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Four colors of Kirbys from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Meta Knight, a suspected Kirby.

Kirby is not the only one of his kind in his universe. Many Kirbys have appeared throughout the series, and outside of the series too. Even though some of these appearances are only cameos, some of them are actually playable.



Kirby is the most notable and famous of his species. He is usually also seen as its representative. However, his ability to inhale and copy has not yet been confirmed to be a species trait or simply something unique to Kirby.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight's status as a Kirby has for a long time been under debate. In his very first appearance in Kirby's Adventure, his true form under his mask was revealed to look exactly like Kirby, except black. In Kirby Super Star, that color was changed to dark blue. However, also in Kirby Super Star, Meta Knight was shown to possess wings, something no other Kirby has been shown with. Very few games attempted to show more light on the matter after this, as though Meta Knight is often shown to drop his mask after battles, he is usually only seen like this for a second or two at a time. Notably, though, a Japan-only game called Kirby's Super Star Stacker revealed many more details about Meta Knight, including similar hands and feet. Finally, a crucial argument on behalf of those who argued against Meta Knight being a Kirby, the argument noting his wings, was proven false in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Meta Knight's wings were revealed to merely be products of his cloak. Because of this, he is generally considered to be a Kirby.

Kirby clones

A somewhat obvious example, shown in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and in Kirby Mass Attack, makes use of Kirby being split into several versions of himself. In Amazing Mirror, these clones shared Kirby's ability to inhale and copy, and at the end went off to become heroes in their own right. In Kirby Mass Attack, the clones are much smaller versions of Kirby, and cannot inhale. Also, the ending of that game has the clones merge back into Kirby.

In Kirby: Battle Royale, King Dedede is in possession of a Kirby Printer which is capable of mass-producing Kirby clones (which come in every color except for pink). These clones come with a Copy Ability, and in all likeliness, cannot discard them. When the Kirby Printer is eventually destroyed, all the clones it created vanish.


The player 2 character in Kirby's Dream Course is a yellow version of Kirby officially known as Keeby. In the game, he serves as player 2, competing against Kirby. Like Kirby, he is able to copy abilities from enemies, though it is unknown whether he can float or inhale. As he has never been seen or mentioned again in the series, it is likely that this Kirby is not canon.

Mirror-world Kirby

Mirror-world Kirby, (otherwise known as Shadow Kirby), is a grey/black version of Kirby that appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. He appears to share the ability to copy and float.


In many Kirby games like Kirby Air Ride, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Kirby: Star Allies players 2-4 can play as alternately colored Kirbys. These Kirbys, however, are not officially canon.

Possible members

Dark Meta Knight

Only seen for a brief moment after he is defeated at Radish Ruins in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Dark Meta Knight's unmasked form resembles a black Kirby, darker than even Shadow Kirby. However, it is unknown whether he is an actual evil Kirby working for Dark Mind or merely a replica of Meta Knight created by Dark Mind.

Galacta Knight

At the end of the Meta Knightmare Ultra subgame of Kirby Super Star Ultra, Meta Knight battles Galacta Knight, the greatest warrior in the galaxy. Galacta Knight in many ways resembles Meta Knight and therefore Kirby in shape and size. However, Galacta Knight's maskless form is never seen, even when he is defeated. In addition, his wings appear to be a natural fixture, rather than the cloak that comprises Meta Knight's.

Prince Fluff

In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's primary helper is Prince Fluff, a resident of the world transformed into Yarn. Prince Fluff, like Kirby in his yarn state, is unable to inhale or float, though he is capable of transforming himself into other creatures made of yarn. It is unclear if Fluff is the same species as Kirby, or if they just happened to look similar when Kirby was transformed into a yarn outline like him.


In Kirby's Dream Land 3, mysterious enemies known as "Batamon" are often seen in locations impossible for Kirby to access. These enemies look very similar to Kirby, but bear a slightly different body shape and face structure.


  • There is some confusion as to whether the proper pluralization for Kirby is 'Kirbys' or 'Kirbies'. While 'Kirbys' is more common, both are used at some point in the series, so technically both are correct.