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Duo Edge

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Duo Edge
KF2 Duo Edge splash screen.jpg
In-game introductory splash of Duo Edge from Kirby Fighters 2.
First game Kirby Fighters 2 (2020)
Similar to Gigant Edge, Ignite Edge
Theme music

Remix of the boss theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Here comes Duo Edge! This pair of black-steel giants stands before you as a tag team!
— Loading screen caption describing Duo Edge in Kirby Fighters 2

Duo Edge is a duo boss in Kirby Fighters 2 consisting of Gigant Edge and Ignite Edge. These two appear a total of four times throughout Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, being encountered on specific floors of the Buddy Fighters Tower and fought on The Empyrean Battle Stage. Both Gigant and Ignite Edge retain their look and attack patterns from their appearances in Super Kirby Clash, though an effort is made between them to coordinate their respective attacks, and they share a single bar of health, being knocked into the second phase and defeated simultaneously. When at low health, Duo Edge will vibrate and flash red, which is similar to what enemies do in the Team Kirby Clash series.

For more details on their respective attacks, see the attack tables on the Gigant Edge and Ignite Edge pages.

In-game text[edit]

The following is all of the in-game flavor text regarding Duo Edge in Kirby Fighters 2:

Flavor text for Duo Edge in Kirby Fighters 2  
Pre-battle tips
First battle Dual Swords Attack
Here comes Duo Edge! This pair of black-steel giants stands before you as a tag team!
Second Battle Rematch Against Armors
Duo Edge returns, sturdier than ever! The green and red armors ready their swords with revenge on their minds!
Third battle Raging Dual Blades
Duo Edge isn't finished with you yet! Can you dodge those honed swords?
Fourth Battle Thick Armor, Sharp Swords
These blades have mastered the art of swordsmanship through constant battling. They're putting it all on the line to challenge you!
Pause descriptions
Any battle Here comes Duo Edge! This tag team of red and green armor stands in your path! Dodge their flying swords and scorching flames so that your buddy can get in a critical hit!
Game over tips
Any battle Defeating Duo Edge
Duo Edge's shield guard is invincible! Strike at the one whose guard is down!
Defeating Duo Edge
Duo Edge's jump attacks do a lot of damage, but they give you the perfect chance to counterattack while the sword is stuck in the ground!


  • Despite being referred to in-game several times as a "tag team", Duo Edge do not take turns fighting, instead attacking both at once.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダブルスエッジ
Doubles Edge
Traditional Chinese 雙刃
shuāng rèn
Double Edge
Simplified Chinese 双刃
shuāng rèn
Dutch Edge-duo -
French Double Giga -
German Schwertduo Sword Duo
Italian Duo cavalleresco Chivalrous duo
Korean 더블 에지
Deobeul Eji
Double Edge
Spanish Doble Filo Double Edge