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Dedede Resort - Stage 4

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Dedede Resort - Stage 4
Dedede Resort Stage 4 KMA.png
More Soarars and panels.
Level Dedede Resort
Kirbys needed 1
Medals 3
Rainbow Medal Medal 3
Stage order
Dedede Resort - Stage 3 Dedede Resort - Stage 5
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Dedede Resort - Stage 4 is a stage in Dedede Resort, from Kirby Mass Attack. Only 1 Kirby is needed to enter the stage.


This stage is a sub-game of sorts. The Kirbys will enter a Dedede-shaped building, then play a game with the Soarars. Cards with fruit are displayed in the skies above, and the Kirbys need to nab those cards from the Soarars flying by to get the fruit. If they hit the wrong card, they will be attacked by Mono Soarars instead. There are four rounds to the game before the Kirbys can proceed to the stage exit.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Dedede Resort - Stage 4, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Dedede Resort - Stage 4  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 1
When trying your hand at the Soarar fly-by attraction, hit only the correct panels. You'll probably see more medals fly by that way. If the first fruit card is hit, one of the Soarars flying by will have this medal in its grip.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 2
If the second fruit card is hit, one of the Soarars flying by will have this medal in its grip.
Rainbow Medal.png
Medal 3
If the fourth fruit card is hit, a lone Soarar will be carrying the Rainbow Medal after the others have flown by.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

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