Kirby: Canvas Curse

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Kirby: Canvas Curse

Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png

Kirby Power Paintbrush box art.jpg

KCC Touch Kirby box art.png

Box art for Kirby: Canvas Curse from various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Nintendo DS
Japan March 24, 2005
NA June 13, 2005
Europe November 25, 2005
Australia April 6, 2006

Virtual Console (Wii U)
Europe December 3, 2015
Japan February 3, 2016
NA October 13, 2016
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Virtual Console (Wii U)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Kirby: Squeak Squad
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Kirby: Canvas Curse (known as Kirby: Power Paintbrush in British English) is a spin-off game in the Kirby series for the Nintendo DS created by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo in 2005. In it, Kirby is turned into a ball by a sorceress named Drawcia, and Kirby must travel through eight levels with the help of the Magical Paintbrush, controlled by the player's DS stylus, in order to defeat her and return both Dream Land and him to normal. A spiritual successor titled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was released in 2015 for the Wii U.


Kirby is having a nice stroll in Dream Land, when suddenly the world's colors warp as a mysterious witch draws across the land, turning it into an entire painting. Kirby chases the witch into a world of paintings, and attempts to challenge her. However, the witch uses her magic to transform Kirby into a ball. Kirby finds himself helpless as the evil sorceress escapes, but he sees the witch's Magical Paintbrush and touches it, which "transports" to the player's hands (as the Nintendo DS stylus) via a ray of light.

Kirby then traverses seven different levels to reach The World of Drawcia, a strange world of grotesque paintings, and eventually confront the evil sorceress once more, who reveals herself as Drawcia. Despite being in ball form, Kirby is able to defeat Drawcia, and eventually her soul form, with the help of the Magical Paintbrush. Afterwards, Drawcia is forced back into a painting, which shatters into pieces. After Kirby's victory against the evil artistic sorceress, he sadly parts ways with the paintbrush, which paints a portal for Kirby to return to his homeworld.

As he wakes up once again in Dream Land, Kirby finds himself and everything else back to normal, having broken free from Drawcia's curse. Then, a grand rainbow appears in the sky, presumably a gift from the magical paintbrush that helped our pink hero in his adventures.


Due to having been transformed into a ball, Kirby has to roll around to get by, moving automatically forward and bouncing off surfaces. The player guides Kirby's path and momentum by painting guide lines with the Nintendo DS stylus (represented in-game as the Magical Paintbrush). Kirby can also perform Touch Dash to go faster and defeat enemies, which is done by tapping Kirby with the stylus. The player can also tap on enemies with the stylus to stun them, leaving them vulnerable to Kirby's momentum or dash attacks. Kirby can also assume different Copy Abilities if he also dashes into an enemy that grants an ability.

Aside from Kirby, the player may also guide ball versions of Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, King Dedede, or Meta Knight, with each character having different skills and health power.


The following characters can be played in Story Mode stages. Beating each stage with each character is necessary for 100% completion:

  • Kirby - Starts with 4 hit points. Has decent speed and can copy abilities. Can augment health using Medal Swap.
  • Waddle Dee - Unlocked once the game is completed as Kirby. Has 4 HP and otherwise is the same as Kirby, but cannot copy abilities.
  • King Dedede - Unlockable at Medal Swap after game is completed as Kirby. Uses a hammer while dashing, and has 8 HP, but is larger (and thus less nimble) than other characters.
  • Meta Knight - Unlockable at Medal Swap after game is completed as Kirby. Fastest character, but only 3 HP. Nearby enemies are struck with a sword slash.
  • Waddle Doo - Unlocked once all other characters have finished each stage. Has a slow dash, but 5 HP and permanent Beam ability.


There are eight levels in the Main Game of Kirby: Canvas Curse, with the first seven of these featuring three stages each. Unlike most other games in the Kirby series, the stages within each level may be played and completed out of order. Much like the levels in Kirby's Adventure, each level aside from the final one is based on a different color of the rainbow, though in this case, they are arranged in "ROYGBIV" order instead of reverse order. Each first letter of the level name, when put up side-by-side, will spell out the word "RAINBOW". Once all three stages in a level are complete, Kirby may challenge a boss to move on to the next:

Level Nr. Image Name Stages Notes
Level 1 KCC Reddy Land.png Reddy Land Plant Plain
Tiny Town
Ravine Road
Level 2 KCC Arange Gorge.png Arange Gorge Ghost Grounds
Growth Grasses
Mag Mount
Level 3 KCC Iello Adventure.png Iello Adventure Rift Ruin
Contrast Cave
Silver Submarine
Level 4 KCC Neo Greo.png Neo Greo Machine Mansion
Dreamy Darkness
Paletto Polis
Level 5 KCC Bloo Hills.png Bloo Hills Cold Course
Dungeon Dome
Canvas Canyon
Level 6 KCC Omarine Zone.png Omarine Zone Collapse Castle
Volatile Volcano
Silent Seabed
Level 7 KCC Wonder Lilane.png Wonder Lilane Frozen Fantasy
Mad Mechanism
Spectacle Space
This is the only level which does not feature a Boss Game at the end.
Level 8 KCC The World of Drawcia.png The World of Drawcia The World of Drawcia This level consists of only one stage, and has a set boss: Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul.


Sprite Name Copy Ability Description
KCC Bang-Bang sprite.png Bang-Bang Missile A flying missile enemy that tries to launch at Kirby.
KCC Blado sprite.png Blado None A bladed cousin of Gordo that spins around stages attached to chains and is invulnerable to attack.
KCC Blipper sprite.png Blipper None A round goggles-wearing fish that swims in a set pattern or pursues Kirby.
KCC Bloon sprite.png Bloon Balloon A hovering inflatable enemy that either holds still or drifts slowly.
KCC Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burning A walking ember that runs back and forth.
KCC Bomber sprite.png Bomber Crash A walking bomb that will detonate if it falls off a ledge.
KCC Bouncy sprite.png Bouncy None A spring-bound creature that hops in place.
KCC Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None A flying nuisance who follows fixed paths or chases after Kirby.
KCC Painting sprite.png Cackling Painting None A harmless but creepy living painting that laughs at Kirby as he passes by.
KCC Cappy sprite.pngKCC Cappy 2 sprite.png Cappy None A mushroom cap-wearing creature that dances in place.
KCC Chilly sprite.png Chilly Freeze A living snowman with a blue fez who sits in place and conjures a freezing aura around himself.
KCC Como sprite.png Como None A spider-like creature that drops on a string from the ceiling.
KCC Flame Shotzo sprite.pngKCC Flame Shotzo 2 sprite.png Flame Shotzo None A variant of Shotzo that spews gouts of flame.
KCC Flamer sprite.png Flamer Burning A spicy eyeball creature that rolls along walls and may detach to shoot forward like a fireball.
KCC Fluff Waddle Dee sprite.png Fluff Waddle Dee None A Waddle Dee that floats gently down using a dandelion stem. Comparable to Parasol Waddle Dee in other games.
KCC Caveela sprite.png Gaveela N/A A large green cave-lurking reptile that lunges out from nooks to try and eat Kirby. It is invulnerable to attack.
KCC Glunk sprite.png Glunk None A sea anemone with googly eyes that sticks to surfaces and shoots projectiles out of its top.
KCC Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A An indestructible spike ball who moves along in straight lines and bounces off of obstacles.
KCC Kabu sprite.png Kabu None A brown stone idol that spins around on the ground and can vanish and reappear elsewhere.
KCC Needlous sprite.png Needlous Needle A striped spiky bug that rolls up into a ball and rushes forward when threatened.
KCC Pacto sprite.png Pacto N/A A large floating yellow creature that tries to lunge at and eat Kirby. It cannot be defeated using regular attacks or stunned, but it can be powered through using a Touch Dash.
Keychain ParaMatter.png Para Matter None Eyeballs with petals that get flung out by Drawcia Soul. There are three different varieties, and hitting them when their eye is exposed launches them back at Drawcia Soul to deal her damage.
KCC Para Sorceress sprite.png Para Sorceress None A miniature version of Drawcia that the larger adversary shoots out on occasion. They can freeze Kirby on contact.
KCC Rocky sprite.png Rocky Stone A rock with legs that will try to hop over and crush Kirby with its girth.
KCC Shotzo sprite.png Shotzo N/A A stationary indestructible cannon that tries to aim and shoot volleys at Kirby.
KCC Snoppy sprite.png Snoppy Freeze A small yeti-like creature that can roll into a ball to attack.
KCC Soarar sprite.png Soarar None A flying yellow arrow-shaped creature that soars quickly through the air, traveling much faster laterally than vertically.
KCC Sparky sprite.png Sparky Spark Sits in place, emanating sparks from its body at regular intervals.
KCC Spear Waddle Dee sprite.png Spear Waddle Dee None A Waddle Dee who attempts to toss its spear at Kirby in an arc.
KCC Squishy sprite.png Squishy None A white squid-like creature that jets through water in short bursts.
KCC Small Thudd sprite.pngKCC Thudd sprite.pngKCC Big Thudd sprite.png Thudd N/A A heavy indestructible block creature that tries to fall on Kirby when he approaches. It cannot be blocked using a Rainbow Line and comes in three sizes.
KCC Tick sprite.png Tick Needle A white blob that holds in place and tries to jab Kirby with its head spike if he passes over it.
KCC Topper sprite.png Topper None A rounded orange spider-like creature that hangs in place using electric currents. It can be defeated by slamming into its body or tapping it multiple times with the Nintendo DS stylus.
KCC Twister sprite.png Twister Tornado A spinning top enemy who spins in place, and may turn into a tornado.
KCC Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None A mostly harmless creature that walks back and forth slowly.
KCC Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam A waddling cycloptic creature that attempts to shoot nearby threats with his beam eye.
KCC Wheelie sprite.png Wheelie Wheel A cycloptic wheel that rolls back and forth along the ground quickly.


At the end of each level, (except Wonder Lilane) Kirby faces off against a boss of his choosing. There are three initial bosses, and Kirby will have to face each one twice (with the second time being tougher). From there, Wonder Lilane technically has no boss, but Drawcia is revealed (along with her level) after completing it. The bosses faced are as follows:

Copy Abilities[edit]

Name Appearance Icon Function
Balloon KCC BalloonKirby.png KirbyCC balloon icons.png Touching Kirby makes him inflate into a balloon. He can inflate 3 times, each time into a slightly larger balloon. Kirby can bounce around while he holds his breath.
Beam KCC Beam Sprite.png KirbyCC beam icons.png When tapped, Kirby releases a beam, which goes around him, attacking any enemies within its circle of reach.
Burning KCC Burning Sprite.png KirbyCC fire icons.png Allows Kirby to move as a meteor for a short distance across the screen, destroying any enemies unfortunate enough to be in his path.
Crash KCC Crash Sprite.png KirbyCC crash icons.png Tapping Kirby triggers a huge explosion, defeating any normal enemies on the screen.
Freeze KCC Freeze Sprite.png KirbyCC freeze icons.png Sets a barrier around Kirby, which freezes any enemies that come in contact with it.
Missile KCC Missile Sprite.png KirbyCC missile icons.png Turns Kirby into a missile, allowing him to be directed by the lines of the Magic Paintbrush. Will crash if it hits a wall, destroying any normal enemies nearby.
Needle KCC Needle Sprite.png KirbyCC needle icons.png Turns Kirby into a spike ball, which sticks him to the floor or a wall if he is near one.
Spark KCC Spark Sprite.png KirbyCC spark icons.png Allows Kirby to release electrical energy from within his body and attack enemies with it. Touching and holding Kirby makes him stop in midair.
Stone KCC Stone Sprite.png KirbyCC stone icons.png Transforms into a heavy stone to crush enemies and blocks or pound stakes.
Tornado KCC Tornado Sprite.png KirbyCC tornado icons.png Kirby spins, being encased inside of a tornado. If tapped, he will go higher.
Wheel KCC Wheel Sprite.png KirbyCC wheel icons.png Transforms Kirby into a wheel for fast transport, getting rid of any enemies in his way.


In the sub-game Cart Run, Kirby must race to defeat King Dedede.

Rainbow Run[edit]

Main article: Rainbow Run

Rainbow Run is a mode in which Kirby tries to set a record for the time in going through a course or for the amount of line he uses to complete it. It uses levels 1 through seven and replaces level 8 with other courses where Kirby can only use a selected ability.


This game also has three Sub-Games. The sub-games are only unlocked after beating the second level of each in the Boss fights of the main game.[1] The sub-games are similar to the actual boss fights. Game Overs will occur if Kirby either runs out of time or health[2] In each game, there are three levels, with level 1 being the easiest and level 3 being the hardest. New Medals are only unlocked after achieving an A rank in Level 3.

  • In Cart Run, Kirby is racing King Dedede in a mine car vehicle.
  • In Paint Panic, he is trying to avoid a couple of Bombers while connecting the dots drawn by Paint Roller in the same order he drew them in.
  • In Block Attack, Kirby is trying to destroy blocks and beat all the enemies in a certain section and go to a higher section.

Medal Swap[edit]

Main article: Medal Swap

This game also has a medal swap section, where Kirby can exchange the medals he earned in the game for lines, new levels in Rainbow Run, new songs, and even new playable characters.

Dash! Jump![edit]

Main article: Dash! Jump!

At the end of each regular stage, a special Goal Game takes place where the character being controlled is rocketed off a launch ramp to try and gain as much distance as possible using a single Rainbow Line for assistance. Point Stars are earned based on distance traveled. This game becomes available for play from the main menu after completing the main game with every character.


  • Several bosses from previous Kirby games were intended to be playable characters in early development of Kirby: Canvas Curse, including Lololo & Lalala, Nightmare, Dark Matter and Zero. Concept art of these bosses as balls can be found in 20th Anniversary Kirby Pupupu Encyclopedia (page 125), but they are not present in the final game.
  • Kirby: Canvas Curse is the first video game in the Kirby series that introduced the Soul Boss (Drawcia Soul being the first one). The main series would later introduce even more Soul Bosses.
  • In Kirby Battle Royale, one of Whip Kirby's Headgears is the Gymnastics Leotard. This could be a reference to the Japanese commercial for Kirby: Canvas Curse, which features a female gymnastics athlete guiding the Kirby ball's movement with her ribbon.
  • Most of the themes in this game are remixes of themes from earlier games in the series. Five examples are Tiny Town (which is the Bubbly Clouds theme from Kirby's Dream Land), Cart Run (which is King Dedede's Theme in its arrangement from Kirby Super Star), Paint Panic (Gourmet Race theme), Kracko (which is the boss theme from Kirby's Adventure), and Mag Mount (which is the Castle Lololo theme from Kirby's Dream Land).


Main article: Kirby: Canvas Curse/gallery

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タッチ!カービィ
Tacchi! Kābi
Touch! Kirby
Chinese 摸摸卡比[3]
Mōmō Kǎbǐ
Touch Kirby
French Kirby: Le Pinceau du Pouvoir Kirby: The Paintbrush of Power
German Kirby: Power-Malpinsel Kirby: Power Paintbrush
Italian Kirby: L'oscuro disegno Kirby: The dark drawing
Spanish Kirby: El Pincel del poder Kirby: The Paintbrush of Power

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  2. "If Kirby's stamina runs out, the game ends. In Cart Run and Block Attack, the game will also end when time runs out" —Kirby: Canvas Curse manual (page 20)
  3. Unused iQue localization name