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Bigger Beanbon

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Bigger Beanbon
KMA Bigger Beanbon sprite.png
Sprite of Bigger Beanbon from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar entities Beanbon, Big Beanbon
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This article is about the very large Beanbon that appears in the Sub-Games, and should not be confused with Big Beanbon, the bigger variant of Beanbon found in the main game.

Bigger Beanbon[derived from Japanese][1] is a super-sized version of Beanbon from Kirby Mass Attack, which appears only in the Sub-Games. It is significantly larger than the already large Big Beanbon, and has a very defined face compared to its smaller cousins.

Bigger Beanbon appears in two Sub-Games. In Strato Patrol EOS, three are seen guarding Whispy Woods and shooting nuts, and requires several shots to be defeated. In Kirby Quest, Bigger Beanbon is faced in Chapter 1 - Stage 8, and has 800 HP.

As it is a Sub-Game enemy, Bigger Beanbon's name is never shown in the Japanese enemy roll call.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デラデラッポン[2]
Portmanteau of「デラックス」(derakkusu, deluxe) and「デラッポン」(Derappon, Big Beanbon)


  1. Name derived from Japanese Deraderappon or "Deludeluppon", with "Deludelu" changed to "Bigger" to match the step up from "Deluppon"; see the note for the derivation of Big Beanbon from the Japanese "Deluppon".
  2. Kirby Character Encyclopedia (Kadokawa), pg. 124