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Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!

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Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!
Kirby Uproar at the Kirby Cafe Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!
Volume # 18
Published December 15th, 2020
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby Café
Chapters 9
Pages 167[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
King Dedede
Bandana Waddle Dee
Chef Kawasaki
Waddle Dees
Whispy Woods
Meta Knight
ISBN 978-4046320674[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi Kirby Fighters: The Destined Rivals!!
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Kirby and King Dedede have a showdown to see who can make the better café. With the help of Chef Kawasaki, Kirby challenges the king to a contest with Whispy Woods’s delicious fruity desserts!… but Whispy Woods has come down with a disease and has no fruit to offer. On top of that, while looking for medicine to treat the disease, Kirby and co. were put in a dire situation when, suddenly, Beetley and his pals attacked them! What the heck, which café will come out on top?!
— Unofficial translation of the back cover synopsis of Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!

Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?![derived from Japanese] is the eighteenth volume of the Kirby novel series, released exclusively in Japan on December 15th, 2020.[2] In this volume, after recovering from an illness caused by an insect bite, King Dedede goes to Chef Kawasaki's restaurant. On his way, he picks a fight with Whispy Woods and swears to never eat his fruits again. Meanwhile, Chef Kawasaki begins to use Whispy's fruits in his foods, which makes his restaurant even more popular. Kirby suggests to him to open a new café and helps build it. After hearing about this, Dedede starts to build a café of his own and calls for a cooking competition between the two. But as things seem well for the Kirby Café, Whispy Woods falls ill, and Kirby and King Dedede set their rivalry aside to find a cure before the competition starts. In the end, they return at the last round of the competition, which ends in a tie, and King Dedede decides to cancel his café.

This story takes inspiration from the real-world Kirby Café. In particular, the beginning of the story is similar to the Kirby Café's own story, involving moving near Whispy Woods to avoid the hassle of having to carry his apples to the restaurant.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: King Dedede's Great Fight[edit]

King Dedede is defeated by Whispy Woods.

Bandana Waddle Dee watches King Dedede lying in his bed and asks him if he still have fever. King Dedede tells him that he is hungry and sends him to serve him breakfast, which the Waddle Dees bring him. Bandana Waddle Dee is relieved that Dedede returned to himself, since he had been bitten by a poisonous insect that made him have a fever and lose his appetite. To find a cure, the Waddle Dees searched everywhere in Castle Dedede, and thanks to their help, King Dedede returned to normal. After recovering, King Dedede proclaims that he will go outside and check on the residences of Dream Land, cheered by the Waddle Dees.

King Dedede goes to Chef Kawasaki's restaurant to have another breakfast, because he wants to make up for not eating while ill. On his way, he notices Whispy Woods dozing off and plucks a fruit from him. This wakes Whispy Woods wake up and shake his branches, accidentally making a fruit fall on Dedede's head. They begin to argue and Whispy Woods shoot an air bullet at Dedede, which hit him and cause him to fall. Realizing that he cannot win the fight, King Dedede runs away while swearing that he will never eat Whispy Woods' fruits again.

In his restaurant, Chef Kawasaki finishes baking a pie and is interrupted by King Dedede. King Dedede orders a lot of food and notices the scent of the pie. Chef Kawasaki asks Dedede to taste is pie, and Dedede happily agrees. Kawasaki tells him that he made the pie from the fruits of Whispy Woods, which makes Dedede mad, and he refuses to eat the pie. When Chef Kawasaki brings Dedede his food, he wonders why Dedede was so mad about the pie.

After King Dedede leaves, Kirby comes to the restaurant and requests the morning and lunch sets. Chef Kawasaki asks him to taste the pie, and Kirby agrees. Kirby tries to suck up the pie, but Chef Kawasaki attacks so he won't swallow it so quickly. Kirby eats the pie with a knife and a fork and enjoys it, calling it the best dessert Kawasaki ever made. Chef Kawasaki tells Kirby about King Dedede refusal to eat the pie and gets the idea that his taste buds have changed due to the insect bite, making him not like Whispy Woods' fruits anymore. After Chef Kawasaki tells Kirby that he needs to stock up ingredients so everyone could try the pie, Kirby agree to help him because he wants to eat more of the pie.

Chapter 2: Kirby's Great Idea![edit]

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee gather fruits from Whispy Woods.

Kirby and Chef Kawasaki come to Whispy Woods, who is in a bad mood, and they tell him that they came to collect fruits for the pie. Hearing them complementing the taste of the pie and his fruits, Whispy Woods becomes more cheerful and shakes off fruits which Kirby and Chef Kawasaki gather. After they fill up their basket, they thank Whispy and leave.

Whispy Woods' pies become popular in Dream Land, bringing a lot of residents into Kawasaki's restaurant. Chef Kawasaki doesn't have time to leave the restaurant because of its popularity and tasks Kirby to collect Whispy Woods' fruits for him. While going to Whispy Woods, Kirby meets Bandana Waddle Dee, who tells him that he wanted to taste the new pie but couldn't because King Dedede doesn't allow them to eat Whispy's fruits since their fight. Waddle Dee asks Kirby to join him and help carry the heavy basket, since he is good at carrying heavy things. They both come to Whispy Woods, but Whispy Woods becomes mad seeing Bandana Waddle Dee, asking him if King Dedede sent him to steal his fruits. Kirby tells Whispy Woods that Waddle Dee only came to help, but Whispy refuses to give the fruit to anyone who works for Dedede. Kirby becomes mad and tells Whispy that if he wants to bother Waddle Dee, he will need to face him. Seeing that, Whispy Woods becomes scared and quickly apologizes. Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee gather the fruits together and take them to the restaurant, but the fruits run out quickly and they need to go back and forth to refill the stock.

After becoming tired from working so much, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee decide to rest in front of the restaurant. They talk about how exhausting this work is and how it is not close to being over. Waddle Dee wishes that Whispy Woods was closer to the restaurant so their walk would be shorter. From that Kirby gets the idea to move the restaurant and tells Chef Kawasaki about it. Chef Kawasaki tells Kirby that it won't be easy to move the restaurant because he spent much work perfecting the place. Instead, Kawasaki suggests that they should open a new restaurant around Whispy Woods. Kirby tells him that he will take care of the new place, but Chef Kawasaki doesn't trust him because of his terrible cooking skills. Bandana Waddle Dee offers to help too, and Chef Kawasaki becomes less worried because Waddle Dee is more reliable. Chef Kawasaki tells them that he won't be able to help them much, but Kirby tells him that it is not a problem.

Chapter 3: The Rumored Kirby Café[edit]

King Dedede is angry about the Kirby Café.

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee are working on the new café near Whispy Woods, using blueprints that Waddle Dee have made to build the furniture. While Waddle Dee builds the chairs slowly yet pedantically, Kirby builds them quickly, but doesn't reach a good quality. Bandana Waddle Dee tells Kirby to try and sit on the chair that he built, and when he does, it collapses. Whispy Woods laughs at Kirby and tells him to work harder, which he starts doing. While they work, Bronto Burt flies above their head and asks them what they are doing. Kirby answers him that they are building a new café and tells him to go visit when it is finished. From seeing Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt questions if it was King Dedede's idea, which makes Whispy Woods furious. Whispy tells him to not mention Dedede's name and Bronto Burt flies away, saying that he will let everyone know about the new café.

A few days later, while Chef Kawasaki thinks about how to call the new café, he hears the customers of his restaurant talking about it and calling it "Kirby Café", since it has been built by Kirby and Waddle Dee. Chef Kawasaki becomes disappointed at first from the name but reconsiders it after thinking about how much Kirby has helped with its making. Ideas about Kirby themed food start flooding Kawasaki head, making him enthusiastic.

The word about the Kirby Café spread over to King Dedede, who calls Bandana Waddle Dee just before he leaves to help with the café to tell that he has been slacking off. Waddle Dee tells him that he has done everything already. Dedede tells him that cannot leave Castle Dedede without his permission and that he heard that he went to Whispy Woods every day and helped build the café. Dedede is mad that Whispy Woods doesn't allow him to enter the café and decides that he will build a better café instead. Waddle Dee tries to explain everything, but Dedede doesn't listen. He tells Waddle Dee that he will join him and not work for Whispy Woods anymore, which Waddle Dee agrees to out of fear. Dedede tells him to get Chef Kawasaki to help them, but Waddle Dee explains that the café under Whispy is for Kawasaki. Afraid of getting banned from the restaurant, Dedede gives up on him and tell Waddle Dee to gather everyone he can.

Bandana Waddle Dee tells the people at the café that he cannot help them any longer, which makes them sad. Whispy tells him that no matter how much he will try, King Dedede cannot compete with the taste of his fruits. Bandana Waddle Dee goes to Burning Leo and tell him about Dedede's Café, but he is disgusted and tell him that he would rather go to the Kirby Café. Waddle Dee tries to convince him to help with Dedede's Café, but burning Leo refuses no matter what he offers, since he doesn't want to eat food made by Dedede. Waddle Dee tells him that Dedede won't be the one cooking, but rather the Waddle Dees, who make food him for every day, which starts to convince him. After hearing that they will make him his favorite desserts, Burning Leo agrees to join. Waddle Dee comes to ask Chilly to help with Dedede's Café, and he also doesn't want to join. But after telling him the same as he told to Burning Leo, he agrees to help too.

Chapter 4: A Powerful Enemy? Dedede Café[edit]

Bandana Waddle Dee is horrified by King Dedede's food ideas.

Bandana Waddle Dee gathers Sir Kibble, Broom Hatter and Knuckle Joe in Castle Dedede. King Dedede thanks them all for coming, not hearing Burning Leo's complaints about him. He tells them that the Café would be called “Dedede Café” and be in the garden of Castle Dedede. Everyone goes to the garden to start working on the café according to Waddle Dee's blueprints. After showing King Dedede the sign that he designed for the café, Dedede tells him that the sign is too plain and decides to add light bulbs to it, wanting to use Sparky as an energy source. He also decides to change the design of the furniture to make them flashier by making them jump up and down using Bouncy, not caring that the food on them would be destroyed. When thing about the menu, King Dedede thinks about making everything out of meat, even if they would taste the same as the main course. Bandana Waddle Dee is concerned about all those decisions but is afraid to disobey.

Chef Kawasaki takes a break from working and visits Whispy Woods, where he sees Kirby struggling to make chairs without Bandana Waddle Dee. Chef Kawasaki brings Kirby a new pizza with fruit toppings as thanks for helping him. As Kirby prepares to inhale the pizza whole, Kawasaki tells him once again to take his time. Chef Kawasaki tells him that he wants to make the pizza the center piece of the café. Kirby greatly enjoys its taste and wants more. As Chef Kawasaki is about to leave, Bronto Burt comes and tells them the news that most of the residents were turned into staff of the Dedede Café and about Dedede's terrible restaurant planning. Chef Kawasaki is horrified by the thought of the meat food items, but Kirby thinks that it sounds tasty. Kirby starts to think that their menu is not good enough and wants to come up with a new menu. Chef Kawasaki tells him that he will handle that, but Kirby is confident in his cooking skills, even if in reality they are terrible. Kirby starts to suggest terrible food idea, and when Bronto Burt asks for Whispy Woods' opinion, he doesn't reply. They ask him what is wrong and see that he looks ill. Whispy tells that he is just sleepy.

Chapter 5: Cooking Showdown and Big Trouble[edit]

The sick Whispy Woods thanks Kirby and Chef Kawasaki.

The two cafés become the talk of the town, which makes King Dedede feel nervous. He calls Bandana Waddle Dee and tells him that he cannot let Kirby Café be more successful than Dedede Café. He gets the idea to hold a cooking competition to see which of them has the best café. Waddle Dee thinks he doesn't have a chance to win Chef Kawasaki, so he tries to get Dedede to reconsider, but he doesn't. Waddle Dee asks who will be the judge, and King Dedede suggests Meta Knight, because he is honest. Waddle Dee worries because Meta Knight is a harsh judge, but Dedede sticks to his opinion. He tells Waddle Dee to call Kirby while he contacts Meta Knight.

After hearing King Dedede's story, Meta Knight sighs and tells him that he has no time to play part in those petty games and that he doesn't care which café will win. When Dedede is about to end their conversation, Captain Vul interrupts to tell Meta Knight that Kawasaki will put his all into the competition to make the best dessert. He tells him that being able to differentiate the quality of the dessert demands concentration, which makes it good for his training. Meta Knight changes his mind and decides to be the judge. After ending the conversation, the Meta-Knights are excited by the thought of having desserts. Meta tells them that he will let them taste the desserts too, but that they should see it as part of their training.

Chef Kawasaki visits Whispy Woods and finds Kirby looking at him with a serious expression. When Kawasaki offers Kirby to try a new pizza, he doesn't get excited. Kirby tells him that Whispy Woods feels ill. When Chef Kawasaki eats Whispy's fruits, they are sour. Bandana Waddle Dee comes too to tell them about the cooking competition that King Dedede decided to have between them. Kirby becomes excited and except the challenge and Chef Kawasaki agrees too. Waddle Dee tells them that the competition will be in a week, and in it the two cafés will make three dishes: a main course, a drink, and a dessert. After Waddle Dee leaves, Chef Kawasaki tells Kirby that if Whispy Woods won't heal and his fruits will remain sour, they won't be able to make a good dessert with them and will need to use a different fruit. Kirby refuses to let this happen. Whispy Woods thanks Kirby and tells them that he will shake off the illness in no time. Kirby and Chef Kawasaki tell him that they will find medicine for him.

Chapter 6: Save Whispy Woods![edit]

Waddle Dee tells about Green Spider Grass.

For a few days Kirby looks for medicine but cannot find anything. Meanwhile, Whispy Woods' condition worsens, and he cannot produce any fruits. Whispy Woods tells Kirby that he is cold, which Kirby tries to cure by hugging him, but it doesn't work. Whispy apologizes and promises him that he will produce the fruits.

The rumors about Whispy Woods' illness spread around. Bandana Waddle Dee reports the news to King Dedede. Dedede says that Whispy is sick because he didn't give him his fruit and thinks that it will help him win the competition, while Waddle Dee becomes sadder. After Waddle Dee leaves, King Dedede thinks he got a bad attitude, not understanding his emotions. Dedede tries to take a nap but cannot fall asleep. King Dedede starts to remember all the kind things about Whispy Woods and is annoyed since he wants to feel angry at him. He calls Waddle Dee to join him in going to Whispy Woods. Bandana Waddle Dee is surprised and asks if they go there to visit him. Dedede answers that he is doing this only to see if he is truly sick, but Waddle Dee knows that Dedede is only acting mean, but he cares inside.

When Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede go to Whispy Woods, Kirby notices them and cowers. Whispy questions if they came to mock him, but Dedede answers he only came to check up on him and starts teasing him. Kirby gets mad at him and tells him to leave. After Kirby talks about the condition of Whispy, King Dedede remembers the illness he had from the insect bite and finds the condition of Whispy similar. He remembers that when he picked up Whispy's fruit, he screamed. Whispy Woods tells him that it was because he felt a sting and thought that Dedede was attacking him. King Dedede declares that he was probably bitten by the same bug and sends Waddle Dee to bring the medicine. After Kirby thanks King Dedede for helping, he says that he only does it for a fair competition.

Waddle Dee comes back and tells that they have already used all the medicine. King Dedede tells him to search for the ingredients of it to make more. Waddle Dee reads the notes and finds out that most of the ingredients are easy to find except for a rare herb called Green Spider Grass which only grows on the mountains at the north of Dream Land. Waddle Dee says that he brought the original medicine from a traveling apothecary, so they won't be able to find him. When King Dedede wants to go and get the herb, he warns him about the dangers of the mountain. While Waddle Dee is too weak to climb and King Dedede doesn't want to risk himself for Whispy Woods, Kirby volunteers to go. Fearing to leave Kirby in danger, Dedede changes his mind and wants to go instead. Waddle Dee offers that both would go, which makes them start arguing. Waddle Dee stops them by offering to make lunch for them, which calms them down and they agree to go together. They leave, thinking about the meal he is going to make for them.

Chapter 7: Get the Treasure![edit]

Kirby defeats Bugzzy.

Kirby and King Dedede begin to climb the mountain, thinking that it is not as dangerous as Waddle Dee warned. They find a delicious-looking fruit and compete to eat it first. When they bite it, it tastes disgusting. To clean their stomachs, King Dedede and Kirby eat the entire lunch box that Waddle Dee made for them. As they continue climbing, it starts getting dark and they become hungry again, making them regret eating all their food earlier. Kirby asks Dedede how Green Spider Grass looks, and he answers that it's a plant that looks like a spider's web. Kirby notices a cobweb and thinks it is the Green Spider Grass. Dedede tries to stop him, but Kirby reaches to the web too quickly. After he touches it, a high-pitched voice begins to ring that an intruder has been found, and a swarm of insects, Beetleys and a Hornhead, surrounds Kirby and King Dedede. The insects ask if they have come to raid their territory and they answer that they only came to find some Green Spider Grass. The insects become angry because they want to steal their treasure and attack them. Kirby and Dedede try to escape, but their path is blocked. King Dedede and Kirby try to fight back, but they are exhausted and overwhelmed by the number of enemies. The insects steal Dedede's hammer and wrapped them both in spider silk, throwing them to jail.

Bandana Waddle Dee waits for Kirby and King Dedede to return, but they don't see them coming back. He hopes to himself that nothing has gone wrong and starts to think about all the possibilities that could have happened to them, becoming even more anxious. He tells himself that Kirby and Dedede are strong enough to not be in real danger. He tells himself that even if they won't return before the competition, he will still make a delicious menu. Chef Kawasaki is disappointed that they would need to change the fruit they use if they don't return soon.

Three days after their imprisonment, Kirby and King Dedede wonder how much time has passed and if the competition had happened. Since they were fed nothing but berries, they couldn't regain their strength. They smell a sweet scent, but when a Beetley shows up with food for them, they see that it is the usual berries. Kirby asks from where the scent came and Beetley answers that they just finished harvesting the fruits. Dedede, eager to eat, pushed Beetley, and he and Kirby run away. Beetley tries to block their way, but is easily pushed by them. They navigate the prison by smelling fruits towards the pantry, and smash the door to get inside. They finding all the harvested fruits and happily eat. They happily eat the fruits. When Hornhead shows up, they are too distracted to notice. Hornhead pushes Kirby, but he only shouts to stop bother him while he is eating. By eating a lot of fruits, Kirby and Dedede regain their energy. Kirby inhales Hornhead and gets the Beetle copy ability. All the Beetleys clear the way for Bugzzy, who shows up and ask him to help them against Kirby and Dedede. After Bugzzy mentions the Green Spider Grass, Kirby remembers their purpose for going to the mountain. Bugzzy rushes towards Kirby, but he dodges and Bugzzy crashes into a crate, blowing King Dedede away. Since Dedede doesn't have his hammer, he grabs a piece of the crate and fights Bugzzy. Bugzzy grabs him and tries to suplex him, but Kirby lushes his horn at him, which makes Bugzzy drop Dedede. Kirby fights Bugzzy with his Beetle ability, eventually tossing him into the ground, winning the fight. Kirby drops the copy ability and says that they have not come to fight and only want the Green Spider Grass. When Bugzzy regains his consciousness, he doesn't want to fight anymore, respecting Kirby's ability. Kirby tells him about Whispy Woods and adds about Dedede's illness. Bugzzy apologizes that one of his subordinates bitted them and tells them that he heard someone claims to defeat Dedede. He gives them the Green Spider Grass, and they start going back.

Chapter 8: Serious Competition, Start![edit]

Meta Knight tastes Chef Kawasaki's pizza.

The day of the competition comes, and Meta Knight arrives at Dream Land. When he arrives at the venue, he sees that Kirby and King Dedede are missing. Bandana Waddle Dee tells him that they haven't returned yet. Meta Knight questions how the competition will take place without them and Waddle Dee answers it will proceed as planned. Meta Knight sits on the judges' table and the competition begins. Bandana Waddle Dee wears a chef hat and the Waddle Dees dress as café clerks. For cooking the main dish, Burning Leo heats an iron pot and grills on it vegetables and meat. They bring the meal to the judges' table and Meta Knight and his crew taste it, looking satisfied. Chef Kawasaki brings the meal of the Kirby Café, a pizza, which Meta Knight and his crew enjoy too. Meta Knight judges that the Kirby Café won the first round, because the pizza crust and the sauce were wonderful.

Meanwhile, Kirby and King Dedede run down the mountain as fast as possible, but they started to become tired, and fall to the ground. Dedede asks Kirby if he has any useful Copy Ability. Kirby starts to answer, but he suddenly remembers that he got the Warp Star, which he calls.

For the second round of the competition, Bandana Waddle Dee begins to make marshmallows and puts them in the café au lait. Chilly is concerned that they are serving something too sweet for the cool Meta Knight, but Waddle Dee assures him that the sweetness will help him get rid of the fatigue. They bring the cup to Meta Knight. When Meta Knight sees the Kirby-shaped marshmallow, Waddle Dee starts to explain about it, but Meta Knight quickly devours it whole. Chef Kawasaki brings his drink, a ginger ale, which Meta Knight tastes too. The Meta-Knights question between themselves if Meta Knight notices that the marshmallow was Kirby-shaped. Meta Knight decides that the winner of this round is the Dedede Café.

While the Dedede Café staff think about what dessert to make for the third round, Moonja arrives. Waddle Dee tells them that he asked Moonja to help make a dessert suitable for Meta Knight's taste. They decide to make matcha mousse as a dessert. Meanwhile, Chef Kawasaki is disappointed that he cannot use Whispy Woods' fruits and makes pancakes instead. Even when he cooks, he thinks about how much better it is with Whispy's fruits. When Captain Vul starts to announce the next round, he notices the Warp Star flying. It crashes down at the judge's table and Kirby and King Dedede step down from it. Dedede shows the Green Spider Grass that they found and everyone applause. Burning Leo tells them that they arrived too late and that they don't have enough time to cure the disease. However, King Dedede doesn't lose hope and runs out of the plaza. Kirby tells Meta Knight to delay the final showdown, and Meta Knight tells him that he will wait till sunset. Kirby promises to come back and runs too.

Chapter 9: Which Café is the Best?[edit]

Whispy Woods produces the fruits.

Kirby and King Dedede make the medicine and rush to Whispy Woods. They try to wake him up, but don't succeed. Dedede tickles Whispy's nose with the Green Spider Grass, causing him to sneeze. While his mouth is open, Dedede pours the medicine into it. Whispy Woods starts to complain that King Dedede attacked him, but suddenly feels good and heals. Chef Kawasaki, the Waddle Dees and the rest of the audience show up too. Chef Kawasaki says that he came since he was worried about Whispy Woods. Everyone is happy to see Whispy Woods heal when the fruits of Whispy ripen much quicker them they usually ripen. Meta Knight tells Kawasaki that he can make it in time for the competition showdown, and Kawasaki agrees to use Whispy's fruits. He gets the idea of making the final showdown under the shade of Whispy Woods, and everyone helps to create a new venue. Kirby volunteers himself to help Kawasaki make the dessert. Kawasaki is worried about it at first, but when he sees Kirby's excitement, he changes his mind. Chef Kawasaki tells Kirby that they are going to make a parfait, which Kirby can top with any ingredients Kawasaki has.

King Dedede is not happy with the matcha mousse that the Waddle Dees make, since it isn't what he asked for. Bandana Waddle Dee asks him to try it, and after he does, Dedede compliments the dessert and changes his mind. Captain Vul calls the audience for the final showdown. Meta Knight tastes at first the matcha mousse, calling it a masterpiece. Next, Chef Kawasaki brings their parfait, and Meta Knight comments on its off balanced look. Kirby tells him that he made it by himself, filling it with everything he could. Meta Knight tastes it and says that its taste is perfect, and he had fun eating it. Meta Knight calls the round a tie, which makes everyone happy, except King Dedede. He complains that Kirby's parfait was messed up and cannot match his dessert. Kawasaki offers him to taste it for himself, which he does, realizing that it's truly tasty. The audience want to taste it as well, and Chef Kawasaki makes for them parfaits too, which the Waddle Dees hands out. They congratulate the tie and Whispy Woods' recovery.

A party begins with food from the two cafés. While King Dedede devours food, he hears Whispy Woods apologizing for being rude to him. King Dedede tells him that it was weird for him to be so rude, but is reminded that once he was ill, he became rude too. He asks the Waddle Dees if he acted angrily, but they don't remember a change, since he always acts tyrannically. Dedede blames the insect bite for their anger and tells Whispy to not worry about it. He tells him that the Dedede Café has been cancelled because he worries that if it will become popular, the Waddle Dees won't have the time to work for him. Kirby, who hears the conversation, asks Dedede if the Waddle Dees will have the time to work for the Kirby Café instead. He refuses, so Kirby tries to convince him by saying that they would work there only after they finish their tasks and that they would make for him tasty food. Bandana Waddle Dee asks Dedede too to be able to help at the Kirby Café, but King Dedede still doesn't want his subordinate working for his rival. Chef Kawasaki comes and shows them a new dish he made, a Waddle Dee shaped omurice. Kawasaki tells Dedede to try it, and when he does, he becomes overjoyed and agrees to give Waddle Dee special permission to work at the Kirby Café. He tells Kawasaki to always make this dish when he comes to the Kirby Café. When they hear the news, all the residents want to have the new dish. Nearby, Meta Knight tells to Captain Vul that the Kirby Café is another reason to visit Dream Land.


Found in Description and translation
Amazon Japan, Tsubasa Bunko, Yumeruba, back of the book カービィデデデだいおうは、どっちがすごいカフェをつくれるか、対決たいけつすることになった。カービィは、コックカワサキちからわせ、ウィスピーウッズのおいしいのデザートでデデデだいおうしょういどむ! …でも、ウィスピーウッズびょうにかかり、がなくなってしまった。さらに、びょうなおくすりをさがしていたカービィたちに、とつぜん、ビートリーたちがおそいかかってきてだいピンチ! つのは、いったいどっちのカフェだ!?

Kirby and King Dedede have a showdown to see who can make the better café. With the help of Chef Kawasaki, Kirby challenges the king to a contest with Whispy Woods’s delicious fruity desserts!… but Whispy Woods has come down with a disease and has no fruit to offer. On top of that, while looking for medicine to treat the disease, Kirby and co. were put in a dire situation when, suddenly, Beetley and his pals attacked them! What the heck, which café will come out on top?!

Dust jacket of the book ウィスピーウッズしたに、カービィカフェかいかい!デデデだいおうデデデカフェとしょうすることになった。しんいんは、メタナイトメタナイトどっちカフェえらぶのか!?

Kirby Café has opened under the tree Whispy Woods! It's time to compete against King Dedede's Dedede Café. The judge is Meta Knight. Which café will Meta Knight choose?


  • Some dishes that appear in the novel reference dishes served in the real world Kirby Café. The pizza served by Chef Kawasaki at the first round of the competition is based on Half & Half Pizza. The au lait that the Dedede Café serves in the second round of the competition is based on Café au lait with Kirby marshmallow. The dessert that the Dedede Café serves on the last round is based on Meta Knight's Green Tea mousse, and the dessert that the Kirby Café serves is based on Made by Kirby! Powerful parfait. The omurice that Chef Kawasaki shows at the end of the story is based on Waddle Dee is napping - Japanese omelette rice.
    • Although never referred by name, the Whispy Woods' pies seems to be based on Whispy Woods' Apple Pie and the pizza that Chef Kawasaki brings to Kirby seems to be based on Whispy's caramelized apples.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ カービィカフェはおおさわぎ!?
Hoshi no Kābyi Kābyi Kafe wa dai sawagi!?
Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!