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Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure!

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Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure!
Kirby Star Allies The Great Friend Adventure Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure!
Volume # 11
Published July 14th, 2018
Original story? No
Adaptation of Kirby Star Allies
Chapters 10 + Prologue + Epilogue
Pages 216[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Waddle Dee
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Zan Partizanne
ISBN 978-4046318220[1]
Volume order
Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!! Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!
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The dark hearts that suddenly fell from the sky have caused the residents of Dream Land to turn violent! Kirby rescues everyone with his mysterious "Friend Heart" powers. He then sets out on a great adventure with Waddle Dee, Chilly, Vividria and others to protect Planet Popstar! Along the way, the powerful three generals of magic appear?! The popular game Kirby Star Allies is now available as a novel!
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure!

Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure![derived from Japanese] is the eleventh volume of the Kirby novel series, published in Japan on July 14th, 2018.[2] Both this volume and the next one were also published in Korean on August 10th, 2022. After an attempted ritual to remove the seal on the Jamba Heart goes south, the many pieces of the heart fall throughout the galaxy, corrupting many of the Dream Landers on Planet Popstar. Teaming up with friends and foes using his new Friend Heart powers, Kirby heads off on an adventure to figure out what exactly is going on to the Dream Landers and what motives three generals of magic have for causing such chaos throughout the galaxy.

This novel is the first of two books that adapt the Nintendo Switch game, Kirby Star Allies, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game. Events from World of Peace Dream Land up until the Fortress of Shadows Jambastion are covered in this volume, while elements from Far-Flung Starlight Heroes and Kirby Star Allies are covered in the next volume.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

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The Jamba Heart sealed with four spears of the heart.

At an altar located in the far reaches of the galaxy, Hyness attempts to break a seal on the Jamba Heart for, at the moment, reasons unknown. After removing the four spears of the heart lodged inside, both the spears and the Jamba Heart split into several different pieces that fall throughout the galaxy - one such area where the hearts were falling towards happen to be Planet Popstar.

Chapter 1: Purple Heart Fragments[edit]

A Jamba Heart piece soars towards Castle Dedede.

King Dedede, bored out of his mind alongside with some Waddle Dees at his castle, wants adventure and excitement. Bandana Waddle Dee plainly states the obvious things like Knuckle Joe and Burning Leo getting into some fisticuffs, Waddle Doo reading a really sad story causing his eye to get swollen and Kirby eating 30 peoples' worth of food at once. As if in response to the great king's thoughts about wanting something exciting to happen, a fragment of the Jamba Heart soaring through the sky got several Waddle Dees' attention. Shortly before Dedede could alert his servants to dive out of the way of the impact zone, the Jamba Heart piece crashed onto the castle grounds. Thankfully, nobody is hurt. As King Dedede took a few steps to examine the heart piece itself, it seems as if the heart itself was absorbed into Dedede somehow and changed his personality. Instead of being bored doing nothing, Dedede was now barking at his Waddle Dees to bring him all the food in Dream Land. All the Waddle Dees were clearly surprised at the abrupt change in personality, but after a few more outbursts, they do as they're told.

Kirby, in the meantime, was napping under the shade of a tree, as per usual, dreaming about the 30 servings of food he ate the other day. During his sleep, a piece of one of the four spears of the heart hits Kirby, but he didn't really notice too much. After waking up with plans to head back to Kawasaki's restaurant, that's when he notices a bunch of Waddle Dees following the trail that leads up to Dedede's castle. The puffball immediately concludes that a party is about to start, which explains why the Waddle Dees had a bunch of food in their hands. Kirby follows them to the castle but not before Bandana Waddle Dee stops him. After snapping him out of his food-centric rumblings, Bandana Waddle Dee tells Kirby about how the Great King suddenly turned violent and ordered the other Waddle Dees to steal all the food in Dream Land. Both Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee decide that the whole ordeal was most unusual and they both set off to try to help out, even if Kirby misses the point of Dedede eating all that food. On the way, though, that's when Kirby noticed that some of the clouds above Castle Dedede were darker and more purpler than usual. Bandana Waddle Dee recalled that the Jamba Heart piece that crashed into the castle and corrupted the great king might have something to do with the dark clouds.

Before the two of them could get much further, however, Poppy Bros. Jr. stops them. Kirby took a while to notice that Poppy Bros. Jr. was also corrupted much the same way King Dedede has. Normally, he would toss bombs for the sake of it claiming they're fireworks, but now? Not so much. Every time Kirby tried to get Poppy Bros. Jr. to stop verbally, it wouldn't exactly pan out. It seems as though Kirby had to fight. He tries his signature inhale, but loses his balance thanks to the absurd amount of bombs being thrown his way. In the confusion, Kirby inadvertently discovers his Friend Heart powers from out of the blue. Without a clear idea as to what exactly is going on, he tosses the heart at Poppy Bros. Jr., hoping for an opportunity to stun and then inhale him. What he did NOT expect was for Poppy Bros. Jr. to completely forget about what he did moments ago and run up to and hug Kirby like he was a new best friend. After Poppy Bros. Jr. asks to join Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee on the adventure, he and Kirby set off for the castle, while Waddle Dee takes this time to figure out whether the pink heart Kirby threw at Poppy Bros. Jr. was connected to the corruption or not.

As they continued to the castle, they got stopped by another corrupted Dream Lander - Chilly this time. Poppy Bros. Jr. surprisingly leaps into the fray, but Kirby stops him and suggests using the Friend Heart strategy again. Much like with the previous fight against Poppy Bros. Jr., it works, causing Chilly to be his normal self...for the most part. The foursome all join hands and proceeded to head closer towards Dedede's castle.

Chapter 2: Decisive Battle at Castle Dedede![edit]

King Dedede beefed up.

As the Waddle Dees continue to give Dedede more and more food, Kirby and his friends arrive at the throne room and notice the great king with a huge pile of stolen, rotting food. King Dedede notices the star allies and automatically assumes they're there to take his food away. Kirby tries to talk it out, but very quickly finds out that it wasn't the best idea. He and his friends try their hardest to beat him senseless but it doesn't seem like it would work. However, right when things looked grim, Poppy Bros. Jr. voluntarily allows Kirby to suck him up allowing him to use the Bomb ability. After one bomb blast knocks Dedede down, Bandana Waddle Dee tries to fix up the great king's wounds...or at least he would if Dedede didn't immediately get back up on his feet and get extremely muscular. The muscles essentially made Kirby's bombs next to useless like a suit of armor, leaving Chilly to try to help Kirby out. In the middle of Chilly's Ice Breath, Kirby got sent flying by another of the king's attacks, causing Chilly's attack to hit Kirby instead. Despite initial reactions, it ended up being a very good thing as Kirby's bombs got the elemental properties of Chilly's ice attacks. Taking advantage of the situation, Kirby started to throw the Blizzard Bombs at Dedede, which ended up working wonders. Seeing how weak Dedede was starting to get from the ice-cold explosives, Chilly joined in to attack the king some more.

After enough damage had been dealt, the Jamba Heart piece that took control of the king popped out of him, essentially returning him to normal. At the same time, the heart piece flew out of the area never to be seen again. Dedede quickly recovers, automatically assumes that Kirby wrecked his castle upon noticing the cracks in it and finds out that all the food he ate gave him a really bad stomachache. After a bunch of Waddle Dees quickly give him some medicine, the king expresses how he had no memory of what happened shortly after looking at the Jamba Heart piece. Kirby recommends that King Dedede stay in bed until his stomach heals up and he spits out Poppy Bros. Jr. afterwards, subsequently removing the Bomb ability at the time. Shortly afterwards, Kirby and friends think about how the Friend Heart and Friend Abilities that they inadvertently witnessed earlier must have been as a result of the heart that struck Kirby harnessing the power of friendship. Right as Kirby, Chilly and Poppy Bros. Jr. were about to head out again, they noticed that Waddle Dee wasn't following suit. His reason for not coming? The lack of a weapon to use to fight back and the fact that he wants to make sure King Dedede was doing alright. Despite some encouraging words, Waddle Dee still wasn't sure...until a bunch of other Waddle Dees arrive with a parasol in hand for Bandana Waddle Dee to use in the meantime. Just before they head out, though, Bandana Waddle Dee ditches the bandana since, if he's the only Waddle Dee joining up with Kirby, why would he need something to differentiate himself? And thus, Parasol Waddle Dee sets off with Kirby and friends to continue the adventure.

Chapter 3: Trouble on Planet Popstar[edit]

Vividria attacks Chilly.

As Kirby and friends were out for a stroll, they get surprise-attacked by Vividria, with Chilly being the first to get splashed with paint. Kirby and Parasol Waddle Dee use the latter's parasol to shield the paint, but Poppy Bros. Jr. tries to bomb Vividria, which didn't exactly work. She then sculpts a vase and then drops it straight on his head. But one wasn't enough for Vividria - she sculpts even more things and dropped them all on Poppy Bros. Jr. at once, knocking him out cold. Seeing this, Kirby tries to inhale Poppy Bros. Jr. to get Bomb, but Waddle Dee instead suggests using the Friend Heart. Third time's the charm, as they say, and it does indeed work out, causing Vividria to essentially return back to her normal self. After some introductions and the realization that she ended up in Dream Land, Vividria talks about how she went for an evening stroll with her friends to take a break from creating art and then got attacked by them from out of the blue. She tried running away to somewhere she thought would be a safe spot but then blacked out shortly after the Jamba Heart pieces fell from the sky. Waddle Dee and Chilly both deduce that the aforementioned heart pieces caused Vividria's friends to act violent and that Dream Land was not the only place where this had happened. Kirby prepares to head up to where the dark clouds were in the sky via Warp Star, but Vividria suggests to hold off on doing so since none of them know about the situation just yet. She does suggest she join Kirby and friends as she wants to bring as many people back to their senses as possible before dealing with the dark clouds. Before heading off, Waddle Dee sees that Poppy Bros. Jr. was still unconscious. Vividria vows to join in his stead, with the intent to let Poppy Bros. Jr. heal from his wounds during their travels. After the Warp Star had arrived, Kirby and the others hopped on and soared high in the sky.

Chapter 4: Bringing Everyone Back to Normal![edit]

Kirby blocks Driblee's attack with Waddle Dee's parasol.

While flying in the skies above Planet Popstar, Vividria notices her forest home off in the distance, imploring Kirby to fly closer to ground-level. Before Vividria could really explain what she normally does back home, one of her corrupted friends that previously attacked her, Driblee, begin attacking Kirby and friends. Chilly was about to freeze it solid with his ice breath before a Wave Surf soared straight through him. At Waddle Dee's insistence to let Kirby use his Friend Heart, Driblee's constant water attacks made that possibility highly unlikely. Even though Parasol Waddle Dee's parasol was doing its job, it didn't leave much of an opportunity for Kirby to toss the heart. Luckily, Vividria had a plan, and that plan was to paint a plethora of environmentally-unfriendly stuff, causing Driblee to momentarily stop attacking and look at the junk. One Friend Heart later, Driblee was back to its regular self. After a quick explanation as to why there's suddenly a pile of garbage everywhere, Driblee recounts trying to run away from a falling Jamba Heart piece and encountered a scary guy before blacking out. Upon mention of that descriptor, Vividria narrows it down further to a dangerous guy with a sword near the Sacred Square. Chilly asks her for specifics before heading off and Vividria's descriptions of the mask, cape and master swordsmanship lead Waddle Dee to assume the worst concerning Meta Knight, but every time he tries bringing it up, it's immediately shut down by the others. Kirby and his friends begin making the trip to Sacred Square, while Waddle Dee thinks to himself in concern about the possibility of Meta Knight having been reborn as a deviant corruption of his usual chivalrous form.

Chapter 5: The Masked Swordsman[edit]

A corrupt and impatient Meta Knight wants Kirby to wield the sword.

Shortly after arriving at the ruins, a Sizzle Guard had already begun attacking the allies. Chilly attempts to freeze it solid with his ice breath but the guard immediately counterattacked. Driblee attempts to destroy the fire shield with a Wave Attack and it works this time. But such victory came at a cost: due to getting hit by the fire attack, Chilly had started melting from the heat. As Vividria starts painting a fridge to try to freeze Chilly back to normal, that's when a sword fell from the sky and stuck in the ground next to Kirby. That's when Kirby noticed what looks like Meta Knight who immediately hopped off the pillar he was perched on and immediately attacked, after confirming that that was the scary guy Driblee and Vividria were talking about earlier. Driblee tries to distract Meta Knight with a Wave Attack, but was promptly dodged and counterattacked. Vividria also got attacked while in the middle of painting the fridge, causing her to get launched too. It seems as though Meta Knight was insistent on Kirby picking up the sword to fight him, but Kirby instead tries to toss a Friend Heart at Meta Knight. It might've worked every other time up to this point, but now the heart just got cleaved in half by Meta Knight's blade. Without any other choice available, Kirby decides to inhale the blade to get the Sword ability and fight him head-on. After a few back-and-forth attacks and clashes, Kirby deals the knockout blow with a Drill Stab, or so he thinks. Meta Knight gets back on his feet and then splits into four, all of whom attack at the same time. Not wanting to let Kirby fall in battle that easily, Waddle Dee, Driblee and Vividria all pitched in to help out. Not that their initial attacks did much other than leave them in the perfect position to get stabbed from above. Waddle Dee tries using his parasol to shield the attack, but all that accomplished was a broken parasol. Kirby tries to fight back as best as he can but with the way things were headed, it didn't seem like victory was possible for the star allies. Waddle Dee does suggest having Driblee attack Kirby directly to bestow a Friend Ability upon him. It does indeed work, causing Kirby's sword to become a Splash Sword, and allowing him to turn the table against the quadruple Meta Knights. After all four were dispatched, the three other copies dissipated, leaving the real deal finally brought back to normal. After a quick explanation, Meta Knight deduces that he got corrupted by a Jamba Heart piece that fell near him much like some of the other Dream Landers. The knight declines Kirby's offer to join him and his friends but mentions that he has to head back to the Battleship Halberd to check up on his crew and see if they can investigate the root cause of the problem. Before he headed out, though, Waddle Dee shows him an almost-melted Chilly that wasn't tended to because of the sudden battle that happened moments after the Sizzle Guard encounter. Meta Knight announces his intention to refrigerate him back at the Halberd and then bring him back to Dream Land once he's fully recovered before making his leave.

Chapter 6: Pon & Con Block the Way![edit]

The Meta-Knights' notice Kirby and friends headed to the Jambastion.

At Vividria's home within the forest, out of everyone there, Kirby was bored out of his mind. So bored in fact that he resolves to take a closer look into the chaos themselves instead of waiting for Meta Knight to finish up. Despite Waddle Dee's reservations on doing so, Kirby just didn't want to sit around, especially when Planet Popstar and his friends were in danger. As Kirby ran off, Parasol Waddle Dee quickly followed close behind with a not-yet-fully-repaired parasol in tow.

On the Battleship Halberd, as the Meta-Knights were discussing about what kind of flavouring would taste good, Meta Knight arrives on deck to see if Captain Vul's drones were able to get a reading past the dark clouds. And sure enough, a huge fortress was in view. Meta Knight and his crew didn't want to immediately attack as they still didn't quite know what the enemy's full extent was, but that plan was quickly dashed when the drones picked up Kirby and friends on a Warp Star flying straight towards the fortress itself. Meta Knight makes the decision to let Kirby do his thing while he and his men continue to do research and figure out the true extent of the enemy's plan.

Zooming through on Warp Star, Kirby mistakes the fortress as a regular home instead of a tool for invasion, as Vividria points out. Parasol Waddle Dee was insistent that Kirby take a little peek and nothing more than that, but Driblee makes the mistake of pointing out a huge gate blocking the entrance, causing Kirby to immediately park the Warp Star right in front of it. As he was about to pry the gate open by himself, Pon & Con, kitted out in sinister black armor, arrive on the scene. After an impressive introduction, a whole bunch of Pon Jrs. and Con Jrs. show up as the battle begun. The swarm of Pon Jrs. alongside the bigger Pon were enough to cause Driblee some serious pain, even if the tanooki pups thought it was just fun and games. Con used a similar strategy with his kids, leaving Kirby and friends at a loss of what to do next. Kirby does try Waddle Dee's suggestion to use a Friend Heart but a Pon Jr. dashed that attempt right then and there, alongside several other Pon Jrs. and Con Jrs. swarming the puffball. Pon and Con take this chance to try to finish him off but Kirby was able to shake the kids off of him and dive out of the way, leaving Pon and Con to crash right into each other, destroying their armor. Kirby tosses a Friend Heart at the two of them while he has the chance, restoring them back to normal. After some introductions, the two of them recall seeing a Jamba Heart piece fall from the sky while on a mountain in Popstar, with Pon picking up the heart in particular. They also reveal that shortly before blacking out, a group that they call the "three generals of magic" told them to guard the entrance to the Jambastion. Kirby asks the two of them to open the fortress gate after learning that the generals might be inside, despite Waddle Dee's hesitation on wanting to wait until Meta Knight finished gathering the necessary information. Perhaps because of the fact that the mages would cause serious catastrophes if left unchecked, Kirby's other friends vow to help out until the situation was taken care of. After a few quick warnings about the threat of not just the mages but also other enemies that wait in the fortress, Pon and Con were able to open the gate and our band of merry heroes went inside.

Chapter 7: The Three Generals of Magic Reporting for Duty![edit]

Artist Kirby's Creative Destruction overpowers Francisca's Soda Blaster.

Out of everyone in the fortress, Waddle Dee was the only one who was being cautious about their surroundings, whereas everyone else just assumed that no one else was there...until Parasol Waddle Dee nearly got grazed by an attacking Jammerjab's staff. Vividria tries to attack herself but Jammerjab dodged and then counterattacked sending her flying straight into a wall. Shortly before Driblee could fight back, it got struck too. Kirby was also on the receiving end of the Raging Staff and wonders aloud if Jammerjab was a general of magic. As an angered Jammerjab tries hitting Driblee again, Kirby tries to hit him with his sword before that could happen. But since the staff was so ridiculously long, it hit Kirby first, causing him to lose the Sword ability. Kirby goes to get the sword back but Jammerjab knocked it away to take advantage of Kirby's helplessness without an ability. Parasol Waddle Dee tries fighting in Kirby's stead for a while, but the not-yet-fully-repaired parasol didn't really do much. Kirby tries using a Friend Heart but Jammerjab destroys it lickety-split. Before he could damage Kirby any further, Vividria asks Kirby to willingly inhale her so he can get the Artist ability. Using it, Kirby was able to blind Jammerjab and then throw a Friend Heart at him to subdue him back to normal, despite Waddle Dee and Driblee's concerns. Still blinded by Kirby's artist attack, Driblee washed Jammerjab off as he got back on his feet, concerned about Kirby and his friends planning to stop whatever plan the three mages have in mind. After some insistence on Kirby's part, Jammerjab leads the foursome deeper into the fortress.

It wasn't much longer until they entered the Longview Corridor, where Francisca reveals herself. Kirby's friends were surprised to see that the three people guarding the fortress were not horrible monsters but pretty girls. Jammerjab tries alerting Francisca about Kirby and his friends, but is met with a beam of ice instead. Francisca herself then focused her aim on Kirby and friends, slashing at them with her axe and sending them flying. After a bit, she pulls out her Soda Blaster and was about to pull the trigger before Jammerjab knocked it out of her hands, changing her aim skywards. After pushing him out of the way, Francisca got attacked by Kirby's Brush Slash, causing globs of paint to stick in her hair. Kirby then made a stone statue of King Dedede. The frozen general was able to get the paint out of her hair and aims her Soda Blaster at Kirby again, but unfortunately for her, Kirby's Creative Destruction was all it took to defeat her. After recovering, vowing that their "desperate prayers" would become a reality in the near future and rudely dismissing Jammerjab, she flees the scene. After Jammerjab experiences quite the emotional setback, Kirby reassures him that he helped him and his friends out when they needed it most and gives Jammerjab an offer to join him. He reluctantly accepts and the foursome head out but not before Kirby attempts to ask who the general of magic they would fight next would be.

Chapter 8: Powerful Foes at Jambastion[edit]

Splash Staff Kirby about to douse Flamberge's Mega Broiler fuse.

As Jammerjab leads the star allies over to the Inner Sanctum, Waddle Dee thinks about what Francisca said earlier about their "desperate prayers" becoming a reality. Driblee jumps to conclusions and guesses that she and her sisters want to make all the residents of Popstar act all violent. Jammerjab instead tells them that the mages are in the process of recovering all the Jamba Heart pieces that spread throughout the galaxy and reveal how he and the sisters serve someone of a higher order. Upon reaching the door that led to the sanctum, Jammerjab is told to stay behind, with Waddle Dee suspecting that a former servant fighting their superiors wouldn't end very well.

Flamberge herself arrives at the sanctum, furious that the stubby pink thing and his friends took out Francisca. Waddle Dee tries to defuse the situation, but he is swiftly met with a "Jamblasted!" and a death threat as Flamberge goes on the attack. As Kirby thinks back to when he thought Flamberge was calling someone else a stubby pink thing and finally figures out that she was calling Kirby that, he proceeds to counterattack, though the mage was able to dodge and attempt to use Berge Rush, but that gave Driblee a chance to use Wave Attack and douse the flames on her sword. This did nothing but make her attack with a Scorching Sword Plunge, leaving Driblee with a hard time to extinguish as many of the blades as it could. It wasn't much longer until Kirby got burnt by one of Flamberge's attacks and lost the Artist ability in the process. Kirby did try inhaling Vividria again to get Artist back, but Flamberge's wall of fire scorched that plan right then and there. Right when things seemed hopeless, Jammerjab rushes in and lets Kirby inhale him so he could use the Staff ability. Kirby also asks Driblee to give his staff water elemental properties and it promptly does so, turning Kirby's staff into the Splash Staff. He then makes quick work of Flamberge's flames, douses the Mega Broiler fuse and keeps on attacking her repeatedly until she lost the will to keep going. Flamberge eventually stands on her feet and flees, though not before mentioning how she wouldn't forgive them if they took down their leader. Afterwards, Vividria recovers and is confused that Jammerjab was Kirby's ally, even though he attacked them some time prior. Right before Kirby was about to willingly lose his ability so that Vividria could be properly introduced to Jammerjab, Driblee stops him and suggests that Jammerjab did betray the generals of magic but also holds respect, coming to the conclusion that Jammerjab's actions leave him stuck between a rock and a hard place - a statement that Parasol Waddle Dee also agrees with. As Kirby was about to keep going, Waddle Dee is surprised that Kirby was a natural with the Staff ability for a first-timer, with Kirby thinking how the inhaled enemy must've given Kirby some extra firepower somehow.

Chapter 9: Last Battle!![edit]

Zan Partizanne initiating the Jambastion's self-destruct sequence.

At long last, Kirby and friends found themselves at the Heavenly Hall, confronting the eldest of the three mages, Zan Partizanne, inside. She immediately begins to attack the star allies, with Parasol Waddle Dee being the first one to get brutally zapped. Kirby rushes to help, but Vividria warns against doing so because of her electric spear. The Bringer of Shock also stuns Driblee with yet another attack and then intends to electrify Kirby, backing him into a corner in the process. Vividria saw what Zan Par was trying to achieve, so she closed in from behind and surprise-attacked with a Brush Slash shortly after Kirby dodged the attack. Surprisingly, she swiftly dodged Vivdiria's attack before counterattacking right back. Believing Kirby to be in a position weak enough to destroy, she summons her Raijn drums and begins using Drum N Waste, shooting out electric orbs to trip Kirby up. Kirby tries guarding with his staff in a defensive stance, but underestimates exactly how strong the electric balls are. He does notice that immediately afterwards, Zan Partizanne had stopped attacking briefly every time an electric ball was destroyed. After connecting the dots, he was able to attack her Raijn drums directly, causing them to start sparking a little. Immediately after Driblee and Parasol Waddle Dee recovered from their paralysis, Kirby convinces Driblee to attack her with water blasts. It immediately catches on and proceeds to do just that. Vividria recovered just as quick and began painting several objects that dispense water in various ways: like a fishbowl, sprinkler, water fountain and water faucet, to name a few. Zan Partizanne couldn't handle the water onslaught for a moment longer and collapsed in defeat.

After recovering, Kirby and friends assumed that she would continue to go on the attack, only to be caught off-guard with Zan Par destroying the Jambastion's power supply, causing the entire fortress to self-destruct in the process. She then flees the scene after having the last laugh, leaving Kirby and friends not sure of what to do next. Kirby wanted to call the Warp Star but the intense shaking did not leave much time for that plan to reliably work out. Vividria did notice a Friend Platform somewhere in the hall which Kirby immediately hopped up on, despite Waddle Dee's concerns. After some convincing, all of Kirby's friends stand on the Friend Platform, and from within a bright light forms the Friend Star. The Friend Star begins to fly out of the fortress which initially throws the star allies for a loop but Kirby discovers the magic trick: let their hearts become one to clear a path out of the Jambastion and steer clear of falling debris. As they were almost in the clear, Kirby notices Pon, Con and their children trying to escape themselves. Using his staff as a makeshift ladder, everyone else quickly hops on as the Friend Star flies out of the area, just before the Jambastion blew up in a spectacular fashion.

Chapter 10: World of Peace Dream Land[edit]

Kirby relaxing with Jammerjab after a job well done.

Kirby and friends had just escaped the collapsing Jambastion, and the first thing Kirby did was pay a visit to King Dedede to talk about the adventure while eating some ice cream. Dedede was annoyed that Kirby took the spotlight from him, not that his condition helped much from shouting and eating too much. Bandana Waddle Dee tries handing Dedede some rice porridge but is quickly told to bring ramen, ice cream or curry...or anything else other than rice porridge. Bandana Waddle Dee refuses because the Great King's condition hasn't fully healed yet but he does bring more food trays into the area alongside a bedside table as Kirby headed on out of the castle to get some cake.

While on his way to Chef Kawasaki's restaurant, Kirby spots Jammerjab relaxing on a hill watching the clouds roll past. Jammerjab explains that he was hanging out with Burning Leo and Knuckle Joe before getting tired and deciding to sunbath on a hill. He also tells Kirby that up until this very moment, he was following orders from the three Jambastion mages, but now that he's free from their grasp, he finally believes that he found the answer to a beautiful friendship, even if he couldn't quite put his finger on it. After affirming to himself that he'll figure out the answer as long as he's with Kirby and the Dream Landers, Kirby also starts to relax on the same hill as Jammerjab as the country returned to its state of peace and quiet.


Meta Knight and his crew discover the scope of the Mage-Sisters' plot.

On the Battleship Halberd, Meta Knight learns from Captain Vul that since the fortress of shadows was destroyed, it seemed as though the three mages don't need another one for the next step of their plan. The captain also relays that they're planning to gather the pieces of the Jamba Heart, but someone else is also pulling the strings behind it all, thanks to Kirby's Jambastion adventure. While Meta Knight and Captain Vul are not entirely sure as to why the higher-up and the mages need the Jamba Heart pieces, what they are sure of is that the leader of the whole scheme is somewhere in the galaxy, masterminding the whole thing. Captain Vul then shows Meta Knight a map of the galaxy, which reveals locations that the mages have gone to and will about to head to. Knowing how bad the situation has gotten from these hints, Meta Knight tells the Captain to contact Kirby as soon as he can, positive that the adventure is far from over.


  • The book's obi and spine feature artwork of Kirby with the Sizzle Sword Friend Ability, even though said ability does not appear in this novel.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ スターアライズ フレンズ大冒険だいぼうけんへん
hoshi no kābyi sutā araizu furenzu dai bōken! hen
Kirby of the Stars Star Allies: The Great Friends Adventure! Part
Korean 별의 커비 스타 얼라이즈 1: 프렌즈 대모험!
byeol-ui koebi seuta eollaijeu 1 peulenjeu daemoheom!
Kirby of the Stars Star Allies 1: The Great Friends Adventure!