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Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land!

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Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land!
Kirby Big Trouble in the Yarn World Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land!
Volume # 13
Published March 15th, 2019
Original story? No
Adaptation of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Chapters 9 + Prologue + Epilogue
Pages 216[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Prince Fluff
King Dedede
Meta Knight
ISBN 978-4046318947[1]
Volume order
Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?! Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands!
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Kirby is sucked into Patch Land by a mysterious Magic Sock, and sets off on a great adventure with Prince Fluff to defeat Yin-Yarn, who is trying to conquer the world! With the new "Metamortex Transformations" and "Ravel Abilities", they face powerful enemies who block their way!! However, around that time, Yin-Yarn was also about to invade Dream Land...?! To save both worlds, Kirby is going to play a big active role! A novel version of the popular game, "Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn"!
— Unofficial translation of the description

Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land![derived from Japanese] is the thirteenth volume of the Kirby novel series, published in Japan on March 15th, 2019.[2] It is an adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS game, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, retelling the story first seen in Kirby's Epic Yarn, with elements of its 3DS version.

Kirby gets ambushed by a strange man completely made of yarn, and gets sent to a world also completely made of yarn, Patch Land. There, he meets Prince Fluff, who asks him for help putting back the continents of his world together, which were torn apart by the same man who ambushed Kirby, Yin-Yarn. With his newly gained Transformations and Ravel abilities, Kirby and Fluff set off an adventure to save not only Patch Land, but also Dream Land.


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Plot synopsis[edit]


Kirby at Chef Kawasaki's restaurant, wondering why it's closed.

Kirby goes to Chef Kawasaki's restaurant to get lunch, but unexpectedly finds it closed. He calls Kawasaki, who tells him he's sick, and that his restaurant will stay closed for an unknown period of time. Disappointed, Kirby accepts and wishes him a speedy recovery, but before he can leave, Kawasaki warns Kirby to be careful: if he finds someone made of yarn, he should stay away from them. Kirby does not understand, and while Kawasaki tries to reaffirm how they are dangerous, Kirby gets distracted thinking of food and doesn't listen to him, eventually leaving him behind.

Inside the restaurant, Kawasaki recalls how he was attacked earlier while he went to gather ingredients. The evil yarn person transformed his body into yarn, and he was so embarrassed about it that he closed his restaurant, and lied to Kirby about him having a cold. He regrets doing that, worried now that Kirby did not take his warning seriously, and that he could get into trouble if he also gets transformed into yarn.

In the meantime, Kirby, still hungry, wonders where he will find food, when a tomato rolls in front of him. Without thinking twice, he starts to inhale his favorite food, not realizing it's actually made of yarn. From the nearby bushes, a person completely made of yarn with a big hat shows up, and yells at Kirby not to eat his magic tomato, the Metamato, but it's too late, and Kirby eats it. Swallowing it and realizing how it tastes different from a regular tomato, Kirby finally notices the yarn person, and realizes it's likely the one Kawasaki warned him about. Angry at Kirby, the yarn person makes a sock he has with him start sucking up the air, lifting up Kirby and sending him inside the sock.

Chapter 1: Yarn Kirby?![edit]

Kirby's new friend, Prince Fluff.

After falling for a while, Kirby eventually lands on an open field. He looks around and finds the landscape strange: everything looks as if it was made of yarn and fabric. Before he can understand where he is, Kirby hears someone crying for help, and sees a blue boy being chased by a horned monster. Kirby doesn't think twice and attempts to inhale the monster, but he cannot for some reason, and that is when he realizes his body is now also made of yarn. Worried and unsure what to do, Kirby ends up transforming into a car somehow. He dashes in front of the boy, who jumps on Kirby and tells him to go towards a castle. Kirby does as ordered, leaving the monster behind to eat his dust.

In front of the castle, Kirby stops and the boy jumps off of him. Kirby transforms back, and the two introduce each other: the blue boy says he's Fluff. He asks where Kirby is from, and when he names Dream Land, Fluff admits he hasn't heard of it before. Concluding that Kirby is a traveler from faraway, Fluff asks him to tell him his story. Kirby agrees, thinking Fluff can help him get home after a quick talk, unaware of the adventure that awaits them.

Chapter 2: A Great Adventure with Prince Fluff![edit]

Kirby attacks a Uniclod with his Yarn Whip.

Now inside the castle, which Kirby notes is completely made of yarn, Fluff introduces himself again, saying he's the prince of Patch Land. He explains that it used to be a peaceful country, until an evildoer named Yin-Yarn attacked and split Patch Land into multiple parts, aiming to conquer the world. Fluff was about to start a journey to restore it, when he was attacked, and saved by Kirby. Kirby mentions how he has no clue how he was able to transform into a car, prompting Fluff to ask how he even came to Patch Land. Kirby explains what happened earlier, and when he mentions a tomato, Fluff has a thought: perhaps it was one of those rare, magic Metamatos said to be able to grant powers to whoever eats one. Hearing the name, Kirby says that indeed, that was what the capped man mentioned. Right after, Fluff asks Kirby to lend his strength to help restore Patch Land, to which Kirby quickly accepts, feeling bad for Fluff. Before they leave, however, Kirby mentions he's hungry, which makes Fluff laugh and ask his chefs to prepare them food. After they eat, Kirby and Fluff leave the castle, ready to start their adventure.

Walking around a grassy field, Fluff says they are now in Grass Land, when a Uniclod appears. Kirby tries to inhale the monster out of instinct, but he remembers he cannot in his current state. The Uniclod attempts to hit Fluff with his horn, and Kirby, desperate, extends his hand towards Fluff, which unexpectedly causes a woolen yarn whip to come out of his hand. It hits the monster, tearing it apart completely. Fluff asks Kirby what that was, and Kirby doesn't know how he did it. He tries to do the same thing again, and extends his hand towards an apple tree, causing the whip to appear again and grab an apple from it. Finding it convenient, and happy that they can now beat the monsters easily, the two continue their journey.

Chapter 3: Big Fierce Fighting with Metamortex Transformations!![edit]

Kirby and Fluff wreak havoc in Grass Land with the Tankbot.

As Kirby and Fluff walk, they hear an evil laugh, and look around trying to find its source. They spot a hole and see an eyeball from it, and Fluff, worried, says they were found by someone that lives on the other side of their world. The hole grows larger, and a round one-eyed purple creature with bat-like wings comes out of it, and starts flying around laughing maniacally. They start throwing some spiked balls, one hits Fluff and he gets hurt. Angry at the creature, Kirby tries to attack them with his yarn whip, but they dodge, and attack Kirby, who also dodges. They do that for a while, when Kirby wonders if he can throw something bigger at them. He looks at the apple tree from earlier, and grabs the largest apple he can find with his yarn whip. Resisting the urge to eat it, he throws it at the creature: they cannot dodge and are hit. Defeated, the creature comments on how fun it was and starts laughing a lot.

With the matter settled, Fluff asks if they are a subordinate of Yin-Yarn, which they deny. They introduce themselves as Me-Devil, and says he was attracted to that side of the world after hearing Kirby battle with the Uniclod earlier, wanting to battle him as well. The devil says that, as a prize for their fun time just now, he can give them secret information only people of his world know. Fluff quickly asks for information on how to put the continents together, and Me-Devil says that to do that they need the Magic Yarn, and points out how Yin-Yarn's henchmen probably each hold a piece of it: there is one guarding each continent. He comments how in Grass Land it's a dragon named Fangora, and that it is likely in the sky. Kirby wonders how they can battle it, and Fluff suggests wreaking havoc on Grass Land, its territory, to anger it and make it go after them. Kirby thinks of causing a mess with apples, but Fluff says that won't be enough, and asks Me-Devil if he knows of any weapon. He says that, since Kirby ate a Metamato, he can undergo a Metamortex Transformation if he touches a Metamortex, but he doesn't know where to find one. Fluff thinks that maybe the treasure room of his castle may have one, and he runs towards the castle, with Kirby following.

In the treasure room, Fluff ends up finding a rainbow-colored ring, and he explains to Kirby that this is a treasure his ancestors found long ago deep in a forest, but never found a use for. Fluff gives the ring to Kirby, which causes him to transform into a giant round robot, surprising both of them. Kirby and Fluff realize missiles fly every time Kirby talks, then Fluff jumps on the robot's cockpit, saying he will give Kirby instructions, and decides to call this transformation "Tankbot".

The two go back to Grass Land, and start to beat monsters over and over easily with the Tankbot, which soon enough draws the attention of Fangora. When it shows up, Kirby shoots missiles at it, but it easily destroys them with wind gusts, and then counterattacks shooting fireballs, which hit the Tankbot. Complaining about the heat, Kirby starts to flap his arms, which makes one of them touch a nearby tree, making him roll around it and lose his transformation. Fangora continues to attack, but Kirby manages to dodge the fireballs, now that he's a smaller target. Fluff and Kirby have an idea, and start to take turns throwing rocks at the dragon, who keeps looking at Fluff, then Kirby, then Fluff, over and over, until it gets dizzy and opens its mouth, revealing a tongue with a button on it. Fluff tells Kirby to pull that button, and he does so with his yarn whip. Like a tug of war match, Kirby and Fangora both start pulling in their direction, and Fluff goes to help Kirby pull, until they both coordinate to let go at the same time, causing the tongue to go right back at Fangora, hitting it so hard its body starts to fall apart. As it does, a strong light appears, which Fluff recognizes as a piece of the Magic Yarn. The Magic Yarn flies off and stitches back two continents together as the ground shakes. Happy, Fluff says next they should go to Hot Land, and runs off in its direction, followed by Kirby.

Chapter 4: The Castle Dedede Takeover Operation?![edit]

Yin-Yarn ambushes and captures King Dedede.

Meanwhile in Dream Land, Bandana Waddle Dee is doing some cleaning in Castle Dedede when two Waddle Dees come to report their duties to him, and he quickly passes their next tasks. However, he realizes that their voices sound different, and notices that they are made of yarn, to his surprise. The Waddle Dees, being found out, laugh and ambush Bandana Waddle Dee, tying him in yarn, making it impossible for him to move. From the shadows, a man made of yarn emerges, and celebrates. Bandana Waddle Dee gathers courage to ask what the intruder wants, and Yin-Yarn says he also plans to take over their world. As Yin-Yarn knits more yarn Waddle Dees, Bandana Waddle Dee realizes that he is making imposter Dees infiltrate among the real ones. Not being able to do anything, Bandana Dee is hopeful that his king won't fall for Yin-Yarn's tricks.

Inside the castle, King Dedede is eating some snacks, bored, when two Waddle Dees come to serve him, and one says that the king is tired, and they should treat his shoulders. Dedede finds it strange, but ultimately agrees, and lets the Waddle Dees do their massage. However, he realizes they are tying his arms in yarn, but before he can understand, the Waddle Dees have completely tied him up. Yin-Yarn then shows up, saying that now Dedede will be his subordinate. But then Yin-Yarn realizes that Dedede is building up anger, and almost tearing apart the yarn tying him up, so he makes the sock around his neck glow and suck up Dedede to Patch Land. With King Dedede gone, Yin-Yarn says his conquest of Dream Land is one step closer.

Back in Patch Land, Kirby and Fluff are walking through a vast desert of Hot Land. Tired of walking under the scorching sun, Kirby suggests they take a break, and Fluff says he thinks there is a cave inside a nearby mountain, and they head in that direction. However, as they reach there, they realize it's actually a volcano, and the cave is hotter than outside. Fluff apologizes to Kirby, and they decide to give up on the cave. However, they notice a hole and a creature comes out of it, but it's not Me-Devil as they expect: it's a creature like him, but with a triangular sharp helmet instead. The creature starts to charge towards the two, and they decide to simply run away, with Fluff riding Kirby transformed into a car. The creature chases them until they reach a cactus: Kirby jumps over it, but the creature hits it and gets knocked out. After getting back to their senses, they laugh and say they are Ye-Devil. He says Me-Devil told him about some strong people from Patch Land, but he could not believe cute kids like Kirby and Fluff could be that strong, so he attacked them to see if it was really true. Realizing he's like Me-Devil, Fluff asks Ye-Devil for information regarding who guards the Magic Yarn of Hot Land, and he says it's Hot Wings, who is at a mountain they can only reach by going through the cave from earlier. Fluff says they can't go through the cave, and Ye-Devil gives them a solution: a Metamortex. He gives it to Kirby, who transforms into a Fire Engine, which has a hose that can shoot water. Fluff thanks Ye-Devil, and Kirby and Fluff head back to the cave.

Chapter 5: New Powers, Ravel Abilities![edit]

Yin-Yarn ambushes Meta Knight.

Kirby and Fluff enter the cave, as Kirby cools down any fires and lava around them, letting them go through without major issues. The inside is steep, so they start to walk up inside the cave, when suddenly they start being attacked by molten rocks, and they see a subordinate of Yin-Yarn: a Calderon. It continues to attack them, until Kirby shoots water at it, causing it to panic and flee. Before they continue, Fluff realizes that the Calderon left behind something: it's some sort of shining yarn ball. Fluff then recognizes it and says that's a Ravel Ball, that can grant a Ravel Ability, and starts to ramble about how Ravel Abilities are used by the most important ministry of his country, as a confused Kirby listens. Done talking, Fluff asks Kirby to drop his Metamortex Transformation, and he does as ordered. Given the Yarn Ball, it goes to Kirby's head and Fluff realizes it's the Knitting Needles Ravel Ability. He asks Kirby to knit something, and Kirby manages to knit a yarn ball with a star inside. He throws it at a rock, making a loud sound, and Fluff comments how they can use it to battle Hot Wings. And so, they continue making their way through the cave.

Reaching the peak of the mountain, Fluff and Kirby start to look for Hot Wings, when lava rises from the ground, and a phoenix-like bird emerges from it. She starts to shoot fireballs at them, and the two dodge. Using his Ability, Kirby creates a yarn ball and throws it in Hot Wings' direction, but she quickly disperses it with a gust of wind from her wings. As she goes to attack Fluff, Kirby extends his hand towards his friend, causing his yarn whip to appear and grab one of the fireballs. The fireball is unraveled, and the knitting needles from his ability use its yarn to create an even bigger yarn ball. Kirby throws it towards Hot Wings, who fails to disperse it like before due to it being bigger, and gets hit. Fluff tells Kirby to look for her weak point, when Kirby spots a button on her chest. Kirby throws his whip towards it, and pulls Hot Wings, causing her to hit a rock. Defeated, her body starts to fall apart, and another piece of the Magic Yarn appears, and flies up and connects two more continents together. Happy, Kirby and Fluff celebrate and start running towards their next destination.

Meanwhile, flying in the skies of Dream Land is the battleship Halberd, with Meta Knight on the deck. He looks towards Dream Land, commenting how something is off. He is interrupted by Captain Vul, who comes to tell him that the cameras are confirming his suspicion: that everyone in Dream Land was transformed into yarn. Meta Knight asks if that applies to Kirby and King Dedede as well, but Vul says they weren't spotted at all, which Meta Knight finds strange. As he says they need to investigate it better, Meta Knight hears a laughter and realizes a man made of yarn showed up. Yin-Yarn announces he will take over the Halberd, and realizing the danger, Meta Knight is about to draw his sword. However, Yin-Yarn is faster and uses his sock to suck up Meta Knight to Patch Land before he can even attack. Laughing once again, Yin-Yarn says he's now the supreme ruler of Dream Land.

Chapter 6: The Three One-Eyed Devils![edit]

We-Devil appears.

Kirby and Fluff continue their journey, defeating bosses and putting back continents, until they reach Snow Land, which is very cold. As they say they need to find the boss of that continent soon, a hole in the fabric appears, and a creature who is neither Me-Devil nor Ye-Devil appears: they are pink and have a long tail with a heart at the end. The creature starts shooting lasers at them, and Kirby and Fluff start running as they go after them. Not having any transformation or ability, Kirby has the idea to throw snowballs at them, and he starts doing that alongside Fluff. As Fluff goes to make one, he finds something hidden underneath the snow: a Ravel Ball. He gives it to Kirby, who gets the Marking Pins Ravel Ability. He shoots some pins at the creature, who gets hit and falls on the ground. Kirby goes after them, worried and sorry he hurt them, but they just start laughing and admit defeat.

The creature says they are We-Devil, and went after Kirby and Fluff after hearing stories about them from Me-Devil and Ye-Devil. Kirby and Fluff ask her to give them information about the boss of Snow Land, which prompts We-Devil to say to Kirby specifically that it will be a very challenging battle, and that it will be a foe that Kirby doesn't want to battle, but he should. And that, in fact, there will be two battles like that, and they can only progress if they win those battles. We-Devil continues and says that they shouldn't be tricked by Yin-Yarn either, and that he is not what he appears to be, and is much more wicked than he looks. While Kirby and Fluff continue being confused about her comments, the hole reappears and she declares she gave the information, and leaves, leaving Fluff much disappointed, as she didn't give direct and valuable information like the other devils did, and he questions if she even knows anything useful. Regardless, they decide to move on, when We-Devil comes back and says that she was going to give them a Metamortex, but since she heard them bad-mouthing her, she is having her doubts. Fluff apologizes and says it was just him, and that Kirby did nothing wrong, so she should give the Metamortex to Kirby. We-Devil laughs and throws it at Kirby, who transforms into some sort of surfer, and she says that's the Spin Boarder transformation. Fluff says it doesn't look powerful, and, annoyed, We-Devil explains that that is the best way to go through Snow Land and reach the enemy they are looking for. Kirby asks once again who it is, but We-Devil simply laughs, bids farewell and leaves.

Chapter 7: A Formidable Yarn Foe Appears![edit]

Kirby finds King Dedede in Patch Land, much to his surprise.

With his new transformation, Kirby starts to slide through the snow, and Fluff jumps on him. They cross Snow Land fast until they find a tree, and Kirby dodges it last second, making them fall. They realize they reached a forest, and Fluff says the boss is likely inside. Kirby realizes he cannot proceed unless he drops his transformation, so he does by wrapping around a tree, and the two enter the forest.

In the forest, they hear a sound and eventually see someone appear from between the trees. Kirby immediately recognizes them: King Dedede, although completely made of yarn. Shouting his name, Kirby goes after him, and starts to ask how he ended up in Patch Land, but Dedede simply does not answer. Fluff tells Kirby he should be careful, but Kirby tells him that Dedede is his friend; Fluff insists and tells Kirby to look closer, when Kirby notices that Dedede looks lifeless and there are puppet strings on the top of his body. Dedede grabs a hammer and aims at Kirby, who dodges, and that is when Kirby finally realizes that this is one of the enemies he wouldn't want to battle. Fluff points up to a marionette controller with four buttons pulling the strings, and says that if they beat it, Dedede will be freed, so Kirby realizes he has no choice but to do that. Dedede goes attack Kirby with his hammer again, but he dodges. As his hammer hits the ground, a star appears, which Kirby grabs with his yarn whip, uses it to make a yarn ball, and throws it at Dedede. Hit, Dedede falls down, and Kirby jumps on him and aims his yarn whip at one of the buttons of the marionette controller; he grabs one and pulls it, making one of the strings break. Realizing the success of this strategy, Kirby repeats it three more times as Dedede keeps attacking him in various ways, until all four puppet strings break. Without them, the marionette controller falls and breaks, revealing another piece of the Magic Yarn, and it flies up and connects two more continents together.

With that done, Fluff says that they should head to the next continent, but Kirby tells him to wait. Kirby goes after Dedede and calls him, and the unconscious king eventually wakes up. He recognizes Kirby but is confused about his appearance, until he remembers what had happened in his castle earlier; however, he has too many questions and is really confused and tired. Realizing that, Fluff approaches him and invites him to go to his castle to rest, which makes Dedede wonder if it will have food, and Fluff proudly affirms and says that the chefs of his castle make the best food. Happy about having food, Dedede accepts the invitation, but Kirby wonders how Dedede will reach the castle, as they are very far away from it. Before he can finish, a hole appears, and the three devils from earlier peek from it, saying that they heard their conversation and want to lend their strength. They offer to take Dedede to the castle, but Kirby repeats that it's really far, to which the devils say that by going through their world it will be faster. Kirby accepts and the devils go grab Dedede, who wonders what is going on. The three drag him inside the hole, and it disappears. With that settled, Fluff mentions that their next destination is Space Land, but Kirby doesn't answer: he is too busy pondering about something. Fluff inquires him, and Kirby mentions that if there are two enemies he doesn't want to battle, and King Dedede was the first, he knows who the other one is. But he says he knows he has to battle them anyway, and he just continues moving forward, with Fluff following him.

Chapter 8: An Even More Formidable Yarn Foe Emerges[edit]

Kirby and Fluff find Meta Knight, filled with bloodlust.

Kirby and Fluff reach Space Land, and Fluff comments it's the last continent. He points to a Stellar Way that will take them to the depths of the land, and they head in its direction; however, as they try to enter it, they are blocked by a guard, who says only rockets can go through that road. The two talk to each other and comment how the devils would have been useful right now, but are busy taking Dedede to Fluff's castle. Hearing the name "Fluff", the guard recognizes Prince Fluff and apologizes for his behavior. He introduces himself as Spear Soldier, and explains he heard stories of Fluff going around restoring the continents with the help of a hero from another world. He quietly shows them a Metamortex, and says it gives the Rocket transformation, and with that they can go through the road, but they shouldn't tell anyone about this. Spear Soldier guides them to the gate, and gives the Metamortex to Kirby, who transforms and takes off, with Fluff on his back. They say thanks and leave.

Kirby flies and shoots at all sorts of enemies who stand in his way, until he reaches the end of the road, where a long horizontal bar lies. Touching it, it wraps Kirby around and he loses his transformation. The two notice they arrived at a building like a space station, and Fluff can sense some sort of bloodlust. Kirby tells Fluff to back off and, surely enough, Meta Knight shows up. Kirby tries to talk to him, but to no avail, and Meta Knight tries to slash him. Realizing he has no choice, Kirby gets ready to battle the knight. Meta Knight shoots a Crescent Shot at Kirby, who grabs it with his yarn whip and throws back at him. Fluff notices his sword has a button, and tells Kirby to pull it: Kirby does so with his yarn whip, and destroys the sword. Fluff is about to celebrate when Meta Knight grabs another sword, and goes back to attacking Kirby. Kirby repeats the strategy one more time, but once again Meta Knight grabs another sword. After dodging a Mach Tornado, Kirby attacks Meta Knight the same way once again, and he is defeated. Realizing that, Kirby goes to ask Meta Knight if he's alright, when the last piece of the Magic Yarn emerges from him, flies up and connects the last two continents together.

As Kirby and Fluff celebrate, Meta Knight wakes up, and wonders where he is. Kirby tells him about Patch Land and Yin-Yarn, and Meta Knight remembers and tells Kirby he has to go back to Dream Land as soon as possible, explaining that Yin-Yarn invaded it and turned everything into yarn. Kirby agrees, but wonders how they can go back to Dream Land, which prompts Fluff to ask how the two even got to Patch Land. They both mention a sock, and Fluff realizes that Yin-Yarn must have stolen one of the socks of a pair of Magic Socks he had in his castle, and how now with all continents together the other sock should have its magic back to take them to Dream Land. So, the three head off to Fluff's castle, which is now close thanks to the continent it's at being connected to Space Land now.

When they arrive at the castle, a minister comes to beg Fluff for help regarding the guest the devils brought to the castle: King Dedede. As they enter the castle, they find Dedede demanding for more food from the chefs, who explain that they ran out. Seeing the confusion, Meta Knight tells Dedede to be nicer to the people of Patch Land, when Dedede notices him and the others. Meanwhile, Fluff asks the minister to go grab the sock, and when it's brought, it's shining with magic again as Fluff expected. Seeing that, Kirby comes and says he will beat Yin-Yarn and save Dream Land, and Fluff says he will come with Kirby, much to the worry of the minister and Meta Knight. Fluff says that since Kirby helped save his world, he also wants to help Kirby save his. Saying that, Kirby and Fluff go through the sock to Dream Land, and Meta Knight and King Dedede follow suit as well.

Chapter 9: The Final Decisive Battle to Save the World![edit]

Kirby and Fluff shocked to see Yin-Yarn's true identity.

Arriving in Dream Land, Kirby and the others notice how everything really is made of yarn, much to Kirby's fury. They are all still in their yarn forms, and Meta Knight explains that's because Yin-Yarn's magic hasn't worn off. Wondering where he could be, they think of Castle Dedede, and decide to head there. When they arrive, they are stopped by yarn Waddle Dees, and Dedede explains they are imposters, and not the real Waddle Dees turned into yarn, which prompts Meta Knight to attack them, giving them all an opening to enter. Explaining that the real Waddle Dees were captured and locked up, Fluff suggests Dedede to go rescue them, and he ends up agreeing. Dedede splits up and goes to the basement, while the three others go after Yin-Yarn.

As the three arrive in the main hall, they notice how it has transformed into a more sinister place. Kirby calls for Yin-Yarn to show himself, and he does, taunting the three. He starts knitting something: Fangora, and it starts attacking them. Meta Knight draws his sword but Fluff tells him he should let Kirby battle, and surely enough, Kirby uses the strategy he used to beat it before: grabbing a fireball, throwing at it, then grabbing the button on its tongue, which defeats Fangora. Seeing Kirby's success, Meta Knight decides to watch Kirby battle alongside Fluff. Angry, Yin-Yarn knits four Uniclods, but Kirby easily grabs one with his yarn whip and throws it at Yin-Yarn. This reveals his weak point: a button under his hat, which Kirby pulls and slams Yin-Yarn on a wall, making his body fall apart, leaving only his needles behind.

Fluff goes celebrate the easy victory with Kirby, while Meta Knight questions how he was captured by someone so weak. When Meta Knight and Kirby wonder why they are still made of yarn if they defeated Yin-Yarn, Fluff notices that the two knitting needles are growing in size. Seeing the two speak to them, the three realize that it's the same voice as Yin-Yarn, which means that the needles are Yin-Yarn's true identity. The needles start to knit a new "body" for them, this time rounder and bigger, and they call it "Mega Yin-Yarn". They start shooting missiles at Kirby and the others, who panic and wonder how they can battle it. Fluff wishes they had a Metamortex, prompting Meta Knight to ask what that is. When Kirby explains, Meta Knight shows something he found in Patch Land: indeed, a Metamortex. Desperate, Kirby asks for it, and touching it gives Kirby the Tankbot transformation. Kirby and Yin-Yarn start shooting missiles at each other, and after struggling for a bit, the needles decide to go to the ground and lift up Mega Yin-Yarn, making it hard for Kirby to aim at them, and giving them more range to attack. Seeing Kirby struggle, Fluff runs to him, enters the Tankbot's cockpit and pulls a lever, which allows Kirby to aim up and hit Mega Yin-Yarn. With the help of Fluff, Kirby manages to fire so many missiles that Mega Yin-Yarn is finally defeated for good, destroying his body and leaving only the needles behind, as they shrink back in size. After transforming back, Kirby approaches the needles, and grabs them with his yarn whip and tells them to never go back to Dream Land, throwing them very far away.

With Yin-Yarn finally defeated, Kirby, the others, and Dream Land all come back to normal, making them all happy. As Kirby looks at Fluff, however, he sees he is still the same: after all, that is already his normal form, and remembers that he is not in his world and needs to go back, making Kirby sad. Dedede arrives with all Waddle Dees, and asks where Yin-Yarn is, and Meta Knight says Kirby beat him. Bandana Waddle Dee comes and thanks Kirby for saving Dream Land, prompting all Waddle Dees to say over and over "Thanks, Kirby!", much to King Dedede's annoyance. Kirby goes to Fluff, and Fluff says it's time to say goodbye, and while Fluff sounds happy, Kirby is still sad about having to say goodbye to his new friend. Fluff tells Kirby that as long as he has a Magic Sock, they can visit each other anytime, which finally makes Kirby happy. Fluff says farewell and jumps in the sock, as Kirby holds on to it and contemplates about Patch Land. Bandana Dee calls Kirby, saying they need to celebrate with a party, and Dedede and the Waddle Dees agree, but Dedede mentions that they need to repair his castle as well. Hearing all that, Kirby offers to help, back to his cheerful self.


Kirby eats all the food of the feast, making everyone angry.

Many residents of Dream Land are having a feast in Castle Dedede: they are all happy that they are back to normal after being transformed into yarn. Waddle Dees bring food made by Kawasaki, who comments how he's happy he can make food again. Seeing so much delicious food, Kirby opens his mouth and starts inhaling, ignoring Kawasaki's call to savor the food and to not eat it so fast like that. Seeing Kirby eat basically all the food, almost everyone gets angry at Kirby, who is confused as to why, since after all he just saved Dream Land. They all go angrily after Kirby, while other Waddle Dees come, bringing seconds.


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Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, Yumeruba, back of the book ふしぎな魔法まほうのくつしたいこまれて毛糸けいと世界せかいまよいこんでしまったカービィは、世界征服せかいせいふくをたくらむアミーボ・アモーレたおすため、フラッフ王子おうじ大冒険だいぼうけん出発しゅっぱつあらたな能力のうりょくメタモル能力のうりょく」と「さいほう能力のうりょく」でをふさぐ強敵きょうてきかう!!しかしそのころ、アミーボ・アモーレはプププランド侵略しんりゃくしようとしていて…!?ふたつの世界せかいすくうために、カービィが大活だいかつやく!!大人気だいにんきゲーム『毛糸けいとのカービィ プラス小説しょうせつばんだよ!!

Kirby is sucked into Patch Land by a mysterious Magic Sock, and sets off on a great adventure with Prince Fluff to defeat Yin-Yarn, who is trying to conquer the world! With the new "Metamortex Transformations" and "Ravel Abilities", they face powerful enemies who block their way!! However, around that time, Yin-Yarn was also about to invade Dream Land...?! To save both worlds, Kirby is going to play a big active role! A novel version of the popular game, "Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn"!

Dust jacket of the book アミーボ・アモーレのせいで、バラバラにきさかれてしまった毛糸けいと世界せかい元通もとどおりにするためカービィフラッフ王子おうじ大冒険だいぼうけんたびじゅっぱ〜つ!!

Kirby and Prince Fluff embark on a great adventure to restore Patch Land, that has been torn apart by Yin-Yarn!!


  • The name of chapter 1, 毛糸けいとのカービィ!? (Yarn Kirby?!), is the exact same name as the Japanese name of Kirby's Epic Yarn apart from the added punctuation.
  • The Tankbot illustration from chapter 3 shows both Kirby and Fluff piloting it, which contradicts the text that says Kirby transformed into the tank and Fluff went to pilot it, which is also how the Tankbot works in multiplayer in Kirby's Epic Yarn.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ 毛糸けいと世界せかい大事件だいじけん
Hoshi no kābyi keito no sekai de daijigen!
Kirby of the Stars: Major Incident in the Yarn World!