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Frost Kibble Blade

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Frost Kibble Blade
SKC Frost Kibble Blade model.png
Model of Frost Kibble Blade from Super Kirby Clash.
First game Super Kirby Clash (2019)
Similar to Kibble Blade
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A suit of blue armor wielding an ice blade appeared suddenly at the Seaside! Be sure to check your gear before you overcome this ordeal!
— Cutscene text in Super Kirby Clash

Frost Kibble Blade is a major opponent in Super Kirby Clash. It is a large blue suit of armor with a chilly cutter blade attached to its helmet. Frost Kibble Blade is faced in five different Quests, but in its first battle, it serves as the third ordeal of the game. Later on, it can be found alongside Ignite Edge and Spark Bonkers in the Super Party Quest Team Elementrio, and also appears alongside Ice Dragon as part of Team Frozen Stiff. Frost Kibble Blade's weapon bears a resemblance to the one wielded by Kirby or Sir Kibble with the Blizzard Cutter from Kirby Star Allies.


Witness the return of the icy blue armor, its frozen blade newly sharpened and ready!
— Tough: Frost Kibble Blade Quest description in Super Kirby Clash

Frost Kibble Blade is effectively a fancy icy counterpart to Kibble Blade, and as such, both of them share essentially the same moveset. The only major difference between the two is that Frost Kibble Blade's attacks can leave large icy spikes in their wake, which would appear to automatically make it more dangerous than its humdrum counterpart.

The following are all of Frost Kibble Blade's attacks in Super Kirby Clash. Most attack names are from official Japanese strategy guides concerning Kibble Blade's appearances in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Planet Robobot, while others are conjectural:

Frost Kibble Blade's attacks in Super Kirby Clash  
Attack Description Variants
Jump Cutter
Frost Kibble Blade leaps in the air and then throws a cutter blade diagonally downwards in front of itself. The blade will create lingering ice spikes after hitting the ground. It might jump in place before throwing or jump towards the center of the arena before throwing.
Head Tackle
Frost Kibble Blade steps back, then charges headfirst until it hits the wall on the other side.
Cutter Boomerang
Frost Kibble Blade throws a giant cutter boomerang, which travels straight ahead before returning to it.
Charge Cutter
Frost Kibble Blade charges up before throwing a giant cutter boomerang from its helmet, which travels above its head and flies away from it.
Hyper Boomerang[conjectural title] Frost Kibble Blade charges up and throws a cutter boomerang in the background. After a few seconds homing in on a Kirby's positioning, the boomerang quickly returns to the foreground and hits the ground, creating lingering ice spikes.
Twister Slash[conjectural title] Holding a cutter blade in its hand, Frost Kibble Blade begins to spin around rapidly, flying around the arena and weaving in and out of the background. This attack has massive range but can be crouched under. The attack ends with Frost Kibble Blade creating a giant frost aura around itself that lingers for a few seconds.
High-Speed Head Tackle
Frost Kibble Blade steps back, then very quickly charges headfirst until it hits the wall on the other side.
Cross Boomerang Shoot
Frost Kibble Blade charges up and throws two cutter boomerangs in quick succession.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フロストザンキブル
Furosuto Zan Kiburu
Frost Zan Kibble
Traditional Chinese 凍霜彎刀騎士老大
dòng shuāng wān dāo qíshì lǎodà
Frost Sir Kibble Boss
Simplified Chinese 冻霜弯刀骑士老大
dòng shuāng wān dāo qíshì lǎodà
Dutch Vries-Kibble Blade Freeze Kibble Blade
French Seigneur Hache givré Frosted Lord Ax
German Frostiger Rammkamm Frosty Ramcrest
Italian Ser de' Zac glaciale Glacial Kibble Blade
Korean 프로스트 잔키블
peuloseuteu jankibeul
Frost Zan Kibble
Spanish Gladiosharpe gélido Frost Kibble Blade