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Acti Blade

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Acti Blade
V3 Illustration 4.png
Illustration of Acti Blade from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!
Role Guest character
Similar to Dyna Blade
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Acti Blade[Japanese title] is a guest character featured in the Kirby novel series, and makes her guest appearance in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!. She is a large bird that nests her egg at an altar deep in an ancient temple. She injures her leg from one of the temple's traps when the Squeaks try to steal the egg. When Kirby and Waddle Dee come to the temple, Acti Blade trusts them with protecting her egg. She stays in her hometown for the majority of the story to let her injury heal. When Acti Blade returns, she reconciles with the Squeaks when Daroach reveals that he only wanted the cushion that was tied to the egg to protect it.


Acti Blade is a large bird that is very similar to Dyna Blade, although she is a different species. She wears a similar vest with a jewel on the front. Unlike Dyna Blade, her wings are not sharp at all and are much more feathery. In addition, her crest feathers and tail feather are different, and she has a mane of feathers around her neck. Acti Blade is never depicted in color, but she is described to be sky blue, with pure white wings.

Acti Blade is very protective of her egg, but is trusting and kind to anyone that she knows has good intentions. Her species used to be large in numbers, but it is now lower, and she thinks Daroach wants her egg because of how much it would sell for. Her feathers are also worth a lot, as they are extremely soft and work great as pillows when bunched together. Because of this, she keeps her egg on a cushion made of her feathers to protect it from any possible impact. Acti Blade's crest feathers are worthless, despite the quality of her other feathers.

Acti Blade's hometown is known for its baking, and she gives Kirby and Waddle Dee a bag of treats from there when she returns. She stays at her hometown for the majority of the story, to soak her leg injury in a hot spring so it heals faster.

Role in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad![edit]

Everyone is happy to see Acti Blade's newly-hatched chick.
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Alright, I’ll leave it to you people. I’ll return after ten days. Let’s meet again at this temple in ten days.
— Acti Blade to Kirby and Waddle Dee, in Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!

In Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad!, Acti Blade first shows up when Kirby and Waddle Dee get on the altar that her egg is placed on. She mistakes them for thieves, and thinks they are associated with the Squeaks. Acti Blade prepares to attack, but falters, due to an injury on her leg. The two try to help, but she only flaps her wings harder, which accidentally blows the egg off the altar. Kirby and Waddle Dee quickly catch it, which makes Acti Blade calm down, realizing they are not a threat. She explains to them that a group of thieves called the Squeaks had tried to steal her egg before, and she fell victim to a trap when chasing them, injuring her leg. Acti Blade trusts Kirby and Waddle Dee to protect her egg for ten days. She flies them back to Castle Dedede, and then tells them to keep the egg on the cushion she made, to keep it safe. Acti Blade then flies away, with her egg in Kirby and Waddle Dee's hands.

When Kirby and friends return to the temple after ten days, they fall into a trapdoor with the Squeaks, and eventually get into a fight with Wham Bam Gaia the Warlock. After they defeat him, Acti Blade enters his room from hearing all the noise. They get on her back, and she flies them all back out of the temple. Daroach introduces himself, and reveals that he only wanted the cushion that was protecting the egg. Acti Blade forgives him, and lets him keep the cushion. King Dedede butts in and demands to pick one of Acti Blade's crest feathers, mistaking her for the rare Dyna Blade. Acti Blade informs him that she is a different species, and that her crest feathers are worthless, much to the king's dismay. Suddenly, Acti Blade's chick hatches out of its egg, and is happy to see both her and Kirby. Acti Blade bids farewell to everyone, and flies back to her hometown with her chick.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アクティブレイド
Acti Blade