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Team Meteor

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Collect enough Power Tablets to execute a Team Meteor move! It does huge damage to enemies!
— In-game tip from Team Kirby Clash

The Team Meteor is a special attack in Team Kirby Clash, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, and Super Kirby Clash that is used when one Power Tablet is collected by each member of Team Kirby in a battle. It calls down a giant meteor upon a foe to deal massive damage and knock them down for a moment, allowing Team Kirby to get more hits in without fear of retaliation.

Collecting Power Tablets[edit]

Team Kirby collects all the Power Tablets during a battle against Hornhead (Super Kirby Clash).
If you continuously attack an enemy, you can get Power Tablets for your team.
— In-game tip from Team Kirby Clash

The Team Meteor can only be used once per fight. In order to activate this move, Team Kirby must first obtain all four Power Tablets, which cannot be generated until the final phase of the fight (once the enemy is "furious"). These tablets are dropped by the enemy as it sustains damage; the drop rate is determined by the number of blows dealt, rather than the amount of damage sustained overall. Additionally, no tablets will drop from the enemy if it is getting close to defeat.

When a tablet drops, the game will inform the player using a prompt in the upper portion of the screen. The tablet will fly off the foe in the direction of wherever the triggering blow came from, and, if not picked up after 30 seconds or so, will vanish. If this happens, Team Kirby will have to knock it out of the enemy again to get another chance at it. Each member of Team Kirby can only hold one tablet, but the tablet will stay on them (resembling a glow around that Kirby) until the attack is used or the battle otherwise ends. As such, in order to execute the attack, each member of Team Kirby must be holding a tablet, must not be KO'd and must not be recovering from after getting hit by enemy attacks. If a Kirby already has a tablet, he can still push another tablet around by moving into it, which can be used to get that tablet to other Kirbys faster. On the other hand, enemies can also do the same with certain attacks (e.g. Blocky with his Dice Rush attack).

Team Meteor attack[edit]

The meter mini-game is played (Super Kirby Clash).

Once all tablets have been collected, Team Kirby do a pose as the timer and battle stop momentarily. The player is immediately taken to a separate starry scene where the tablets combine to form a giant stone monolith. Once formed, an arc-shaped meter appears with a circle in the middle, and portraits of Team Kirby's faces bob back and forth along it like a pendulum. The objective here is to press the A button with the right timing to try and land their respective Kirby icon as close to the center of the arc as possible, within the circular mark, and within 7 seconds. CPU players will have their results randomized to a point, but will generally follow the player's example. Afterwards, the game will inform the player of the result (for all teammates), which can be one of the following:

  • Fail... - The icon is not stopped by the player whatsoever. Kirby adopts a tired expression and 0 points are rewarded.
  • Not great... - The icon falls well away from the circle. Kirby adopts a neutral expression and 100 points are rewarded.
  • Good! - The icon is outside of, but close to the circle. Kirby adopts a closed smile and 300 points are rewarded.
  • Excellent! - The icon is mostly or entirely inside the circle, but not quite centered. Kirby adopts an open smile and 500 points are rewarded.
  • Perfect! - The icon lands dead-center (more-or-less). Kirby adopts a relishing cocky smile and 1000 points are rewarded.
The meteor falls on Hornhead (Super Kirby Clash).

Once the timing mini-game is complete, the monolith flies off into the heavens, then returns as a giant crystal meteor which falls onto the enemy and explodes in their face, dealing massive damage that varies depending on the following factors:

  • The score accumulated from the mini-game.
  • The experience Level of each Kirby.
  • Any bonuses provided by equipment.
  • How close the teammates were to the enemy when they got their power tablets. [citation needed]

From there, the enemy is thrown back onto the main stage and crashes near the left-hand side as Team Kirby do a victorious pose, having been lined-up near the right. If the enemy is not immediately defeated, it is stunned for about 10 seconds, allowing Team Kirby to get lots of additional hits in without fear of retaliation (even the enemy's collision hitbox is disabled). A deft team will be able to do far more damage in this window of attack than the meteor itself did, especially if the Beam Mage manages to stop time in addition. However, if time had been frozen prior to the usage of the Team Meteor, the effect is undone, and a follow-up time freeze is unlikely to happen within this window.


  • Team Meteor can be used to strike an enemy who is lingering in the background, forcing them to return to the main stage after use. It can also be used to prevent that enemy from unleashing a powerful attack, or stop them in the middle of one.
  • Certain pieces of equipment purchased at Magolor's Shoppe increase the power of the Team Meteor relative to other abilities. One example is the Beam Mage's Celestial Staff, which adds +20 to the attack (although the number itself is not clearly defined).
  • Some Heroic Missions revolve around the use (or lack thereof) of Team Meteor. Some require it to be used during the fight, some require it not to be used, and others require it to be used as the finishing blow.
  • Certain bosses, mainly the Landias, have a special defeat animation when they are defeated with the Team Meteor.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンドメテオ
Furendo Meteo
Friend Meteor
French Union Météore Meteor Union
German Coop Meteor Co-op Meteor
Polish Tablica Mocy[1]
Magiczna Tabliczka[2]
Table of Power
Magic Tablet
Russian Командный метеор
Komandnyy meteor
Скрижалей силы[3]
Skrizhaley sily
Command meteor
Tablet of power