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Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!

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Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!
Kirby Big Race in Pupupu Land Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!
Volume # 5
Published August 15th, 2015
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby Super Star (Gourmet Race)
Kirby Air Ride
Chapters 10
Pages 207[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
King Dedede
Waddle Dee
Meta Knight
ISBN 978-4046315144[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue!
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A big race that will be broadcasted on TV across the whole universe is to be held in Dream Land! Hearing that the winner receives whatever they like, Kirby and his friends are brimming with motivation! But, the sponsor Kizario is somewhat shady...?
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!

Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land![2] is the fifth volume of the Kirby novel series, published exclusively in Japan on August 15th, 2015.[3] In this novel, a plump man named Kizario arrives in Dream Land, claiming to be the CEO of the popular station Comet TV. He sets up a whole race for the residents to participate in, and broadcasts it across the universe. Eventually, two participants find a strange creature in the forest, and Kizario sends all the contestants to it. In the end, it is revealed that this creature is Kizario's missing pet, and he set up the whole race so he could find it.

This novel borrows elements from Kirby Air Ride; particularly the Air Ride Machines that are used in the race. It also takes some inspiration from Gourmet Race in Kirby Super Star, because the story is about a race that has food involved.


Characters of "Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!"  
Main characters
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: The TV Program Arrives![edit]

Kizario introduces himself to Walky and Cappy.

The story begins at an early afternoon in Dream Land, where Cappy and Walky are discussing rumors of a large footprint being found near a forest, with growling noises heard near it. Cappy thinks it is from a monster, but Walky does not believe him. Right when they finish talking, they notice a giant spaceship landing nearby, and the two head over to investigate. The spaceship lands, and a plump man walks out of it. Cappy and Walky notice him, and ask the man who he is. He introduces himself as Kizario, the famous producer of Comet TV. Walky recognizes Comet TV and gets excited, but Cappy is still skeptical, and asks why Kizario came. He tells them that he plans to film a TV production in Dream Land. This makes Walky even more excited, and he asks if he can be in it. Kizario allows Walky to be in it, and asks him to tell everyone in Dream Land about the production. Walky excitedly runs off to tell everyone while Cappy follows, still unsure about trusting Kizario.

The next day, Kizario is invited to Castle Dedede. King Dedede greets him, and they both sit down to discuss the program. Dedede immediately wants the program to be about him, and suggests ideas of what his program could be, such as an action, romance, or drama show. Kizario turns down his ideas, and says that he plans to make a different kind of show. Just then, Kirby barges into the hall, and is excited about the program. He suggests making a gourmet show led by him, and acts out how he would do it. Everyone tries to quiet him down, but Kirby does not listen, and keeps going on about the food he'd present in the show. King Dedede yells loudly at Kirby to finally shut him up, which makes Kirby mad. He scolds the pink ball at first, but then reconsiders. Dedede realizes that he could make a gourmet-action-romance-drama show starring him. Kizario cuts both of them off, and Kirby notices him for the first time. Kizario introduces himself to Kirby, who immediately gets very excited to meet the show's producer. Kizario calls Walky into the room, and he reveals that the TV program will be a race, with all kinds of challenges along the way. Kirby and King Dedede are disappointed at first, but they immediately become interested when Kizario mentions that there will be an eating contest. After he mentions that there will be a special prize for the winner, the two start arguing about what food it should be, and how much. Kizario stops the two to tell them he can make whatever they want, and then he leaves.

After Kizario and Walky leave, Waddle Dee, who had been there the whole time, is unsure about trusting Kizario. He asks Kirby and King Dedede about it, who just laugh it off and think Kizario is perfectly trustworthy. Dedede commands Waddle Dee to be in the race too, which surprises him. Waddle Dee assures them that he is not very confident, and is just not cut out for a race. Kirby ignores this, and tells him that they'll be training together the next day, much to Waddle Dee's dismay.

Chapter 2: Walky's Favor[edit]

Walky asks Meta Knight to be in the show.

At the Battleship Halberd, Captain Vul tells Meta Knight that they are receiving a transmission from Walky. Walky is then displayed on a big screen inside the Halberd, and tells him about the race. Meta Knight shows no interest as Walky goes on about his role in the program as a commentator. Walky then adds they need a way to publicize the program, so he asks Meta Knight if he can appear in the show. Walky tells him that someone so popular and well-known across the galaxy like Meta Knight would be sure to draw lots of attention to the program. Meta Knight still has no interest, and refuses to be in the show. Just before he can cut off the communication, the Meta-Knights chime in. They all want Meta Knight to be the co-commentator of the race. Captain Vul brings up that the four Meta-Knights are asking this because they also want to participate in the race. They admit to this, and beg Meta Knight to let them participate too. This makes Meta Knight reluctantly accept the invitation, which makes Walky immensely happy.

The next day, Meta Knight walks to Castle Dedede. On the way, he notices Kirby and Waddle Dee training for the race. He asks what they're doing, and Kirby happily tells him that they are working out. Kirby is effortlessly having an easy time, while Waddle Dee is all tired out. When Meta Knight continues walking toward the castle, he notices a mysterious man dressed in all black, standing in the shade of a tree. When he goes after it, the shady figure disappears in a puff of smoke, which makes Meta Knight suspicious.

Meta Knight arrives at Castle Dedede. He notices King Dedede negotiating with a flashy man he had never seen before. Kizario introduces himself, and asks Meta Knight if he wants to participate in the race. Meta Knight says that he'll only be commentating, which surprises Kizario, because he never needed a commentator. King Dedede ignores this, and gloats about how well-known Meta Knight is, and how Meta Knight's presence will make the show popular. Kizario thinks this will interfere with a plan of his, but he quickly tries to hide this. Meta Knight changes the subject, and asks how many staff members there will be. Kizario says he is the only one at the moment, but assures that there will be lots of staff members when the show starts. When Meta Knight asks about the shady man he saw, Kizario gets all nervous, and claims that he knows nothing about it. Kizario quickly says his goodbyes and nervously leaves in a rush.

As King Dedede wonders about the shady man, Meta Knight asks him if Kizario is a real TV producer. Dedede assures him that he is, but there is no evidence. This makes Meta Knight even more suspicious of Kizario. Meanwhile, Kizario is running away from Castle Dedede, scared about the shady man. He remarks that he wants to find "that thing" before the shady man does, and that Meta Knight might interfere with his plan.

Chapter 3: Race Start!![edit]

The race begins

A few days later, the TV staff arrives in Dream Land on a spaceship. The contestants watch the spaceship land, and get very excited. Kizario announces to everyone that the race will begin the next morning, and that there will be a splendid prize for the winner. The contestants get even more excited about the prize. Before leaving, Kizario sternly tells the staff to set up the course all across every corner of Dream Land.

The next morning, the contestants meet at the foot of Mt. Dedede as they were told to. The cameras start recording, and the race is energetically introduced by Walky, who got his job as the commentator. He introduces the famous Meta Knight to the audience, as his co-commentator. After some disinterested commentary from Meta Knight, Walky turns the attention over to Kirby. After interviewing him, King Dedede butts in to get his own interview, and then the Meta-Knights interrupt after that. After all the interviews, Kizario comes in to announce the rules of the race to everyone. He explains that everyone will first have to pass through a mirror maze, and then they will get to choose a vehicle to ride after exiting the maze. He then states that there will be different kinds of challenges at each checkpoint, which are required. To avoid any more questions, Kizario quickly gets all the contestants to stand at the starting line.

At last, the race begins. The contestants rush towards the glass maze. Kirby gets in first, but he immediately gets lost, due to the walls being made of glass and mirrors. As the rest of the contestants get into the maze, Kirby searches for Waddle Dee. After calling each others' names, the two of them find each other, only to bump into a glass wall separating them. Everyone else struggles with the maze just as much as them. King Dedede, gets frustrated, and decides to just smash through the walls with his hammer. Walky is disappointed at this, but Meta Knight points out that are was no rule against destroying the maze. The contestants follow Dedede through the broken walls to get through the maze easily.

Meanwhile, a regular family in a household on another planet has heard about the race. A boy tells his dad about it, only for him to insist that the boy should just do his homework instead of watching TV. After bringing up that Meta Knight is in the show, the father immediately becomes interested, and they turn on their TV to watch the race. Similar conversations occur in homes across the whole universe, and many people begin watching the race.

The contestants escape the maze, and reach the first checkpoint. There are all sorts of Air Ride Machines lined up at it, which all fascinate the contestants. King Dedede insists on choosing first because he escaped the maze first, so he shoos away everyone else with his hammer. After some consideration, the Rex Wheelie catches his attention. Right when Dedede gets on it, the Rex Wheelie immediately dashes forward at an incredible speed. The TV staff explains that the Air Ride Machines start running once they're mounted, and are only controlled with steering. This makes everyone nervous. Burning Leo chooses the Formula Star, which dashes even faster, and is hard to steer. It crashes into a tree, which scares the contestants. Cappy chooses the Jet Star, which has good speed in the air. The Jet Star quickly soars up into the sky, much to Cappy's dismay. After all of these mistakes, Walky warns the contestants to be careful of which machine they choose. Axe Knight chooses the Shadow Star, which appeals to him the most. The other Meta-Knights get jealous, and they board the Shadow Star with him. The machine unstably soars forward due to all their weight. The rest of the athletes choose their vehicles and soar forward to catch up with the race.

The last two contestants, Kirby and Waddle Dee, get out of the the maze late. After bumping into a glass wall earlier, Waddle Dee was knocked out, and Kirby had to carry him through the maze. Now they have no choice but to choose from the last two Air Ride Machines. Kirby chooses the Warp Star, which starts glowing when he boards it. Meta Knight points out that this means the Warp Star is very compatible with Kirby. The Warp Star slowly speeds up as Kirby maneuvers it with perfect control. As Kizario is watching the contestants, a staff member informs him that Meta Knight's appearance has made the race incredibly popular. This boosts Kizario's confidence a lot. The only contestant left at the checkpoint is Waddle Dee. He finally regains his energy, and boards the last Air Ride Machine left: the Wheelie Scooter. It is very slow, and makes rattling noises as it moves. Waddle Dee is content with this, and presses on.

Chapter 4: Gourmet Challenge![edit]

After eating some super spicy food, Kirby copies the Ice ability to quench his burning mouth.

As King Dedede is far ahead in the lead, Mr. Frosty catches up to him. Walky points out that this is due to Mr. Frosty choosing the light and freely-moving Slick Star, which is a great fit for him. Dedede tries to swing his hammer at him, but he easily dodges his attacks. Mr. Frosty hurls a block of ice at him to fight back. Mr. Frosty and King Dedede then get into a fight, and go off track. The other contestants pass them and reach the second checkpoint.

At the second checkpoint, the TV staff introduces the "Superspicy Gourmet Challenge of Terror", where contestants must each eat a bowl of spicy food that they prepared. The foods are carried to each of the contestants, and they are all unsure about it. Kirby happily swallows all his food whole, which makes the others comfortable enough to eat theirs too. The contestants are in agony from the excruciating spiciness, and they gulp up as much water as they can. Kirby feels nothing at first, but then it hits him. Meta Knight points out that Kirby did not taste the spiciness when he swallowed the food whole, and instead the heat exploded inside his stomach. Kirby quickly gulps up the staff's entire water supply, but even that is not enough to quench his burning mouth.

After being so focused on fighting each other, King Dedede and Mr. Frosty finally remember the race, and they walk up to the second checkpoint. They eat their spicy food, and have the same painful reaction to it as the other contestants. Kirby is still in pain from the spice, and is in search of water. He inhales Mr. Frosty to get the Ice ability, which finally satisfies him, as his insides are all cold now. To refresh his body, Kirby lets out a freezing ice breath at everything around him, which freezes nearby objects like the table and bowls. All the other contestants are still in pain, so they quickly eat the ice, which finally gets rid of the spiciness in their mouths.

Meanwhile, Kizario is watching them in the shade of a tree. Meta Knight comes in, which shocks Kizario, who nervously runs away. This makes Meta Knight even more suspicious of him.

Kizario comes to the second checkpoint to congratulate the contestants. Meta Knight tells Kirby to release Mr. Frosty, so he does so by dropping his Ice ability. Mr. Frosty is still in pain from the spicy food, and wanders away to search for a lake. Everyone else gets back on their Air Ride Machines to continue the race.

After everyone leaves, Waddle Dee arrives at the second checkpoint. The staff is already cleaning up, and Waddle Dee worries that he might be disqualified for being too slow. The staff feels bad for him, so they let him have some of the spicy seasoning that is left over. After this, Waddle Dee gets back on his Wheelie Scooter to continue after the others.

Chapter 5: Everyone's Song[edit]

The contestants compete for who can sing the loudest.

After some more racing, the contestants reach the third checkpoint. Kizario introduces the "Soothing Music Challenge", where everyone must sing a certain song as loud as they can. After Kizario demonstrates the song they must sing, everyone finds it weird and is reluctant to do it. Walky comments that the song is too hard for them, which makes everyone change their mind. The contestants start singing, and Kizario gets them to compete for who can sing the loudest.

The singing gets extremely loud, and Walky starts to get annoyed. He tries to complain to Meta Knight, but then he notices that Meta Knight has gone missing. Kirby jumps in, and wants Walky to help him sing the loudest. Walky realizes what Kirby is thinking, and tries to back away. Before he can, Kirby quickly inhales Walky, and gets the Mike ability. Kizario is happy to see Kirby's enthusiasm, but all the other contestants cover their ears. Kirby starts singing dangerously loud, causing everyone around him to lose their consciousness.

Meanwhile, at the household from earlier, the father and son are writhing in pain from Kirby's singing voice on their TV. Before they can crawl to the remote to turn it off, Kirby's voice suddenly stops. This is because his powerful singing voice destroyed all the cameras and microphones near him. The TV displays a broadcasting error, and the father and son decide that they will wait for it to return to normal.

The story cuts back to Dream Land, where Meta Knight had left because he noticed a shadowy figure that was watching Kizario. Meta Knight comes closer to the shady man, and hears him mumbling about the Kizario luring "that thing" out. Meta Knight interrupts him to ask what this means. The man is startled, and recognizes Meta Knight. He throws something at Meta Knight, who immediately deflects the objects with his sword. Meta Knight looks down at the objects to find out they are just berries, which are completely harmless. The shady man is gone before Meta Knight can notice.

Chapter 6: A Man Completely in Black[edit]

The shady man finally reveals himself, and explains everything to Kirby and Meta Knight.

Kirby finishes his song, and notices that everyone is unconscious. He tries to shake them awake, but they don't budge. Kirby gets back on his Warp Star to continue racing alone. After Kirby leaves, Kizario wakes up, and brings everyone else to their senses. The TV staff repairs the damaged equipment, and the contestants get back on their Air Ride Machines to continue racing. After everyone leaves the checkpoint, Waddle Dee arrives at it. A few staff members are still there to clean it up, and they recognize him from before. They let him know how late he is, but still feel bad for him. The staff members hum Kizario's song from the challenge, and let Waddle Dee repeat. After this, they let him pass.

At the father and son's household, the two notice that the race is back on. They see all the machines, but don't know who is in the lead. They complain about the commentator's absence, badmouthing him as the race goes on.

Kirby is still in the lead, and is having an easy time. His peaceful ride is cut short when Mr. Frosty comes in, and angrily attacks Kirby. He had found a lake to quench his thirst earlier, but is still enraged at Kirby for inhaling him. Mr. Frosty attacks by repeatedly throwing lumps of ice at Kirby. After dodging a lot of them, one ice lump hits Kirby's Warp Star, breaking it. Mr. Frosty hits Kirby with another chunk of ice, which makes him lose his copy ability. Walky is now freed, and is mad at Kirby for inhaling him. He gets on Mr. Frosty's Air Ride Machine to take him to the other contestants, so he can get back to commentating. Kirby wants to get on too, but they leave him behind before he can. Kirby is now left alone with his broken Warp Star.

Just then, a shady man dressed in all black runs by. Kirby gets his attention, and points out his broken Warp Star. Meta Knight comes in, with his sword out. He thinks that the man destroyed Kirby's Warp Star, but the two of them quickly assure him that nobody had any ill intentions. Meta Knight asks the man who he is, and why he is here. The shady man then starts to explain everything to them.

The story cuts to where the other contestants are. As they approach the fourth checkpoint, Kizario announces the next challenge. It is the "Alluring Sweets Challenge!"; an all-you-can-eat challenge with lots of chocolate involved. This makes everyone very excited. When they all reach the fourth checkpoint, a huge swimming pool is in front of them, filled with chocolate. Kizario explains that they must swim to the other side of the chocolate pool. This confuses everyone except King Dedede, who is already in the pool, eating all the chocolate. Kizario reminds him that he must swim through it, but Dedede does not listen, and plans to swim after he's done eating. The other contestants jump in to start swimming, while Kizario wonders where Walky and Meta Knight went.

Chapter 7: The Thing in the Forest is......?[edit]

Mr. Frosty and Walky encounter a monster in the forest.

As Walky and Mr. Frosty are heading back, they cannot find anyone else, and Walky starts to get worried. The two of them notice a growling sound coming from a nearby forest. They think it is coming from a machine, and they follow the sound to investigate. When they get deep into the forest, Walky realizes that the sound is not from a machine at all, but the monster from the rumor that Cappy described earlier. Before they can escape, the monster finds them, and Walky lets out an extremely loud scream.

At the chocolate pool race, everyone hears Walky's loud scream. Kizario cuts the challenge short, and immediately commands everyone to follow that scream. The contestants are finally fed up with him, and they all angrily refuse. Another scream from Walky is heard, as a cry for help. This makes the contestants change their minds, and they get out of the pool. Kizario gets into his vehicle and tells the contestants to follow him into the forest. King Dedede finally gets out of the pool too, and he gets on his Air Ride Machine to follow Kizario. All the other chocolate-covered contestants are energized to see him take initiative, and they get on their machines to head into the forest as well.

Meanwhile, after the shady man finishes explaining everything to Kirby and Meta Knight, they now know Kizario's true intentions. Walky's scream reaches them, and they all get ready to go save him. Kirby heads over to his Warp Star, and realizes that it is still broken. The man casts a spell to repair the Warp Star, allowing Kirby to use it. Meta Knight spreads his wings, and the shady man makes a flying stance. The three of them fly toward the forest at a rapid speed.

Waddle Dee finally arrives at the chocolate pool. The staff gives him a little bit of chocolate to compensate for him missing the challenge. After that, Waddle Dee slowly continues the race on his Wheelie Scooter.

Chapter 8: Kizario and the Monster[edit]

Kizario no longer wants anything to do with his pet Peperon.

Walky and Mr. Frosty run away from the monster, but their escape is cut short when they reach the edge of a very tall cliff, with a river at the bottom. As the monster creeps closer to them, King Dedede arrives to the scene, with all the other contestants behind him.

Kizario announces that the final challenge is to beat the monster in a fight. This makes all the contestants angry at Kizario for bringing such a ferocious monster to Dream Land. The monster picks up Chef Kawasaki, which prompts the contestants to attack him. Their attacks do not work at all, and the monster licks the chocolate off of Chef Kawasaki. This makes the contestants realize that their bodies are still covered in chocolate from the pool challenge, and they are all terrified that the monster will go for them next. Before it can lick another victim, Kirby arrives. He notices that King Dedede is all covered in chocolate, and happily licks it all off, to the king's dismay.

Meta Knight and the shady man arrive next, which fills everyone except Kizario with glee. The shady man—whose name is revealed to be Kurron—scolds Kizario, and prepares to chant a magic spell to stop the monster. However, the monster—whose name is revealed to be Peperon—excitedly scampers around too much for Kurron to enchant it. Kurron asks everyone to try to get Peperon to stop moving. The contestants prepare to fight it, which Kizario encourages. Kurron, however, is against this, and he reminds Kizario that Peperon is his beloved pet. Kizario is now angry, and yells that he does not want Peperon anymore. Peperon is saddened by this, and slowly approaches Kizario.

As Kizario backs away, he falls off the cliff, and lands in the river at the bottom. Seeing this, Peperon jumps into the river, and clings onto Kizario to protect him. While everyone is shocked, Kirby immediately calls for Capsule J2 to lend him his strength, and inhales him for the Jet ability. Jet Kirby flies down the cliff and grabs onto Peperon, who is being washed away in the river. Kirby eventually musters enough strength to lift the heavy Peperon out of the water. Everyone cheers as Kirby puts the unconscious Peperon and Kizario back at the top of the cliff.

Chapter 9: The Reason for His Arrival[edit]

Kizario explains the real reason why he set up the race.

As everyone is happy that Kirby saved Kizario and Pepron, Kurron gets the crowd to settle down, and chants a spell. Kurron's spell makes Peperon shrink to the size of a mouse, back to its original form. After the TV staff gives Kizario a massage, he regains consciousness too. Kizario immediately wants to know where Peperon is, but nobody can find it. Kirby flies down the cliff to check the river, but Peperon is nowhere to be found there, either. Kizario is more disheartened than ever, and after he cries for a while, Meta Knight asks him to explain his whole scheme.

Kizario explains that Peperon is a miniature bear that he keeps as a pet, and that the two of them are very close. However, Kizario's friends teased him for having such a weak and girly pet, unlike their big and strong pets. Kizario got so frustrated that he asked his babysitter, Kurron, to turn Peperon into a big and strong bear. Kurron refused, so Kizario looked through his spell book behind his back, and cast the spell himself. Peperon grew much bigger than expected, and ran away to Dream Land. Kizario didn't want Kurron to find out about what he did, so he traveled to Dream Land by himself. He made a plan to get all the residents involved, to help him find his pet. Kurron adds that Kizario's mother is the CEO of Comet TV, which allowed him to set up a whole TV program. Every challenge was just a setup to attract Peperon.

After Kizario finishes explaining everything, he receives a call that the frontrunner of the race will be reaching the finish shortly. Kirby remembers that Waddle Dee is the only contestant who is not with them. All the contestants eagerly leave right away, to catch up with him in the race. The staff leaves as well, to follow them.

Chapter 10: The Winner of the Race[edit]

The race has finished, and most of the contestants are upset at the outcome of the race.

Waddle Dee is still riding along, thinking he is in last. He notices Peperon lying near the riverside and approaches it, mistaking it for a plushie. Waddle Dee realizes that the tiny bear is alive when it squirms as he picks it up. He assumes that it was washed away in the river, and decides to take it to the goal.

The story cuts to one last look at the household that was watching the race before. The father and son are both very bored with the race, which now only shows Waddle Dee on his slow scooter. They turn off the TV and decide to do something else. Similar conversations occur in homes all across the universe, and everyone stops watching the race.

Waddle Dee is close to the goal. His peaceful, quiet ride is interrupted when a lot of loud voices start approaching behind him. All of the other contestants are angrily yelling at Waddle Dee as they approach him on their vehicles. Without looking back, Waddle Dee gets overwhelmed by all the noise, and makes his Wheelie Scooter move faster. His scooter picks up a lot of speed, and he rushes forward. Waddle Dee crosses the finish line first, and a judge presents him with a bouquet of flowers. All the other contestants start fighting over who was really first. Within all the chaos, Kizario notices Peperon, and reunites with him. The two are both thrilled to be back together. Kirby and King Dedede butt in and demand the prize, but Kizario informs them that Waddle Dee is the real winner.

Just then, the TV Staff tells Kizario that they are receiving a call from the CEO of Comet TV. Kizario's mother appears on their monitor, and she furiously tells him that she has been getting complaint calls about the race. She takes away Kizario's snack privileges for three months. She then complains to Kurron for letting this happen, and cuts his salary in half for three months. The call ends, and Kizario informs everyone that there will be no prize for winning the race. Nearly all of the contestants are extremely upset at this.

Meta Knight is watching the chaos from a distance, and notices that Kirby, Waddle Dee, Kizario, and Peperon are cheerful. Kizario is glad to have Peperon back, and Kirby is congratulating Waddle Dee for winning. The story draws to a close as Meta Knight is happy for them, and thinks that the race was worth it after all.



  • "Pupupu Land" in the title of this book is the Japanese name for Dream Land; the official English name of this volume from Kirby Art & Style Collection translated it literally by mistake. As such, while the title of this page refers to Pupupu Land, all other references to it on this page refer to the setting as Dream Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ プププランドでだいレース!のまき
hoshi no kābyi pupupu rando de dai rēsu! no maki
Kirby of the Stars: The Big Race in Dream Land! Volume