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Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!

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Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!
Kirby Super Kirby Clash Team's Big Battle Cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!
Volume # 15
Published December 13th, 2019
Original story? No
Adaptation of Super Kirby Clash
Chapters 12
Pages 216[1]
Main character(s) Kirby (Sword)
Yellow Kirby (Hammer)
Blue Kirby (Doctor)
Green Kirby (Beam)
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
Chef Kawasaki
ISBN 978-4046319630[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands! Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!
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Called by the ringing of a mysterious bell, Pink Kirby has returned to the Dream Kingdom! Now, once again, terrible monsters have come to attack the Dream Kingdom...! Reuniting with Doctor Kirby, Hammer Kirby, and Beam Kirby in order to fight the monsters, Team Kirby is brought back together! However, ahead of Team Kirby, worse, stronger enemies stand in the way!! What will be the fate of the Dream Kingdom and Team Kirby?!
— Unofficial translation of the description of Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!

Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle![derived from Japanese] is the fifteenth volume of the Kirby novel series, released exclusively in Japan on December 13th, 2019.[2] It is an adaptation of the Nintendo Switch game, Super Kirby Clash, featuring many of the scenarios and characters depicted in the game. It also serves as a sequel to Kirby Clash Team Unite!.

Kirby gets brought back to the Dream Kingdom, thanks to the Adventurer Bell in the Port Village, and he regroups with the other three Kirbys to fight more monsters rampaging throughout the kingdom. As they fight, they encounter Parallel Nightmare and learn of his plans for total conquest which culminates with a fight against an ancient hero called "the most powerful in the galaxy."


Characters of "Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!"  
Main characters
V15 Illustration 12.png
Kirby (Sword)
Yellow Kirby (Hammer)
Blue Kirby (Doctor)
Green Kirby (Beam)
Supporting & minor characters
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Sound of a Bell[edit]

Kirby shaking Bandana Waddle Dee over the sound of a ringing bell.

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee had just come out of Chef Kawasaki's restaurant after eating lots of food for lunch time. Kirby wanted to head back to the restaurant for seconds, but Waddle Dee informs him that Kawasaki could only give out one lunch per person. To cheer Kirby up, Waddle Dee decides to make Kirby some flan at the same time he makes Dedede some food. At that exact moment, however, Kirby could hear the sound of a bell from somewhere. After a few seconds of confusion and voice-raising, everything before Kirby's eyes went dark and the bell sounds got louder, as if it was ringing inside his head.

Chapter 2: The Dream Kingdom's in Danger?![edit]

Doctor Kirby excited to see Kirby again.

As soon as the bell stopped ringing, Kirby found himself at a town by the sea. As he was thinking that he should have been with Waddle Dee on a grassy hill, another Kirby clung onto Kirby and he realizes pretty quick that he made it back to the Dream Kingdom.

Doctor Kirby quickly explains the situation: shortly after Sword Kirby left to begin heading back home, the rest of the team disbanded. Hammer Kirby and Beam Kirby left to parts unknown for training, whereas Doctor Kirby stayed at the Castle Village to do food experiments akin to instant noodles. One day, a legion of monsters showed up attacking travelers, and this time attacking the Castle Village. As a result of the attack, all of the villagers there evacuated to the Port Village for the time being.

Concerned of a way to bring the team back together, Doctor Kirby remembered an old legend regarding the Adventurer Bell, that if danger were to rear its ugly head, the bell could be used to summon heroes from other worlds. No matter how much Doctor Kirby tried, the rusted bell would not ring. It wasn't until he prayed for a miracle that the bell summoned Kirby from Dream Land to the Dream Kingdom, which did leave Doctor Kirby a bit perplexed as he still thought that Kirby was native to the Dream Kingdom. Kirby brushes it off as nothing and the two of them start planning to bring the entire team back together and take out more monsters while they're at it.

Kirby also met up with Bandana Waddle Dee near the Gem Apple Tree - both of whom were very excited to see each other again. Doctor Kirby then brings Kirby over to Magolor's Shoppe in order to get some sword-fighting gear. Magolor hands pink Kirby a shopping catalogue and suggests either the Crimson Blade, Blazure Sword or the Landion. Kirby had wanted to get either the White-Hawk Sword, Wonder Sword or Shark Saw, but was in dismay after finding out just how much the weapons cost. Not to mention the fact that Kirby didn't even have a single Gem Apple on him. Because Bandana Waddle Dee has to wait another 8 hours to get more apples and Doctor Kirby had ate some of them previously (despite saying otherwise), Kirby settles with the Knight Set which Magolor tries to sell for 12 Gem Apples. Bandana Waddle Dee's concerns about ripping Kirby off eventually get Magolor to sell the gear for only 8 apples, its original asking price.

Afterwards, the two Kirbys enter Chef Kawasaki's tavern to have something to eat. The chef, excited to see the pink Kirby again, lets him and his companion order anything they like. Eventually, Sword Kirby tries telling Meta Knight how the Halberd's engine broke once time thanks to Kirby's singing, but didn't realize until shortly afterwards that it's not the Meta Knight he's familiar with in Dream Land. He covers it up by claiming that the knight whose ship was broken was a certain someone named "Mecha Knight." After changing the conversation, Meta Knight warns the two Kirbys that the monsters attacking this time are much more powerful than the ones that attacked in the past. Doctor Kirby assumes that there had to have been a reason for the attacks, much like there was last time. Meta Knight suggests the two head to the Dunes first to take out the armor-clad Ignite Edge. It wasn't much longer until Kawasaki handed the Kirbys some food, which they quickly devoured before setting off on another adventure.

Chapter 3: Confrontation! Armored Swordsman!![edit]

Sword Kirby struggles during the fight with Ignite Edge.

With bento in hand, both Kirbys begun a two-day excursion from the Port Village to the Dunes. Before they could really get going, Sword Kirby realized that the path was covered with fallen trees and smashed rocks. Doctor Kirby asks the other if any damage was in the village he was from, which gets Sword Kirby to lie that he was living in a rural village where news doesn't exactly travel that quickly. But Sword Kirby knew that he couldn't keep the façade up forever and had to spill the beans eventually. He tries to do exactly that, but Doctor Kirby automatically assumes that he was hungry so the two of them open the bento and eat some of the food inside, causing Sword Kirby to immediately forget what he was going to say.

By the time two days had passed, both Kirbys were already at the Dunes and it wasn't much longer before Ignite Edge showed up, ready for battle. Both Kirbys prepared for battle, but of the two, only Sword Kirby was struggling to familiarize once again with sword-based combat after an extensive period of time away from the Dream Kingdom. This leaves Doctor Kirby concerned, until Ignite Edge prepares to connect his Jumping Down Thrust attack with Doctor Kirby. Sword Kirby dives to push Doctor Kirby out of the way of the impact zone, leaving Ignite Edge's sword stuck in the ground, giving Sword Kirby the opportunity to keep on slashing until he collapsed. After the battle, Sword Kirby noticed what looked to be a black cloth in the distance before disappearing altogether. Doctor Kirby assumes that the cloth was just a handkerchief someone lost, but Sword Kirby thought differently, as the cloth was bigger than a typical handkerchief and it didn't get blown about by the wind.

Back at the tavern in the Port Village, Chef Kawasaki was excited to hear that Ignite Edge was slain by the two Kirbys. After Doctor Kirby recounted the experience, Sword Kirby simply stated that he couldn't deal real damage until Ignite Edge's sword was stuck in the ground. Kawasaki was surprised and assumed that Kirby polished his swordsmanship while he was away. Doctor Kirby reassures them both and hopes that with enough training, Sword Kirby will get back in the swing of things. As Kirby was about to point out that they still need to get Hammer and Beam Kirby back in the team, the former arrived at the tavern, much to everyone's surprise. As for why he only now just showed up, Hammer Kirby went to the Castle Village after the monster attacks started, but found out too late that the place was destroyed and deserted. It took some time, but he was eventually able to find everyone else at the Port Village.

After Doctor Kirby told Hammer about the Ignite Edge battle he and Sword Kirby went through, Hammer Kirby expressed that he heard a rumor about someone controlling the monsters. Sword Kirby took this time to point out the cloth that was floating way off in the distance. As he does, Meta Knight reveals that that cloth is actually a black cape. He is not one for spreading rumors without verification, though does find credibility for Sword Kirby witnessing the cape after battle and suggests the Kirbys look into it when they get the chance. Right now, though, Meta Knight reveals plans to hone his skills, save up Gem Apples and the like, giving Doctor Kirby the idea to do exactly that until they catch wind of another monster attack.

Chapter 4: Decisive Battle! Blue Armored Foe!![edit]

Parallel Nightmare reveals himself.

Sword Kirby is busy talking to Bandana Waddle Dee about all the part-time jobs he started up - delivering letters, weeding the grass, washing the dishes and undergoing swordsman training. After Waddle Dee hands Kirby 10 Gem Apples, he is very quickly ushered into the tavern by Hammer Kirby for an emergency meeting.

Meta Knight explains that Frost Kibble Blade has been spotted attacking people at an area of the Seaside around a five-day walk from the Port Village. After pointing out that he's much faster and more formidable than Ignite Edge was, Doctor Kirby quickly reassured the other two Kirbys their basic battle plan: Sword Kirby goes all-in to distract the enemy before Hammer Kirby finishes them off. After coming to an agreement and getting some bento from Chef Kawasaki for the five-day trip, Doctor Kirby immediately places Sword Kirby's part-time responsibilities on Meta Knight while the three are away, much to his confusion. Sword Kirby adding more on the pile seems to not be helping this situation any further.

One night as the three Kirbys travel from the village to the Seaside, Sword Kirby tries to garner the courage to tell the truth about where he is really from once again, but burnt yams and tasty marshmallows get Sword Kirby sidetracked yet again to the point he forgot what he was going to say. At the end of the five-day journey, they arrive at the specific part of the Seaside where Frost Kibble Blade was spotted. Hammer Kirby decides to use the opportunity to go for a swim in the ocean, leaving Sword and Doctor Kirby flabbergasted. Just before Hammer Kirby could hit the water, though, he narrowly avoids getting frostbit by an icy cutter blade. Frost Kibble Blade went on the attack, but Sword Kirby played his role by diverting the enemy's attention and distracting it just long enough for Hammer Kirby to finish it off.

Right when it seems like they won, however, a spontaneous whirlwind reveals the true mastermind, Parallel Nightmare. Another gust of wind knocks all three Kirbys into a pile, as Frost Kibble Blade stands back up on its feet to keep attacking the Kirbys at the exact same time as Parallel Nightmare. It seems as though the three Kirbys were in for impending doom.

Chapter 5: Four Kirbys![edit]

Beam Kirby shows up just in the nick of "time."

Luckily for the three Kirbys, the flow of time seemed to stop, sparing them from the onslaught of attacks. Shortly after putting two-and-two together, Beam Kirby arrives on the scene, having frozen the enemies in place with the Time Beam move. As Hammer Kirby kept on smacking Frost Kibble Blade with the hammer, Sword Kirby begins to take out Parallel Nightmare too, though the most he could do was slash at and tear the cape. When the Time Beam effects wore off, with Frost Kibble Blade defeated and chances of villainous victory no longer possible, Parallel Nightmare fled the scene, though making it clear that he would be back for more. After considering the defeat of Frost Kibble Blade a success, the three Kirbys found out that Beam Kirby heard about the monster attacks and tried to hurry over to where the others were as fast as he could. At long last, Team Kirby had all four of its members back together again.

While the Port Villagers were excited about Team Kirby's reunion, Sword Kirby was busy undergoing part-time work and swordfighting training for the rest of the month, alongside talking to Bandana Waddle Dee in his spare time and having food at the tavern to close out each day.

One evening, Meta Knight had entered the tavern to tell the Kirbys about a monster attack caused by Pyribbit at the Volcano, and alongside it, Parallel Nightmare. The knight assumes that previously the caped man would try to not create a scene, but now that it doesn't seem like that's the case, Meta Knight concludes that the attack was most likely a set-up to lure the Kirbys in. With the four Kirbys confident that they can triumph once more, Doctor Kirby orders some more bento for the 10-day long trip that awaits.

Before the Kirbys left towards the Volcano, Sword Kirby was about to purchase some new gear at Magolor's Shoppe. Contrary to the 600 Gem Apples Kirby was hoping to accumulate after a month's worth of part-time work, he only had 20, probably because he spent most of his funds on food at the tavern. However, it was enough to afford him the Gale Set, so that's what Kirby purchased.

A lot of the villagers were in large crowds, waiting to see Team Kirby off. Doctor Kirby recognizes that defeating Pyribbit is essential, but defeating Parallel Nightmare even more so, as the kingdom would be at peace without someone constantly summoning more monsters. He also goes over the game plan: Sword Kirby attacks the enemy pretty quick to tire them out, Beam Kirby freezes time when there's an opening and then Hammer Kirby can go all-out.

By the time they finally arrived at the Volcano, Hammer Kirby was very tired and very sweaty, probably because of the hammer he was carrying. Right after his wish to go back to the village after the battle, Pyribbit hopped out from the roiling magma and onto the cooled, rugged rocks to battle. After pointing out that Parallel Nightmare was nowhere to be seen at first, Sword Kirby went on the attack until Beam Kirby froze Pyribbit in time, leaving Hammer Kirby free to finish him off. When time resumed, the volcanic frog was blasted straight into the magma, never to be seen again. Shortly after wondering what Parallel Nightmare could be planning next, the caped menace shortly reveals himself and announces that the Pyribbit attack was little more than a trap to lure the Kirbys in to be trounced by another powerful monster, that being none other than King D-Mind.

Chapter 6: Fight, Team Kirby![edit]

Sword Kirby protects the others from King D-Mind's next attack.

After Parallel Nightmare's monologue about world domination, Team Kirby immediately battles the king of darkness. Thanks to knowledge from the last time a similar battle ensued at the Empyrean, Sword Kirby was able to block the onslaught of energy orbs using the Hero Shield and all four generally knew what King D-Mind was going to do next. While Parallel Nightmare tries to stop Beam Kirby from using the Time Beam, Doctor Kirby quickly rushed in to attack with Spray Medicine, partially dissolving Parallel Nightmare's cape in the process. With him out of the way, the door was left wide open to freeze the king of darkness in place and then finish him off. As soon as time started moving again, with King D-Mind lying on the ground in defeat, one Hammer Swing attack from Hammer Kirby launched the king of darkness straight into Parallel Nightmare, presumably destroying them both. The foursome then start the trek back to town, jumping to conclusions that no more monster attacks would happen again.

Bandana Waddle Dee is concerned that Sword Kirby would have to leave the Dream Kingdom again, but he is reassured with the fact that the Adventurer Bell could be used to bring him back to the kingdom. Kirby also notes that the Chef Kawasaki in the Dream Kingdom would happily let him eat as much as he wants compared to Dream Land's equivalent. He also notes that, with no more monsters rampaging throughout the land, he could just spend most of his Gem Apples on nothing but food.

The tavern was busier than usual, no doubt because of the general assumption that there wouldn't be any more monsters. As the other three Kirbys revealed their desire to spend their funds on nothing but food, Doctor Kirby then breaks the mood with a startling fact: the Adventurer Bell just stopped ringing, no matter how hard Doctor Kirby rang the bell. Sword Kirby momentarily freaked out, thinking he would be stuck in the Dream Kingdom forever, much to everyone else's brief confusion. After a few seconds of Kirby stuck trying to spill the beans for a third time, Doctor Kirby changed the conversation back to one detailing how the Castle Village was actually in the process of reconstruction. As the talk ranged from memories about the village to Chef Kawasaki hoping to open tavern branches all over the kingdom, only Sword Kirby was ridiculously homesick to the point of shedding tears in helplessness.

Chapter 7: Peaceful... Or Not?![edit]

The Kirbys with the Abyssium Set ready to fight back.

Despite the seemingly grim circumstances that fate decided to give to Kirby, he did try to act cheerful around his friends, but the thought of him not being able to return to Dream Land did keep him up at night.

One morning, the other three Kirbys cheer him up with the promise of going swimming later in the day after a quick trip to the tavern. They even hope to stop by the Castle Village to see how reconstruction was going...but they didn't make it past the village square before seeing an injured traveler on the road. Doctor Kirby healed them up quick and find out too little too late that yet another monster attack had occurred. At that exact moment, Spark Bonkers showed up in the village and immediately began wrecking the place. But he wasn't the only one: the Ice Dragon, King Doo, Colossal Kabu and Miasmoros had all showed up to wreck the Port Village to smithereens.

The Kirbys hopped in front of the monsters to try to stop the attack, but at that moment they had all overlooked one little detail: none of the Kirbys had any weapons or armor on them since they had planned to go swimming before all this started. The only one who had some way to fight back was Doctor Kirby's flasks, but this didn't exactly help much in the long run. As it turns out, Parallel Nightmare suddenly appears to mock the Kirbys in their predicament and makes absolutely clear that he personally wants revenge against the four of them above all else. Just when all seemed lost, Magolor showed up and tossed the four hunters the Abyssium Set, one for each Kirby. With the new gear in tow, Team Kirby can finally fight back and drive the monsters out of town. As Parallel Nightmare realizes that the monsters that were out to attack were either running away or defeated, never to return, he disappears from the scene.

The four Kirbys take this time to consider that the caped menace now wants to kill them after defeating him at the Volcano. As they do, several villagers like Burning Leo and Chilly complain about how the village would be attacked and how it's the Kirbys' fault for all the monsters rampaging. Bandana Waddle Dee tries his hardest to defend the Kirbys but it doesn't exactly boost everyone else's confidence. The Kirbys do try to swear to protect the village with the weapons they have, but Magolor ruins the moment by revealing that the Abyssium Set needs to be returned as part of his rental policy. The rest of the Port Village residents begin to repair the ruins of their town and they stress that they can do so without Team Kirby's assistance.

Early the next day, Bandana Waddle Dee tries to make the Kirbys feel welcome, but after knocking on the doors to their rooms in the inn several times with no response, he finds out from Broom Hatter that not only are the Kirbys not in their rooms, they left their funds for the lodging fee on their beds. As it turns out, Team Kirby had left the Port Village entirely, all because of one orchestrated monster attack in the center of town.

Chapter 8: The Biggest and Baddest Swordsman Appears[edit]

The Aeon Hero literally backstabs Parallel Nightmare when he least expects it.

The four Kirbys were walking along the Seaside, trying to be cheerful after the commotion that happened the day before. Not that the thought of not being able to return to the village left the minds of some of the Kirbys... As they try to find out about Parallel Nightmare's whereabouts and permanently put an end to his reign of terror, Mr. Floaty appears to fight. As usual, he is quickly dealt with by Team Kirby with sword slashes, a Time Beam, and a hammer swing, sending him back into the ocean from whence he came. Normally, they would be proud to defeat enemies like Mr. Floaty for the sake of the village, but it is currently not the case. Doctor Kirby does point out how if they sit back and do nothing, then Parallel Nightmare would be free to rule with an iron fist. Then Sword Kirby decides to have breakfast in the most unusual of fashions: rather than having bento on the side, he would catch fish in the water and cook them. The other three were concerned until Sword Kirby made it into a contest to catch more fish than the others. At that statement, the other three rushed into the water to see who could catch more fish.

Back in the village, Bandana Waddle Dee tries his hardest to convince the villagers that it wasn't Team Kirby's fault that monsters were attacking people and places. He goes on to state that if Team Kirby wasn't around during these attacks, none of the monsters would leave them alone and had the free will to destroy everything and everyone. As the Waddle Dee suggests that he and the rest of the villagers help Team Kirby in the fight against Parallel Nightmare, none of the villagers were particularly keen in helping out in the field of battle. That was, until Meta Knight stepped into the plaza - something very unusual for him to do. The knight suggests that instead of marching into battle, everyone else in town should be able to lend aid to the Kirbys in other ways. After some concern about what that would exactly entail, Meta Knight starts to give them the laydown.

Several days later one evening, in the middle of a wasteland, the Kirbys figure out that Parallel Nightmare's main strategy was to proxy other monsters to fight them instead and assume that next time he shows up, he would probably send an even more powerful monster that he thinks would destroy them all. After Hammer Kirby mockingly tries to get Parallel Nightmare to show up, to everyone's surprise, he actually does. Prepared for whatever kind of assassin the caped menace has in store, a battle breaks out between Parallel Nightmare and Team Kirby. The Kirbys knew right away that if Parallel Nightmare was defeated, then all the monster attacks would cease. After exchanging a few blows, the caped man was ready to summon the even more powerful monster.

The four Kirbys initially thought that they would be ready for whatever showed up, but none of them could expect what looks to be the greatest warrior in the galaxy to emerge from one of Parallel Nightmare's dimensional tears. As Parallel Nightmare is relishing in this being the Kirbys' last battle they'll never live to see, the temporal warrior immediately slashes the caped wizard's body, causing him to completely disintegrate, effectively ending his role in the story.

Chapter 9: The Worst Pinch to Be In![edit]

One of the four Power Tablets for the Team Meteor.

Kirby internally recognizes the warrior as Galacta Knight, the strongest warrior in the galaxy. Doctor Kirby, on the other hand, verbally recognizes him as the Aeon Hero, the strongest warrior in the galaxy. This leaves Kirby to wonder if the Aeon Hero was really just Dream Land's Galacta Knight from beyond time-and-space, or if he was the Dream Kingdom's equivalent. There wasn't much time to think this through as Aeon Hero very quickly went on the attack, stunning all four Kirbys as they realize exactly why he's the strongest warrior in the galaxy.

The same game plan all four went with in prior fights was followed here, but not without some difficulty. After a Tornado Slash attack left all of Team Kirby in a troubling state, Doctor Kirby healed them all up just in the nick of time for Sword Kirby to block the Aeon Hero's next attack. In order to give Beam Kirby the space to freeze him in place without fear, the other three Kirbys proceeded to jump head-first into battle to distract the warrior as long as they can get away with. Eventually, Beam Kirby was able to pull through and freeze Aeon Hero in place. As they dealt massive attack after massive attack, Power Tablets started tumbling out from where the attacks landed.

All four Kirbys knew what they must do - gather all four tablets to unleash the Team Meteor. They did exactly that and the meteor seemed like it finished off the Aeon Hero right then and there, leaving the Kirbys to celebrate their victory. But none of them were prepared to see the Aeon Hero tank the Team Meteor like it was nothing, get back up on his feet and unleash his true power as Aeon Hero (Dark). The Twenty-Five Energy Shower was just the wake-up call the four Kirbys were unprepared for. Despite them narrowly avoiding the spears of the heart and about to execute the game plan again, Aeon Hero's attacks came out way faster than previously and was able to knock out Beam Kirby, Doctor Kirby and Hammer Kirby one after another, all in one fell swoop, leaving Sword Kirby on his own to try not to fall in battle.

Chapter 10: Go! Super Team Kirby!![edit]

Super Team Kirby, with Starlight Gear in hand, fight back against the Aeon Hero garbed in ominous black.

Luckily, Bandana Waddle Dee and a bunch of the Port Village residents have arrived to lend Kirby their aid. Waddle Dee starts by handing Kirby the Starlight Gear. As soon as he put it on, he could feel a surge of power coursing through him. He proceeds to fight back against Aeon Hero but his newfound strength didn't seem to really deal that much more damage. He needed his three teammates to get up, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen, until Chef Kawasaki threw several food items into the fray. The mere mention of these food items from Sword Kirby was enough to get the other three Kirbys back up on their feet, unexpectedly. It wasn't much longer until an impromptu picnic formed in what was supposed to be a battlefield.

All the Aeon Hero could do was watch the chaos unfold for a few seconds until he decides to ruin the moment with a Tornado Slash. Luckily, the other three Kirbys didn't have to take on the strongest warrior in the galaxy without the Starlight Gear, thanks to Meta Knight. With all four Kirbys decked out with the strongest gear in the world, Super Team Kirby fights back while Bandana Waddle Dee and the rest of the Port Villagers cheer them on. After a Time Beam froze the Aeon Hero in place again, all four unleashed their most devastating attacks possible. With a Hammer Flip, a Beam Whip, Science Lab, and a Final Sword finisher, that was enough to knock the Aeon Hero out and be forcibly sent back throughout time-and-space. After the rift closed, all the villagers celebrated in triumph as they all walked back to the Port Village with Super Team Kirby in tow.

Chapter 11: Dear Friends[edit]

Kirby bids farewell to the Dream Kingdom.

Inside the tavern, the villagers all apologize to Super Team Kirby for the harsh words they said to them a long time ago. Doctor Kirby forgives them on behalf of the rest of his team before making a toast to victory. Meta Knight asks questions concerning both the Aeon Hero and Parallel Nightmare's rather abrupt disappearance, which were answered by the Kirbys. As Beam Kirby wonders about the gear they got, Burning Leo reveals that Meta Knight's idea to lend aid in different ways was to get ahold of stronger gear. The knight explains that the Starlight Gear is ridiculously powerful, but not the easiest to craft. After consulting Magolor about what to do next, Meta Knight learned that several fragments needed to be collected to construct the gear - Fire, Water, Light and even some Rare Fragments.

The villagers around town like Burning Leo, Bronto Burt and Chilly all reveal that they pitched in to find as many fragments as they could by splitting up to tackle many of the different regions of the kingdom. Meta Knight wasn't entirely convinced that the Starlight Gear would be able to be crafted, but the villagers were determined to stick to it and were able to pull it off. As the rest of the villagers thought back to Waddle Dee's words, they realize that he wasn't in the tavern to celebrate Super Team Kirby's victory. Sword Kirby correctly guesses that he's still sitting next to the Gem Apple Tree in the center of town.

As Bandana Waddle Dee thinks back to some of the stuff he'd like to do with Kirby the next day, that's when he heard quite an unusual sound. Inside the tavern, Chef Kawasaki brought out some specialty pizza with tomato, cheese, bacon, mushroom and shrimp toppings all on top. Immediately after Kirby announces plans to order two slices so he can give one to Bandana Waddle Dee, the latter rushes into the tavern to let Kirby know that the sound he heard was actually the Adventurer Bell ringing.

As the bell shone like it wasn't rusted at all and rang once more, Kirby finally decides to confess that he wasn't actually native to the Dream Kingdom to the rest of the town. Out of everyone in the Port Village, the other members of Super Team Kirby weren't shocked in the slightest. The other Kirbys reveal that Doctor Kirby told them his hypothesis about the manner and then it sort of clicked for the other two. Kirby was convinced that Doctor Kirby knew this whole time, but the latter didn't really think much about it until Kirby's lies earlier in the story gave him some food for thought. As the bell kept ringing louder and louder, Kirby gave his good-byes to his monster-hunting teammates, Bandana Waddle Dee and the rest of the Dream Kingdom. As his surroundings turned dark again, Kirby realizes at the last possible second that he forgot to finish his slice of the specialty pizza, but by then, it was too late.

Chapter 12: The End of a Big Adventure[edit]

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee eating food together.

Just like that, he was back in Dream Land, to a very confused Bandana Waddle Dee. Kirby, still hungry for pizza, tries to get Waddle Dee to make him some, leaving him even more confused, as Waddle Dee thought that Kirby wanted some flan just a few moments ago. Then that's when Kirby realized that little to no time had passed in Dream Land while he was stuck in the Dream Kingdom. Waddle Dee assumes that Kirby wanted pizza instead, but the gluttonous puffball also wants to eat flan alongside pizza. After Waddle Dee comes to grips with the fact, both he and Kirby head over to pick up some ingredients for the food they would have later that day.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ スーパーカービィハンターズだい激闘げきとう!のまき
hoshi no kābyi sūpā kābyi hantāzu dai gekitō! no maki
Kirby of the Stars: Super Kirby Hunters Big Battle! Volume