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Wham Bam Gaia

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Wham Bam Gaia
V3 Wham Bam Gaia the Warlock Illustration.png
Illustration of Wham Bam Gaia from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!
Role Secondary antagonist
Similar to Wham Bam Rock,
Wham Bam Jewel
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Sorcerer Wham Bam Gaia[Japanese title], or just Wham Bam Gaia, is a secondary antagonist featured in the Kirby novel series. He makes his only appearance in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!. Wham Bam Gaia is the owner of the old temple that Kirby and co. discover, where he sleeps in an isolated, underground room. He easily loses his temper, which had previously scared most visitors away from his temple, and is why it remains deserted. Kirby and co. have an unexpected encounter with Wham Bam Gaia near the end of the story.


Wham Bam Gaia is a floating face with two hands made of stone. He has a stone nose on his top lip, fangs, a crown with a jewel in the middle, and round earrings with what appears to be leaf shapes at the bottom of each one.

Wham Bam Gaia is the owner of an ancient temple. He is extremely powerful, and his temple has a lot of traps to keep out any intruders that would misuse his power. Wham Bam Gaia was enshrined long ago, but he slowly became more hotheaded over time. This scared away anyone around him, which is the reason his temple became abandoned.

Wham Bam Gaia sleeps in an isolated, underground room in his temple. He looks like nothing more than an inanimate sculpture on a wall when sleeping. When awoken, he will detach from the wall and angrily attack any invaders that he sees.

Role in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad![edit]

Kirby deals the finishing blow with a balloon.
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Accept your punishment for disturbing my invaders......!
— Wham Bam Gaia to Kirby and co., in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!

Wham Bam Gaia is first mentioned when Kirby first meets Acti Blade. She warns him about the traps, and tells him that they were set to keep intruders away from Wham Bam Gaia.

Much later in the story, after Kirby and co. come back to the temple, they come across a mine cart. Kirby walks ahead on the track, but King Dedede, Waddle Dee, Spinni, Storo, and Doc all get in the cart, and it starts going down the track rapidly. The track eventually leads off a cliff, where they all fall into a big room. They find a sculpture on the wall on front of them, and the room starts shaking as it emerges from the wall. The sculpture turns out to be alive, and introduces himself as Sorcerer Wham Bam Gaia. He is mad at the group for interrupting his sleep, and attacks. He breaks King Dedede's hammer easily, and then prepares to attack Waddle Dee. Kirby, who has the Circus ability, generates a balloon, and throws it at Wham Bam Gaia's hand, which makes a damaging explosion. Kirby throws more balloons, and Wham Bam Gaia focuses his attention on crushing Kirby. Daroach and Meta Knight immediately catch up to the group, and Daroach uses his cane to fire an ice laser at Wham Bam Gaia's hand, freezing it. He breaks his hand out of the ice, and grabs King Dedede. Before he can crush Dedede, Daroach fires an ice laser in his eyes. Wham Bam Gaia lets go of Dedede, and Meta Knight tries to convince him that they do not want to fight. Wham Bam Gaia refuses to listen. Kirby deals the finishing blow by throwing a balloon at his hand, destroying it. Wham Bam Gaia is defeated, and he reverts back to his form as a sculpture on a wall.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔人まじんワムバムガイア
Majin Wamubamugaia
Sorcerer Wham Bam Gaia