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Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!

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Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!
Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!
Volume # 2
Published March 15th, 2014
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Chapters 10
Pages 204[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
Kerota, Keroji, and Kerolina
ISBN 978-4046313881[1]
Volume order
Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?! Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!
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In order to eat the fruits which are rumored to be the tastiest in the universe, Kirby and the others head to the "Gloomy Woods," which is also rumored to be dangerous. However, King Dedede is also after the fruits with a mysterious associate?!
— Unofficial translation of one of the descriptions of Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!

Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods![2] is the second volume of the Kirby novel series, published exclusively in Japan on March 15th, 2014.[3] In this volume, a trio of siblings called Kerota, Keroji, and Kerolina track down Kirby in hopes of using his abilities to make their way through the dangerous and mysterious Gloomy Woods, so they can taste the rumored tastiest fruits in the universe deep within. Mistaking King Dedede for Kirby due to their similarities, Dedede follows along to taste the fruits for himself, and soon enough, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee join them in the quest. Eventually Dedede is separated, and partners up with an old man called the Woodkeeper, who falsely claims to protect the source of the magical fruits—the Stardust Crystal. In reality however, he is only seeking to take the crystal for himself, and almost succeeds at this in the end, but Kirby and friends manage to stop him and return the crystal to its rightful resting place within the woods.

Two primary elements from Kirby: Triple Deluxe are implemented into this volume—the Miracle Fruit and Kirby's Hypernova. The book also was notably published right around the same time as the game was released. It does not solely take its story from the game, however.


Characters of "Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!"  
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Supporting & minor characters
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: A Dubious Trio[edit]

The sibling trio plotting a scheme

The story opens in Dream Land during the dead of night, where three concealed figures are conversing with each-other. They're soon revealed to be Kerota, Keroji, and Kerolina — three siblings plotting to retrieve rumored fruits called "Stardust Fruit" from within a mysterious forest crawling with wild aggressive beasts, referred to as the "Gloomy Woods". The youngest, Kerolina, disapproves of the idea after hearing the troublesome details. The eldest, Kerota, then explains to the younger two that the fruits can be obtained with ease and the beasts easily dealt with if they win over Kirby as their companion, use his abilities to their advantage, and lead him along with the idea that he'll receive a fair share of fruits. Kerota tops the plan off by explaining they will take it all for themselves when the puffball least expects it, and become renowned for the scheme. The most innocent, Keroji, hesitates, but eventually approves of the plan after being pressured by the others.

Once Kerota elaborates on Kirby's appearance and characteristics according to rumors — as none of them have ever directly met or seen him — the trio set out to find him.

Chapter 2: Kirby Discovered!?[edit]

Kawasaki sends Kirby and Waddle Dee away from his restaurant.

Later, Kirby and Waddle Dee are about to have lunch at Chef Kawasaki's restaurant, only to find the place closed, with King Dedede being served lunch inside despite this. Kirby hurls himself at the entrance in desperation, only to alert Kawasaki to the door, who quickly shoos them off without explaining himself. The two eventually give up and head off. Meanwhile, inside of the restaurant, Kawasaki is bossed around by a picky Dedede, who came by earlier and claimed to have free rein with the use of his official "Super-Premium All-You-Can-Eat Card", to Kawasaki's dismay.

Eventually the sibling trio find the restaurant, and notice Dedede inside feasting away. They quickly assume him to be the well-renowned Kirby because of his clearly seen appetite, and charge in. The three try to butter him up with compliments to start off their plan, but Dedede only grows frustrated at being misinterpreted as the puffball, and is unable to speak with a mouth stuffed with food. After hearing the mention of the supposed rumored fruits being the tastiest fruit in all of the universe, however, he decides to go along with it, but not before being interrupted by Kawasaki, who pipes up with more compliments in an attempt to ward off the trouble Dedede's causing. The group set off either way, leaving Kawasaki in peace.

Chapter 3: Getting Information as a Two[edit]

Kirby is utterly shocked by Burning Leo's statement.

At Castle Dedede, Kirby is urging Waddle Dee to serve him supper, but Waddle Dee is distracted by the nagging thought that Dedede's gotten into trouble. He decides to return to the restaurant to see what Dedede is up to, and the puffball accompanies him despite his relentless hunger. Once there, they find that the restaurant is open for business, and head inside to confront Chef Kawasaki and inquire of Dedede's whereabouts after noticing he's nowhere to be found. Kawasaki hesitates, but isn't willing to get into trouble, so he eventually explains the situation in private. Kirby is immediately offended by the trio mistaking Dedede for himself, but the two promise to keep the situation a secret for Kawasaki's sake.

They head out to figure things out, with Kirby becoming more frustrated over the situation as they go. They soon encounter Burning Leo, and the puffball immediately questions if he and Dedede are truly alike, only to be taken aback as Burning Leo admits how alike they really are. Waddle Dee swiftly pulls Kirby back just before Burning Leo is inhaled, and moves on to ask someone else. Soon enough, they encounter Mr. Tick-Tock. Just before asking a proper question, Kirby interrupts Waddle Dee and begins talking to Mr. Tick-Tock about the rumored fruits, and fruits in general. Waddle Dee yet again pulls the puffball away from the useless discussion. Stumped, they head back to Castle Dedede, where they spot a familiar airship upon arrival.

Chapter 4: The Rumor of Gloomy Woods[edit]

Meta Knight describes the Gloomy Woods.

It was Meta Knight as expected. He had come searching for a certain lost card of his. Having no luck, the knight begins to head off, ignoring the pleas for him to stay. Kirby jumps in and inquires about his and Dedede's similarities, and Meta Knight honestly points out their resemblances. Kirby is quickly restrained by Waddle Dee after almost throwing himself at the confused knight in a tantrum, and Waddle Dee quickly takes the chance to explain their situation. Knowing of the fruits and woods beforehand, Meta Knight hesitates, but eventually gives the details, noting particularly that the fruits are only ripe one night a year before withering away. Kirby and Waddle Dee almost immediately start off for the woods, leaving Meta Knight to tag along to keep them out of trouble.

Meanwhile, the siblings struggle with Dedede's selfish behavior, but persevere anyway. The group arrives at a hideout near the woods, and the siblings redirect Dedede's attention to their plan: have him use his abilities and famous inhale to scare off the beasts and gather all of the fruits quickly. They yet again force compliments on him, but Dedede loses his temper after hearing the trio ramble about Kirby in admiration, forgetting that he is impersonating the puffball. He soon realizes his mistake and quickly calms down, leaving the trio to only believe him to be humble and shy. Dedede then relaxes and plans his next move in his scheme.

Chapter 5: Which One is Kirby?[edit]

The chaos in the room quickly escalates.

Kirby, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight make their way to the Gloomy Woods. Upon arrival, Kirby smells food nearby and dashes off, leaving Waddle Dee and Meta Knight to run after him, in hopes that King Dedede will be wherever the food is. At the hideout, the trio have curry prepared for Dedede when suddenly, Kirby bursts in and makes himself right at home. Kirby and Dedede soon butt heads and stir up chaos in the room, and both Meta Knight and Waddle Dee catch up soon after. In an attempt to unravel who the real "Kirby" is, Kerolina tests the two by asking them to use the renowned Copy Ability. Kirby then inhales Waddle Dee to prove himself, but realizes too late his friend provides no ability. However, Dedede unknowingly calls the puffball by name, and retreats out the door. Kirby releases Waddle Dee afterwards, who fears for Dedede's safety right away, to Meta Knight's dismay.

Dedede, meanwhile, is making his way through the woods before running into Grizzo. Without proper sight in the darkness, Dedede mistakenly whacks Grizzo and scares him off. Dedede comes across a small house soon after, and is welcomed inside by an old man called the Woodkeeper. Believing Dedede to be a hero for scaring off Grizzo, the Woodkeeper requests Dedede's help with protecting the valued Stardust Fruit, and warns him to beware of "the master" of the woods, who guards the source of the fruits' growth--the "Stardust Crystal". Dedede follows along, but only in hopes to steal this sacred crystal for himself.

Chapter 6: The Best Fruits in the Universe[edit]

The Woodkeeper persuades Dedede to leave the fruit alone by making an excuse.

Back at the hideout, once the sun sets, the group excitedly sets off for the Gloomy Woods, with large nets in hand. Their new plan is to have Kirby inhale the fruits, then use the nets to catch them before they can reach Kirby's mouth. As they go, Keroji doubts if their scheme is the right thing to do, seeing as they are all now working together, but is again quietly pressured by his siblings to go along with it. Soon enough, they reach the glimmering Stardust Fruits and begin their harvest, being completely awestruck and speechless after tasting the wondrous fruit.

Quite excited himself, Dedede is running around the Woodkeeper's small house, almost causing it to crumble to the ground. Dedede quickly bursts out the door into the woods and bites into a nearby fruit, but the old man follows him out, explaining it to be a Miracle Fruit instead of a Stardust Fruit, to Dedede's disappointment. They soon spot the true fruit, which is almost devoured by Dedede. Thinking quickly, the old man lies that the fruit must be peeled to remove a harmful seed, allowing him to slyly eat the fruit for himself behind Dedede's back. Before they can gather any more, the two are interrupted by Fire Lion, but the "heroic" Dedede easily solves the issue simply by loudly yelling at it, allowing the two to proceed.

Chapter 7: A New Copy Ability[edit]

Kirby obtains the Bell Copy Ability.

While continuing their harvest, the group randomly stumble upon large mysterious ruins, and Kirby dashes inside in hopes to take a rest, despite being warned by the others to avoid the place. Suddenly, the sound of a bell rings throughout the ruins, but Kirby ignores it and proceeds deeper, until a voice comes from above him. A small creature then jumps down, revealed to be Ringle, who threatens Kirby to get out before "the master" comes after him. Having no clue about this, Kirby only remains confused before having Ringle rush at him in an attempt to attack. The rest of the group finally make their way in, and Meta Knight draws his sword in realization about the situation. He is stopped by Kirby, however, who abruptly inhales Ringle and proceeds to gain the Bell Copy Ability, who uses it simply to make noise, much to his delight.

Soon another voice is heard, and Broom Hatter steps out from the shadows into the scene. Realizing what has been done to his friend, Broom Hatter courageously rushes towards Kirby, but the act is short-lived after Meta Knight swiftly assures him that Ringle is unharmed. Broom Hatter is eventually pressured to explain that his job has always been to keep the place tidy, and the Stardust Crystal within safely guarded, after "the master" abandoned it ages ago.

Chapter 8: Kirby Vs. King Dedede![edit]

Dedede and the Woodkeeper come running into the scene.

Hearing the bell from a distance, the Woodkeeper immediately panics, but Dedede is oblivious, and only sees it as a chance to find the Stardust Crystal by following the resounding sound of the bell, now openly exclaiming it to the old man. With his own sly scheme stirring, the Woodkeeper goes along with Dedede, in order to finally complete his manipulative objective of stealing the sacred crystal for himself. At that moment, the group in the ruins listens intently to Broom Hatter as he further details his and Ringle's obligation to guard the crystal, who points out that no one has dared come near the place because of the old rumors until now.

Suddenly, Dedede and the Woodkeeper come rushing in, and Dedede immediately turns against everyone, assuming they are all out for the crystal. As the chaos increases, the siblings attempt to sneak away with the harvested fruits stored in a large sack as they had planned all along, but they are swiftly caught and knocked down by the powerful resonation of Kirby's bells. Just then, Dedede attempts to slam his fists down on Kirby, but ends up painfully whacking Kirby's bell after the puffball retreated into his bell for protection, giving him the chance to knock Dedede to the ground. Kirby then frees the confused Ringle, and all seems to be settled, until the whole group realizes the Woodkeeper and Stardust Crystal are nowhere to be found.

Chapter 9: The Power of Inhaling[edit]

Kirby pulls the Woodkeeper back with his Hypernova inhale.

Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight quickly make their way back out into the woods, but then are jumped by Fire Lion. This time however, Kirby inhales it and gains the Fire Copy Ability, using it to light their path toward the Woodkeeper's small house. Just as they arrive, the ground begins shaking below them, and the small house is suddenly released from the ground as the chimney transforms into a large propeller, allowing it to fly as some sort of vehicle. As the old man slowly ascends with the Stardust Crystal, he laughs and boasts about how he tricked the others into thinking he was a guardian of the woods. Kirby releases Fire Lion in an attempt to use his inhale against the old man, but to no avail. Thinking quickly, the puffball runs over to a nearby Miracle Fruit in hopes to cure his weakening hunger, unaware of its true effects.

Kirby begins to brightly glow with a rainbow-colored light once it is swallowed, and senses a strange power rushing through himself. With his eyes turned back to the sky where the old man is still in sight, Kirby unleashes his mighty Hypernova inhale, causing the flying house to come crashing down into his gaping mouth. Dedede suddenly realizes that Kirby inhaled the Stardust Crystal in his process, and squishes him until everything is spat back out, returning the puffball back to his usual pink self. The dazed old man stumbles out of the house, and the three allow him to run off. Kirby then quickly runs in, and after seeing the crystal is shaped similarly to a fruit, the puffball prematurely gulps it down, to King Dedede's and Meta Knight's dismay.

Chapter 10: Kirby is a Hero!?[edit]

Kirby snatches the sack of Stardust Fruits from Dedede.

As the long night finally begins to turn to day, everyone heads back to the siblings' hideout. Now with the Stardust Crystal out of Kirby's stomach and rightfully back in the care of Broom Hatter and Ringle, they finally take it easy, until Dedede begins to complain about having not tasted one single Stardust Fruit despite his efforts. Kerota, surprisingly, offers the remaining sack of fruits to Dedede, explaining that Kirby's heroic act of saving the crystal changed his perspective on the matter, to Kerolina's slight annoyance.

Just as Dedede is prepared to dig in, Kirby jumps in and takes the sack for himself, only to smell a horrid stench once opening it. The passing of the night had caused the fruits to rot. Dedede then remembers he can still make use of his "Super-Premium All-You-Can-Eat Card" from earlier at Kawasaki's, but Meta Knight steps in and brings up that he had lost that same card recently, and warns that if his card was misused, the false user must pay a hundred times the price of the original food bought with it. Dedede soon breaks down over this and confesses to the knight. The story draws to a close as King Dedede and Waddle Dee come to the upsetting revelation of how much money they owe, and as Kirby desperately begs Meta Knight for his card.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Yumeruba 宇宙一おいしいとウワサのフルーツを食べるため、危険なウワサのある「くらやみ森」へと向かうカービィたち一行。だけど、デデデ大王も謎の仲間といっしょにそのフルーツを狙っていて…!?

In order to eat the fruits which are rumored to be the tastiest in the universe, Kirby and the others head to the "Gloomy Woods," which is also rumored to be dangerous. However, King Dedede is also after the fruits with a mysterious associate?!

Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, back of the book お店で大食いしている自称プププランドの王様・デデデ大王のもとに、あやしい三人組がやってくる。彼らは、宇宙一おいしいというフルーツをゲットするため、吸いこみ能力のあるカービィを捜していて…!?一方のカービィは、お店からいなくなったデデデ大王のあとを追い、ワドルディたちとともに危険なウワサのある「くらやみ森」をめざす。「くらやみ森」で、宇宙一のフルーツ争奪戦が始まろうとしていた!!

King Dedede, the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, is eating a big meal at a restaurant, when a dubious trio arrives. They are looking for Kirby, who has the ability to inhale, in order to get the tastiest fruits in the universe...? Meanwhile, Kirby, with Waddle Dee and others, follows King Dedede, who has disappeared from the restaurant, to the "Gloomy Woods," which is rumored to be dangerous. In the "Gloomy Woods," a battle for the best fruits in the universe is about to begin!

Dust jacket of the book カービィたちが住むプププランドには、危険なウワサのたえない「くらやみ森」という場所があるという。ここには、宇宙一おいしいフルーツがあるらしくて……。食べたい、食べたい!「くらやみ森」に待つものとは……!?

In Dream Land, where Kirby and his friends live, there is a place called "Gloomy Woods," rumored to be dangerous. This place is said to have the tastiest fruits in the universe...... Must eat, must eat! What awaits in the "Gloomy Woods"......!?


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ くらやみもりおおさわぎ!のまき
hoshi no kābyi kurayami mori de ōsawagi! no maki
Kirby of the Stars: Havoc in the Dark Forest! Volume