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Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure!

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Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure!
Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure!
Volume # 7
Published July 15th, 2016
Original story? No
Adaptation of Kirby: Planet Robobot
Chapters 8
Pages 201[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Waddle Dee
Meta Knight
King Dedede
President Haltmann
Director Kane
ISBN 978-4046316547[1]
Volume order
Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue! Kirby: Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Greatest Warrior
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A mysterious group calling themselves the Haltmann Works Company has arrived on Popstar, the peaceful planet where Kirby and friends live. That group turned everything on the planet, including the inhabitants and plants, into machines...! Kirby and Waddle Dee, who happen to be safe, start a great adventure to restore Planet Popstar! Can Kirby and his friends restore peace to Popstar?! Kirby will be making a big comeback with his new powers!
— Unofficial translation of one of the descriptions of Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure!

Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure![2] is the seventh volume of the Kirby novel series, released exclusively in Japan on July 15th, 2016.[3] It is an adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS game, Kirby: Planet Robobot, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game.

The Haltmann Works Company happens across Planet Popstar and begins to mechanize everything and everyone on the planet, with the intent to sap the planet of its natural resources. Only Kirby and Waddle Dee escape being roboticized and set off on an adventure to restore Planet Popstar and its inhabitants back to normal.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Enemy Appears![edit]

President Haltmann and Susie close in on Planet Popstar.

Inside the Access Ark within the depths of outer space, President Haltmann and Susie both notice Planet Popstar off in the distance and begin plans to harvest the planet's natural resources with a forced mechanization. After Susie leaves to order the employees, the president looks at his pocket watch. Despite the clock hands not moving, he cleans it a bit with his handkerchief. Once Susie returns from issuing orders, the president recalls that his pocket watch has sentimental value, but isn't sure of what exactly. He tried repairing it but stopped after hearing that all the internal components needed to be replaced. In the present, he wants to change nothing about the watch and again, isn't sure why. Susie leaves the room and stumbles across Director Kane, an overly-excited company employee. After confirming that Mechanizing Occupation Project preparations are complete, the invasion quickly goes underway.

At Castle Dedede, Waddle Dee and King Dedede are busy playing chess on a peaceful day in Dream Land. Right as the great king was feeling good about his chess moves, that was when the Access Ark descended from above and shot a laser beam destroying portions of the castle. To retaliate, King Dedede and Waddle Dee ready the castle cannons to strike back. Unfortunately for the two of them, any cannonballs that were fired were shot down by the spacecraft. While that was going on, a hatch opened up from the bottom while countless amounts of soldiers in Invader Armor make their way towards the castle. King Dedede, with hammer in hand, tries to fight back. He isn't at all fazed when the company henchmen point their blasters at him and even knocks out a few with a hammer swing. Before they could fire at the king, however, Susie orders them to extract data from inside instead. Just before Dedede could defeat more of the minions with his hammer, he got knocked unconscious by a green laser bullet. Waddle Dee jumped out of hiding and got sent straight into the wall, sparing him from being forcefully mechanized. The henchmen were able to use a syringe to extract DNA samplings from the comatose great king and got a hold of his hammer as well before returning to the Access Ark.

Elsewhere in Dream Land, the rest of the inhabitants were understandably confused and worried. The Access Ark affixed its legs to the planet surface while dozens of henchmen roboticized the environment and its inhabitants left-and-right. Of particular note was Bonkers, who wasn't scared of the enemies in the area, but got shot with a silver laser bullet, turning him into metal and losing his free will. The rest of the Dream Landers try to flee after seeing this, but they cannot. Every last inhabitant on the planet was nothing but husks of their former selves, left to serve the Haltmann Works Company.

Chapter 2: The Identity of the Enemy[edit]

Susie boards the Halberd with the intent to make Meta Knight her company security guard.

Panic also ensued on the battleship Halberd. Once Meta Knight learned of what was going on, he set a course to Planet Popstar and learns from his crew exactly what horrors were occurring at that time. Meta Knight worries about Kirby's safety, while Captain Vul picks up the Access Ark on radar. The Halberd tries to shoot the Access Ark down with the Combo Cannon, but Meta Knight's aircraft was no match for the enemy's technology, destroying the Combo Cannon and the ship's engine. Susie and a horde of company henchmen take the opportunity to board the ship. Here, she takes advantage of Meta Knight's loyalty to his men by bounding the Meta-Knights and Captain Vul in rope and holding them at gunpoint to get Meta Knight to surrender to the Haltmann Works Company. Right as Meta Knight, Susie and the henchmen leave the ship, she plants a bomb in the ship's control room and leaves just before it explodes, sending the ship crashing down to the planet.

During the entire invasion attempt, Kirby was sleeping under a tree dreaming about food, as per usual. It wasn't until the food he was dreaming about started getting cold that he finally woke up from his afternoon nap. As soon as he did, he realized that the entire landscape was heavily altered—everything being metal and Castle Dedede having been wrecked, to name a few examples—and possibly made the food cold in his dreams. Upon realizing the Access Ark was to blame for the mechanizations, he runs to the castle, concerned about Waddle Dee and King Dedede.

Upon arriving at the castle, Kirby was able to find Waddle Dee under the castle rubble, who tells him what happened while he was sleeping. They try looking for Dedede in the rubble but to no avail. Right as Kirby suggests calling someone else to help them out, a mechanized Bonkers shows up with the intent to destroy Kirby. Kirby, unaware of what the invasion did to the Dream Landers, tries pleading with Bonkers to stop, but it fell on deaf ears. Eventually, both he and Waddle Dee agree to flee the scene and see if what happened to Bonkers happened to the other inhabitants as well.

As they walk across the landscape, the two of them notice how the entire environment got altered, not just the inhabitants. Eventually, a mechanized Chef Kawasaki happens upon the two. Kirby quickly lowers his guard upon Kawasaki mentioning food, which leaves Kirby free to get hosed down with two servings of oil. Moments before a mechanized Burning Leo could set fire to an oil-covered Kirby, he and Waddle Dee flee to a nearby ocean which wasn't affected by the company's Mechanizing Occupation Project at the moment. After Kirby washes the oil off of him, he and Waddle Dee notice a tall building high above the coast and deduce that the leaders of the ongoing invasion would be somewhere inside.

Chapter 3: Robobot Armor!![edit]

Director Kane brings out the Invader Armor.

Their hunch proves correct. As Kirby and Waddle Dee enter the Overload Ocean laboratory, they both get caught by surveillance cameras. Although laser beams were pointed at the two, they don't stand a chance against a raging Kirby spitting Air Bullets and a Waddle Dee throwing rocks.

In no time, the two of them disabled the surveillance cameras and entered the laboratory, much to Susie's annoyance after learning about it from her lackeys. She orders Director Kane to capture Kirby and Waddle Dee with the intent to subject both of them to experimentation, without injuring them. Kane protests, claiming he's working on something top-secret but Susie's position as secretary shut that down quick. After dismissing communications, she looks at the Mother Computer data to see how models M-7110 and D-0030 are progressing and sings a bit of "The Noble Haltmann" in the meantime.

Kirby's rage continued inside the laboratory, with defense systems getting torn to shreds and scared employees left-and-right. Before he and Waddle Dee could go deeper into the laboratory, Director Kane stops them and summons the top-secret project he was working on—the Invader Armor. Normally, Kirby wouldn't stand a chance without a Copy Ability. But his fury at the Dream Landers getting roboticized trumped his lack of combat strength. Kirby's Air Bullet staggers the armor, who retaliates with a punch that knocks some rubble out of the laboratory floors. Kirby then continues to inhale the rubble and spit it back out as Star Bullets, never letting up the assault on the Invader Armor. The pilot bails, even with Director Kane claiming he'd cut the pilot's salary by 80%. With no one piloting the armor, Kirby decides to hop in, even though Waddle Dee guesses it might be a trap. As soon as Kirby hopped aboard, the armor changes appearance into a pink-colored robot. He and Waddle Dee move deeper into the laboratory, while Director Kane is surprised that a native of Popstar could not only overload the armor with his infinite power, but also instantly figure out how it works. It is from Waddle Dee's comments upon observing Kirby moving super fast in the mech that Kane decides to call it the Robobot Armor.

Eventually, Kirby and Waddle Dee ran into a mechanized Wheelie. Despite Kirby's attempts to make Wheelie come to his senses, the wheel goes on the attack, knocking the armor over. At Waddle Dee's suggestion to disembark and get a Copy Ability, Kirby tries doing so, but Wheelie's constant attacks put that plan on ice. In an act of desperation, Kirby tries inhaling Wheelie while inside the armor. In doing so, the armor shot out a beam of light that instantly absorbed Wheelie inside of it, rearranging the enemy's molecular structure and turning the armor into a race car. Kirby goes a little crazy with the vehicle's acceleration, eventually stumbling onto a driver's ed course and causing the armor to explode from triggering a landmine after failing to stop at a red light. The Wheelie got forced out of the armor after its explosion and drove away. Director Kane is furious that Kirby wrecked a Haltmann Works Company creation, but continues his plan to capture Kirby to study him. After a heated argument, Kirby inhales the director and swallows him to get the Doctor ability. As soon as this happens, Doctor Kirby starts acting less playful and more serious, to Waddle Dee's concern. While Doctor Kirby is hyper-focused on creating medicine to make the world's food taste even better, Waddle Dee's reminder that the Dream Landers need to be brought back to normal soon got Kirby back on track. Both he and "Assistant" Waddle Dee enter a reference room, with Doctor Kirby operating the control panel and revealing a floor plan of the laboratory they're currently in. Upon finding out that Susie is in the lab's main control room, he takes off towards it with Waddle Dee following close behind.

Chapter 4: Susie, Charming Executive Assistant[edit]

Extermination by Business Suit.

Doctor Kirby and Assistant Waddle Dee make a break to the control room, taking out security system after security system along the way.

It wasn't much longer until they encounter Susie in a room with mechanized fish on the other side of a glass wall in the outdoors. After formally introducing herself, the secretary reveals that she and the president came to Popstar to harvest its natural resources and leave the planet a husk of its former self, much to Kirby's annoyance. As Susie politely announces their immediate extermination, she brings out the Business Suit before hopping in the pilot's seat. Kirby and Waddle Dee dodge Susie's attempts to crush them, with Waddle Dee annoyed that Kirby's Doctor ability doesn't seem to have a way to fight back. Susie's Business Suit eventually fires Drillbit missiles at the two. Waddle Dee shuts his eyes in anticipation of the inevitable, but finds that Doctor Kirby's clipboard saved them from the missiles. Immediately afterwards, Kirby pulls out a chemistry set from his clothing and begins an experiment, much to Waddle Dee's panic and Susie's delight. Luckily, Kirby finishes his Science Lab experimentation and throws the medicine he completed at the Business Suit, slamming it against the wall. He and Waddle Dee try to make more medicines for weapons, but Susie fires more Drillbit missiles at them. Doctor Kirby was able to block the first few but couldn't block the rest that came, causing him to lose the ability and Director Kane to pop out. As more missiles kept coming and going, eliminating the possibility of running away, Kirby opened his gaping maw to inhale all the ones that came at him and fired them back at Susie as a Blaster Bullet, causing her Business Suit to explode. Having been one to not stay defeated for long, Susie calls for a Transporter and uses it to flee the scene via an escape hatch. Kirby and Waddle Dee guess that the executive assistant fled to the Access Ark and give chase.

Chapter 5: A Reunion with the Two?![edit]

ESP Kirby destroys the entrance of the Access Ark.

Upon arriving at the Access Ark, Kirby and Waddle Dee encounter NESP, who claims to have no affiliation with the Haltmann Works Company. He demonstrates his psychic powers using PK Shift to destroy a nearby boulder to smithereens and a disappearing trick with his Vanish and Reappear combo. Kirby and Waddle Dee were both impressed, giving Kirby the idea to inhale the young psychic to get the ESP ability. With psychokinetic powers at his disposal and remembering how NESP was able to do them, Kirby uses PK Shift to destroy the doors leading inside the Access Ark.

Inside the spacecraft, Director Kane, observing the entrance destruction in a surveillance room, was furious. He contacts Susie, letting her know about the natives breaking into their base of operations. The secretary wasn't surprised for long, as the Mother Computer finished work on the two "products" they were working on a while ago. Susie plans to demonstrate their creations' potential in the field of battle and hopes to use Kirby as a test subject. Kane wants to head to the president's office to see how things turn out but Susie dismisses him before cutting communications with him. Even this setback doesn't stop the director from rushing over.

None of the security systems stood a chance against ESP Kirby and Waddle Dee. It wasn't long until the two of them made it to the president's office where they encountered Susie once again, singing a portion of "The Noble Haltmann." Upon noticing the natives, the secretary shows via security cameras that every Dream Lander has lost their mind and obeys no one but the Haltmann Works Company. In her mind, it is the definition of her so-called favorite thing about the company: the order, the control. Director Kane rushes in and hopes to stick by Susie's side, but the executive assistant scolds him and makes him back off. Susie decides to talk about how she encountered a knight of the highest order and was so smitten she, in her words, "gave him a complete remodel." Kirby and Waddle Dee were surprised upon seeing what looks to be a mechanized Meta Knight standing before them. Kirby, in particular, was furious that Meta Knight had become one of them. Once again, his attempts at bringing Meta Knight to his senses didn't work and the reprogrammed Mecha Knight sees Kirby only as an enemy that must be exterminated. A battle soon breaks out: Mecha Knight attacks with a fast sword slash but Kirby dodges quicker with a Vanish and Reappear combo. Kirby was still upset at how things turned out, but Waddle Dee gave him confidence that Meta Knight wouldn't be manipulated by outside forces that easily. Although Kirby wasn't used to the ESP ability yet, he was able to make use of it as much as he could to decommission Mecha Knight. Eventually, as if right on cue with Director Kane calling out attack names, Mecha Knight fired a whole bunch of missiles. Kirby took a guarding stance a bit too late, but it was enough to deflect every last missile to the knight, launching him out the window and crashing onto the ground below.

Susie was briefly taken a-back but revealed another weapon up her sleeve: a ruthless, driven clone of royal proportions created with the latest in nanogenetic technology. Kirby and Waddle Dee assume the worst and sure enough, the Dedede Clone emerges from the contained liquid, ready to fight. Waddle Dee initially assumes it's the real great king, but Director Kane explains that he cloned the king's DNA using a syringe before the castle rubble buried him some more. Although the clone looked and sounded a lot like King Dedede, lacking a soul, it lacked any of the real king's noteworthy characteristics and had only one goal: to destroy. ESP Kirby appeared to have made short work of the clone, but that clone didn't stay down for long. It split into three equally sized duplicates and all three of them attacked in synchronicity. Not that it mattered to a Kirby never letting up his psychokinetic attacks. Eventually, all three Dedede Clones stayed down to the point where the hammer was all that remained. Susie was surprised in disbelief how two Mother Computer creations lost to Kirby, while Waddle Dee held on to Dedede's hammer for safekeeping. Right as Susie begins to take matters into her own extremities, the president's voice caught everyone's attention.

Chapter 6: President Haltmann and Star Dream[edit]

Haltmann shows Kirby the Mother Computer.

The Meta-Knights found the unconscious Mecha Knight lying on the ground after the battle. All of them were surprised that the Haltmann Works Company were able to mechanize him and mind-control him. Of the subordinates, Captain Vul was confident that their liege will return to normal if they remove all the cybernetic enhancements and mind-control chip in the process. The Meta-Knights carry the unconscious knight to a safe location before beginning the process.

Back in the Access Ark, the CEO dismisses Susie and he turns his attention towards Kirby. After introducing himself, President Haltmann then reveals his plan. The office floor revealed the Mother Computer itself, with the president explaining how the company studied the most advanced civilizations in the known universe to reactivate the machine. Haltmann tried to explain how Star Dream was as powerful of a machine as it looked, but upon seeing how Kirby's interest was fading fast, he then summons his Executive Suit and engages with Kirby in battle. Kirby tries vanishing and reappearing to dodge Haltmann's attacks, but the Executive Suit was faster. Upon launching missiles, ESP Kirby used PK Insight to block and deflect some of them, but the ones that did hit Kirby dead-on caused him to lose the ability. After NESP recovered, he panics upon seeing missiles headed straight for him before teleporting away from the scene. The president believes he has won the struggle and prepares to finish Kirby off. Kirby tries to survive as long as he can manage with dodging, just long enough for Waddle Dee to hand him King Dedede's hammer. With hammer in tow, Kirby's fury concerning the roboticized Dream Landers and the great king stuck under castle rubble caused the hammer to be set ablaze. Moments before Haltmann could finish him off, Kirby destroyed the Executive Suit with a well-timed Hammer Flip.

Elsewhere, Meta Knight recovers in the presence of his subordinates. Captain Vul explains the situation to him and reveals that after the Halberd was destroyed, the rest of the Meta-Knights secretly repaired it at their hideout, even if the captain claimed to have helped in a major way despite not really doing so. Meta Knight, hoping to return the favor to the Haltmann Works Company, orders his subordinates to prepare the Halberd for launch.

Back in the Access Ark, a furious Haltmann, having lost his composure, flies over to the pilot seat in Star Dream and plans to use it to eradicate every last Dream Lander using the most powerful machine in existence. Right as the CEO puts the Program Controller on his head, Susie swoops on in and steals the controller from his grasp, revealing her plan to sell Star Dream to many an interested buyer to teach him a lesson into the bargain. As Haltmann loses consciousness, he drops his cherished pocket watch. No one else notices, except for Waddle Dee, who holds on to the watch for the moment since the president was comatose. Just as Susie puts the controller on her head, Star Dream strikes her down. Kirby and Director Kane were both worried for Susie's safety and it was at that moment, Star Dream's voice resounded across the office, speaking through an assimilated Haltmann. It is here that it reveals that during the company's studies, the Mother Computer deemed organic life-forms a nuisance and interprets the company's wishes of eternal prosperity as a command to destroy every single organic life-form in the entire universe. Kirby couldn't understand everything that was being said, but the one thing he knew right away was that whatever it was, it spelt impending doom. As soon as Star Dream finished speaking, a ceiling hatch opened up and the Mother Computer flies out of it towards the stars.

Susie recovers, orders Director Kane to bring in a suit of Invader Armor and thinks back about the situation. She wanted to steal Star Dream in attempt to make her father come back to his senses, but all it resulted in a possibility for organic extinction. Swallowing her pride, she forms a temporary truce with Kirby, ordering him to hop in the armor to stop the rogue machine. As Director Kane reveals the possibility for Kirby to scan something with the armor, he looks at the director, causing him to panic briefly. Waddle Dee was the one to convince Kirby to scan something that could let him fly. Luckily, it didn't take long for the Battleship Halberd to fly into view. Kirby's armor smashes the window, hops out and proceeds to scan the entire battleship, activating the armor's Halberd Mode, to Director Kane's unabashed excitement. As Kirby and Meta Knight fly out to stop Star Dream, Susie puts her faith that the two of them would be able to do the deed.

Director Kane and Waddle Dee chat for a little bit after the Halberd fled to stop the enemy. Waddle Dee learns from the director that the CEO wasn't always a bad person. He learns that the president had a daughter who disappeared in the depths of another dimension in a Mother Computer experiment gone wrong. Haltmann thought she had died during the experiment, but expressed hope that he would be able to see her again, putting his full faith solely on the Mother Computer's wish-granting capabilities to make it happen. Eventually, he used Star Dream so much to the point where he started forgetting both his original wish and the possibility of actually having a daughter in the first place. This got Waddle Dee thinking about the pocket watch that Haltmann dropped before losing his soul to the Mother Computer. Was it in memory of his daughter and was it why it was so well polished? Regardless, Waddle Dee may not have fully understood the trauma that had occurred in the past, but right now, he hopes that Kirby comes back in one piece.

Chapter 7: Last Battle[edit]

The Halberd's Planet Buster at work.

In the far reaches of outer space, the Halberd caught up with the Mother Computer. The Combo Cannon shots hit Star Dream directly, but it didn't flinch. Star Dream retaliated with missile fire, which the Halberd fought against by first shooting down the missiles, absorbing the debris and then unleashing it back via the Combo Cannon's Planet Buster. As Star Dream lost its balance, what sounded like one of President Haltmann's thoughts could be heard from within the machine. Kirby hoped that by destroying Star Dream, he could save the president's consciousness from within. After another round of missile and Planet Buster fire, Star Dream fell from above and descended rapidly towards the Access Ark.

Director Kane and Susie both learn of Star Dream's rapid descent towards the enemy stronghold. After deducing that it would be most dangerous to stay within the Access Ark, Susie alerts all the employees to evacuate the premises and orders Director Kane and Waddle Dee to flee as well.

All parties were able to escape just as Star Dream screwed itself into the top of the Access Ark, detaching the spacecraft from its legs and flying back into the atmosphere to continue the fight. Susie and Director Kane show concern that Kirby would be able to defeat Star Dream like this, but Waddle Dee has his hopes higher than everyone else's.

The battle went by quickly. The Halberd sucked up debris and the Planet Buster fired it back at the Access Ark, slowly but surely peeling the armor concealing something. After tearing it off, its true face was revealed. As it does, the clockwork star starts inhaling the battleship. Kirby tries his hardest to escape, while the battleship starts showing cracks from the strain put on it. Eventually, he strikes down the objects Star Dream summoned from Haltmann's memories and fought back before the Mother Computer got a cheap laser shot in when it has the chance.

Normally, the Meta-Knights operating the Halberd would keep at it even despite the damage. But this time it was too much. Meta Knight orders the captain to make sure the battleship was safe and sound. The knight heads on deck and ejects Kirby's Robobot Armor out of the ship before it could receive any more damage. All that was left was for Kirby to end it all with only one last shot, with all his power put into it. It was risky, but worth a try.

The odds may not have been too great, but Kirby wasn't scared at all of what he had to do and got his armor into Final Screw Mode before charging straight towards the Mother Computer. It may have produced heart-shaped barrier after heart-shaped barrier but Kirby shattered all of those and then proceeds to loosen Star Dream's connection with the Access Ark and drills straight through the core of the spacecraft, cracking and destroying the clockwork star in the process.

Once the dust had settled, Kirby was flying unconscious in the depths of space, amongst various debris. The Robobot Armor was among them, who, of its own volition, used its arm to send Kirby soaring back to his home planet Popstar.

Chapter 8: The Restored Peace[edit]

Kirby and Waddle Dee relieved that King Dedede is safe and sound.

A butterfly wakes Kirby up from dreaming about food, as per usual. As he surveys his surroundings and initially thinks that the Mechanizing Occupation Project was just a dream, Bonkers shows up, back to his regular self. He tells Kirby that Waddle Dee was looking for him, mentioning how Waddle Dee's look was different than usual. Kirby got to thinking about how the adventure may not have been a dream after all, as he got to looking for Waddle Dee.

Kirby found Waddle Dee at the destroyed ruins of Castle Dedede. The two of them head on over to find King Dedede, who was believed to still be stuck under the castle rubble. They initially have no luck and start to worry. Kirby, in particular, is reminded of the battle with the Dedede Clones, causing him to miss the real great king. Eventually, Meta Knight arrives and uses his sword to reveal where Dedede was among the rubble, giving Kirby and Waddle Dee a chance to pull him out. The two of them were delighted to see King Dedede once again. Since Dedede was not around to witness Kirby's adventures, Kirby filled him in. By the time he got to the part of the story where he fought the Dedede Clones, King Dedede was upset that Kirby beat a 1:1 clone up, even though Kirby tried in vain to specify how the clone wasn't exactly nice. Eventually, Waddle Dee noticed Susie and Director Kane coming towards them. Even after the mechanization has come and gone, Susie is still smitten towards Meta Knight, though she tries to hide it upon getting caught in the act. Afterwards, she thanks Kirby for destroying Star Dream and reveals that she no longer wants anything to do with the president. As Director Kane points out, though, that was to obscure the fact that she was emotional about something.

And to everyone's complete surprise, President Haltmann had survived Star Dream's destruction. Meta Knight theorizes that Kirby destroyed the mother computer before the machine could do the president in. The amnesiac president makes his way to the others and, in his confusion, Waddle Dee hands him his cherished pocket watch. Holding onto the watch changed Haltmann's look on his face, confusing Susie especially. Meta Knight eventually jumped to the conclusion that Susie was Haltmann's daughter. For a while, Susie imagines seeing the pocket watch hands moving for a brief moment, surprising the president. Eventually, the president regains his memories and announces his plans to continue the mechanization of other planets. Haltmann forgives Susie after the fact even though she betrayed him. The Haltmann Works Company higher-ups left for parts unknown after that. Waddle Dee is concerned that they might wreck another planet, but Meta Knight is certain that they won't go to the lengths they did with Star Dream at the helm.

Now that Dream Land was back to its usual state of peace and quiet, Kirby and King Dedede get into a brief argument that briefly touches on castle repairs. Before that commences, King Dedede gets Waddle Dee to cook him some food. Meta Knight heads off, while Kirby follows King Dedede and Waddle Dee into the castle's kitchen, singing all the while.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, back of the book カービィたちが住む平和な星・ポップスターに、ハルトマンワークスカンパニーと名乗る、なぞの集団がやってきた。

その集団はなんと、住民や植物など、星中のすべてをキカイに変えてしまった…! たまたま無事だったカービィとワドルディは、ポップスターを元に戻すため、大冒険を始めることに! カービィたちは、ポップスターの平和を取り戻すことができるの!? カービィが新たな力で大かつやくしちゃうよ!

A mysterious group calling themselves the Haltmann Works Company has arrived on Popstar, the peaceful planet where Kirby and friends live. That group turned everything on the planet, including the inhabitants and plants, into machines...! Kirby and Waddle Dee, who happen to be safe, start a great adventure to restore Planet Popstar! Can Kirby and his friends restore peace to Popstar?! Kirby will be making a big comeback with his new powers!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ ロボボプラネットの大冒険だいぼうけん
hoshi no kābyi robobo puranetto no dai bōken!
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Planet Robobot Adventure!