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Meta Knight (novel character)

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Meta Knight
Light Novel Meta Knight Artwork.png
Artwork of Meta Knight from the Kirby novel series
First appearance Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?!
Last appearance Kirby: Meta Knight and the Monster of the Magic Stone
Role Protagonist
Other appearance(s) his video game counterpart
his anime counterpart
Similar to Kirby
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This article is about Meta Knight as a character in the novels. For Meta Knight in the games, see Meta Knight.

Meta Knight is one of the four primary protagonists of the Kirby novel series, alongside Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. He is a proud, skilled swordsman who comes to a fault when he is humiliated because of his quick temper. Like in the games, his origins and place of residence are largely unknown, and his face is concealed under a silver mask at all times. It is even suggested that he does not live in Dream Land at all, and instead only visits for specific reasons. He is largely a loner who has little interest in the problems of others if it does not significantly involve himself. As they are his friends, he will assist Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee if needed despite this, but usually has other motivations for doing deeds and unraveling problems, which are rarely revealed in full.

Meta Knight occasionally receives his own centered volumes, where he takes the role of Kirby as the star protagonist instead. This trait in the series was his alone up until recently.


A swordsman shrouded in mystery who always wears a mask.
— Unofficial translation of Meta Knight's description

Meta Knight, much like his video game counterpart, is a swordsman wearing a cape, a silver mask, gloves, and shoulder pauldrons. He is skilled with his blade and can rarely be taken down by any reasonable foe. He is relatively good mannered and has a respectful and somewhat gentlemen-like demeanor, as well as a large ego that, when damaged, is usually the cause of a short bout of anger which he usually attempts to conceal. Along with his secretiveness, his characteristics grant him a mysterious demeanor, which he consistently tries to maintain.


Meta Knight's mysterious loner demeanor leaves him with very few maintained friendships, as he tends to go on his own way alone. The few he has are relatively distant, but especially in dangerous situations show concern for the knight regardless. He often treats them with semi-friendly respect.

  • Kirby - Meta Knight does not often interact directly with Kirby, but helps him when needed and watches him closely as his range of skills increase and improve.
  • King Dedede - Very few details are given regarding Meta Knight's friendship with King Dedede. He usually treats him the same as that of the way he treats others, but there are exceptions to this, as the knight seems to have a background history with Dedede.
  • Waddle Dee - Meta Knight rarely directly interacts with Waddle Dee, even less so than he does with Kirby, but treats him with relative respect, keeping his poor treatment from Dedede in mind. Meta Knight is also aware of Waddle Dee's modesty, and will explain a situation to him if Kirby and Dedede are not listening.
  • Daroach - Meta Knight has very high respect for Daroach, and sees him as an ally. Because Daroach helped his two henchmen in the past, Meta Knight is willing to help the Squeaks.
  • Princess Marona - Although Meta Knight keeps a low profile, he sees Princess Marona as a good friend. After he helped her feel comfortable with being herself, the two bonded a lot.
  • Papi - At first irritated by Papi's desire to have Meta Knight stay in the underworld with him, Meta Knight eventually sympathizes with the butterfly after learning about his story. Papi ultimately prevents Meta Knight from actions that would trap him in Yomi and helps find a way out, and as such Meta Knight is grateful towards Papi and considers him a good friend.

Volume appearances[edit]

The following is a complete list of every appearance Meta Knight has made in the Kirby novel series, along with the role he plays and its details in the plot of each volume:

Meta Knight's appearances in the Kirby novel series  
Volume Image Role Role details Notes
Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?! V1 Meta Knight Illustration.png Tritagonist In this volume, upon receiving an invitation to a birthday celebration held by the newcomer Mrs. Parfaitski in Dream Land, Meta Knight comes to Dream Land and ends up cross-dressing Kirby and King Dedede with each-other as his lady partner, as having a partner is required to attend, and both pressured the knight to attend with him and lacked their own formal invitations. While going along with the scheme, he is humiliated by the crowd after being seen with a seemingly embarrassing lady, causing him to grow frustrated, but he more prominently begins to suspect Parfaitski is hiding something from her guests. Mrs. Parfaitski is then kidnapped later on, and so the knight and his now revealed two friends set off to rescue her. After doing so, the knight's suspicions of Parfaitski are confirmed, but the group manage to return her back safely and change her ways.
Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods! V2 Meta Knight Illustration.png Tritagonist In this volume, Meta Knight loses a card of his, and pays a visit to Dream Land to search for it. While there, he is dragged into a situation with Kirby and Waddle Dee as they are setting out to find King Dedede, who had impersonated Kirby in order to accompany a shady trio of siblings in a quest to harvest fruits rumored to taste delightful. The knight assists his friends, and after coming across Dedede and the sibling trio, he further assists the group with harvesting the fruits after Dedede is found out and runs off. Later on however, Dedede returns and breaks out into a fight with the group, forcing Meta Knight to be a part of it so to defend the others. A thief who had accompanied Dedede in the midst of it then attempts to steal the source object of the fruits' growth, but is put a stop to by Meta Knight and his friends. Once all is said and done, Meta Knight learns that Dedede had stolen and prematurely used his card for his own desires all along.
Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad! V3 Meta Knight Illustration.png Antagonist In this volume, Meta Knight helps the Squeaks try to steal the egg that Kirby, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede are tasked with protecting. He first shows up when the three of them have Storo tied up in the room, and frees him. The three are confused at why Meta Knight would ever help thieves like the Squeaks, and he tries to explain that there is a misunderstanding. King Dedede just gets angry and attacks, and Meta Knight leaves. After that, the three of them ponder what kind of reason he could possibly have to be helping the Squeaks. Later on, Meta Knight returns to the castle to try to explain the misunderstanding to Dedede, but he is met with the same outcome. Meta Knight starts to think that Waddle Dee would be willing to listen, and tells the Squeaks. When Kirby and co. return the egg to the temple, the Squeaks snatch Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight explains the whole situation to him. At the end of the story, when Daroach explains that his intentions were not at all malicious, Meta Knight finally reveals that he was helping the Squeaks because he was indebted to Daroach, who had saved his henchmen in the past.
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess V4 Meta Knight Illustration.png Protagonist In this volume, Meta Knight and his two henchmen, Sword Knight and Blade Knight, are tasked with travelling to the planet Chiffon Star to search for Princess Marona, who went missing. They find out that the princess was manipulated by Baron Gallic, a villain that Meta Knight had dealt with in the past. When the group finds Princess Marona, she unexpectedly throws a fit of rage. Meta Knight brings her back to her senses by reminding her of what she really cares about. Baron Gallic then barges in, and Meta Knight discovers that he is using his powerful Malice Stone to control other people. When Meta Knight gets a chance to escape with Princess Marona, she reveals that she does not want to return to the palace, and would rather be free. Meta Knight accepts this and lets the princess do as she pleases, much to her surprise. When fighting Baron Gallic, Meta Knight falls under the Malice Stone's control. Princess Marona brings him back to his senses, and Meta Knight destroys the Malice Stone, putting a stop to Baron Gallic once and for all. Meta Knight is the star of this novel. This is the first volume where someone other than Kirby takes the spotlight.
Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land! V5 Meta Knight Illustration.png Tetartagonist In this volume, Meta Knight is asked by Walky to co-commentate in a big race in Dream Land that will be broadcasted on TV. He has no interest in this, but reluctantly accepts when the Meta-Knights want to be in the race. Meta Knight is also very famous across the universe, and his presence makes viewers interested. Throughout the race, Meta Knight provides disinterested commentary alongside the enthusiastic Walky, and he grows very suspicious of the producer, Kizario. He is also suspicious of a shady man that he finds lurking around. When Meta Knight finally catches him, the shady man reveals that he is Kizario's caretaker, Kurron. Kurron explains that Kizario only set up the race to attract his missing pet Peperon. Kizario and the racers eventually find Peperon in the forest, where Meta Knight finally gets Kizario to explain his whole scheme to everyone.
Kirby Clash Team Unite! V9 Meta Knight Illustration.png Tertiary supporting character In this volume, when Kirby finds himself at the Dream Kingdom, he meets a different version of Meta Knight, who is more conceited than the regular Meta Knight. Before the appearance of Kirby, the other Kirbys tried to recruit Meta Knight to their team, but he rejected them because of his want to fight alone. When Kirby and this Meta Knight first meet, Kirby is confused when Meta Knight doesn't recognize him. Later, Meta Knight tells the four Kirbys that Taranza is behind the attacks of all the rampaging monsters and that he is hiding in the Empyrean. Before they go, he warns them about the dangers of the Empyrean, the unstable foundations of this place and the dangerous dragon Landia, who lives there.
Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!! V10 Meta Knight Illustration.png Supporting character In this volume, after Meta Knight hears rumors about Dedede's Cake Royale, he sends Sword Knight to gather intel about the types of battles in the tournament. Since Sword Knight got inhaled and didn't come back, Meta Knight joins the Cake Royale to test his strength, yet he doesn't face a challenging fight. When he faces Kirby, he becomes excited and tells him to show his true strength. He and Axe Knight face Kirby and Waddle Dee in a game of Flagball but Meta Knight is not interested in playing the game proper, only trying to fight Kirby. Trying to fight Kirby, Meta Knight accidentally helps his teammate and scores a point. Getting mad, Kirby accepts the challenge and faces Meta Knight in a swordfight, and only when he sees the ball he stops. Even then, Meta Knight continue his chase. When Kirby and Waddle Dee win the match, Meta Knight is not bothered by his defeat, feeling content from the battle. Later, Meta Knight observes the battle of Kirby and King Dedede and comments about how much Dedede improved his combat skills, but believes that Kirby can still win. When Meta Knight finds out that Sword Knight was inside Kirby all along, he tells Kirby to not inhale him again to let rest. Meta Knight asks Dedede to put the match on hold while Kirby has no Copy Ability, but Dedede refuses. Sometime after the Dededestroyer Z battle, Meta Knight volunteers to try and destroy the Kirby Printer, but Dedede stops him, thinking that he can do it himself. Meta Knight is certain that Kirby and Dedede are able to destroy the machine, before the two of them manage to do exactly that.
Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land! V13 Meta Knight illustration.png Tritagonist In this volume, Meta Knight first appears flying on the Halberd above Dream Land, noticing it's now made of yarn. Shortly after, he gets ambushed by Yin-Yarn, who sends him to Patch Land. Kirby and Prince Fluff eventually find him in Space Land, under Yin-Yarn's control, and they have to battle the knight. After he is defeated, he goes back to his senses and immediately tells Kirby about the current state of Dream Land. The three head to Patch Castle and go to Dream Land via a Magic Sock alongside King Dedede as well, to save it. There, they head to Castle Dedede and Meta Knight follows Kirby and Prince Fluff, as they find Yin-Yarn. Meta Knight does not help directly Kirby battle him, but he does give Kirby a Metamortex he had found in Patch Land once Yin-Yarn's needles create Mega Yin-Yarn, which ends up being key to their victory against him. With Yin-Yarn defeated, Dream Land and its residents go back to normal. As this volume is an adaptation of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, Meta Knight's role is largely the same as the one in the game.
Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands! V14 Meta Knight Illustration.png Tetartagonist In this volume, Meta Knight comes to the Rainbow Islands after receiving a report from Captain Vul about the situation and helps investigate. He goes with the others to help Pirika and brings a three-seater boat which they use to fly to the cloud. Meta Knight prepares to fight Gooey, but Kirby refuses, and they all flee the battlefield. When Meta Knight battles Gooey, he exposes him to Kirby's inhale. After learning that Pirika is the culprit, Meta Knight chases her. Pirika pushes him into the lake, turning Meta Knight into her puppet, which she orders to fight Kirby. Meta Knight is defeated due to the knockback from Gooey's toss and is stuffed into Rick's bag. When he breaks out of the bag, the fight continues. After Kirby inhales all the lake water, Meta Knight stops moving. The puppet spell is undone after Pirika's heart has been cleared and Meta Knight pieces what has happened. He returns to the land and is greeted by Captain Vul and the Meta-Knights, which misinterpret Meta Knight disclaim of accomplishments as modesty.
Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears! V16 Meta Knight Illustration.png Deuteragonist In this volume, Meta Knight is an aristocrat who yearns for adventure. In the beginning of the story, after returning from party and complains to Butler Vul that he is bored from the aristocrat’s life. He hears the news about the missing gears from Daroach, and tells him that he is not interested in the prize money. He only becomes interested in finding the gears when he is told by Daroach about the mysteries of the ancient machine and joins Daroach in exposing Hugo. After Magolor comes to his mansion and tells him about the location of the gear in Hugo’s mansion, he tells this to Daroach and they go together to find the gear. They break into Hugo’s mansion and find the gear in the kitchen, but also find a hidden room in the mansion. Meta Knight finds in the hidden room documents and photos of the ancient machine. After Daroach breaks into the safe and sets up the alarm, they both run away from the guards of the mansion. Daroach gives Meta Knight the photo from the safe. Meta Knight returns to his mansion and deciphers the writing on the plate in the photo. He discovers the ancient warning about the ancient machine, and that Hugo wanted to use its power at the cost of the civilians. He tells Daroach and Magolor and they agree to tell the others who found the gears. Meta Knight drives them to the others very dangerously. Everyone meets at Daroach’s café to discuss the dangers of the ancient machine. Meta Knight convinces the others to put the gears in Magolor’s box to keep them safe. When Magolor steals the gears, Meta Knight chases him, but can’t catch him. Meta Knight fights Hugo’s subordinates for the gears with everyone, but when Waddle Dee is taken hostage, he stops. Kirby tells him that it was part of their plan. In the end of the story, Meta Knight gets an airplane and joins Kirby’s and President Dedede’s races. Their race end after Meta Knight dangerous flying led all the planes to crush, and they all go eat cake together. This story takes place in an alternate universe.
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi V17 Meta Knight Illustration.png Protagonist In this volume, Meta Knight has the Galaxia stolen and replaced. As he investigates, he finds that the culprit, Beryl, disguised himself as Meta Knight and is wreaking havoc. In an attempt to recover his sword, he falls into his doppelgänger's trap and is sent to the underworld, Yomi. Here he meets Papi, a local butterfly whom he asks to guide him and help find a way back. Papi initially wants Meta Knight to stay, which only irritates him. However, Meta Knight wins over Papi's respect with his courage and fiery spirit. By the third day together, they find the red butterfly that opens a portal back to the world of the living, and with Papi's help, Meta Knight escapes through it. Once he returns, he faces off against Morpho Knight. In the heat of the battle, Waddle Dee brings the Galaxia to Meta Knight, which allows him to emerge victorious. In the aftermath, he decides to have Kirby sing and cook for Beryl as a punishment. In Dream Land, he reminisces about Papi and asks a butterfly to send his regards if it ever goes to Yomi. Meta Knight is the star of this novel.
Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?! V18 Meta Knight Illustration.png Supporting character In this volume, Meta Knight is invited by King Dedede to be the judge of the cooking competition, because of his fairness and honesty. Meta Knight refuses, seeing the competition as petty and not caring which café will win. After being told by Captain Vul that being able to differentiate the quality of the dessert demands concentration and thus is good for his training, Meta Knight changes his mind and agrees to be the judge. Meta Knight also lets the Meta-Knights take part in tasting the food and tells them to see it as part of their training. On the day of the competition, Meta Knight comes to Dream Land. He tastes the dishes of the first round and likes them both. He decides that that the first victory goes to the Kirby Café's pizza, since its crust and sauce were wonderful. When Bandana Waddle Dee serves the drink of the second round, Meta Knight swallows whole the marshmallow, despite its cuteness. He decides that the winner of the round is the Dedede Café, because the sweet drink was a good change of pace. When Kirby and Dedede come back with the Green Spider Grass, Kirby wants to delay the final round to cure Whispy Woods. Meta Knight tells him that he will wait for them until nightfall. Surprisingly, everyone followed Kirby and Dedede out of worry for Whispy Woods. Meta Knight tastes the desserts of the final round, finding the Dedede Café's matcha mousse harmonious and the Kirby Café's parfait to be incredibly fun. He decides to call the round a tie. After everything settles down, Meta Knight tells the crew that the Kirby Café is another reason for visiting Dream Land.


  • Meta Knight is one of the three characters who appears in every volume of the novel series. The other two are Kirby and Waddle Dee.