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Malice Stone

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Malice Stone
V4 Illustration 11.png
Baron Gallic prepares to use the Malice Stone.
Type Plot device
Found Baron Gallic's possession (formerly)
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The Malice Stone[Japanese title] is a small red gem from the Kirby novel series. It appears in the fourth volume, Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess, as a plot device. Its bright glow is capable of entrancing and brainwashing anyone who sees it. The gem's victims become hostile or even violent. Its effects wear off when the ones under its influence are reminded of what's dear to them and may eventually cease to work when used multiple times, like in the case of Princess Marona. The effects of the gem can be resisted or negated altogether; for instance, Kirby is unaffected by the gem since he always thinks about food. However, those who only love themselves are unable to reject its influence. Memories of the gem are blurred from the victims' minds, making it difficult for them to pin it down. The Malice Stone sustains itself with treasures, such as the sword Galaxia or Chiffon Star's prized recipe book.

At some point before the events of the novel, Baron Gallic found the Malice Stone and unknowingly fell under its influence. He used it to steal many a treasure to power it. One such instance includes turning Sword Knight and Blade Knight against Meta Knight in order to steal his sword; however, this attempt was unsuccessful. He also used the stone on Spear Cotta Knight for reasons unknown. Shortly before the events of the story, Baron Gallic used the Malice Stone on Princess Marona in order to steal the royal recipe book, although she eventually became immune to its effects. Several characters are manipulated with the gem throughout the story, but the spell is ultimately broken when the stone is shattered by Meta Knight.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリス ストーン
Marisu sutōn
Malice Stone