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Baron Gallic

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Baron Gallic
Novel Baron Gallic Artwork.png
Artwork of Baron Gallic from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess
Role Guest character
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Baron Gallic[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes his appearance in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess as the main antagonist. He is simultaneously a victim and the main user of the Malice Stone. With the help of the Malice Stone, he manipulates and abducts the princess of Chiffon Star, Princess Marona, setting the stage for the events of the novel.

Gallic's identity as a baron is questioned, while his name is reminiscent of the word "garlic", which contrasts with the dessert-themed names of other characters in the novel and is used referring to him by King Dedede.


Baron Gallic is a tall, elegant lizard-like man, with disembodied hands and feet. He has blueish-green skin and an oval face with a pointy mustache. His eyes are bulbous and red, and he often strikes a cold look. He dresses in a luxurious purple suit over a white shirt with a long collar and a necktie with a golden diamond-shaped jewel. His overall personality and appearance make him akin to the stereotypical "mustache-twirling" villain.

Gallic is cold and sly, with ever-growing greed and desire for power. Acting charming and generous on the surface, he can talk his victim into whatever suits him and stops at nothing to obtain the treasure that he's after. He sows hatred among people for his enjoyment and takes advantage of them.

Role in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess[edit]

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Baron Gallic attacks with long-ranged throwing knives, keeping himself a safe distance away from his enemies.

Prior to the events of Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess, Baron Gallic finds a mysterious jewel called the Malice Stone; being self-absorbed, he is subsequently unable to free himself from its beauty. He travels from star to star in order to provide the gem with valuable treasures to its liking, and he is suspected of many thefts, although there is never any evidence left behind. Upon attempting to steal the Galaxia sword, Gallic targets Sword Knight and Blade Knight and turns them against their master, Meta Knight, with the power of the Malice Stone. However, Daroach knew of Baron Gallic's tricks and warned Meta Knight, who then brought his henchmen back to their senses.

The Malice Stone leaves Gallic in a filthy and crazed state.

A few months before the story takes place, Gallic arrives on Chiffon Star in order to steal the royal recipe book. He charms everyone and instigates many of the castle's residents against their loved ones, primarily Princess Marona. The Baron soon escapes with her, but the rambunctious princess, influenced by the Malice Stone, wants to destroy all of Chiffon Star's cake shops, and Gallic reluctantly puts up with her antics in order to gain the benefits she promised him.

At the cake store Princess Marona began destroying, Baron Gallic faces the protagonists—Meta Knight and his friends—who nearly bring the princess back to normal. After a few sarcastic remarks, Gallic uses the Malice Stone and brings the princess back to his side, as well as causing most of the visitors to act violently. He later makes his way to the Royal Cake Factory with Princess Marona, unaware that the Malice Stone's effect on her has worn off for good, so she is no longer under its control. During another clash with the protagonists, he manages to draw Blade Knight over with the gem while losing the princess in the meantime, and escapes to one of his more remote hideouts. Princess Marona decides to return to Gallic on her own volition.

At his hideout, Baron Gallic plots to assassinate the king of Chiffon Star, Merengue XIII, which greatly concerns the princess, as he is her father. The protagonists eventually locate Gallic. A battle ensues, and Princess Marona snatches the Malice Stone from Gallic, deciding once and for all that she is not on his side. She throws the gem far away, and Gallic decides to make an escape, kidnapping her and planning to drop her in outer space. However, she purposefully crash lands the airship, and Meta Knight soon catches up. Amidst the chaos, Spear Cotta Knight (a victim of the Malice Stone from an unspecified time) finds the lost gem. Baron Gallic manages to break Meta Knight's mask with a throwing knife and uses the Malice Stone against him, but supported by Princess Marona, Meta Knight shatters the gem and its effects over him. This brings Gallic to a pitiful state, and the evildoer is put in prison.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガリック男爵だんしゃく
Garikku danshaku
Baron Gallic