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Dash Course

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Dash Course
Dash Course KMA title.png
Title Card for Dash Course.
Type(s) Reflex - Sequence
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Mass Attack
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Make Kirby dash as fast as you can by tapping symbols!
— Details menu

Dash Course is a Sub-Game in Kirby Mass Attack, available in the Extras menu once 25 Medals have been obtained.


The objective is to get Kirby down the course by tapping the correct shapes in sequence. Tapping the wrong shape will move Kirby forward, but he will suffer a speed decrease as a result. Tapping the correct shapes in sequence for long enough will - conversely - boost Kirby's speed. Kirby has three levels of speed, and maintaining the top speed level is necessary to get the greatest distances. There are three different courses in this Sub-Game, though the only real difference between them is how long they go for.

To clear this Sub-Game, the following scores must be met or surpassed in each mode:

  • 10-Second Dash - 21 m
  • 30-Second Dash - 61 m
  • 60-Second Dash - 121 m

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ◯△□けんけん
◯△□ Hopping
Korean ◯△□땀따먹기