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A Metamato is a special item found in the opening cut scene of Kirby's Epic Yarn. It appears to be a yarn version of a Maxim Tomato, though it is not declared to contain any special healing properties. Yin-Yarn had one attached to his hat until Kirby inhaled it, mistaking it for his favorite food. Angered by the loss of his magic Metamato, Yin-Yarn banished Kirby to Patch Land, where he was turned into a yarn version of himself. He soon discovered that he could not inhale enemies in this form. However, the Metamato gave Kirby the ability to take on several transformations and use Metamortexes for more powerful transformations. Prince Fluff has all the same powers, indicating that he has eaten a Metamato as well.

Theory Warning: Be advised that the following article or section contains unconfirmed, fan-made speculation.

Although the Metamato is not stated to contain health revitalizing properties, Kirby does not receive health damage or a vitality meter in Kirby's Epic Yarn. The ingestion of the Metamato in the opening story may be explaining this aspect of the game. As such the Metamato may include an "unlimited health" attribute in addition to the yarn-shifting powers.

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Meta Tomate[1]
French Metamate[2]

Kirby's Epic Yarn Transformations
Metamato Transformations (Regular)
Car · Parachute · Pendulum · Sleigh · Submarine · Top · Weight
Metamortex Transformations (Super)
Digger · Dolphin · Fire Engine · Off-Roader · Rocket · Saucer · Spin Boarder ·Tankbot · Train


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