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Novel Kizario Artwork.png
Artwork of Kizario from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!
Role Guest character
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Kizario[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes his guest appearance in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!. Claiming to be the producer of Comet TV, a studio managed by his mother, he travels to Dream Land to host a race course in order to find his missing pet Peperon.


Kizario is a young man of an unknown human-like species. He is plump and has pointy ears, a button nose, cheek blush and stubby arms and legs. His light hair is in a wavy mohawk that he often brushes back, and he has thick eyebrows. Kizario has a flashy attire consisting of a light shirt, a scarf, and large sunglasses. He also wears a wrist watch.

Kizario is pompous, bossy and moody, often behaving like a brat. He demands a lot from others, like being referred to as Kiza-P (short for Producer Kizario) by the crew. However, when things don't go his way, he is quick to lose confidence and attempts to hide his failures. He values his own privileges more than the success of others. Nonetheless, with the right influence Kizario is caring towards his close ones.

Role in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land![edit]

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Kizario no longer wants anything to do with Peperon.

Kizario was born to the CEO of Comet TV. He lived a privileged life in a distant city under the watchful eye of his caretaker, the magician Kurron. Inspired by his mother and aided by her influence, Kizario produced several TV shows, all of which were unsuccessful.

On one of his birthdays many years prior to the events of the novel, the young Kizario bought a miniature bear, Peperon, as a pet. The two became close friends and played together. However, when Kizario was ridiculed by his peers, he decided to make Peperon bigger and stronger. Kurron refused to use magic on the bear for such purposes, so Kizario used Kurron's spell book behind his back. After he succesfully cast the spell, Peperon fled to Dream Land, and Kizario aimed to find the bear before Kurron found out.

Upon arriving in Dream Land in his airship, Kizario convinces Walky (and less so Cappy) that he is the producer of Comet TV. He makes himself known in Castle Dedede and announces a big race, promising a grand prize for the winner. He intends to hush up the TV aspect and call it a misunderstanding. However, while King Dedede tries to bribe him, he is forced to change plans when Walky asks Meta Knight to help commentate in order to boost the show's ratings. To Kizario's dismay, the latter notices a shady figure that Kizario immediately recognizes as Kurron. Kizario has a filming crew arrive on short notice and orders them to set up the race course and check all over Dream Land.

On the day of the race, Kizario announces the rules and warns the contestants to inform his staff if anything out of the ordinary happens. Throughout the race, he watches over the racers with binoculars and checks for any signs of Peperon. Seeing the success of the show, he attributes it to his talent. As Kizario comments to himself on the varying effectiveness of challenges, Meta Knight becomes increasingly suspicious of the race as a whole and catches the self-proclaimed producer off-guard.

At the singing challenge, Kizario joins the contestants, where he and everyone else are knocked out by Mike Kirby. When they come to, Kizario urges the racers to hurry to the chocolate challenge, and they are annoyed by this. When they reach that challenge, Kizario hears Walky's scream signifying the location of Peperon. When he orders the racers to leave the chocolate pool that they reluctantly entered, they snap at him. However, they still decide to follow him to rescue Walky.

Once they arrive, Kizario commands the contestants to defeat the oversized Peperon as their last challenge. When Peperon starts licking the chocolate off Chef Kawasaki, he reveals that the creature loves sweets, explaining the previous obstacle. However, Kirby, Meta Knight and Kurron arrive. Kizario is put off, but Kurron ends up saving most his reprimands for later. As Kurron attempts to prevent any damage being caused to Peperon, Kizario yells that he does not consider it his pet any longer since it became too large.

The tearful being tries to aproach its owner, who cowers and ends up falling off a cliff into a river. Peperon and Jet Kirby combine efforts to rescue him. Kurron returns Peperon back to normal, but when Kizario comes to, the bear is nowhere to be seen. He is full of regrets. He and Kurron explain the story to the rest, including the purpose of the race and its obstacles.

The crew informs Kizario that a contestant is approaching the finish line. They hurry there. As the group argues about the legitimacy of Waddle Dee's victory, Kizario notices Peperon in Waddle Dee's scooter. He immediately hugs his pet and apologizes to it, and then announces Waddle Dee as the winner, thanking him for saving the bear.

Kizario reaffirms his intention of making Walky an official announcer. However, he immediately gets an unfortunate call from his furious mother. She complains about the failure of his show, and bans from snacks. This makes Kizario change his mind, yelling at Walky, and denying the persistent Dedede the 300-year supply of ramen that he nagged Kizario about. However, despite this deprivation, Kizario is happy to be reunited with his treasured pet.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キザリオ
From「気障きざわり」(kizawari), which translates to "unpleasant", "high-hat", or "pompous", combined with Japanese male name ending「~お」.