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Magolor (novel character)

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Novel Magolor Artwork.png

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First appearance Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue!
Last appearance Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!
Role Supporting character
Other appearance(s) his video game counterpart
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This article is about Magolor as he appears in the novels. For his appearance in the games, see Magolor.

Magolor is a semi-recurring supporting character in the Kirby novel series, debuting in Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue!, and appearing most recently in Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!. Each story portrays Magolor in a different way, though all of them share commonalities with the main video game incarnation.


A glib liar and good at tricking others.
— Unofficial translation of Magolor's description

Magolor, like his video game counterpart, is a small wizard with catlike ears wearing a blue hood and a cape. He is good at lying and manipulating others for his personal, and most of the time nefarious goals, although at the same time he also enjoys making others have fun. He most of the time acts friendly towards other characters, but when they don't behave like he wants them to, he easily becomes impatient and cranky, and can get really angry at them. He possess a lot of knowledge about mysterious and ancient artifacts, which usually he wants to obtain for himself. Moreover, he had a long-time dream of building a theme park, which he eventually realized.


Magolor's tendency to trick and manipulate other characters results in him not getting along with other characters, leaving him without real friends (although after the events of Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!, Kirby and others appear to have perhaps start considering him a friend). He often appears to others at first as a caring individual, but he ends up treating them poorly for his own goals, or if someone upsets them. Ultimately, Magolor's moral compass is ambiguous, as sometimes he just appears to want others to have fun and treats them well, sometimes he ends up pranking them in some form for his own amusement.

  • Kirby – Magolor sometimes uses Kirby's innocent nature to manipulate him for schemes. Although Kirby is aware of Magolor's tendency to use him, he usually ends up trusting him. In Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue! Magolor tells Kirby that he wants to be friends with him, which he once again affirms in Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!, and Kirby shows he's willing to be friends with him due to Magolor's hospitality in Merry Magoland.
  • Meta Knight – Because of Meta Knight’s wisdom, he suspects Magolor's intentions and questions him more than other. Because of that, Magolor dislikes him and tries to brush him off. In particular, in Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!, Meta Knight suspects Magolor is scheming something during the whole story, even though all other characters eventually end up warming up to the wizard.
  • Taranza – Magolor took advantage of Taranza's grief to deceive him and steal the Dimension Mirror. Although Magolor tells Kirby that Taranza is his best friend, Taranza in fact hates him.

Volume appearances[edit]

Magolor's appearances in the Kirby novel series  
Volume Image Role Role details Notes
Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue! V6 Magolor Illustration.png Supporting character In this novel, Magolor convinces Kirby and his friends to rescue his supposed friend who has been trapped in the labyrinth inside the mirror. After the group find Taranza, Magolor's supposed friend, it's revealed that Magolor tricked Kirby and his friends to get the Dimension Mirror, which grants the person who touches it their wish. It is also revealed that Taranza was never Magolor's friend, he was also tricked by him when Magolor tried to steal the mirror from him. Magolor steals the mirror and wishes to become unbeatable, which makes him grow to a gigantic size. After his defeat by Kirby and imprisonment by Taranza, Magolor tricks Kirby to release him and runs away.
Kirby Clash Team Unite! V9 Magolor Illustration.png Supporting character In this novel, Magolor assumes the role of shopkeeper, similar to his role in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Here, he is shown to be more overtly employing deceptive sales tactics, which Kirby is none-the-wiser to.
Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle! V15 Magolor Illustration.png Supporting character In this novel, Magolor retain his role from Kirby Clash Team Unite! as a shopkeeper in the Dream Kingdom.
Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears! V16 Magolor Illustration.png Supporting character In this novel, Magolor is a traveling merchant who sells medicine and has knowledge about ancient artifacts. Before the story, Magolor went to Hugo and translated to him the script on the ancient machine. He gives Hugo the idea of putting prize money, a million stars, on the gears. But Magolor plans to betray Hugo and steal the gears for his own use, to fix the Lor Starcutter, so to prevent the gears from brought immediately to Hugo, he splits the information about them. At first, Magolor comes to Kirby and tells him that wants to find the gears to get the prize and use it to build a laboratory and develop medicine. He tells Kirby that he wants to join him in the search for the gears because Kirby’s Star Compass is the only way to find them and shows Kirby the correct way to use it, to create a map. He tells Kirby to search for the gear in the field and gives him magical eyedrops that will make him see the gears beyond the magical seal. Magolor then goes to the mansion of Meta Knight and shows him the gear inside the Town of Light and gives him magical eyedrops too. After that, he also goes to president Dedede, tells him he wants to partner and to search for the gear at the clock tower together. To reach the gears Dedede flies an airplane above the tower and sends Magolor to parachute to reach the tower from above. Magolor finds the gear, but it slips from his hands. Luckily, Dedede retrieved the gear and Magolor tells him that there are more gears to find. After everyone finds the gears, Magolor tells Hugo that he will retrieve them all back to him. But when trying to retrieve the gear from Meta Knight, he prevents him. Magolor pretends to not know the consequences of using the machine, but Meta Knight doubts him. Because of it, Meta Knight gathers everyone to put the gears in the box to stop the machine from activating, but when no one notices, Magolor steals the box and vanishes. Magolor brings the gears to the Lor, but he is caught by Hugo and gets trapped. When the group rescues him, Magolor lies to them and tells them that he only pretended to steal the gears to lure Hugo. This story takes place in an alternate universe.
Kirby: Lor Starcutter and a Magician of Falsehood Supporting character As this novel is an adaptation of the story of Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Magolor's role is fairly similar to his role in the original game. In this novel, Magolor excavates the Lor Starcutter from Halcandra and then crash lands into Dream Land after Landia has attacked him for trying to steal the Master Crown, which destroys the Lor and takes apart five of its ship parts. After Kirby and his friends find Magolor, they promise to help him fix the ship by finding all of its parts. Later on in the story, the four adventurers find all the ship parts and all 120 Energy Spheres, fixing the Lor. Magolor keeps his end of the bargain by taking Kirby and friends to Halcandra, only for the ship to be attacked by Landia. Magolor tells the group that they have to fight and defeat Landia to return to him his ancestors' treasure, the Master Crown. After the group defeats Landia, Magolor takes the crown, reveals his true intentions, stealing the Master Crown for its limitless power, and transforms into a more sinister form before fleeing through Another Dimension. When he is defeated by Kirby, the Master Crown transforms him again into a projection of the crown's hatred and obsession, until he is defeated by Kirby and his friends once again. Afterwards, the crown breaks into pieces and fades away before Magolor vanishes into thin air.
Kirby: Sever Evil with a Slash in a Flash! Supporting character
Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland! Main character