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Claycia Normal.jpg
In-game screenshot of Claycia after being freed from Dark Crafter.
First appearance Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Theme music

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Claycia is a character from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. She is a magical clay sculptor who built the realm of Seventopia and all the creatures within it. She is friends with Elline, who paints her sculptures after Claycia builds them.

Game Appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

Before the game begins, Claycia is possessed by a Dark Matter-like entity called Dark Crafter, turning her evil and causing her to start re-working her creations toward nefarious purposes. When Elline sees Claycia's change of heart, she tries to escape, being pursued into Dream Land by the Grab Hands. Without Elline to help paint, Claycia instead gets her colors by stealing them from Dream Land. As such, the main goal of Elline and Kirby is to stop Claycia and restore Dream Land to normal. They find Claycia at the end of Purple Fortress and, after subduing her, coax Dark Crafter from her body. From here, Claycia returns to normal, and helps Kirby defeat Dark Crafter by reshaping him into a Kirby Rocket.


Claycia Boss.png
Official artwork of Claycia in her Boss form.
First game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Weakness(es) Star Dash
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Claycia serves as the first Boss of Purple Fortress. During the fight, she emits a constant aura which destroys any Rainbow Rope drawn too close to her. To break this barrier, Kirby has to knock the spiked orbs she tosses back at her, which will then allow him to get some hits in using dashes. Claycia can perform other attacks from the background, including sending in laser turrets and cannons. Some of these attacks will drop Point Stars and Food items.

Claycia can take a lot of hits to defeat, but a well-placed Star Dash will defeat her much more quickly.


  • During the fight, when Claycia is in the background, she can be seen reading a book while Kirby is trying to dodge her attacks.
  • In her Boss form, Claycia has two additional hands, which are actually Grab Hands that belong to Dark Crafter.