

Meta Knight shows up to free Storo.

Kirby returns to Castle Dedede, and Waddle Dee is happy to see him back. They notice that the egg is unharmed, thanks to the cushion it is strapped to, which is made of Acti Blade's feathers. Storo is shown to have lost to King Dedede, and is now tied up. The three interrogate Storo for why Daroach would want to steal the egg. He says it is not an egg, and just when he is about is about to elaborate, Meta Knight appears. Meta Knight says he was recruited by Daroach, and cuts the ropes holding Storo, much to the group's confusion. King Dedede asks why Meta Knight is helping thieves. Meta Knight says they have the wrong idea about Daroach, but Dedede attacks before he can explain further. Meta Knight gives up and leaves with Storo.

Kirby, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede are baffled that Meta Knight would take Daroach's side. They try to imagine what his reason could be. Kirby puts himself in Meta Knight's shoes and tries to think of a reason he would help the Squeaks. He thinks about Daroach offering him cake, and immediately gets excited with his thoughts of food. Dedede doubts they would bribe Meta Knight with cake. Waddle Dee suggests that Meta Knight is being threatened, and Daroach is taking advantage of his weakness. The three try to imagine what kind of weakness Meta Knight could even have, but eventually give up. Then, Waddle Dee points out that when they asked Storo why the Squeaks want the egg, he said that it's not an egg. King Dedede thinks it might be a jewel, but Kirby denies that. He is confident that it is an egg because Acti Blade said so.

The three agree to do everything they can to protect the egg. They decide to take turns sleeping, and always have one of them stay awake to guard the egg.

Chapter 6: Daroach's Strategy[edit]

Kirby's sleep-inhaling terrorizes everyone.

Days pass without any sign of Meta Knight or the Squeaks. Kirby and King Dedede get very bored. They cannot even go out anywhere because they have to keep the egg safe. Despite all this, Waddle Dee still remains patient.

That night, it is Waddle Dee's turn to stay awake to guard the egg. He does not expect the Squeaks to show up, so he brings out his favorite picture book to keep himself entertained. Waddle Dee quickly gets very drowsy, but tries to stop himself from falling asleep. It becomes too much for him, and he falls asleep anyway.

It is revealed that the Squeakers had snuck into the castle's attic and sent sleeping gas into Waddle Dee's room. This was all according to Daroach's plan, and he had been hiding at the balcony with the rest of the Squeaks and Meta Knight. They all sneak in, wearing face masks to protect them from the sleeping gas. When Daroach is about to take the egg, Kirby starts talking, which startles everyone. They notice that Kirby is still sleeping, and is only talking in his sleep. Kirby is dreaming about food and gets excited. Still half-asleep, Kirby faces towards the Squeaks and starts inhaling. The inhale is too powerful and everyone grabs on to each other to avoid getting sucked in. Daroach pushes the egg under the bed to keep it from getting inhaled by Kirby. The Squeaks and Meta Knight escape from the room and tumble down from the balcony. While Storo, Spinni, and Doc are recovering, Meta Knight explains to them that Kirby was only dreaming about food. Daroach was unaware that Kirby's power was so immense, and Meta Knight suggests that he gives up. Daroach refuses, and tells Meta Knight he can stop working with him. Meta Knight also refuses and says he still has a promise to fulfill with Daroach. The group then leaves the castle grounds.

The next morning, Waddle Dee wakes up in shock. Kirby and King Dedede wake up too, startled by his loud shouts. The room is a complete mess, with furniture flipped over, and everything on the shelves now on the floor. King Dedede quickly blames Waddle Dee for the mess and yells at him. The three notice that the egg is missing and search the room for it. Waddle Dee eventually finds it under the bed. Kirby and Dedede are confused, because they had it placed next to Waddle Dee before they went to bed. Dedede thinks the mess was caused by one of them tossing around in their sleep while having a nightmare about the Squeaks coming. Dedede and Waddle Dee look at Kirby, but he quickly denies it. Kirby assures them that he had a great dream, and starts describing all the food he had dreamed about that night. Dedede denies he caused the mess, and immediately goes back to blaming Waddle Dee for it. Waddle Dee is unsure of what he dreamed about, which convinces Dedede that Waddle Dee made a mess of the room in his sleep. He commands Waddle Dee to clean the room, and Kirby joins in. As the two clean the room together, Kirby jokes that he could beat the Squeaks even if he was half-asleep.

Chapter 7: Onto the Temple!![edit]

Doc's air cannon fails to shoot air far enough.

More days pass without any sign of the Squeaks. The day of Acti Blade's return finally arrives. Meta Knight comes to Castle Dedede, this time at the entrance like a normal visitor. King Dedede is immediately angry to see him, but Meta Knight assures him that he only wants to clear up a misunderstanding. As they speak, Kirby and Waddle Dee are in the kitchen making dinner. They left the egg in the corner of the kitchen, to keep it in their sight. Kirby goes up to the egg and tells it that its mother will be back soon. It moves, which surprises Kirby. Kirby calls Waddle Dee over, and the egg continues shaking as Kirby talks to it some more. Kirby and Waddle Dee are excited, and Kirby immediately wants to make a cake to celebrate the birthday for the chick inside. As Kirby makes his cake, he starts putting in any ingredient that sounds good to him, including vegetables, meat, fish, noodles, and many more incompatible ingredients. He decides to give it a little taste test. Upon tasting it, Kirby starts screaming from the horrible taste and bounces around the floors and walls, causing a lot of damage to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, King Dedede and Meta Knight are in the hall. Dedede asks Meta Knight why he would join a thief like Daroach. Meta Knight says that he owes Daroach for helping him in the past, and that there is a misunderstanding. Before he can explain, a loud crashing sound is heard in the castle. Dedede immediately assumes that Meta Knight had planted a bomb and attacks him. Meta Knight dodges all his attacks and gives up on explaining everything to the king. He makes his escape out the balcony. Kirby and Waddle Dee come out of the kitchen, and Dedede tells them what happened. They plan their trip to the temple, but Dedede first wants to check around his castle for bombs, because he is suspicious that Meta Knight had planted more. Kirby joins him, while Waddle Dee ponders that Meta Knight must have a reason for helping Daroach.

Several hours later, Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee make their journey to bring the egg back to the temple. The Squeaks and Meta Knight are spying on them behind a giant papier-mâché boulder that they made. They notice a wheel pulling a cart with Dedede, Waddle Dee, and the egg. Meta Knight points out that the wheel is Kirby after copying the Wheel ability from Wheelie. Spinni, Storo, and Doc had been building a cannon that shoots Air Bullets, like the ones Kirby attacks with. They plan to blow Kirby and co. away with it and then take the treasure. The Squeaks fire the cannon, but Kirby and co. are unaffected. They realize that the cannon is too far away, and that Air Bullets are balls of air that disappear after flying a few feet. Kirby and co. are a hundred yards away, but the cannon has a range of only several inches. Much to Daroach's annoyance, the group decides to move closer to Kirby and co.'s cart.

Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee are excited to finally be out of the castle after staying inside for so long. As they are about to have lunch, they notice that a nearby giant boulder is moving. The Squeaks see that they have been found out by Kirby and his friends. King Dedede notices the cannon and realizes that the Squeaks are behind it. Kirby charges at the cannon, smashing it to pieces. With the Squeaks out of the way, Kirby continues pulling the cart on the path to the temple. Spinni, Storo, and Doc are sad that the cannon was destroyed, but Daroach remains collected. The Squeaks and Meta Knight jump into an airship that Daroach had prepared and chase after Kirby and co.'s cart.

Chapter 8: The Egg and Waddle Dee[edit]

The Squeaks capture Waddle Dee, along with the egg.

Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee arrive at the temple to return the egg. Kirby drops his Wheel ability, and they head inside. Waddle Dee warns Dedede about the temple's traps as they carefully make their way to the room with the Copy Essences.

When the three reach the Copy Essence room, they decide to sit down and have lunch. Right when they're about to dig in, their lunchtime is cut short when the Squeaks and Meta Knight show up. Kirby goes to a Copy Essence to copy the Fire ability, which he had used last time he was at the temple. Kirby starts breathing flames, but forgets to pay attention to his surroundings. Waddle Dee screams when the fire is very close to scorching the egg. Fortunately, Kirby stops, and the egg is unhurt. Kirby removes his Fire ability in shock. With the group distracted, Storo grabs Waddle Dee and the egg. The Squeaks and Meta Knight then make their getaway. Kirby and King Dedede are enraged and give chase.

The Squeaks and Meta Knight run through the temple, avoiding all the traps. Waddle Dee drops the egg, but Daroach quickly picks it up. This distracts one of the Squeaks, who accidentally steps on a button, setting off a trap. The same pit that Kirby fell into before opens up. Daroach and Meta Knight get out of the way, but Spinni, Storo, and Doc all fall in with the egg and Waddle Dee. Meta Knight turns his cape into wings, and he goes into the pit with Daroach.

Kirby and King Dedede catch up after seeing the others fall into the pit from a distance. They use their hovering abilities to slowly float down the pit. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the pit is an underground lake. Storo, Spinni, Doc, and Waddle Dee fall into the lake. Daroach and Meta Knight reach the lake right after and float above it in midair. Spinni and Doc are okay, but Storo and Waddle Dee are sinking to the bottom. While Meta Knight holds on to the egg, Daroach dives into the water to bring them back up to the surface. Storo is unconscious from the water's impact, so Daroach gives him a good pinch to wake him up. With the Squeaks and Waddle Dee safely floating on the water's surface, Meta Knight decides to finally explain the whole misunderstanding to Waddle Dee. Waddle Dee is unsure at first, but he listens as Meta Knight explains everything.

Chapter 9: The Underground is Full of Danger[edit]

Kirby tries to save Waddle Dee as Fatty Whale approaches.

Kirby and King Dedede finally reach the underground lake. Waddle Dee tries to explain the misunderstanding to the two, but they refuse to listen, and Dedede angrily knocks Waddle Dee further into the water. Daroach gets mad about this, but the water starts to shake rapidly before they can fight.

Fatty Whale emerges from the water and starts chasing the group. Everyone flees, but Waddle Dee has a hard time swimming away. Kirby tries to grab him, but Daroach thinks it will be faster if Waddle Dee grabbed onto Doc's machine. Kirby reluctantly agrees, and Doc saves Waddle Dee. Everyone safely gets out of the lake, and Fatty Whale gives up on chasing them. Meta Knight, who has held on to the egg, decides to finally explain the misunderstanding to Kirby, but he is quickly interrupted by a loud voice. Clown Acrobot shows up with a friendly demeanor, while juggling some balls. His tone immediately changes, and he starts rapidly throwing his balls at everyone. Kirby manages to inhale Clown Acrobot and obtains the Circus ability.

Kirby happily tests out his new Copy Ability's skills, but then notices a mine cart nearby. Kirby is curious where its track leads, and follows it. King Dedede, Storo, Spinni, and Doc are fascinated with the cart and board it. Dedede orders Waddle Dee to get on too. Meta Knight and Daroach want them to get out, but they do not budge. Dedede accidentally moves a lever and the mine cart starts accelerating. It starts moving slowly, but then starts going down the track at an intensely high speed.

Chapter 10: The Stone Statue of a Warlock[edit]

Wham Bam Gaia appears.

As he walks across the track, Kirby notices a loud sound behind him. The mine cart the others are in approaches quickly, and Kirby runs from it as fast as he can. The track eventually ends over a cliff and Kirby falls. The mine cart also falls down the cliff and breaks when it hits the ground, throwing everyone on board out of it. After Kirby makes sure everyone is okay, the room starts shaking.

A stone sculpture emerges out of the wall in front of them, and reveals himself as Sorcerer Wham Bam Gaia. He is mad at the group for interrupting his sleep, and attacks. King Dedede prepares to fight with his hammer, but Wham Bam Gaia breaks it with his stone hand. Kirby decides to try out his Circus ability's attacks in battle, and spawns a balloon. He throws it at Wham Bam Gaia's hand, which makes a damaging explosion. Kirby throws more balloons, and Wham Bam Gaia focuses his attention on crushing Kirby. His hand is immediately frozen in ice before he can. The group notices that Daroach and Meta Knight had caught up just in time, and Daroach had fired an ice laser from a cane that he carries. Meta Knight gives the egg to Waddle Dee and prepares to fight Wham Bam Gaia with Kirby, King Dedede, and Daroach. Dedede tries to kick the stone warlock, but is grabbed by him right away. Before Wham Bam Gaia can crush Dedede in his hand, Daroach fires another ice laser, this time in his eyes. Wham Bam Gaia lets go of Dedede, and Meta Knight tries to tell him that they do not want to fight. Wham Bam Gaia does not listen, so Kirby deals the finishing blow by throwing a balloon at his hand, destroying it. Wham Bam Gaia is defeated, and he reverts back to his form as a sculpture on the wall.

Acti Blade flies into the room after all the noise, with her wound fully healed. She is shocked at their victory against Wham Bam Gaia, and lets Kirby and the others get on her back so she can fly them out. She is initially displeased with seeing the Squeaks, but with Kirby's permission, she lets them all get on her back too. With everyone boarded on her, Acti Blade flies out of the underground.

Chapter 11: What the Great Bandits Want[edit]

Everyone is happy to see Acti Blade's newly-hatched chick.

Acti Blade flies everyone out of the temple and shakes everyone off once they reach the ground outside. She explains that Wham Bam Gaia is the owner of the temple, and he drives any visitors away with his bad temper. Kirby drops his Circus ability, freeing Clown Acrobot. He is happy to be free from the cave and leaves. Everyone's attention turns to Daroach, and he introduces himself to Acti Blade. He unties the cushion from the egg and explains that he only wanted the cushion. Daroach had trouble falling asleep before, so he wanted to take the cushion to use it as a pillow. Meta Knight then explains that he helped Daroach to repay him for saving his henchmen, Sword Knight and Blade Knight, in the past.

Daroach politely gives the egg back to Acti Blade. King Dedede butts in and demands a reward for helping Kirby and Waddle Dee protect the egg. Dedede asks for one of Acti Blade's crest feathers, so she lets him pluck one. Dedede starts celebrating and reveals that he only helped Kirby and Waddle Dee so he could get rich by selling a Dyna Blade feather. Everyone is disappointed in him, and Acti Blade informs him that she is not Dyna Blade, and that her crest feathers are not worth anything. Dedede is angry at this, and Kirby realizes that he only remembered the "Blade" part of Acti Blade's name.

Acti Blade gives Kirby and Waddle Dee a bag of sweets as a gift for protecting her egg. Suddenly, the egg starts cracking. A chick jumps out, and recognizes Kirby's voice. He is happy to see Kirby, knowing that Kirby protected him. Acti Blade bids farewell to everyone shortly and flies back to her hometown with her chick. Kirby apologizes to Daroach for misunderstanding, and Daroach forgives him as he leaves with the rest of the Squeaks. Kirby, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight then all leave the temple's outskirts together. The story draws to a close as Kirby wishes he could have spent more time with the chick while the four walk their way back.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ 大盗賊だいとうぞくドロッチェだんあらわる!のまき
hoshi no kābyi daitōzoku dorocche-dan arawaru! no maki
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Thieves, the Squeak Squad, Have Arrived! Volume