Necro Nebula

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Necro Nebula
Necro Nebula KMA map.png
The overworld map for Necro Nebula with all stages revealed.
Stages 5
Boss Whispy Woods, Lady Ivy, King Dedede, Skullord, Necrodeus
Total Medals 0
World Order
Volcano Valley Last World
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Necro Nebula is the fifth and final level in Kirby Mass Attack. It exists as its own world, guarded by a dark cloud which can only be penetrated by collecting every Rainbow Medal in the previous four levels. It consists of five stages, the first four of which are re-runs of all the previous bosses, and the last of which is the showdown with the final boss, Necrodeus.


Stage Unlock Req. # of Kirbys needed Notes
Stage 1 N/A 1 Rematch with Whispy Woods.
Stage 2 N/A 1 Rematch with Lady Ivy.
Stage 3 N/A 1 Rematch with King Dedede.
Stage 4 N/A 1 Rematch with Skullord.
Boss Stage Complete all previous stages. 10 The boss is Necrodeus. Defeating him completes the game.

Once this level is beaten, and Necrodeus defeated, the final cut-scene takes place, where the mini-Kirbys use the villain's staff to restore themselves to one full Kirby again. From there, the game's credits roll.


  • This is the only level where Daroach's airship does not travel.
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